General Policies

First, a few general policies:

Staff have the FINAL say in all thematic matters on the MUSH.
Staff will have the FINAL say in all PR-related matters. This includes arguments between players.

Official rules of the MUSH:

1.) Treat others as you want them to treat you. (The Golden Rule, folks.)
2.) TinySex is not allowed. See our Tinysex policy for more information.
3.) Piracy talk is not allowed on Public forums. Keep it in pages. (Try to take it to instant messaging, if you can.)
4.) Don't harass people. See Rule #1.
5.) Last, but not least: The Headwiz (Adrenaline) has final say in -all- matters if it comes down to it. (Don't worry, he won't abuse it. The rest of the staff is really good!)

Follow these rules, and everything should work out fine!

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