2007-03-07: Night at the Museum


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Date It Happened: March 07, 2007

Summary: The Museum of Natural History holds an event and many people attend to enjoy the displays in the evening. Namir gets a tour a la Samantha and introduces her to Alyssa, whose father Samantha knows. Namir lays claim to the entire dinosaur display and agrees to attend a karaoke night if Samantha allows him to kill the sound whenever he deems it necessary.

Night at the Museum

The American Museum of Natural History

Typically, the American Museum of Natural History is closed in the early to late evening. Shooing visitors out is a prompt business, and the halls are usually echoing and empty. However, some nights are a little bit different. Museums typically have special programs for 'patrons' who've donated to keep the place running - like tonight, special 'extended hours' for the aforementioned (plus accompanying guest!), with a special invitation to students as well. Heck, it's not that hard to sneak in, especially with the word of free drinks and hors d'ouvres being circulated by white shirted cocktail waiters and waitresses.

People are in a wide variety of clothing, ranging from on the classy side of skirts and blouses and suits, to the more student-ish jeans and rock band wearing t-shirts.

Samantha is tugging Namir along toward the Hall of Oceanic Life by the hand, grinning at him and insisting, "Come on, you won't believe me until you actually see how big it is."

Tamara can pass as a student. Especially when she makes the effort to look… well, normal. Her hair is (mostly) neatly brushed out, she wears a clean blue shirt and black jeans - and neither of her shoelaces have come undone. The teen, however, pays little attention to the waiters and waitresses except to avoid them. She wanders through the hall regarding the exhibits with far more interest, even if she never stays at one very long or seems to take the time to actually read the little placards (or the large ones, either) beside them.

Randall is in the midst of a conversation with Sakura as the two of them amble in, dressed casually and (at least on his end) gawking shamelessly at the place. "So then he does this double take, and says 'Oh, I gotta tell my friends about this, they'll kill me though'. Funniest thing, I swear." He's only skimming the exhibits for the time being, perhaps to take some longer looks later on.

For once, the young Japanese girl is dressed fairly casually: Black denim jeans and a white baby-tee shirt, a black hoodie zipped up halfway and her hands in the pockets. The conversation with Randall draws a little giggle from Sakura, who shakes her head a little bit as she looks around the museum, obviously impressed.

Typically it would be common for Alyssa to find some kind of excuse not to go to one of those functions her parents enjoy, but the idea of a museum visit coincided too well with her own wishes, so here she is. Or, well, coming back, at least. Having slipped out from under her mother's arm early on, she took the chance to meander to the Asian Peoples hall until an especially heated conversation with a curator happens to lead her back down. "— testing done to make sure the thing was authentic. It doesn't seem like he was the guy to just flaunt any old, unauthenticated sword," she's arguing. The curator counters, no less intense but with a voice that doesn't carry so far as Alyssa's. The young writer tucks her hair back with a huff as she listens. The only lingering influence of her parents' is that she's not dressed so typically; a nice blouse, some pin-striped pants. There isn't even a hat on her head. "Whatever," she says when it's her turn again, "Even just a little proof could be the difference between a man existing or not."

It's the Museum of Natural History and it's an event, thus Namir has decided to go with the classy mode of dress. He's in a charcoal suit with a silky silver tie, his overcoat draped over his free arm. He's grinning as he follows Samantha (he has little choice in the matter, since she's got his hand). "It's a whale," he chuckles, "I /know/ how big it is." Theoretically. He's not actually /seen/ one up close. "How did they get it in here, anyway?" His ears pick up on the sounds of voices nearby, but he can't quite make out individual conversations since all the voices are melding into one another. Besides, he's got something else to keep his interest at the moment.

Samantha laughs, the sound lilted and easily picked up in the echoing hall, though as they approach the doorways, she speaks in a much more modulated tone, suited to the event and locale. She's in a long sleeved jersey dress, purple, belted at the waist, the hem not quite scandalous. "It's a model." she informs him, and then gestures in, where the positively enormous to-scale blue whale replica looms over the two story hall with its benevolently watchful eye. "When I was a little girl my mother would bring me here and I'd tell everyone I met that it was -my- whale." she informs Namir gleefully. A bit of goose pate on octagonal crackers veers by and Samantha liberates one, popping it into her mouth with a delicately feline air. "But don't worry, we'll get to the dinosaurs."

Stopping in front of one of the exhibits, Tamara hovers near a small knot of people watching a video of fish. She tips her head in her characteristic manner, watching the clip as well. When they disperse and move on to other things, the teen hits the button below the screen, tucking her hands loosely in her pockets and watching it through again. Others drift past and away again, while she stands still, disregarding the ebb and flow of the crowd.

Randall wanders through one of the smaller outer areas, squinting at the jungle depicted in the Hall of Biodiversity, before aiming inward toward the marine display. "This is the sort of thing I'd expect to see out at Ellis Island or something," he muses, "or at least a lot closer to the coast. I can only imagine what it took to get all this set up way out here…"

Distracted, a bit, by the jungle display, Sakura seems to be searching for something for a minute…until Randall's words distract her, turning to look at where her companion is at. She shrugs a little bit, asking, "Maybe it's…just a, ah, big tank?" She leans over the railing a little bit, trying to peek closer at the marine display, "What all's in here?"

"But I don't think that's true. I was just reading on a Professor Karen Chamberlin, who thinks—" Alyssa is interrupted when the name seems to be scoffed at by her conversation partner. The two exchange a couple more words lost in the milling of the people now that they are in the heat of the gathered event. Halfway across the room, the curator excuses himself for whatever business brought him to the this floor in the first place. Alyssa, not wanting to return to her parents, ducks into a crowd moving slowly towards marine information. She thumps her back against the wall of a nearby exhibit just as a throng of people stroll past through it. As they clear, they reveal a girl very close by watching some kind of video. Absently, Alyssa glances to her side to see if anything interesting is played on it.

The whale /is/ impressive in person, judging by the way Namir now stares at it. It's so /huge/. When Samantha relays her story, he turns his gaze to her and grins, eyes narrowing in thought. "I'm trying to imagine you as a little girl owning something that large. It's not quite working." Even as a /big/ girl, the thought of Samantha owning the blue whale is not easy to grasp. "In my head, you've got a leash around its neck." Yes, it's quite amusing. His eyes move briefly toward the other exhibits in the hall, and he happens to spot the familiar face of Alyssa. Huh! Small world.

"Don't be silly, no one could put a leash around that thing." Samantha says fondly, gazing up at it with admittedly, some air of indulgent possessiveness. Then, "And we haven't even hit the model killer squid - also mine, and the narwhal's tooth. Not mine, but still impressive. If it's all the same to you, we can skip the Hall of Life. Dioramas of the 9 months of pregnancy from the inside view does not a fun date make." There's a pause, and she follows Namir's line of vision. "Someone you know?"

Turning away from the video, Tamara catches Alyssa's gaze. She offers the young woman a flicker of a smile, and sidesteps a few people. But she doesn't make it so far as to join Alyssa, not right off. The teen looks further down the exhibit hall, expression thoughtful. After a bit, Tamara resumes moving, pausing a bit away. "Hello," she offers politely to Alyssa.

Randall looks out into the main expanse of the aquatic exhibit, then back to Sakura. "Okay, I'm thinking that just calling this 'big' would bring Cyrano de Bergerac out to rattle off twenty more impressive phrases about it." Alas, he can't come up with any of the twenty on his own, so he just contents himself with pointing out some of the brighter colors, along with one collection of smaller fish whose bodies are nearly transparent.

Sakura blinks, turning her head to look at Randal in clear confusion—the girl just sorta stares, only blinking when she needs to. Whne Randall starts pointing at things though, Sakura snaps out of her daze, looking to where he's pointing, notably at the transparent fish, "Why can you…see through them?"

Fish were never all that much to Alyssa, though all those pretty colors moving around sure /is/ distracting… she nearly misses Tamara's first smile, glances around to see if anyone else is in her vicinity to be smiled at, and by the time she's looking back again the girl about. And speaking! "Hey there. Enjoying the place?" She inquires in a friendly manner, striding towards the other and stuffing her hands into her pants' pocket. Somewhere in there, she misses any other recognizable faces. It's crowded and stuff.

"Mm-hmm. She was at the Starbucks during the, mm, /incident/. She's talented." And by that, Namir means "Evolved", but of course it's too public a setting to be throwing around such terms. "She's nice." But she's also talking to somebody and the Muslim has no desire to interrupt. Instead, he looks to Samantha again and cocks an eyebrow. "Dioramas of pregnancy stages?" He looks appropriately somewhat mortified. "Oh, no, I think we ought to go see those." Yes, he really /is/ being sarcastic, but it's gentle and followed by a grin.

Samantha gives Namir a gentle elbowing. He's tough, he can take it. "Please. I have to look at that all the time at work, you think I want to come home and see it? The Discovery Channel is the bane of my existence, I don't need to see my job on my wall mounted flat screen, much less in cunningly handcrafted diorama." She's keeping track of multiple lines of conversation, however. "Talented?" A brow arches. There's singing 'Song Of Purple Summer' in the middle of the street talented, and then there's Talented. "Shall we say hello?"

Tamara offers Alyssa a bright smile as the young woman crosses the distance remaining between them. "It's very pretty," she replies, turning to survey the exhibits. "Don't you think so?" the girl concludes as she comes about to face Alyssa once more, stopping where she'd begun.

Sakura keeps looking at the marine display for a while, but eventually, Sakura slides off the rail and starts to look around at who all has decided to come out—and, indeed, go looking for something to eat, wandering a little and looking around at the various displays.

"Hm? Oh, the place, yeah, the exhibits are pretty amazing. Personally, I'm a bigger fan of the whole cultural, people-y aspect up the stairs, but…" Alyssa pauses here to do her own survey, "Yeah, pretty." She's either tired or busy thinking something heavy through, because the next second she finds a spot on the wall to stare at and continues to do so for several long seconds. The passing of a couple well-dressed, laughing individuals catch her attention and from there she's able to make it back to the conversation. The smile she offers Tamara isn't exactly sheepish, but an apology could be read from it if you wanted one. "So, you here with someone?"

"Well, there goes my idea for our /next/ date," jokes Namir, grinning broadly. At the question of saying hello to Alyssa, he glances over at the woman in question before giving a good-natured shrug. "If you'd like." Then, smiling, he starts to lead Samantha over toward Alyssa and Tamara.

Samantha allows herself to be led over amicably enough, her Good Doctor smile falling into place as naturally as settling a sweater over her shoulders. "Amazing the places you bump into people, yeah?" she murmurs to the man, Queens accent betraying her as a native.

Given her own usual attention span, Tamara couldn't very well fault Alyssa for getting distracted - even if she had wanted to. "Should I be?" is the question she gives Alyssa in return, her gaze flicking past the girl to the approaching pair. Then she looks at the crowd around them for a moment, before eventually looking back to Namir and Samantha again. "Seems like a lot of people are," Tamara remarks.

Randall hangs out a while longer at the exhibit proper, watching a few bat rays as they slowly wander from one side of their tank to the other and back again. Eventually, he straightens up and heads over to catch up with Sakura once again. "So where do you want to head from here?" he asks, picking out a few odds and ends from the remaining munchies.

Sakura grins and snags a bit to eat, just to tie herself over. The girl shrugs a little bit, looking over at the slowly forming crowd across the room for a minute. SHe can't hear them well…barely at all, really, unless she's focusing on it, but has to ask, "What's over there?"

"Nooope," Alyssa replies easily, "But I am sucking with the conversation today," She brings her hand to push self-consciously at her a hair a moment — see, it's all down and not hidden away in a ponytail today — and then Tamara's moving gaze brings Alyssa's along until she finds Namir and Samantha a second after. The sight of the familiar man is enough to bring a mighty quick smile to her face and she first clasps together her hand and then immediately breaks them apart to give the two a half-salute, half-wave. The palm of her hand is a faded version of an angry red. Obviously, this one doesn't know when to quit, even when there quite likely is a better way to do things. "Well, well, looks like Namir and friend. Hey!"

The greeting from Alyssa gets a grin from Namir, who waves back with his free hand. He's quick to spot the state of the woman's palm, but it only makes him grin wider. Good, she's been practicing! "Alyssa," he greets once he's in conversation-range. "This is Doctor Samantha Applebaum. Samantha, this is Alyssa Christianson." Once he's made introductions, he looks to Tamara. "I see you've got a friend as well."

Samantha perks a touch with interest. "I know a Dr. Christianson." she says with an easy smiled. "Married to an RN, lovely woman. He's retired I think, but still does occaisional rounds at Mount Sinai. Would you be related? Oh, and call me Sam." She nods politely to Tamara as well.

Tamara smiles pleasantly at both Namir and Samantha, then casts another smile to Alyssa. "Small, and smaller still. Everyone knows everyone else." Except Tamara, singular encounters lacking introductions not withstanding. She ducks out from the middle of their conversation; leaving them to catch up on their mutual connections, the girl slips back into crowd.

There's a sad groan the moment her father's name is mentioned and Alyssa ducks her head, rubbing anxiously at the corner of her eye in her need to fidget. When she looks back up, she can smile again and she gives a sort of resigned nod, "My dad," she admits, "He's here, actually. With my mom. Probably talking right now about how it's terrible they didn't have a kid who went into the family profession." She gives a sideways '/this/ is what i have to deal with!' look to Namir, clearly referencing back to when she had run out on her parents earlier, leading to their first meeting. By the time she's turned to say, "I just said hi to— that girl who's totally not there anymore. Bye, girl. She's gone." She offers a shrug to the others for that one.

As Tamara slips off again, Namir offers her a wave all the same, even if they weren't introduced. His attention is soon drawn back to Samantha and Alyssa, and his eyebrows rise in slight surprise. "Aha, you two have more in common than I would have thought," he chuckles with a smile. A small nod of comprehension and a broader, knowing smile is given to Alyssa when she shoots him a sidelong glance. Ah, now it all makes sense.

"I understand." Sam says, not without sympathy. "My father's a pediatrician. Even if I did end up in the medical profession, there was still some pressure towards the same specialization. I like kids and all, but I couldn't cope with a practice focused on them." Maybe it's not quite the same thing, but it's close. She nods to Namir in agreement at the mention of something in common, and offers to Alyssa, "Will you just tell your parents hello for me when you head out tonight?" See, she's sparing Alyssa the need to drag them over and make re-introductions.

Alyssa is grateful for it, too, and her shoulders visibly relax when it seems like the conversation isn't going to turn into one big doctorfest. "I definitely will," she replies happily, letting her once nervous hands hang again, her thumbs going into belt-loops casually, "And, yeah, Namir, that seems to be happening a lot lately." She wants to say more, maybe, by the little tick in her cheek but a glance at Samantha cools the urge enough for her to, instead, say, "I couldn't blame you about the whole pediatrician thing. I get into enough trouble, myself, without having to fix up after a whole bunch of rugrats, too. Okay, before we move onto pleasanter pastures, I have to ask and possibly apologize— my dad. That… leaning over people's shoulders and correcting them the moment his unnerving presence makes them fumble thing…?" She almost holds her breath, to hear if Sam has become victim or not.

The conversation interests Namir but he has nothing to contribute, and so he remains silent and listens. A waiter passes by with h'or deourves, but as has been the case all evening, he doesn't touch them. He doesn't know if they're halal, and it's always better to be safe than sorry.

Samantha's smile goes wider, her expression amused and reassuring. "He's not the only one that does that." she promises. "But let's just say - me, your dad, and a bit of suturing in my second year of residency, and say no more, shall we?" Her sunny nature about it seems to suggest the sins of the father do not carry to his daughter. She changes the subject, in a fashion that is more inclusive to Namir. "How did you two fall into knowing each other?"

As it would happen, this new question could just as easily include some mention of Alyssa's parents but she's about as done with that as everyone else here, so instead, she covers with, "This extraordinary gentleman treated a couple of us random people to a free meal. Or hot chocolate in my case. Still just as appreciated. I guess I still owe him that one since he also seems able to put up with my little idiosyncrasies. Hmmmm?" Oh, hey, Namir. Your turn!

The words "extraordinary gentlemen" bring a modest smile to Namir's lips and a soft chuckle from his throat. "Alyssa was curious about my bandages from the ferry incident and wanted to hear about the effects of mustard gas for a book she's writing," he explains further. "I treated her and another woman who was there at the time to something at Noodle Heaven." Which brings something else to mind. He looks to Alyssa with eyes narrowed curiously. "How is that book coming along, by the way?"

Samantha looks intrigued. "Can I inquire as to the topic, or is that revealing to much so as to compromise your work?" What could the young woman possibly want to know about the effects of mustard gas for? Of course, despite looking like a Jewish American Princess who never so much as went forty-eight hours without a mani-pedi, Samantha has seen her fair share of war and weaponry.

"Mmmmm, the book. It suffered a bit of a setback about the same time as my bank statement," Alyssa mourns, "I just got a second job, though, so that should help things out a bit. At a bookstore, no less…" She gives Namir another look, but is courteous enough to explain this one out-loud, "It's Cass' bookstore, actually. So I'll get to brush up on all sorts of things. Anyway, if it had happened, the whole mustard gas thing lent more into a short story, or group of short stories, I would've needed to get published in a particular magazine. Though anything and everything, used or not, is fuel for inspiration. Since the novel's gearing more towards the fantasy angle, itself, elements would have to get moved around. Renamed. Et-cetera, et-cetera…" She circles her hands in the air to indicate 'on and on' and then, re-looping her thumbs, she squints at Sam, "So a doctor… did you get stuck doing patch-up after Fight Club, is that it?"

As Alyssa explains her book and the new job, Namir nods, the smile growing on his lips. "I need to stop by there and pick up a book," he intones. "In all the excitement lately, I haven't found the time." He presents another chuckle at the mention of Fight Club and shakes his head. "No, I was technically treated by another doctor, but Samantha is an old friend, and she helped. She had a nurse fetch me some ice while I was there." A teasing grin is offered to Samantha as he purposefully downplays her involvement.

"He fails to mention the part involving the catheter." Sam says without so much as batting an eye. She then avers with a little wave of her hand, "He was admitted while I was off, so when I found out he was visiting the nurses, I just stuck my nose in to make sure he wasn't seducing all the nurses. You know how his type are." A smirk is cast Namir's way - two can tease, it would seem. She looks back to Alyssa. "You're not far from accurate though, I'm specialized in ER and trauma."

"Oh, yes!" Alyssa agrees in a high, lofty tone, "Certainly someone you have to keep an eye on. Ah, man," she quickly shifts away from the teasing to comment, "You must get all the interesting ones, then." You know. If by 'interesting', she means 'bloody and dying'. Conveniently, in the lull of the conversation, the junior curator returns, sidling over towards Alyssa with an official nod of his head. "Hmmm!" the writer perks, side-stepping towards him and then turning back to the other two, "You'll have to excuse me, now, I gotta get back to verbally kicking this guy in the butt for being too stuck-up about history." Not the noblest of affairs next to an officer and a doctor, but she does her work with pride.

Catheter? Namir's eyes widen slightly at that, but he does laugh at any rate. When Alyssa starts to make her farewell, he gives her a friendly nod and a wave. "Go easy on him, Alyssa," he chuckles, his smile breaking briefly into a grin. Once she's off, he turns to Samantha again. "So, about those pregnancy dioramas." His expression and tone is deadpan as he starts to move off purposefully, presumably to seek out the dioramas in question. He is, of course, only playing.

Samantha snorts. "How about," she says, hooking her arm into the crook of his elbow if he doesn't prevent her, and wheeling him outward bone, "We go look at great big enormous dinosaurs instead?" Curse her inevitable betrayal.

Namir's elbow is easily hooked and it doesn't take much to turn him around, as he wasn't seriously going to pursue the display anyway. He grins again impishly as he falls in step beside Samantha. "I don't know," he hums, "does it have pregnant dinosaurs? If so, my evening may be considered complete."

"Are you going hormonal on me?" she peers at him sidelong. "They have this nifty little thing where you can touch a dinosaur's egg. Or maybe just the fossil of one. If you're going to be all up in the fertility and things, we're going to the Egyptology display instead. Do you want me to revoke your dinosaur priveleges?" Finger waggle.

Though his lower lip is already rather full, it /is/ capable of sticking out further, as it does now in an appropriately childish pout. "No." Namir perks up again and returns to his usual devilish grin shortly after. "Though if you think about it, the Egyptology section wouldn't be the best place to go. It has /mummies/." Remember those puns he was told to spare her? They're back.

"Don't get all wrapped up about it." she says, steering him toward the elevators. She really has no problems with just tugging him around this place, like she knows it like the back of her hand. And also, she too can pun. Mwahaha.

And Namir has no qualms with being tugged around either. It's like having a tour guide and friend all wrapped up in the same person, and that makes it fun. He does groan softly at the pun, however, wincing jovially. "Oof, that one hurt even /me/. Is that how you keep your patients' minds off the pain?"

"No," she says with wicked honesty, "That involves drugs. All kinds of drugs. And my charming personality." They step into the elevator, which announces itself with a cheery -ping!- before stepping in, and she toggles the button. She lets go of his arm to do so, with an easy foot of space between him, as she regards him sidelong.

"Quite charming." There's no sarcasm or joke in that sentence, only a grin and a wink. "Of course, you would have to be to own a blue whale and a giant squid. I'm told those are not easy things to tame." Namir has once again resorted to deadpan humor, his expression mostly solemn save for the jolly twinkle in his eyes.

Samantha flashes him a smile. "All in a day's work." she says. "The whale's not terribly fussy, you know - but the squid, now there's a diva. But it all pales in comparison to what I get sent into my trauma rooms at the ER." Ping! The doors open, and she steps out into the Hall of Dinosaurs. They are indeed everywhere - skeletal remains strung together to re-create the gigantic creatures, situated throughout the room.

When the doors open, Namir steps out not far behind Samantha and glances around at the dinosaur displays. They're quite large, but admittedly he doesn't find them nearly as impressive as the life-sized blue whale in the marine display. "Then your visits here as a child must have prepared you for your life. You went from charming whales and squids to drug addicts and traumatized children." After some consideration, he thoughtfully eyes a Stegosaurus and then points to it. "That one," he declares with finality, but doesn't elaborate.

"What about that one?" she inquires curiously. Then, "Children are easier to charm than drug addicts. Less violent, too." Her tone is wry.

"That one is mine," is Namir's simple and solemn response. He has staked his claim! Stegosaurus has always been one of his favorites. He turns again to Samantha, and his expression does indeed grow sober. "They usually are, but it's always harder to see them in such conditions." He's had his fair share of dealing with child victims; it's definitely not his favorite thing to do.

"Have you given it a name, or is Stego there just yours? You realize I have years of claim on my whale and my squid, it's going to take time for you to develop your ownership." Samantha's tone is light, straying away from the more serious topic. It's a -date-, dammit. The harshness of their professions can take a backburner.

The lighter subject is readily taken to. Namir tilts his head and squints thoughtfully up at the ceiling before he decides on a name and announces it with a triumphant smile and bob of his head: "Bob." It is the most creative and magnificent name ever given a Stegosaurus. "My ownership of Bob is very deep and profound. We have a /connection/. And you never told me the names of your whale and squid."

"Whale and Squid." she replies forthrightly. "Our relationship precludes any need for naming." Oooh, trumped!

There is a moment of silence as Namir attempts to and fails to come up with a viable retort. /Snap/. He gives it up with a wry smirk and takes a step or two closer to Samantha, turning his gaze to the raptors. "I thought you were going to say something like 'Elphaba' or 'Sweeney Todd'," he remarks finally. Ah yes, he /did/ go back and do research on the differences between Stephen Sondheim and Stephen Schwartz.

Samantha lets out a laugh. "You've been paying attention." she says, eyes lighting up. "That's an excellent prospect for you. Men don't generally go out of there way to impress. Especially not for musical theater." And she does sound suitably impressed.

"Musical theater isn't as frightening as some men might think," Namir admits with a smirk. "I don't /hate/ it, but if ever you tried to drag me into karaoke, I'm afraid I would be less than impressive. I'll stick to researching Broadway composers if you'll promise not to subject me to the public humiliation that is karaoke." Grin, wink.

"If you come with me to a karaoke night, I promise not to make you sing, but I make no promises about myself." Her tone is challenging.

Namir has no qualms about Samantha singing, so this is a challenge two which he is quite ready to rise. He nods firmly. "All right, but I reserve the right to kill the sound if ever I deem it necessary." Another grin, teasing this time, though he most certainly does not mean Samantha alone is subject to his impromptu muting techniques.

"Don't you think that would be telling?" she asks, gazing up at one of the carnivores. "Although I suppose 'equipment malfunction' does happen." she observes.

"Some might deem it divine intervention. I could probably convert karaoke performers to Islam that way." But it is, again, merely a passing fancy, a joke, and he grins again as he nods to a Parasaurolophus. "That one's name is Igor." Pronounced Eye-gor.

Samantha laughs. "Oh, do they all belong to you now?" Her tone turns dry. "Is part of the whole thing to seek converts? I thought that was a Christian thing."

"It is, but I don't think there will be any Jehova's Witnesses or Mormon missionaries at karaoke night, will there?" Another smirk before he adds, "You're just jealous that I'm claiming all the dinosaurs. They'll overpower Whale and Squid someday, you know. We can fight them like … mm. That ridiculous creature game with the cards that was so popular years ago." He waves a hand vaguely as he attempts to come up with the name.

Samantha just giggles. "I have no idea what you're talking about. Card game? Whale and squid are powerful. Your dinosaurs are extinct." With that, she offers him her hand. "Come on. We haven't even hit the Culture Halls yet. And I'm vaguely intrigued by the prospect of your mummy puns."

"There was a card game with little Japanese creatures a long time ago," Namir continues to grasp for the name that eludes him. "My nephew was very taken with it." But ah well. He just can't seem to remember, and it's not all that important anyway. He takes Samantha's hand obligingly. "I have many mummy puns. And yes, my dinosaurs are extinct, but being already dead, it would make them harder to kill, wouldn't you agree?" There will be /many/ mummy puns.

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