2007-12-31: New Years Eve Ninja


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Summary: Dani, KeLyssa and Celeste go to the club for New Years Eve and run into some others.

Date It Happened: December 31, 2007

New Years Eve Ninja

Club DNA

Tonight, the club is going to be jumpin' jumpin'. But for the moment…it's still jumpin' jumpin'. Because what's the point of staying up to see the ball drop if you're sober enough to remember it? Bo-ring! The music is making the entire room thump, or maybe it's the stampeed of footsies on the floor that's doing that. Either way, for someone who has never been in a giant club before, it seems like the whole place is swaying.

It's swaying for Charlotte. With a name like Charlotte, she has to be a small town girl. She tried really hard, with the giraffe print, and at least she makes it look cute as opposed to tacky. Her crazy next door neighbor with the metal bar through her nose and the tatooed on shirt said that giraffe was all the rage, so here she is. In giraffe. Her niavity seems to be working to her advantage, however. There's music and she likes it, she realizes as she comes in. So she starts to dance a little, natural movements, though she's still kind of in the doorway. Small town girl, remember.

Celeste walks up to the club with Dani and KeLyssa, looks at the Bouncer, "Hey sexy, what are you doing after you get off of work? Wanna come to my place and have a little party of our own?" she says with a sexy smile, "So here is my number if you're interested." she says giving him a piece of paper with her number on it.

So get out your seat and jump around? Well, not quite. At least not for Adam. Maybe others. As he enters the club, his eyes pan over the crowd. "Right place." he says quietly, as he moves further in and towards one of the couches. Briefly, he looks at the path to the VIP room. No. Not yet. Start slow. Work your way up. Settling down on one of the couches, his black trenchcoat is removed and laid beside him, leaving just the black leather pants, boots, and white high-collared shirt. "Now, to find a waitress for a drink."

Charlotte is eventually nudged away from the doors by the incomming throng. As that happens, she's nudged into a group of fellows…and lets out a quick yelp of surprise as somebody's hand goes someplace it shouldn't. She grabs her tush, turning to face the man. She gives him one of those looks, wrinkling her nose and quite literally shaking her finger at him. Try it again, mister. Just try it. Shaking her head, she starts to push her way through the crowd…but it doesn't work well. Too much dancing…and someone's hand again! What is with these crazy New Yorkers? The girl decides it's best so shuffle along the edge of the room, and her eyes get caught up in the artwork. She walks slow, appreciating, moving to the seats, where it seems she's less likely to be groped.

Dani moves in with Celeste and KeLyssa, his arm wrapped around KeLyssa's waist as he looks around the room. "Let's find a table." He says to the two he's with before he moves a bit further into the club.

KeLyssa moves through the club easily, despite having an arm wrapped around her, and with her arm wrapped around another. "Wow…I ain't never see no place like this b'fore! I'll tell ya this. My home town don't got nothin' like this in it." She speaks with a hugely obvious southern accent. It appears we have another gal from a small town.

Celeste nods, "Sounds goood." she says dancing in place, "Maybe if I'm lucky I'll see a few of my band members and hopefully play if we can get everyone here." she says smiling, "But they are all probably drunk already, wouldn't surprise me, So you are obviously from the south, Where from?" she says with a smile.

Adam, from his spot on the couch, has the perfect vantage point to survey the door. As such, the women, and Dani's entrace are noted. Dani's is merely discarded. Not his type. The others, catalogued for later reference. OH, there's a waitress, which he quickly flags down. "Martini. Dirty." he orders, handing the woman a hundred. "And start me a tab." he adds, turning his gaze back to the dance floor.

Charlotte is stopped along her little saunter along the paintings by another waitress, totally seperate from Adam's. She's carrying a tray of test-tube shots. That's jello, folks, dangerous stuff. "Would you like one?" She asks of Charlotte with a smile. Charlotte replies with a question as to their nature, and the waitress just hands her one. Thrown back….that natural little perk grows into a full-fledged dimpled smile. "Those are delicious!" The waitress offers again…and Charlotte takes one in each hand. Gulp. Gulp. "Thank you!" She moves up the stairs, still admiring the pictures. Her walking is become a little bit more of a walking-boptothemusic-dance.

Celeste dances her way to the bar instead of the table and orders a screwdriver, she scopes out the place noting a few hotties around and sees the goth looking man sitting across the room, she takes note of him especially as she grabs her drink and pays the bartender before heading back to KeLyssa and Dani.

KeLyssa smiles at Celeste. "I ain't from a big town. I'm from a small place called Denham Springs, down in Louisiana. It's a wonderful small town. But I suppose it just wasn't big enough for me to stay in always." She grins a little.

Dani looks to KeLyssa and smiles. "It's not bad, huh? I come here quiet a bit." He says to her before he looks around the area. "Well, let's get the party started." He spots a newly vacated table and quickly makes his way to it as Celeste gets herself a drink. "What do you want, hon?" He asks KeLyssa.

The waitress returns with Adam's drink, and a free Jello shot. "Dear me….when did these come back into style in test tubes?" he says, as the waitress stares at him a moment before drifting off. The shot is downed, tube tossed aside. "At least the recipe hasn't changed." he admits, making a brief moment of eye contact with Celeste making her survey of the room. Martini lifted, he looks away, taking a drink.

Charlotte pauses on the steps, turning to look out over the crowd. This is the way to get over depression, that's for damn sure. Look at all these people! Look at how much fun their having! Her face falls for a moment as her mind wanders, wondering which one of these people she might have to…well it's no matter now. Because she's being hit on again! The girl turns just as some intoxicated fellow leans one arm on either side of her, grinning as he starts to try and chat her up. But Charlotte is nimble, and ducks under one arm. "Oh, no, I'm sorry…I have…my taxi and…" She almost missteps in those high heels, but manages to hurry the rest of the way along the steps to the seating area, checking behind her once to make sure he doesn't pursue. He doesn't: he's moving down the stairs towards another brunette.

Celeste sits down at the table Dani grabbed, "That's kool, I've lived in New York almost my whole life except when I lived with my aunt and uncle in Michigan, but anywayz don't like the past, So how long have you and Dani, been you and Dani?" she asks with a smile taking a drink from her screwdriver.

KeLyssa smiles at Dani. "Nah, it's pretty nice 'round in here. Didn't quite know what to be expectin' when we got here." She grins, taking the seat at the table beside Dani. "Hmmm…what d'ya think is good to drink? I've only ever tried beer once or twice and nothin' else." Glancing around at all the people dancing, she's surprised when suddenly Celeste is once more with them, sitting at the table. "Oh…we've only been t'gether…well, not long."

Adam sips lightly from the glass, continuing his gaze around the room. It's during that time he spots the brief interlude on the stairs between some brute, and Charlotte. Grabbing his coat, he starts to make his way toward the two, but then it breaks up. Decisions. Decisions. Looking back at the couch, he frown. Nah. Keep going, man. Give it a shot. So, carrying his coat /and/ drink, he starts up the stairs himself.

Dani nods and smiles. "Alright. I got just the thing." He says before he heads back to the bar, ordering a couple of drinks before he comes back to the table and sets down the drinks. A beer for himself, another screwdriver for Celeste and a Screaming Multiple Orgasm on the Beach for KeLyssa. "Here you are ladies."

Charlotte reaches the top of the stairs. She turns, glancing down once more. The intoxicated fellow is at the base of the steps and sees her, giving her a little wave. Charlotte just steps out of the way and stays upstairs, smoothing her hands over her hair. Silly men, that's all it was. She's not sure how people here do it, the only time she's ever been in this big of a public was in Paris last week….and she's sure they weren't that rude. Learn something new every day.

Celeste smiles, "That's kool, I'm just hoping to find a boyfriend here at least, haven't found one just yet." she says with a small frown, "But I'm sure I will, hopefully tonight out on the dance floor." she says with a smile, "I can't wait to get out there and dance, there is this one guy I saw who looked mysterious but hot, I think I might go over and talk to him, but I don't know if I can get the courage up to talk to him or not." she says a little shyly.

Pausing briefly at the bottom of the stairs, Adam takes another sip before starting up the staircase. Reaching the top, he looks around and finds a suitable spot to oversee the floor. And hopefully suitably close enough for Charlotte to hear him. "I wouldn't let the big guy get to you. He looks like he's been here a while and pretty well smashed."

Charlotte hears, at at first she's not sure the man's speaking to her. She checks over her shoulder, but no, no one else is really here and standing all wallflowery, thereby appropriate to be speaking to. "Oh…no." She smiles, as at least this one hasn't grabbed her ass yet. "I'm sure it was just a mistake. I believe he called me 'Aunt Julia.' In a place as big as this, I'm sure at least one person must look like his Aunt. It's an understandable mistake." Of course, she's not so niave as to believe all that, but she's just trying to be polite to the poor intoxicated man down there, who may be bumping into Dani's table of ladies on his way to the loo…."But thank you."

KeLyssa looks down at the drink that Dani brought her. "What's this called?" She asks, curious. But what will she actually think of the name? Smiling at Celeste, she says, "I bet you'll find someone nice and fine. You're a pretty gal, probably most guys out there'll wanna go out with ya." She says encouragingly. "To be honest, I got trouble talkin' to guys I like too. If it hadn't been for Dani here really takin' a majority of the first steps, I probably would've shied away."

Dani smirks as he looks to KeLyssa. "It's called a Screaming Multiple Orgasm on the Beach. It's got Amaretto, Triple sec, Midori, rum, schnapps and club soda." He says as he sits down next to her, taking up his beer and takes a drink as he eyes the man on his way to the john.

Celeste nods, "Yeah, I figured he was." she says with a smile, "You're beautiful, and I can see why he would go for you." she says still smiling, "I hate being shy, but I guess, that is just the way it is for me, I think after I finish my drink, I'm gonna go look for that guy." she says with a hopeful look. "Maybe if I'm luck I'll get his number or something." she tells them with a grin taking a drink of her screwdriver.

Adam returns the smile, glancing down to the floor to glance at the fellow. "I've seen his type before. Thoroughly convinced he would have called me 'Aunt Julia' if it was me he had bumped into." A hint of laughter as he sets his drink down on a table within arms reach. "Kensei" he says, offering out a hand.

Charlotte can't but keep some amusement from her voice as she looks up at Adam, tone slightly teasing as she says, "Well, you do have that Aunt Julia look about you." Seeing his hand, she lowers her own, and slips it quite gently into his. "I'm Charlotte. Kensei…is that Chinese or Japanese or something?" She couldn't tell which, but she's clearly surprised as the man is white as the driven snow. "I was actually in Japan for the first time a few days ago…." She sort of trails off as her mind catches up with her mouth.

KeLyssa giggles a litte. "'Screamin' Multiple Orgasm on the Beach'? Well, it certainly sounds interestin'." She takes her first sip of it, nodding ever so slightly. "So far so good." She blushes at Celeste's words. "Thank ya, Celeste." She looks around. "Who was the guy you're talkin' 'bout? Do ya see 'im around at all now?"

Celeste continues to drink her drink, "I think I might go out to the dance floor and see if I can find him, he isn't sitting where he was, must've found someone he liked" she says with a smile as she finishes up her drink, "Would you guys like to come dance, or do you wanna just sit here and look pretty?" she says with a smile.

Dani nods as he watches KeLyssa and smiles. "Yeah. You like it?" He asks after she tries it, taking a drink from his beer. He places a hand on her knee as he scans the area. "Yeah, where is this guy, Cel? Invite him over to drink with us."

Chuckling, Adam gently shakes Charlotte's hand, before releasing it. "Japaneses, actually." he starts explaining. "My mother had a penchant for Japanese stories. Enamoured with a one Takezo Kensei. She ended up naming me after him." Glancing her over, he grins. Not bad on the eyes at all. "Really? What part?"

Charlotte sets one hand on the railing, letting her finger slide back and forth idly on the metal as they talk. As small town as she is, she's apparently not adverse to meeting his gaze during most of the conversation. After all, it's only polite. "Just Tokyo. I like cities. I really don't know anything about Japan other than Tokyo is there, so I figured that's where I ought to go." Of course, she only spent a few hours there, but still. She shakes her head, her grin widening as she looks over the room. "It's amazing…" turning back to the man. "..how weird that is, about your mother I mean. Not that you're mother's weird, that's not…" She blushes, her smile fading. But she soldiers on, bringing those dimples back after a minute. "I just meant…my mother, that was how she picked my name, was from stories. Or history, I guess. Have you ever heard of Charlotte Corday?"

KeLyssa smiles coyly, like she tends to do, her free hand resting on Dani's. Taking another sip of the drink, she nods. "Mmhmm. It really is good. Ya picked a real good one, Dani." She says, looking around. "Dancin'?" She asks, repeating what Celeste said. She shakes her head. "I don't know. Unless ya'll do line dancin' and the square dancin' 'round here, I don't know that I could do it." She says, grinning ever so slightly, perhaps to show that she's just joking around.

Celeste smiles, "I'll help you." she says giving KeLyssa a wink, "Just kidding, that's Dani's job." she says giggling and looking around for the mysterious guy then finds him talking to someone else, "Looks like someone beat me to him." she says with a small frown, "Should have went and talked to him sooner, Oh well there's bound to be someone else here." she says with a small smile.

Dani smiles to KeLyssa and chuckles. "It's okay. I don't dance either, but I sure as hell can fake it." He says to her before he looks to Celeste and to the guy she's talking about. "Naw, fuck that. Go up there and slide on in. All's fair in love and war."

Adam smiles in recognition. "I know about Tokyo." he starts, nodding. "Been there a few times myself. Once for a few years. Got some strange looks because of my name though." The smile widens as she explains about her name origin. "It sounds vaguely familiar. Almost as if I should know it. But I admit, I'm rusty on my history."

Charlotte laughs softly. "It's fine, most people don't know it unless they're french. She was…well about my age I think during the French Revolution, she assasinated one of the major leaders who was calling for the massacre of Parisians." She pauses as a waitress pauses if they need anything, and the woman orders a simple drink, then continues, looking back up toward Adam's eyes. It's only polite, after all. "When she was in jail, she wrote a letter to her father. 'There are so few patriots who know how to die for their country; everything is egoism; what a sorry people to found a Republic.'" Charlotte smiles as she glances down a bit, thinking about it. Then back up again. "My last name's Corday, so my mother came across the story before I was born. She said that there's not a damn thing wrong with being named after a passionate woman like that."

KeLyssa grins at Celeste. "I don't know…I ain't never seen Dani dance. I don't know if he'll be able to teach me all that well." She giggles. "I agree with Dani. Just go up an' talk to 'im. Yeah, he's talkin' to someone else, but it ain't a crime to go up and talk to 'im anyway!"

Celeste nods, "Yeah, but I don't want to be rude and that girls seem too nice to do that to so I'm just goin to look for someone else I guess." she says with a small smile, " and looks around the club for someone else who might looks better than the other guy, "I bet it would be fun, all of us Dancing, so what if we don't know how to dance, as long as we are having fun it doesn't matter." she says with a grin.

Dani looks to KeLyssa and laughs. "Count yourself lucky. My dancing is illegal in 12 states." He says with a chuckle.

Adam snaps his fingers. "That's right." he says, nodding. "I remember now. She was placed on trial and evetually beheaded. Legros went so far as to slap her cheek afterwards." The talk sounds as if Adam was right there to witness it. And that dawns on him too, resulting in a sheepish grin. "I mean, that's what I remember reading. There's nothing wrong with being named after her either. She sounded like a passionate woman."

Charlotte grins, a grin of pleasure and surprise, to find Adam knows about her namesake. "No, nothing wrong at all. I'm actually rather proud of it to be perfectly honest, I'd love to try and own up to it." After all, Charlotte Corday was much like this Charlotte Corday. Both were from out in the country. Both young, neither with a great education for their time. And yet one has done something extrodinary, and perhaps saved lives. "Slapped her cheek? I don't think I'd ever heard about that, I've read most of the studies on her though."

KeLyssa grins. "Well, if ya say so, Celeste. If I were in your place, I'd probably be sayin' the exact same thing, to be honest with ya." She grins and looks at Dani. "Oh, it is, is it?" She giggles a little. "Well, ya it must be illegal in New York, too, 'cause I don't see ya up there dancin' none."

Celeste giggles, "Yeah, I'm too shy to try to interrupt people, So I think we should get Dani out there to see just how illegal his dancing really is." she says with a sly grin, "Could be interesting." she says with a smile.

Dani looks to KeLyssa and nods. "Yeah, I'd get 25 to life if I dance here." He says with a chuckle before he looks to Celeste and then to Adam and Charlotte. "Oh, fuck that." He says before he stands and calls out towards the two. "Oi! Come join us!" He says to the two, waving them over if they happen to look.

"The things you find on Wikipedia." Adam grins, nodding. His drink seems to be forgotten, and likely no longer worth drinking. "Anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Or so my mom says." he says, taking a quick glance over the dance floor. "Especially for someone with your 'energy' and dashing looks."

"The things you find on Wikipedia." Adam grins, nodding. His drink seems to be forgotten, and likely no longer worth drinking. "Anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Or so my mom says." he says, taking a quick glance over the dance floor. "Especially for someone with your 'energy' and dashing looks." And then theres the distracting shout. Not even sure who it's directed to, Adam looks in it's direction and spots Dani and gang. "What? Us?" he calls back.

Charlotte can't help that pink tint that touches her cheeks. "Well, thank you. I hope so. Though I certaintly have no intention of attemption to assasinate anyone." Just throwing that out there, this is New York after all, and she's told some people are really on edge about the whole killing thing. She's about to say more, but then there's the shouting, and she pauses, putting both hands on the rail and looking over at the shouting people. She turns to look back at Adam. "Do you know them?"

KeLyssa smiles a little. "I suppose we do need to see this dangerous dancin' of yours then, Dani." She grins. As Dani calls out to said Adam and Charlotte, she shakes her head, going pink a little. "Hush up, Dani. They've got their own talks goin' on. I may've encouraged Celeste to go up to talk to 'im, but you don't gotta assume just callin' out to them!" She says quietly, not really making a move to stop him.

Dani looks to Adam and grins, nodding. "Yeah. Both of ya. My friend here thinks you're cute." He calls out as he points to Celeste. He sits back down and takes a drink from his beer. He looks to KeLyssa and smirks. "What? She likes the guy. I'm giving her an opportunity to get a number. Nothing more." He says with a grin before taking a drink from his beer.

Celeste blushes, and looks down at her drink then to KeLyssa, "I swear that boy is gonna give me a heart attack." she tells her, as her face turns bright red, "I wish you could have been a little more discreet about it." she says taking a drink from her glass.

"I highly recommend not assassinating anyone." Adam manages to reply to Charlotte before the distraction continues. "I can't say I know them." he adds, turning back to glance over the rail. "I'm sure if the lady wished my attention, all she would have to do is ask. Instead of you yelling so the whole world can hear." he hollars back. "I know I'm not really up to dancing right now anyhow." he says, quieter so it doesn't carry down to the lower floor.

Charlotte chuckles as she sits back on her heels, having stood up on her toes before in order to see and hear down there. Her drink arrives and she sips it, looking back to Adam. "Well I'll certiantly take your advise into consideration." Of course, she doesn't seem the type to assassinate much of anything. "So are you New Yorkers always so rambunctious as this?" She asks, refering to the group below. There's a lightness in her voice, clearly just teasing him and being playful.

KeLyssa shakes her head. "Really, Dani. You could be more subtle." She grins and takes a good big sip of her drink. "You should take advice from my grandmamma. She always used to say, 'Life, KeLyssa, is like box of gator food. Ya never know how dangerous it can be 'till ya open it up! So for goodness sakes, put some socks on!' Well…she meant well, anyway. I think she was tryin' to tell me to think before every action, is all."

Celeste continues to blush, "Well that isn't what I had in mind, but I guess I could have went and talked to him." she says with her face bright red, "So thank you for the embarassment, and humility." she says to Dani before looking back to the man then drinking the rest of her screwdriver, and taking a small drink of the other one.

Dani shrugs and chuckles. "Sorry. I don't have a very subtle way of asking them to join us, so I just came out with it." He says before he looks to Celeste. "Sorry, but you should go and talk to him." He says with a nod, taking a drink from his beer. He looks at the bottle to see how much he's got left.

George has arrived.

Adam grins and has to nod. "You're probably going to find New York is one of the more livelier cities in the country." He gives one more glance down to the group on the lower level before returning his gaze to Charlotte. If the other woman really wants his number, she'll come ask for it. "So, you do a lot of travelling, I take it?"

Charlotte nods. "Not…so much recently unless you call suitecase living traveling.. But I've been around in the last six months. Lets see…" She glances upward in thought. "France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Africa…oh Africa is beautiful." Minus the death and destruction of course. She glances down at the girl and back at Adam, blushing a little bit. Ah, if she only was the sort who had the sort of courage to up and ask! Then she catches herself. "And…Tokyo…of course." Just to name a few. Very few.

KeLyssa finishes off her drink and shudders a little. "Whoo, that does pack a li'l punch, that drink, don't it?" She smiles widely. "Now…well, I think we can pull off you gettin' that number, Celeste! Even if ya never call 'im, ya can still get it!" She says firmly.

Celeste sets her drink down onto the table then looks to Dani, "You know what I'm going to go ask him for his number, I mean what could it hurt you've already embarassed me, mine as well embarass myself some more." she says with a smile as she gets up, "Do I look alright?" she says making sure her clothes are as they should be, before walking towards the two by the rail, "Hello. My name is Celeste, what is yours?" she asks the man standing there.

Dani nods his head. "Yeah." He says to KeLyssa before he drains the last of his beer. "You want another one?" He asks her before looking to Celeste. "You look good. Go." He says with a smile. He watches her head up to Adam and company.

KeLyssa smiles, nodding at Dani. "Yeah! Another one'd be great!" Looking Celeste over, she nods firmly. "Ya look stunnin'! Couldn't look better m'self even if I tried!" She says happily.

Just after Celeste starts walking over, George emerges from the thick of the crowd, carrying an empty glass over to pick up a refill. Blinking, he turns his head - is he the one she's talking to? But no, it's clearly directed at the other fellow over there. With a shrug, he continues on his way, leaning in between two others to flag down the bartender. "Get a refill over here? Yeah, thanks."

"Africa is gorgeous. I was there for a few months myself. Congo region." Adam admits, noting the blush on her face. There's probably a slight tint to his own. Of course, distraction never ceases in the club as Celeste walks up and introduces herself. "Uh….no. Kensi." he replies, glancing back at Charlotte with a smile. "You did mention Tokyo. I've actually got to fly there on business next month."

Charlotte lowers her head a little, making sure her shoes are still…attached….while the girl comes into the conversation. Since no name was offered to her, she offers none in return. But she's clearly nervous. Is she supposed to offer a name? Crazy New Yorkers! Her face lights up at the mention of Tokyo. "What fun, I'm sure you'll have a lovely time. I know I had so much fun my first time, but I wasn't there long. Then again, in a city like that, I think you could spend a lifetime and never do and see all there is." She cocks her head to the side, glancing at Celeste. Is she allowed to continue the conversation? She needs to find a club where the rules of etiquette apply so she's not so confused! "What sort of buisiness is bringing you there?"

Celeste looks down then walks back to the table with Dani and KeLyssa, "Sorry for intruding." she tells the both of them before leaving, and taking a seat with the others, "Well that didn't go very well, I need a drink so I can at least TRY to forget THAT humiliation, I feel like a fuckin retard now." she says with a frown, "Dani can you please get me 3 shots of vodka, and a Irish Car Bomb please?" she asks him handing him some money.

Dani smiles and nods. "Alright. I'll be right back." He says before he looks to Celeste. "Sure thing, chief." He says before he kisses KeLyssa and heads to the bar to get some more drinks. He pushes into the crowd gathered around the bar, trying to flag down the bartender. "Oi! Service down here!" He calls out to the bartender, giving his drink orders as soon as he is able to flag one down.

KeLyssa slides in beside Celeste. "What happened?" She asks, not having been able to hear the conversation. "You look positively downtrodden though. But like the other thing my grandmamma used to say, 'There ain't nothin' wrong with rejection. All ya need to do is sit back and wait for the next fish to come callin'.' There'll be someone else for ya, right?"

George's drink of choice this evening turns out to be a screwdriver, sticking out like a sore thumb in the way only orange juice and lighter-fluid-quality vodka can. "Six countries, six months?" he asks, glancing back over toward Charlotte. "Hell of a pace you're keeping up there— I've only pulled off three states in as many years, not counting pass-throughs."

Rules of ettiquette be damned! Either way, Adam does feel slightly bad as Celeste walks away. Cheer up, bucko. There's always a second impression if you get the opportunity. "The city is just so expansive, and crowded. You're right. So much to do, it would take forever. Though, I do know this fabulous little shop that makes great sushi." As he's about to continue, his phone rings. "One second, sorry." Answering he nods. 'Right, I know the flight. I'll be there.' And the phone is flipped shut. "Computer work, actually." He won't bore her with the details. "They just wanted to make sure I knew my flight information and if I could swing by the office in a few. But I'd love to talk more about your travels. Perhaps I could call you, or you could call me?" he asks, pulling out and offering a card with his number on it.

Celeste looks to KeLyssa, "I said Hi, and asked him for his name and he just looked at me and said "Uh….no. Kensi" is all he said then turned away and kept talking to the other girl, that didn't go well at all." she says with a frown, "I'll just have to try my luck with some other man, hopefully it won't turn out as bad as this one did." she says to KeLyssa, "At least you got a good one, you better hold onto him and not ever take him for granted, because you never know when they are going to be gone, and once they are, it's hell without them, I only know that because I never knew my father and me and mom never really got along, why I lived with my aunt and uncle, and mom and I don't talk much anymore, so sometimes I wish I wasn't such a pain in the ass and just listened to her." she looks to KeLyssa, "I'll shut up, don't want to bring you down and I really don't want you to feel bad." she says as she looks for Dani with the drinks.

Dani returns a few moments later with a small tray of drinks as he sets the down on the table, taking his and KeLyssa's drinks before he slides the rest to Celeste. "Here you go." He says, sitting down next to KeLyssa.

Charlotte blinks in surprise. "Oh…of course." Of course she'd never be able to call him herself, so he'll have to get hers too. As she scribbles it onto a napkin, she does glance after Celeste. Apparently she's not happy, and clearly she feels bad as well. "That…that would be fun, Kensei." She says, smiling as she gives it over to Adam. She's pink again, poor thing. Hearing George, she's determined not to be rude twice, as it seems as though she was the first time. "Oh…well…I…travel a lot for work. Public relations."

KeLyssa smiles kindly at Celeste, placing a hand on her shoulder. "It'll all get better soon. I can promise you this. Life ain't easy, but if we all stick together, we can make it better for each other. That's what friends, new and old, are for, right?" She says, as Dani returns. Looking Dani, grinning widely. "Hey hun. That was quick."

"Public Relations used to be my line of work before computers." Adam admits, standing and bowing slightly. "I very much look forward to hearing from you, ma'dam." he grins, glancing at George as he turns for the stairs to the door.

Adam has left.

Dani looks to KeLyssa and nods. "Yeah, waving a fifty at the bartenders has a way of making them pay attention." He says with a smirk before he looks to Celeste. "Don't worry. He was a tool anyway. We'll find you another guy." He looks around the area and spots George. "What about that guy?"

Celeste finally, she downs all three shots and the Irish Car bomb before anyone can blink, "Whoo, now that is what I call drinking." she says looking at Dani, "You are the one who yelled and pointed me out, so I'm not going with the ones you point out, I would rather listen to KeLyssa here, she knows what she's doing, I'm glad I met you, You have some great advice." she says with a smile, "You really are an amazing person, Dani was right." she says with a grin.

George turns, leaning an arm over the back of his seat, looking toward Adam as he heads off and then back to Charlotte. "Small world - I did some public relations work myself, back in Louisiana - mostly just at the city level. Been getting into more statewide work this past year." He's too far away from Dani's table to overhear his would-be meat marketeering.

Charlotte gives Adam one last wave, still flustered as she slips the card away safe and sound. Yes, take good care of that. Her first number in New York! She turns fully to face George now. "It's actually new to me, only picked up the job a few months ago. The travel is…it's some buisiness I suppose, but they give me enough time to enjoy myself while I'm there." She sips her drink, the fluster from the three jello shots earlier now gone.

KeLyssa grins at Dani. "Heck, if I had someone wavin' a fifty at me, I'd coming runnin' no doubt." She says with a little smirk. "I mean…not if it's a guy askin' me out…'cept for you, maybe. Then I'd consider it." She says with a playful grin. Nodding firmly at Celeste, she says, "Well, we gals gotta stick together, ya know. Else we'd have no one to talk to, and that'd just be atrocious! Leastways, it's the least I could do to help. Meetin' people ain't easy. Heck, relationships ain't always easy."

Celeste smiles, "Yeah that is no lie at all, to tell you the truth, I've never had a boyfriend in my life, and it's scary as hell trying to hit on someone." she says with a look of embarassment, "But I'm slowly learning."

Dani smirks to KeLyssa. "Yeah, but it tends to get expensive." He says as he looks to Celeste. "It'll be alright. You got us." He says before he looks to KeLyssa and smiles. "I'm glad you two are friends."

George inclines his head to Charlotte. "They must really like you. I had to fly places on business a couple times, always took me a day or two to really decompress properly." By now, the liquor has had some time to sharpen up his voice; there's a Southern accent there, though a good bit ligher than KeLyssa's. "If you're only there for a day or two in the first place… that's a whole week shot right there. Who're you working for, anyhow?"

Charlotte is cradling her drink between both hands. His accent is amusing at the least, after all, she's spent some time in the bible belt and heard a lot of it. She smiles, but then glances down at her drink, shaking her head at his question. "Oh, you probobly wouldn't know of it. Biotechnical company."

KeLyssa smiles at Celeste. "Well, you'll get there. Trust me. I've had a few boyfriends in my time, who I won't talk about in present company." She says with a slight grin in Dani's direction. "But I do know we all go at our own paces in life. Whether it's fast, slow, or somethin' in the middle. That's what I've learned." She says calmly. She smiles at Dani. "We may never've met if ya hadn't introduced us though!"

Dani looks to KeLyssa and smiles. "Much obliged." He says in reference to her ex's. "And I won't discuss my ex-girlfriends." He says as he takes a drink from his beer bottle, taking Lyssa's hand in his own. "Well, I'm glad that I could bring the two of you together." He looks to Celeste. "Oh. And I'll be doing a piercing on her if you want to stand in and watch."

Celeste smiles, "Yeah, I'm glad he did." she says to Dani, "So I think we should all go out and dance just for the hell of it." she says with a wink to KeLyssa and whispers something into her ear.

Celeste smiles, "Yeah, I'm glad he did." she says to Dani, "So I think we should all go out and dance just for the hell of it." she says with a wink to KeLyssa and whispers something into her ear, "Yeah, that will be fun, what piercing?" she says with a grin. (re)

Meanwhile, over at the bar, George nods and leans back. "I'm part of the Senate staff, so… probably not, not unless they've been trying to get their name in the news. In my experience, pill factories are more likely to be trying to get their names out of it."

Charlotte chuckles softly as she leans her back against the bar. "Well I suppose that's fair, but isn't that the idea of having a company, to make money? I know I get paid for what I do, one would think. I hope, anyway, someone's been paying me for the past few months." She finishes her drink and sets it aside.

KeLyssa grins at Dani, snuggling in a little. As Celeste leans in to whisper into her ear, she grins and nods. "On the count of three. Get ready! One…two…" She holds 'two' until she gets a signal from Celeste that she's ready.

Celeste smiles, "Three." she stands up and walks to the other side of Dani, grabbing one of his arms, "So ready for some fun?" she says with an evil grin.

Dani leans into KeLyssa as she leans into him. He then looks to Celeste and KeLyssa as they grab a hold of him. He looks to the two of them. "Hey now. What are you guys doing to me? Someone better not take my beer."

"It depends," replies George. "If they're in the news because they pulled off a breakthrough, that's one thing, but mostly you hear controversies because everyone's trying to be the next Bernstein or Brockovich—" He trails off there, though, mouthing a silent 'hang on' to Charlotte and then turning to see what all the hubbub is about. Someone counting loudly to three, much less two people doing it in unison, invariably means that Something's Up.

Charlotte shakes her head to George. "Well like I said, I'm in Public Relations. I leave the atom-splitting to smarter people." She chuckles, looking at George as he looks away. She follows his eyes over towards the group, and smiles. They look like they're having fun, including that girl who was upset earlier. Good.

KeLyssa smiles at Dani, guiding him up to where everyone else is dancing. "Why, nothing, Dani. We just wanna have a li'l dance. I mean, now you've told us 'bout your dancin', we just must see it. Ya wouldn't refuse us that, would ya hun?" She smiles sweet at Dani, batting her eyes a little. "Please?" She grins. "I'll even show ya some've my square dancin' moves."

Dani laughs at KeLyssa and smirks. "I guess I can't say no, now can I?" He asks as he stands from the table and nods. "Alright. Let's go out and dance." He says, wrapping an arm around her waist.

Celeste walks along with Dani and KeLyssa, "This is going to be pretty interesting." she says with a smile, "I'll probably end up away from you guys and try to find my own man to dance with." she says with a grin.

George finishes off his latest round, this time setting the glass off to one side; he's apparently had his fill for the time being. Having worked out what trouble Dani is being dragged into, he turns back to Charlotte. "I hear you on that one. Hey, you want to head over that way for a while?" A thumb is pointed in the general direction of the dance floor. "Looks like the kid there could use some company for his misery."

Charlotte looks over at the dance floor, smiling softly. "Sure, one dance I suppose, he doesn't look pleased. But after that I really ought to get home. City's going to be nuts tonight, I'm told. What with New Years and all." She pushes herself off the bar to stand.

KeLyssa grins at Dani. "No, I don't suppose ya do got a choice. Not with two lovely ladies hanging off your arms!" She says with a little smile. "Of course," she says to Celeste. "Ya gotta have some fun too! I ain't gunna stop you from havin' it and neither's Dani!"

Celeste smiles, "Kool, I don't want to intrude in your guys's time." she says still smiling, "So one dance with all of us and I'll leave you two to yourselves." she says with a wink to KeLyssa.

Dani smiles to Celeste. "If you want to." He says as he heads to the dance floor with the others. He smiles and once he's on the floor, he starts to dance. He isn't as bad as he says he was, actually pretty good. He's not the best dancer out there, but definately not the worst.

George rises to his feet, nodding to Charlotte and heading out into the throng with her. Unsurprisingly, he's an average dancer at best, but at least he keeps up with the pace well enough for someone whose young-adult credentials have expired.

Charlotte smiles they head over, but she shakes her head. "I think I'm too sober for this." She tells the man with a shake of her head. "And tired….it was nice to meet you, but I think I need to slip out." She offers a litle wave.

KeLyssa grins and starts dancing along with Dani and Celeste. She's not half bad, but it's obvious she could improve on her dancing skills. She does seems to be enjoying herself, however.

Celeste smiles, "I think that is my cue." she tells the two of them, "I believe that girl is fixin to take off so I'm going to go after that man right there." she shows them with a nod of her head, "You two have fun, but don't forget me when you leave, or at least tell me when you go." she says with a wink.

Dani smiles and looks to Celeste and nods. "Sure thing. Good luck." He says to her before he turns his attention to KeLyssa, wrapping his arms around her as he moves his body with the music.

George is, of course, moderately disappointed to see Charlotte go. But only moderately; they did just meet, after all, and the stated reasons make sense. "All right, see you around," he says. Precisely two beats later, he turns and finds himself face to face with Celeste, or rather the back of her shoulderblades. Recognizing her and the rest of the trio, he waits to see how their dynamic proceeds to play itself out next, continuing to ape the movements of some other nearby dancers.

Charlotte gives him a wave again. "Maybe I'll see you around some other night." She waves and turns to head out.

Charlotte has left.

Celeste smiles and turns to the man who just got left alone, "Mind if I dance with you?" she asks still smiling, "My name is Celeste by the way, what's yours?" she says as she starts to dance.

KeLyssa seems to take to having Dani's arms around her quite well, and moves along to his rhythm. Giggling at Celeste, she says, "Don't ya worry none. We'll let ya know if and when we're leaving." And off she goes dancing more and more.

Dani smiles as he looks at her, moving with her as he looks into her eyes. "I'm glad you're here. And I'm glad you and Celeste are getting along. She's the new artist I work with."

Speaking of Celeste… It really is a large and noisy crowd, and George (like Adam earlier, one hopes) has trouble hearing exactly what Celeste is saying. He can read body language just fine, though; she's young and pretty and friendly, and so he answers her in kind, easing a step closer without losing a beat.

Celeste continues to dance with George and moves in closer, her body with his, dancing with the music and enjoying herself, and letting the music pump through her body.

KeLyssa rocks back and forth with Dani, dancing and having a jolly good time. "I'm glad I got in tonight!" She says. "It's really great here."

Dani smiles and nods as he looks at KeLyssa. "I know, I'm glad you're here. I don't think it would be the same without you." He says as he looks into her eyes.

George looks around for a second, making sure of who else is close by and how much room he's got to work with. As the music cross-fades into a new track with an easier pace - though not by any means slow - he takes the opportunity to draw close enough to Celeste that he can hear her properly, and be heard. "Hi, I'm George," he calls out.

Celeste smiles at George, "Hi, I'm Celeste." she yells out to him, only loud enough that she can be heard clearly, and moves in sync with his body moving in just a little bit closer.

KeLyssa giggles as she misteps a move and accidentally steps on Dani's foot. "Oh! I'm so sorry! I didn't hurt ya none, did I? I sure hope I didn't!"

Dani winces a moment as KeLyssa steps on his foot. "No. I'm alright. It's fine." He says as he looks at her. "Don't worry about him."

George nods to Celeste. That's as much as really needs to be said at this point in the evening, right? He can't really get any closer at this point without flat-out running into her, so he makes do with staying where he is, then scooting around behind her for variety.

Celeste smiles and keeps dancing with the music, enjoying her time with George, and moving with the music occasionally glancing at KeLyssa and Dani.

KeLyssa lets her hands fully wrap around Dani and she smiles, "It wouldn't've been the same if our dear Celeste hadn't distracted the doorman." She says with a grin. "We owe her that. We should thank her somehow…"

Dani smirks and nods as he looks to KeLyssa. "Yeah, we should. What did you have in mind?" He asks her as he pulls her closer.

Remember that bit about voices not carrying very far over the loud music? It applies to Dani and KeLyssa, too. Seeing but not hearing their branch of the conversation, George leans in to speak to Celeste again. "Hey, I think your friends there want some alone time, wanna head back to the bar for a while?"

Celeste smiles and nods, "Sure, that sounds good." she says to George while he's close, she grabs his hand and leads the way to the bar.

KeLyssa giggles, thinking. "I'd say I'd get her somethin' free from the Lair, but somehow I get the feelin' she wouldn't like all that much from there…what d'ya think she likes?"

Dani shrugs his shoulders slightly. "I'm not sure exactly. I haven't known her well enough to make that call." He says looking at her. "She was saying she wanted the Rocky Horror Picture Show." He says after a moment.

George glances down at the hands, then nods and follows after Celeste. "What're you having tonight?" he asks, meanwhile motioning to the bartender for a fresh glass, as his earlier one has long since been cleared away.

Celeste smiles, "I'll take a screwdriver, it's my favorite." she says still smiling, "I get that everytime I drink." she says with a grin.

KeLyssa smiles, leaning in a little more. "That's perfect, then. We can get 'er the Rock Horror Picture Show. It ain't hard. We got more copies at the store. It'll be a gift from me and you. I'll pick it up my next shift.

Dani smiles and nods. "Cool. I'm sure she'll love it." He says, holding her a bit closer. "When do you want to go out again?" He asks her.

Over at the bar, George returns Celeste's smile. "Make that two," he says to the bartender while he's still got his attention, before turning back. "I was having that earlier— I've been doing something-and-Coke for a while, figured it needed a break." Hooray for small talk.

Celeste grins, "That's kool, I've never really met anyone who would drink a screwdriver with me." she says smiling, "So do you like to come here a lot, or is this your first time here?" she says with another grin.

KeLyssa just dances for a while, not speaking, enjoying just being with Dani.

Dani smiles as he looks into KeLyssa's eyes for a moment before he looks back and checks on Celeste. "That-a-girl. Get him."

George shakes his head, looking around again at the crowd as he replies to Celeste, still innocently unaware of the other couple cheering them on. "Not quite— I was here once, back in the summer. That one night when it got its fifteen minutes of fame? Figured it might've had time to ease off by now." But from what?

Celeste smiles, "That's kool, I've been here a lot, me and my band have played here a couple times also, that makes it even better when we play here, the crowd is amazing." she says still smiling.

KeLyssa smiles a little at Dani, looking towards Celeste and George, grinning. "I think she's gettin' a real handle of it…at least with him, eh?"

Dani smiles and nods, looking back at her. "I think so too. At lease she's enjoying herself. At least I think she is." He says, looking back to Lyssa.

The one guy who isn't being a walking 1-800-Dentists commercial this evening is George. Not that he isn't enjoying Celeste's company, though; if he wasn't, he's had plenty of time to find an excuse to ditch. "What kind of band is it? Must be tough keeping up with the scene— there's gotta be a lot of bands coming and going, this many people around to play for."

Celeste smiles, "We play rock, and heavy metal, Our band is called Negative Zero, we are just trying to get our names out there." she says still smiling, "If I'm boring you, just let me know, I can buy you a drink, tell you thank you and head back out to the dance floor, just let me know when you get tired of my company." she says with a grin.

KeLyssa move her hips more and more with the dancing as the beat booms more and more with a new song.

Dani moves his hips along with KeLyssa, his eyes looking into hers. He smiles as he wraps an arm around her waist.

George shakes his head. "Nah, you're not boring me. But I think I've had enough of being in the middle of a big crowd for now… get enough of that during the day. Where you headed after this?"

Celeste nods, "I'll prolly go back to my apartment, and drink a little bit and listen to some music." she says with a grin, "What about yourself?" she says with a smile.

KeLyssa grins and shakes her head when the song ends. "Mm, I think I've got enough dancin' for now, hun. Mind if we bake a break from it all?"

Dani nods his head and smiles. "Yeah. I'm ready to go sit down." He says as he wraps an arm around Lyssa's waist and heads back to the table they were at before.

George looks to Celeste and shrugs. "I was thinking of hitting a Denny's type place, pie and coffee." Oh yeah, party animal here. "But I'll keep an eye out for your next show, okay?"

Celeste smiles, "Okay, sounds good, I think we are going to try and play here next Friday, just for heads up." she writes her number down on a piece of paper, "Here you go, just in case you wanna call and ask the time for the show or something." she says with a grin.

KeLyssa rests an arm around Dani's waist as they sit down. "Look, hun. I'm thinkin' of headin' back home in a li'l while. Got work in the mornin', but thank ya for a wonderful night. Really."

Dani nods as he looks to KeLyssa. "Okay. No problem. I don't want to affect your work or anything." He ays as he looks at her. "You'll call me though?" He asks her.

George takes the paper - and, motioning for the pen, adds his own number to the bottom before tearing it off and offering it back to Celeste. "In case you wanna call and ask which outfit to look for," he teases, before paying for his rounds of drinks and starting to make his way toward the exit off in the distance.

George has left.

Celeste smiles, "Thanx I'll keep that in mind." she says with a grin, then walks to the other two at the table, "Well that went great." she says witha smie on her face, "So you guys bout' ready to head back, I'm gonna go to my place and have a little party of my own, I live over in East Centinnial Apartments if any of you are interested, you can come on over." she says still smiling.

KeLyssa smiles widely. "Ya live over at the East Centennial Apartments too?" She states happily. "So do I!" She seems happy about that. "We're neighbours then!" She says, grinning.

Dani smirks as he looks to Celeste and KeLyssa. "Well, that's a small world indeed." He says before he takes a drink from his beer.

Celeste nods, "That is kool, well we will be best friends before we know." she says with a grin, "Well that is if you don't already have a best friend." she looks at her cell phone to see the time, "So do you two wanna come to my place and have our own little party?" she asks with a smile.

KeLyssa grins a bit. "I'd be up for that! It's on my way home anyway." She says, giggling happily. "What d'ya think, Dani?"

Dani looks to Celeste then to KeLyssa. "Yeah, that works too. Or we can all just chill at my place. I got a flatscreen and a couch and a guest room."

Celeste smiles, "That works too, it's up to KeLyssa, either way is fine with me." she says still smiling and looking at KeLyssa.

KeLyssa looks between Dani and Celeste. "Up ta me? Mmmhmm. Ain't no way I'm decidin'. When a decisions made, I'm the go to gal, but until then, I ain't nothin' but a follower!"

Dani shrugs. "It ain't much of a choice. Pretty much it comes down to my place or Celeste's."

Celeste grins, "Yup, that is right, so do you wanna go to Danny's? maybe watch Rocky Horror Picture Show, and party, or go to my house, listen to music, and party?" she smiles at KeLyssa.

KeLyssa smiles at Celeste. "Well, I've already gone to Dani's place already and watched that movie. But…oh, alligator soup!" She shrugs. "If we go to Celeste's…both of us'll be able to be home easily. If we go to Dani's…it's a great big view." She furrows her brow…"Well, let's go to Dani's, we can always go 'bout listenin' to music there, but there's also the option of a movie."

Dani shrugs. "Either one is fine. We can go to my place." He looks to Celeste. "You wanna come to my place then?" he asks as he looks between the two.

Celeste nods, "I think that would be great." she gives KeLyssa a wink, "Just don't don't do anything I would do, seriously I wouldn't reccommmend it." she says with a grin.

KeLyssa grins at Celeste. "I don't know you well enough to know what you would do, so I'll do…nothing?" She chuckles. "Off to Dani's then?"

Celeste grins, "Well I've done some really bad things in my day so you will prolly be good with "Sleeping in his room"." she says with a grin, "So let's get the fuck out of here before I lose my mind." she says smiling.

Dani smirks and nods. "Alright. Let's go. If you need it, I got a guest room and a couch you guys can sleep in."

KeLyssa giggles. "Alright! Let's get on our way!"

Celeste nods, "Sounds good." she walks to the exit and leaves.

Dani's Apartment

Dani opens the front door to his apartment, letting the two ladies enter first. "Welcome to Cada de Dani." He says as he lets the others enter first.

Celeste walks into the house and looks around, "Damn Dani, nice place, It looks hella good." she goes and takes a seat on the furthes end of the couch so the others can sit together.

KeLyssa grins, walking in. "Mmhmmmmm. It's one nice apartment. It ain't shabby, that's for certain." She says, looking around. "I wouldn't mind livin' in a place like this someday…if I can."

Dani smirks as he looks around. "Yeah, I wasn't able to afford this place until Mark retired." He says, looking around. "Make yourselves at home. Anyone want a drink?"

You paged KeLyssa and Celeste with 'Can you do me a favor and remind me to fix the log when I'm sober?'

Celeste nods, "I want the stongest thing you have." she says as she is sitting on the couch looking down at her boots.

KeLyssa plops down on the couch next to Celeste, look about. "I'll…I'll just take water I think. No more alcohol for me tonight. Those two drinks were good."

Dani goes into the kitchen and gets Celeste the drink she wants and the water for KeLessya. He plops down on the couch and looks around. "Okay. I'm drunk. What do you guys wanna do?"

Celeste takes the drink and downs every single drop of it, " I don't give a fuck, just anything is fine with me, If you guys want to go and do your own thing that is fine, I'll just sit in here and watch a movie." she says after sitting her glass down on the coffee table and looking at her boots.

KeLyssa bumps Celeste in the shoulder. "Believe it or not, we wanna spend some time with you too." She grins. "I only just metcha, and this is only our second date. So ain't nothin' happenin' tonight like that, no matter how drunk anyone is. I'm a respectable southern gal. Not a Florida southern gal." She nods firmly, but still grins a little.

Dani looks to Celeste and nods. "Celeste, you may work for me, but I do consider you family. We may work together, but I trust you." He looks to KeLyssa. "But I need to tell you something before we both go any further. Celeste knows this already."

Celeste nods, "Okay whatever you want, I'm just glad I'm not alone tonight." she says with a small smile. "I hate being alone, I've pretty much been alone my whole life and it really doesn't help me to forget the past that way." she tells them, "It's really nice of you guys to let me come here." she says looking at them.

KeLyssa smiles at Celeste. "It's hard bein' alone. That's why I'm glad I got some friends here. It was hard the first week or two, hardly knowing anyone. I'm glad to have ya around, Celeste." She looks at Dani curiously. "What is it that ya need to tell me, Dani?"

Dani looks to Celeste. "You always have us. You'll never be alone." He says before he looks to KeLyssa. "If we're going to go any further in our relationship, you need to know that I am not normal. I am not like the others."

Celeste smiles, "You guys are the best." she says to them, "But it does't help to forget the past when I have Eidetic Memory and can remember every single thing that I have ever looked at, read, or even seen, and it doesn't help really." she says giving them a smile.

KeLyssa looks at Celeste. "Ya got eidetic memory? Wow. That's quite the skill. But I can understand how much of a burden it'd be. Especially with a difficult past." She says with a sympathetic smile. To Dani, she says, "Well, if we're bein' honest here," and honesty is a big policy for this lady, "I have to tell ya somethin' too. I ain't exactly normal myself, for all appearances."

Dani nods and looks to KeLyssa and then to Celeste. "Yeah, I am not like others. I can control shadows. I can make them do what I can. I can even become shadows. Celeste has seen it."

Celeste nods, "Yeah, I think it's pretty kool." she turns to KeLyssa, "You have something special you can do also? Wow, and I thought you would freak out because we are 'Different'."

KeLyssa blinks. "You…you can control shadows?" She shakes her head. "If I'd've hear things like this a few years ago, I would've told ya you were crazy. But now…no. I can create and control ice." She says simply. "That's why I don't get cold easily." She takes a deep breath in. "I just didn't know there were really any others like me. Not many, I mean." She lowers her head. "I…um…I should be gettin' some sleep."

Dani nods his head. "Yeah. I can control and become shadows." He tells KeLyssa. "I am what they called, evolved." He says and looks at her. "You're evolved too?" He looks at her and smiles. "I'm so glad you're not upset or anything. You understand. I swear on my family's soul that I won't share your secret, Lyssa."

Celeste she hugs KeLyssa, "No need to feel ashamed hon, really." she says with a smile, "I thought I was the only one, I thought of myself as a freak, until Dani here told me of his powers and it made me think in a whole new perspective. Your secret is safe with me. I swear on my life, I won't tell a soul." she tells KeLyssa.

KeLyssa smiles a little, nodding. "Yeah…it's much appreciated. It honestly is. I just…I think I need some sleep. I'll see ya'll in the mornin'?"

Dani nods his head as he looks to KeLyssa. "Okay. I'll see you tomorrow? Call if anything else?" He asks her before looking to Celeste. "You going to crash here?"

Celeste nods, "Okay if you say so, where do you want to crash, the spare room, or the couch?" she looks to Dani, "I think it would probably be best given the state I am in."

KeLyssa shakes her head. "I…anywhere's fine for me to sleep. Sleep is much needed."

Celeste nods, "I'll let you have the spare room, you;ll need a bed more than me." she says with a smile, "Let's get you to bed." she says standing up, but not able to stay up for but a few seconds, "Whoa, maybe I shouldn't stand for a little bit." she says as she sits back down.

Dani stands up and looks to the two. "Well, the spare room is empty, but I got blankets and there's the couch too. He looks to KeLyssa. "If you want, you can have my bed and I'll take the couch."

KeLyssa shakes her head. "I'd feel kinda bad kickin' ya outta your own bed, Dani."

Celeste nods, "Well I was going to take the couch and let KeLyssa have the spare room, but it's up to her." she says to Dani, "I'll sleep on the couch, because I'm not ready to crash, I'm just gonna sit here and watch the Rocky Horror Picture Show."

Dani looks at KeLyssa and shakes his head. "It's fine. I don't mind. You take my room, Celeste take the couch since it's comfortable and I'll sleep on the floor in the guest room.

KeLyssa sighs and concedes. "Alright. But just this once. Good night, ya'll." And she enters the room, slowly closing the door behind her.

Celeste sticks in the Rocky Horror Picture Show, then looks to Dani, "Wanna watch this with me?" she says with a smile, "Or are you too tired?"

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