Restricted Characters

There are some concepts that are not available to play on Heroes MUSH. Concepts that are absolutely not allowed are:

  • Characters with the ability to understand and "take" another's power (like Sylar)
  • Characters with more than one power (ie. flight + pyrokinesis)
  • Characters with the ability to change into animals in any way
  • Size Manipulation
  • Invulnerability
  • Abilities having to do with seeing or reviving the dead
  • Characters taken from another source, such as a movie, other TV show, game, or comic book

Note: concepts from another source can be used if it's feasible in our IC world. For example, you can take the concept of Mystique's (from X-Men) shapeshifting ability, and apply it to an original character here. (We know that ability already exists in the Heroes world, i.e. Candice, but hopefully you get the drift.)

Some are acceptable, but restricted - that is, they may not be available at the moment (due to overuse, power, or special circumstances), or may require thorough discussion with staff. These concepts are:

  • Characters with the ability to time travel
  • Characters with the ability to cause instant death
  • Characters with the ability to duplicate the powers of those they've encountered (like Peter)

If you're not clear on what's acceptable and what isn't, feel free to ask!

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