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The wiki is the ultimate guide to Heroes MUSH! There, you'll find information on the game, its characters, roleplaying logs, and other shiny toys. Everything on the wiki is designed to make it easy to immerse yourself in the game's world. Its most important feature is the fact that it's interactive: since it's a wiki, anyone can edit it, and they're encouraged to!

After your character is approved on the game, you can join the wiki. To do so, click here and follow the instructions (make sure you have a wikidot account first). When you "apply" to our wiki, include your character name. Then, you must send a +request in-game, including your wikidot account name so we can approve you. Staff is not notified of a pending membership otherwise. We don't want to keep you waiting!

If you have a picture in mind you'd like to be used for a log icon, please send it to Serotonin.

If you're new to the Wonderful World of Wiki, check out the Help Page. Use the Cast template to add your character to the wiki. It's assumed that all logs will be posted to the wiki unless otherwise noted. Feel free to be creative with your cast pages and logs: pictures, video embedding… Wikidot is pretty flexible! Check out other pages for examples of what can be done.

Happy wiki-ing!


Feeds allow you to use a program to receive updates from the wiki everytime the Recent Changes page is updated. Therefore, everytime someone updates their page, the roleplay logs section, or any other section of the wiki, you are notified through the RSS feed. You do need a seperate program (or add-on in your browser!) to utilize this. If you need more information, try Googling 'rss feed'. The following is the main feed:


And the following is a feed that allows you to track specific feeds (such as Peter— anytime a page is updated or added with the tag PETER you'll be notified— just change the tag-goes-here portion to the tag you want to use)


A few examples:



Every so often, Heroes MUSH will have what's called a "montage". It's fun and simple! What happens is this:

A time and loose theme is decided on (ie. "endings", "change", "challenge") and players send in one small pose of their characters to staff. The poses are then arranged, set to voiceover narration text or song lyrics, posted, and voila! You have one big, collaborative scene that lets us get a glimpse into the lives of different characters experiencing the same moment in time, connected by a montage. TV magic turned RP magic!

To check out past montages, go here: http://heroesmush.wikidot.com/system:page-tags/tag/montage or simply check this out:

MONTAGE: It's A New World SerotoninSerotonin
alvin arturas clara concordia daniel ethan harry jude kev lucy mickey montage nicol simon tess theodore van
2010-06-28: Some Words Are Best Unspoken justanothernamejustanothername
angela cody domino gabriel jo laurel lee lizzie matt max montage morgana nathan natsumi porter sydney vasha victory yusef
2009-12-31: Not Sure Yet SerotoninSerotonin
adam alexandra anais cam camille candice clarence cody emily george georgia hallis jade jamie kelyssa kitty lena maury micah mikhail montage nathan randall sierra sydney tammy tiago tracy
2009-09-21: A Year Later SerotoninSerotonin
angela cam cass church cybil daphne-m dex elisabetha hunter ivory jamie joule kimi kitty kory lee marie matt montage nima novak peter taine tracy west
2008-09-21: Here We Are SerotoninSerotonin
angela benjamin cam cass christa church cybil daphne-m dl elisabetha erin hunter jamie kitty lachlan lee marie meryl micah montage niki nima novak peter taine
2008-01-02: Who We Are SerotoninSerotonin
aj alicia benjamin bob cam celeste charlotte church dani daphne-m elisabetha elle emily-l erin gene jane joule kelyssa kory lachlan lee meryl micah mohinder montage nathan niki novak peter pierce randall rochelle sylar william
2007-12-02: The Shape of Things SerotoninSerotonin
aj cam dl edward elena elle erin evie fenton jack jane kelyssa lee liam linderman meryl mikhail mohinder montage niki peter rochelle sasha sylar trina tyson
2007-10-21: Moral Centralia LetoLeto
aj cam cass elena felix fenton lachlan lee mandy mariska meryl mikhail mohinder montage nathan niki peter sylar trina

Have an idea for a montage theme or song? Send it along to staff!

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