Niel Andren Youngblood
Niel Andren Youngblood
Portrayed By Chris Meloni
Gender Male
Date of Birth September 11th, 1974
Age 32
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Aliases None
Place of Birth New York City, NY, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Bodyguard for hire
Known Relatives Nigel Youngblood (younger brother); Niles Youngblood (youngest brother); Susan Youngblood (daughter); Brianna Youngblood (non-biological daughter); Cranston Youngblood (non-biological son)
Significant Other Patricia Youngblood (estranged)
Known Abilities None
First Appearance Hey, You! Take Me to the Movies!

Niel Youngblood works part-time as a bodyguard with the agency of Safe Travels, which caters to the wealthier and celebrity types. He's available by request. His second job is more, say, Company-related.


Niel Andren Youngblood was born the eldest of two brothers on September 11th 1974 to a family whose ancestors had really never been much of a name in society. They consist of Average Joes and painfully normal folk that neither ascend to greatness nor fall into notoriety. Still, there is pride within the family — the sort of pride to which members cling ferociously despite the fact that nobody else really finds it all that fascinating.

Niel grew up in a very high-discipline household. It's questionable if one could refer to his early years as a "childhood" — they were more of a military training period, directed by his then-enlisted father. He learned the specifics of hand-to-hand combat at an early age and he was sparring successfully with his father by the age of nine. He was firing a handgun with lethal accuracy at the age of thirteen, and he graduated to small rifles a year after that

At the age of eighteen, he was encouraged to join the military, and he did immediately after graduating high school. He started out low-level and ascended through the ranks as any uneducated soldier can: slowly and never really achieving much. His skills with guns and hand-to-hand served him very well in the military and he was highly decorated for combat reasons

At the age of 25, Niel retired from the military and decided to use his skills in other capacities. At first, he worked as a security guard for a mall or two, however his qualifications soon landed him a job as a bodyguard for hire. It was a job he loved: he not only got to meet and work with celebrities, but also serve and protect — something he had always enjoyed.

It was early on during his work as a bodyguard that he met his wife. He was charged with the protection of a politician's daughter — Patricia Charleston. Niel was on this assignment for a few months, and during that time, he and Patricia became fairly close. Six months after they parted ways, they were still seeing each other, and Niel proposed. They were married three months later, a year after they had initially met

Sadly, it soon became apparent that, after the initial attraction, Niel had little interest in married life. His real devotion was to the job, and though Patricia was supportive of his being away from home so often at first, she soon began to grow cold towards Niel. The relationship became severely strained, even more so after the arrival of Susan Youngblood one year later. Niel hardly ever sees his daughter, being too busy with work, and so the girl doesn't have much of a father figure.

It wasn't long after Susan's birth that Niel was hired to protect a prominent doctor who, unbeknownst to him at the time, worked for the Company. He made such an impression on the doctor that he was recommended for service within the Company. After being debriefed and informed and trained on the Company's work, Niel agreed to join, though he does still work as a freelance bodyguard on the outside.

This new job only compacted the problems at home. Susan was followed by Brianna and Cranston — but both of these children were sired by the various lovers that Patricia acquired in Niel's absence. After the first revelation of an affair, Patricia made no efforts to be discreet, and Niel never made an effort to stop her. The two remain married simply out of principle, but one wouldn't call it a "marriage". There is no love lost between them. Despite their estrangement, Niel has remained faithful, though whether this is faithfulness to Patricia or to his job is a mystery.


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  • "… that's … that's great, but this isn't your dream, and that's my pita." —to Meryl after she stole his pita.
  • "That was my wife. She likes every man but me." —to Meryl in regards to a phone call.


  • Arachnophobia: As cool and collected as he is, Niel is terrified of spiders. Smaller ones are not so bad, but big ones can cause him to pale significantly. He's usually able to overcome this fear under certain circumstances, however it's still there.
  • Toffees: Niel is addicted to toffee candies and always carries some in his pocket. It's not unusual to see him eating one.
  • Clean Living: Niel neither drinks nor smokes. In fact, he doesn't even drink soda. If he ever goes out on the town with comrades, he drinks water. Niel is a big health nut.
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