2008-02-13: New Family


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Summary: Cam updates KeLyssa on his new foster family.

Date It Happened: February 13th, 2008

New Family

KeLyssa's Apartment

It's been a quiet evening for KeLyssa. She has had the day off and decided to practice more of her ice formations. Already she has made a couple ice dragons and statues of actual people she knows. Most of which she has kept in the freezer now. She even made a little ice statue of Cam, that wonderful boy she's begun to train a little.

The door buzzer goes off, interrupting the practice. When KeLyssa answers, Cam's voice comes over the speaker, "Hi, it's me!"

"Cam! Come on up!" KeLyssa says into the speaker, buzzing the door open for him. She awaits, with her door open, for his arrival.

It takes Cam a little longer to make it up the stairs today, but he's soon coming in the door. He smiles as he sees KeLyssa, and says, "Hey. Um.. hope it's ok I came to visit."

KeLyssa smiles softly at Cam as he arrives at her door. "Of course it is, hun!" She nods firmly, kneeling down to gives him a hug. "You can come an' visit me any time you want to, okay? Anytime day or night." She holds the door open for Cam. Her place would be, for the 'normal person', cold. But for her and Cam, it's probably just right. "How're you?"

Cam shrugs a bit and says, "I'm ok, I guess." He steps further inside and says, "Went to the hospital yesterday. Social workers found out Niki's missing and I gotta stay with a new family now."

KeLyssa's face goes quickly to concern. "Hospital? Why'd ya go to the hospital? And ya can't stay with Niki none no more?" She looks at Cam with soft eyes. "I'm sorry to hear that, hun. How're the new family? They at least nice?"

Cam frowns and nods, "Stupid furnace was on full blast at school. I got sick from it, even fainted." He shrugs a bit and says, "Anyway, I'm ok now. And yep, they're pretty cool. Some stupid rules I gotta follow but they let me go out and stuff on my own still."

KeLyssa shakes her head. "That ain't good! If that happens again, and ya gotta go to the hospital, have 'em gimme a call okay? Well, gimme a call even if ya don't gotta go to the hospital." She smiles softly. "What're their names? The new people?"

Cam shrugs a bit and says, "They wouldn't let me call anybody. They'd just call my legal guardian, and 'cause Niki wasn't around, had to call my social workers." He then shrugs, sitting down on the couch, "Martin and Jennifer. Gibbs is their last name, just like that guy on NCIS. They're nothing like him, though. Kinda like the Flanders, but not as creepy." Now referring to Simpsons, of course.

KeLyssa chuckles a little. "Just say I'm your older foster sister or somethin'." She grins. She, herself, is used to being in extreme heats coming from the Southern States, so she has had to adapts to that. "Oh! I wanna show ya somethin'!" She moves to her fridge and out of the freezer pulls out the little Cam ice statue. She holds it out for him to see.

Cam grins a bit again and says, "Ok, might work." Then he blinks as the statue's brought out, and his eyes widen, "Wow! You're really good at that. I can't even make a good snowman yet."

KeLyssa giggles and nods. "I tell ya, sometimes ya just tip-toe around some things is all." She nods. "As I say, it takes plenty of practice. Took me a while before I could do it, and even then…mmm. And I tell ya what, I'd had trouble with the heat once upon a time, too. I had to learn quickly how to deal with it, though, livin' in the south."

Cam nods a little and says, "I'll keep practicing! I dunno how long 'fore I can keep ice cold all the time like ya said, but I'll try." Then he pauses and adds, "When I freeze stuff, hot stuff seems to get hotter. You sure it'll work?"

KeLyssa gazes silently at Cam for a few moments, thinking. "Well…just try with hot drinks first. Like…tea. Try freezin' just the hot tea, the liquid, not the cup. That might help ya a li'l bit with that."

Cam shakes his head at that and says, "Not what I mean. Liquids I can freeze no matter what. Well, 'cept acid." He rubs his shoulder a little absently, then says, "Anyway, I can freeze fine. But, in the summer when I'm freezing stuff, the air seems hotter."

KeLyssa nods a little bit. "That's because of our special ability, I think. Ya need to also think of somethin' that's real cold. Try making thick layers of ice around ya, too, at some point."

Cam nods a little again to that and says, "Ok, I'll try that." He frowns then and asks, "Can I come over more often to practice here? I can't practice at home anymore."

KeLyssa smiles a little, nodding. "O' course ya can come over here to practice more often. In fact…want me to give ya a key so ya can come in even when I'm not around?" She asks cautiously.

Cam nods quickly to the last offer with a smile, "Sure! I swear, I won't touch nothing in here you don't want me to."

KeLyssa chuckles at Cam. "I wouldn't worry about it if I were you, Cam. I don't got nothin' here that's valuable…except for maybe my fiddle." She says with a smile, grabbing the spare keys and keychain. "Here, the bigger one gets you into the building and the smaller one gets you into the apartment."

Cam takes the keys, looking at them and nods quickly, "Ok, thanks." He smiles again as he pockets the keys and says, "This'll make it lots easier to practice again." Then out of nowhere he asks, "You ever been to church?"

KeLyssa smiles widely, nodding. "Oh, it ain't no problem. I'm just happy to help ya some, Cam!" She says sincerely. "Church? Yep, I've been to church a few times. Why you ask?"

Cam frowns again and says, "My new foster family are gonna make me go every week. One of the rules I gotta follow. What's it like?" He seems just a little nervous of it.

KeLyssa thinks about that. "Well…depends on the church, I think. The one I went to was United Methodist. They weren't all too bad. Nice people and all. Kind."

Cam ohs at that and then says, "I don't even know what church we're going to, just that I gotta go with them." he looks down at his hands a moment and then says, "Guess I better go, don't wanna be too late back my first day there, might think I ran away."

KeLyssa speaks softly, "Tell me all about it, okay? I wanna hear everything." She smiles. "And I swear, you'll get a firm grasp of these abilities, alright? You won't have to worry much longer. Talk to you soon, Cam."

Cam nods quickly with a smile. He stands up, stepping to give KeLyssa a quick hug, and then turns to go, waving behind him as he does. "See ya later."

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