2007-07-28: New Life


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Summary: Eric happens upon Daphne at the meerkat burrow.

Dark Future Date: 29 JULY 2009

New Life

Bronx Zoo, NYC

There is a sandy area somewhere in the zoo, fences torn down around a vaguely square plot. There are a few hardy grasses growing in it, a lot of rocks placed here and there, and… meerkats.

They're cooing quietly to each other, gathered around a borrow entrance where Daphne's lying on her stomach, hands propping up her head as she watches. Some of the animals are perched on her head and shoulders, also watching the burrow entrance. This is just one of those moments where she had to get away from stuff and check on her animals, and she couldn't have picked a more important time.


So it seems when Eric Lancaster came 'back from the dead' and decided to drop by the Zoo…that he couldn't have chosen a worse time to intrupt?

…well lets hope thats not true. As the young man strolls slowly though the ruined buildings and the torn down cages. He /is/ suposed to be there, knowingly affiliated with The Saints…so hopefully he won't get his head ripped off by a low flying lion or something. His feet crunch softly down the earthen path. His clothes are dark grey, a fashionable set of slacks and button down shirt. A pair of expensive sunglasses cover his eyes and at least one of the scars he's aquired in his years out of town. A second long and narrow scar traces its way lightly across the left side of his chin and jaw.

His feet carry him down the paths that he used to come to bring his young niece. He smiles at that memory. A shake of his head dispells it as he notices the lady lying out on the ground in the little square plot of sand and dirt. Pausing to lean against the edge of a shattered cage, a smirk curves up his lips for a moment.

"…did I come by at a bad time?"


As the meerkats make little noises, a quiet alarm call goes up from one of the critters who spots Eric. As it doesn't seem too alarmed, though, Daphne assumes it's just one of the zoo's denizens - human /or/ animal - and continues focusing all her attention on the hole in the ground. Little noises coming from within are pulling her concentration away from what she should be thinking about.

One of the male meerkats sticks his nose in her ear, tells her that there's someone watching, and Daphne explains that most people like to watch the meerkats, because they're all adorable.


Another: <Yeah I think he's watching.>

And another. <Is it safe? What was that? Is it safe?>

And Daphne replies, <It's okay.> She does, however, turn around at that point to see who's got the meerkats all up in arms, and— "Eric!" She attempts to get up, but a couple more meerkats hop on her back. Seeing the young man alive and okay is good news. While Daphne doesn't return the smile, she does motion down into the sand. "C'mon. Take a seat. You're just in time."


Eric has NO CLUE about the distress he's causing the adoreable little meerkats, however he /is/ sure that they intend to keep Daphne firmly in place for the duration of…whatever is about to happen. "…don't get up for me." He says, amusement tinging the words as he watches the Meerkats leap on her back. He pauses a moment, glancing down at his slacks, then shrugging slightly. Thats what good drycleaners are for. So he strolls over easily before settling down on the sand near to the prone woman. Instead of prone though he simply folds his legs under himself and rests his hands on his knees. "…do I get to ask the obvious 'in time for what?' question."


It's not too much distress. Reassurances are taken to heart when you're intelligent and the person doing the reassuring can speak your language. They also feel better once he's sitting down, because he's not quite so intimidating that way, and it's not too long before there are meerkats perched up on his shoulders, too. If guided down to the ground, they will jump right back up there, because humans make good look-out posts.

The animals seem nervous or excited, possibly both. "Just wait," Daphne directs. "It won't be long now. Been doing okay?" She notes the scar on Eric's face, but doesn't comment on it. They all have those.

Eventually, Eric will be witness to two tiny little pups sticking their noses out of the burrow, eyes straining considerably against the bright light there, the two people, the other meerkats. "They're about three weeks old. Maybe a little younger," Daphne explains. And they're TINY.


A quirked eyebrow do the Meerkats get as they perch on his italian silk shirt before he just sighs and shakes his head. Well he wouldn't have come to the zoo if he didn't want to get too dirty. He just lets them sit there, and hopes there isn't anyone he knows around with a camera. The last thing he wants is the first picture of the Chairman of Phoenix Rising Enterprises to be sitting in the sand with a few meerkats.

…though oh it would be funny to see the faces of his partners if it was.

"…I've been making a living." Eric replies modestly enough, though the half grin on his face says thats not quite all. "…I've been in Norway." He adds after a moment before he blinks slightly at the Meerkats.

Alright. Fine. They /are/ adoreable. He can't help but smile when he notes the two tiny little noses. "…first time out of the burrow I take it?"


They'll perch anywhere, and it doesn't seem as if Daphne's making any attempts to deter or dissuade them from their lookout duties. As one of them climbs onto Eric's head, Daphne even cracks a brief smile. "Well, I'm glad you're okay," she says, reaching toward the infant meerkats to coax them out of the den. She lets them climb on their own, aided by the others in the group. Two girls; normally she wouldn't be able to tell, but the adult meerkats know pretty quickly, they're excited, they relay the information as they mark the young ones and encourage them out of the burrow.

<!> is the summary of what the babies are saying.

"See, I guess it's not all bad." It sucks, everything around them is in ruins, there's terrorists everywhere, no one knows where to turn anymore, and there's two baby meerkats stating that everything's just fine and dandy in the world. "They're girls. You want to name them?"
Eric keeps his head steady so the guy dosn't fall off, though he does get a bit of a flateyed expression that passes after a moment. Dang little cute things. If they wern't so cute he would throw them off somewhere. However they are…and even after all this he's not jaded enough to just stomp all over them. Besides, if he did then Daph might call…I don't know…and elephant or something to sit on him. He can't have that now can he.

Peering at the two little girls though he blinks slightly at the offer. "…you didn't have anything in mind?" He asks curiously as he watches them explore the surroundings with curiousity.


The meerkat on Eric's head is incredibly light and small, and has good balance, which - that flat expression brings some sort of light back into Daphne's eyes. A smile that's only visible there. Still, with Eric behaving himself, there's no need to stomp him with an elephant. Or, you know. Feed him to the pigs. Something terrible. Pigs leave no remains and take no prisoners.

"Nah. I named most of these guys already. Mostly after people I know. That one's Laurel." She points to one of the young meerkats who's still perched on a rock, looking out for danger as instinct dictates. "Got… Lachlan over there. Those two there are named for my parents. Peter's on your shoulder. Got anyone you want to honour? … Or remember?" Because not everyone's still around.


Eric is quiet for a moment before shaking his head slightly, again careful not to dislodge his new friend. "…thats nice of you." He says after a moment. "Michelle and Miranda then, how is that for names?" He asks slowly after thinking about it for awhile. "I think that would about work for names." He grins slightly. "I'm sure you have most of the rest of our little group around here somewhere…so my niece and aunt will have to do."


The first time Daphne met Eric, she met Michelle, as well. And Miranda's also a pretty name. "I think those are good." She won't ask which one's which, she'll just assume. After all, to Eric, the little pups probably look exactly the same.

There's a silent instruction given, and the meerkats covering Daphne and Eric vacate their posts, back onto the sand. Daphne looks up; despite the little miracle in the burrow next to them, the world's still wrapped with razor wire and hostility. "Well, if you're here, you're working," she says, standing up and brushing herself off. Back to business now. "You can either cook or weed one of the gardens in the north part." She looks down at his clothing. "Might want to stick to the kitchen, though."


Yes. They do indeed look exactly the same. He can't tell them apart, there both Meerkats! If he looked closer he could see the differences, but right now he's not looking all that much closer. Instead he unfolds himself back to his feet in one smooth motion before glancing towards Daphne and raising one eyebrow. A smirk then before he shakes his head. "…I come here to offer to help bankroll what parts of the zoo need a little bit of renovating, and I get put to work. I see how you are." He smirks slightly before dusting off his slacks. "…alright then, kitchens it is. I'll do my level best not to set them on fire when I work." He adds before waving her on. "Lead on lead on."

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