OOC Lounge and Public Channel Etiquette

  • Remember, everyone in the lounge or on pubchan has their own likes and dislikes. If someone expresses that they like something, it's bad form to immediately comment about why something sucks.
  • If you must talk about your real life sexual exploits and TMI, take it to page or NC-18.
  • Politics and religion are best left for their respective channels.
  • If someone in the lounge or on pubchan expresses discomfort with the conversation, do the polite thing and take it to page. These venues should be welcoming for everyone.
  • If you upset someone, an apology goes a long way.
  • If someone asks you to stop doing something, then you should consider stopping. If one person is offended, chances are that other people will be, too.
  • If you're asking someone to stop doing something, being polite about it is a good way to get them to comply. Sometimes the best route is to just stop talking about something.
  • Avoid spoilers for any recent TV shows or movies in the lounge or on public channels! We have a specific channel for that. (@chan/on Spoilers)

Grid Etiquette

  • Don't idle in heavy-traffic IC rooms. Either go to the Quiet Room, or teleport back to your personal home on the grid.
  • Ask all parties involved before joining in a scene.
  • Use common sense when posing. If the poses are short, don't pose twelve-paragraph poses. If they're long, attempt to put some effort into your poses so people have something to respond to.
  • Don't twink out. Your weaknesses are always going to be more interesting than your strengths. You are not perfect, and no one wants you to be. Flaws will build your character, whereas never allowing anything bad to happen to your character will make for boring RP.
  • Your character isn't the only one who gets to do cool things. This is an ensemble cast and everyone gets their moment in the spotlight.

Adrenaline will eat your first born if you do not comply. (Nom.)

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