How Powers Work

Powers, or "abilities," are — of course — the things beyond the ordinary that some people, in the world of Heroes, are capable of. On Heroes MUSH, the range of powers vast! There are a few guidelines as to limitations:

  • Fitting the theme (this is an important one — think to yourself, "is this an ability I would see while watching Heroes on TV?" If you're not sure, ask staff!)
  • Availability on Census
  • News Restricted
  • Your imagination!

Power Levels

The level of control a character has over their ability is kept track of by their Power Level. A character who does not know they have a power should realistically have little to no control over it; thus, their power should not be raised to Average or higher. Similarly, Superb is the highest one can set their power level to. This power level implies a remarkably high level of control over one's power; Maury Parkman, Hiro Nakamura, and Sylar are all examples of characters with power at this level. Powers will rarely be at this level without extensive practice. Note that a power can be "powerful" and still be at a low level because it's uncontrolled.

Power Chart
Suckage —> You can't use your ability at all, or it's been removed/hindered.
Terrible —> Your ability is incredibly weak, useable only in fluke circumstances.
Horrible —> Your control of your ability is very weak and unpredictable.
Poor —> Your control of your ability is very poor.
Mediocre —> You have some control over your ability.
Average —> You have an average grasp of your ability and how to use it.
Good —> You can control your ability well.
Great —> You can control your ability very well and it rarely backfires.
Superb —> You're an expert at using your ability! You don't even have to think about it.

Power upgrades can be +requested and will be approved based on whether or not it makes sense for the power to be more controlled through the course of RP.


Powers on Heroes MUSH are defined in character generation in descriptive paragraphs. However, we also ask that players go a step further than that. Stunts, by our definition, are special uses of one's power that have been practiced (knowingly or unknowingly).

This helps staff understand how exactly the ability can be used, and it should help you flesh out the power too! It is important for Evolved characters to set these Stunts as they help explicitly define their powers for use on the grid. Mind, a character can use their power in a way that isn't listed in their stunts, but they do so at a disadvantage as it is a non-practiced use.

Players can add new Stunts as they learn to practice with their ability by using a +request to staff to apply to have a new Stunt.

Stunts are unique in that they may be "rolled". During a scene, if you want to resolve a powers-related conflict by +rolling, or simply want to throw it in for the sake of flavour or randomness, you can! However, stunts are no longer official; they're for fun and decision-making, if need be.

If you DO decide to roll stunts, they still work how they used to but without difficulty levels. Think of them as a simplified version, an RP aid. The results (Suckage through Godlike) as listed in news powers can be used as a rough guideline. If you're rolling for yourself, it gives a vague idea of how well your ability worked. If players agree to roll "against" each other, they're simply meant to be scored as "win" or "lose" in a versus scenario. That is, if Daphne rolls GREAT and Hiro rolls AVERAGE, Daphne wins unless they OOCly agree that it'd be cooler if Hiro won.

"This is how we +roll."
+roll <stuntname>

Get the stunt coordinator up in here! Here are some real stunts you can use as examples. Note that some stunts contain downsides, flaws, and/or limitations.

Cam's FROSTBITE: Cam can't freeze someone solid but he can give someone a serious case of frostbite by freezing the water in any skin he comes in contact with. This can cause a lot of pain but very little long-term damage as long as the frozen skin is treated properly.

Hiro's JUST LIKE STAR TREK: Yatta! Hiro's ability to teleport himself just like Star Trek! Simply put Hiro is able to be in one place and then in another place by manipulating the space part of the space-time continuum. Depending on how far he is going it can wear him out or sometimes cause him to overshoot. For example teleporting an intercontinental distance from New York to Tokyo would require great concentration while teleporting himself past a door or a short distance across a city for example would still require concentration but would be more prone to success and precision.

As with many of his stunts anyone who is in physical contact with Hiro will be able to teleport with him. However while it is not more difficult to bring people with him it is more draining - especially if he is bringing a group of people one by one to the same location over a short period of time.

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