2007-03-14: Next Time


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Summary: Hailien meets the leader of the TKO's. Chaos promptly ensues between the pair.

Date It Happened: March 14, 2007

'Next' Time

John F. Kennedy HS - Gymnasium

Is Ya' Man?! On The Floor?! If He Ain't?! Let Me Know?!
Let Me See If You Can Run It, Run It!
Girl, Indeed, I Can Run It, Run It!
The music is blaring loudly from one side of the gym. Not that the entirety of TKO is over there, but the leader and captain of the dance crew is practicing some moves for an upcoming battle. It's the weekend, which means it's time to put some extra focus and finishing touches on his routine.
He slides across the floor on slicked soles of his sneakers. Specially designed? Probably. But that's what people in his budding profession tend to do. He twists his arms around and puts his body through the hole his arms created. Does he have any bones in his body? Whatever spectators are nearby seem to be impressed.

TKO is not the only people in the gym- laughing on the other side of the Gymnasium is the JFK soccer team. Sure, it's out season- however, being the overachievers the girl team is, they are getting in a bit of extra practice with scrimmage. Their cleats sound off the floor in a neat counter-noise to the rythem and music come from the other side, however, as the whistle blows, Hailien jogs out to grab the soccer ball, thne head over to watch the dancers, with the rest of the spectators. She's sweating, but she looks perfectly comfortable for being in a gym uniform and watching. Hey, it's Hailien. She's allowed to be wierd.

Somebody's working the portable stereo, so the music gets louder as Chris gets more slick with his movements. A spin here, a twirl there and then, out of the blue, a standing backflip that plants him right back down on floor. That's enough to get smaller crowd oooohing and ahhhhing at his performance. But then he spins off to the side, moving out of the circle, in the general direction of Hailien, whilst Nextel robots his way into the circle to do his moves. There's some clapping going on and Chris reaches up to twist his hat some and wipe at sweat.

Hailien raises one eyebrow, mildly impressed, even as Chris walks by. "That's pretty slick." She drawls. "Glad to see I caught the end." She adds, holding out a thing of paper towels, which she was using to get sweat off her face. "Seems to me no matter what people are doing, you can still work up a sweat, eh?"

"Huh? Oh thanks." Chris offers the gratitude for both the compliment and the fact that she's offering him a paper towel. He takes his cap off his head and uses the napkin to wipe away stuff. "Whew, yeah. I feel you." He looks back at Nextel, who has somehow managed to go into some strange Michael Jackson spin and Chris smiles big and proud. "That's the move, baby! Yeah!" A little too excited about his crew, he finds himself turning back to look at Hailien, noticing the soccer ball. "Oh, you play Soccer? That's wassup. You know all about practice, huh?"

Hailien chuckles, and she shrugs a bit. "He always manage to do that?" She inquires, making a gesture to Nextel. "I've seen y'all around, mind, but, mmm, I don't remember seein' anything like that." Oh look, nerd-Hailien can talk in small words. "Practice makes perfect- or helps you find new moves." She admits.

"Yeah, that's his move right there. The longer he holds it, the tighter it is." Chris glances down at his watch and back up to Nextel. "45! Go baby, go! Hit a minute!" He's definitely down for cheering his crew on, that's for sure. So it can't be said that he's not some sort of cheerleader either. He's a good captain, it looks like. Content with making his crew the best they can be. "Yeah, we 'round. We be tryin' to use the school as much as possible." He flashes a smile, "Free rehearsal space."

Hailien chuckles, again. "What's his record?" She wonders aloud. "If your pressin' for a minute, I'm sure that if he can hold, you'd all win." She remarks, then nods. "Free rehearsal space. That's a good one, and true indeed."

Chris pays close attention to his watch, but also listens to Hailien. It's only because he's trying to make sure everything is going good with Nextel's spin. "Bam! There it is! You hit that shit!" Cursing in the school building is probably not exactly the best thing to be doing, but he doesn't really care. Nextel comes out of his spin and the two of the slap hands in some crazy handshake that means nothing to nobody that's not in TKO. "Yo, you hit that tonight and we got it. Money in the bank." He looks back to Hailien and smiles. "Maybe she need to come. Might be our good luck charm."

Hailien starts laughing a bit as Nextel comes out, and she takes a step back, bright green eyes watching the wierd-ass handshake that they manage to do. "That was freaking… " She says, not even able to find the words, for it, and then she smiles right back. "Good luck charm? Me? Naaaah…"

Nextel smiles and winks at Hailien, before spinning backwards and sliding away to getting himself back with the crew. Maybe he has a thing for the soccer girl. Or maybe he's just, y'know, doing that thing where he's being himself and trying to make sure the crew stays focused. Chris just laughs. "You should come. Seriously. I think he likes you." He flashes a big ol' smile. "You ever heard of NightLife? It's a club."

A white girl with TKO. Now /that/ is funny. Ahem. Hailien smiles back at Nextel, and she hugs the socer ball tighter to her, almost a bit embaressed. "NightLife? Yeah, I have. Been there yet, though, nope." She admits, before she turns back to Chris.

"Aight. Well, you comin' tonight. We tryin' to beat these guys, Def Notez. They keep tryin' to play us. So we challengin' 'em tonight." He throws his hand into his pockets and bounces a little to the music that's playing. He's definitely trying to get himself into a position of trying to find out how to make this happen. How to hook up this girl with Next. "I'll even put you on the list so you ain't gotta' pay a cover."

Hailien's a lot sharper than she looks; there's that hidden genius behind that fiesty athletic cover, and a smile curves her mouth. "What time?" She inquires dryly, tossing the ball slightly in her hands to the time of the music. "'s gonna be a challenge, but you have this contest in the bag.." She murmurs, eyes straying back to the rest of the group.

"Y'think?" Chris is, albeit, a little nervous. He's always nervous about battles until the actual time to dance. He's definitely one of that more emotional people in the crew. When it comes to the whole dancing thing. He's bopping along to the music, as if he's trying to jump back into the fray. But he can't be rude to the girl that's cheering him on. More or less. "Guess maybe I should start checkin' out more soccer games. Get some mutual cheering going on."

Hailien says firmly, "I don't think, I know." Her eyes are on the rest of his crew, namely you know who, before she turns back to him. "Maybe you should. We gots all girl games, an' stuff. Maybe come watch our practices, if we keep meetin' up like this."

Nextel's taking his time on teaching a new move to his crew, though he occasionally looks up and over in Hailien's direction. There's a smile, of course, before he focuses on his teaching again. They're going to be practicing pretty hard for the next few hours, probably. "Well, I'll just have to get you a Nextel's Biggest Fan t-shirt or something." He can tell there might be something there, so he's playing it up. "I'm pretty sure the crew and I can take some time off from dancing to watch you do your thing on the field."

Hailien nearly jumps out of her skin in surprise at Chris's comment, and she blushes again, fumbling the soccer ball. "Well, we ain't as smooth as you are, but we have just as much fun." She says honestly, before she moves her gaze back to Chris, gulping a bit, and not even touching the Nextel's shirt comment.

"And that's all that matters, right? Havin' fun. Well, we like to win cuz we be havin' money on the line, but you know what I'm sayin'." Chris is just taking a break here and looking at his watch. Making sure that he can read through the bling to make sure that he keeps an eye on the time. "If everything goes according to plan, then you can count on TKO to be there. Hey, maybe we could even do a halftime show or something."

Hailien nods. "Hey, money's always nice to have, 'specially if yous so busy you can't have a job." She remarks. "Kinda like me with my riding, and soccer, and softball an' everything." She finally drops the soccer ball to the ground, placing one foot on it to stop it from rolling away. Her gaze goes back to the practicing crew, though.

"Trust. Sounds like you're busy. Sure you got time for Next?" Chris winks at her, before tossing a hand up to the air. "Yo! TKO! Let's break!" This causes the music to get turned off and the crowd starts to disperse. "I gotta' go get some food in me. Or I'll be no good tonight."

Hailien finally glances full into Chris's eyes, and she says, almost teasingly, "I got the time for him, but does he have the guts for me?" Oooooh! Then she grins, and kicks the soccer ball out of the way of the crowd. "Go eat. I'll see ya tonight, man."

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