Idling Policy

We understand that, at times, you might need to take a break from the MUSH. If this should happen, please see our Vacation policy for information on that. Just sitting on your character and doing nothing, however, is not okay. If you remain inactive with your character for 21 days or more, you will be approached by staff to see what's going on. We may approach you at some point before that if the situation warrants it. But, overall, if we have to approach you more than once, the character most likely will be taken away. We understand any reason can be the cause for idling, but if it becomes a problem, staff will step in. If you have any questions, just ask us on the Help channel, or page a staffer!


The following is the new policy, rules, and information on idlenuking that goes along with the new five alt policy.

  • All characters that are idle for 30 days or more will show up on the list of idle players to be nuked.
  • If any unapproved character passes the 30 day idle mark (whether they already have an approved alt on the game that is active or not), they will be nuked without notification.
  • If a character passes the 30 day idle mark that IS approved, and they have an alt on the grid that is approved, they will still be be idle nuked without notification. If you have an approved alt that's hitting the 30 idle mark, you're not roleplaying them enough to begin with.
  • The only exception to those being nuked without notification is when someone idles out and they have no alts, or all of their characters idle out (or the rest of their character's are close to idling out along with the alt that DID idle out— obviously there will be a bit of leeway in this.) When this occurs, staff will make a post as they normally do so players have the opportunity to warn fellow players that their character is about to be nuked. If they do not respond within the week they are given, a @decomp of the character will be kept in case they show up later with a valid reason for their absence. However, if one of your alts shows up on the idle nuke list, and staff sees that you're online on a seperate alt (or were online a few days before and are actively online on seperate alts), we're still going to nuke the idle character without notification.

If you have any questions, feel free to @mail, page, or submit a +request to staff.

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