2007-07-08: Never Not


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Summary: This log takes place immediately after Killers In Their Sensitivities.

Date It Happened: July 8, 2007

Never Not

Sky, Rooftop of Mara's Building

Only once they're in the sky does Mara finally begin to feel safe. Her eyes shut tightly against the wind rushing around them and the earth disappearing beneath their feet. She even thinks she almost lost a shoe on that one. Once they're high above the city, only then does Mara truly indulge the fear. She tips her head back, as far as she dares to lean away from Nathan as he holds her, and a terribly scream tears from her throat. Terror and rage mingle in the short-lived burst of sound before she forces a deep, shuddering breath to calm.

Shuddering now, with her cheek pressed to his and her arms around him in a vice grip, Mara can only find one word to murmur. "Nathan. Nathan, Nathan, Nathan, Nathan…" Nathan. Nathan, help. Nathan, save me. Nathan, make this all right. Nathan, I need you.

It's cold up here. Sound seems to work differently. Her scream still cuts through and Nathan holds on to her tighter. He should fly them somewhere where there is ground beneath their feet, but for now, a completely blank environment where they can't be pursued is exactly what's needed. Even the cold is reassuring. He waits for her shudders to become compulsive rather than fearful. "You're okay," he murmurs, breathlessly. "We're as high as we can go."

"I'm not okay." Mara responds with a shuddering breath. "He's down there. I've seen him. He's watching. He's really… Really watching." She presses her face against his shoulder to allow herself a silent sob. Just one. Then, she's shivering against the cold. "I'm scared," she admits.

He might have stroked her hair, pulled her back to look at him, but up here, Nathan's arms are firmly locked around Mara, not wanting her to slip even a fraction. He has nothing to say to her confession, and so for a while, he simply holds her, suspending them both for the moment, before subtly, they start to drift. Can't stay up here forever, even if Nathan wanted to. "I'll take you home."

"Home?" Mara wraps her arms around Nathan a little tighter and tips her head back. "Yeah. I think… that might be good. You don't think he's there, do you? He wouldn't… Not so soon. He knows he'd be expecting him to be there. No. He…" She trails off. "Yes. Take me home."

"Wouldn't take you somewhere I thought he'd be," Nathan says, a little flatly, before a rush of wind and vertigo indicates travel. If possible, Nathan holds her closer to him, as if shielding her from the cold sky air they whip through, suddenly dropping hundreds of feet. He goes quickly, nothing like the slower descents he usually accommodates with. It's too light outside to risk it. So within the blink of an eye, he stumbles with Mara on top of the apartment building's roof.

Mara's stomach gives an uncomfortable lurch as they suddenly stop, well, falling. If not for his arms around her, she would go tumbling to the rooftop. She loosens her grip and actually tips back limply. Maybe she's fainted? Her eyes snapping open and the sudden gasp of air betrays that, however. "My God… What an amazing thing you just did. Oh, Nathan." She starts to step back, or at least attempt to. Lest she never want to let go of him.

Looking a little windswept, but not quite so dizzy from the descent as Mara had been, Nathan holds on to Mara's arms as she steps back away from him. When her swoon proves to be temporary, he lets go save for a lingering and guiding hand just above her elbow. "Thanks," he finds himself saying. Moving to the door that leads down into the building, he adds, "You need to tell Peter what happened. I'm the best getaway ride in town, but I— what if I'm not always here." Since we're sharing about being scared and all.

That tears down the last of Mara's resolve. She dashes to close the distance between them and grabs either side of his face to press a desperate, almost chaste kiss to his lips. "I don't want to die. And you… You can't." She's trembling again, terrified. "You can't," she repeats.

The kiss is accepted, but Nathan is automatically stepping away, almost… looking guilty. About the kiss, or about moving away, or about what he said - who knows? Guilty really isn't a familiar look on him, in any case. "I don't want that to happen," he says, once there's some distance between them. "But I don't know what I'm meant to do to stop it. Other than to just keep being here." There's defensive apology in his voice.

The heartbreak is so apparent on Mara's face. She takes another step back and looks away. "But you need to focus on your campaign and your family. Not me." Truth hurts. "I'll… I… Yes. I won't call again. It's safer for you that way." She rakes her fingers through her hair and stands her ground for the moment, taking in slow, deep breaths. "I can't… I have to tell Peter, don't I?"

He can see the heartbreak, but what can he do? Nathan pauses, but ultimately, he stays where he is, hands sliding into the pockets of his jacket. "There's someone out there who might want to hunt down and kill my wife," he says, flatly. "He can make people do whatever he wants by knowing their name. I can't be in two places at once." He curses, under his breath, turning away from her to regard their surroundings. It's getting late and the sky is getting darker. "But— no, you should always call me. Never not."

"Nathan…" Mara's lips part as she tries to find more words. "Never not," she echoes. "Why would you… Do you have a name on this creep? I can help you. Let me help you." If she can't help herself, she should at least help someone else.

Nathan looks at her for a few moments, then finally nods. "I could use your help," he says, harking back to the conversation he'd begun down on the street. "I can't call the police, I'm not that keen to sic the FBI on this, and Heidi's not willing to hide away until someone finds this guy." He cuts himself off, and shakes his head. "I have some information, I'll have to faxed to you or something. What're you gonna do now?"

"Sleep, I think." Mara takes two steps toward the access door, but doesn't actually move to open it. "Do you… have anything physical?" She holds her hands up and wiggles her fingers. "Visions."

Nathan opens his arms up, glancing down at himself. "Not on me," he says, with a shake of his head. A wallet and a cellphone and keys isn't what Nathan would call very telling items. "I'll drop by tomorrow with something." A good excuse, if nothing else.

"Drop by… You're okay with doing that?" Mara chews on her lip thoughtfully. "You don't have to. I could meet you somewhere. You could send a courier. It doesn't… we don't have to. I mean, if you need to stay with your wife."

"I have Jack watching her when I can't," Nathan says with a flicker of an out-of-place smile. "As security. And she's got Peter. We know I can't be there all the time." Although doubtless, Heidi isn't counting on this being one of those priorities. Running for senate, yes. This, not so much. "I'll see what I can do." He starts to make for the edge of the roof. He's flown once today, he always feels just a little more liberal in doing so once he has. Besides, he feels jittery, and isn't sure a taxi can get him home fast enough to satisfy.

"Thank you… For taking the risk to get me out of there." Mara leans back with her hand against the knob of the door. "Please be safe. I'll talk to you in the morning." She starts to turn and then stops herself. "Call me when you get home. Or I'll worry."

Nathan nods to her, turning and meeting her eyes one final time. "Thanks," he says after a pausing contemplation as to what to say, before with only a slight bend in his knees, he almost seems to leap into the sky, all but disappearing.

Continued in Leave Me Cold

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