2007-02-26: Night Watch Epic Fail


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Summary: Elle breaks into her father's office after hours to try and sneak a peek at her Company File. Drunken Anders' wanders by and almost catches her. Almost.

Date It Happened: February 26th, 2007

Log Title Night Watch Epic Fail


It's late evening in the Kirby Plaza Building. Most Company employees have gone home to their families, pretending they work for a research company or a paper company. Some, however, aren't fortunate enough to be able to leave the building any time they want. One in particular is up to no good. Elle is at the door to her father's office in a darkened hallway, set of lockpicks in hand and a keycard.

Turns out beating people up for a living generates a fair amount of paperwork, not helped much by Anders borderline ineptness when it comes to said. The fact hes put away the best part of a six pack in his makeshift little office may also be a concern. Anyway, things being as they are, this shortly causes him to get up from his desk and head out into the hallway, taking great care to avoid the nearest gents (bad memories there) and head up to the one nearer Mr. Bishop's office.

He stops a fair distance short of that office though, peering through the darkness when he sees movement.

So focussed is Elle on the lockpicking endeavour that she doesn't spot Anders til he's almost upon her. She manages to unlock the door with a click. Not so stealthy. But, she also manages to hide herself fairly well behind a potted plant in the hallway near the door. More stealthy. She holds her breath.

Distracted by nature's call, the big man heads right on past Elle and her potted plant. Well, thats not really true, as Anders stops beside the plant, looks at the door, back to the plant mutters, "Naah, I'll get caught on camera.." and heads off into the gents.

Elle waits until Anders is completely gone before ducking into the office. She leaves the door slightly askew so as to beat a hasty getaway if necessary and goes to the shelf full of files that she sees every time she visits her father. Eyeing the wall, she tries to navigate it in the dark and fails. Wrinkling her nose up, she reaches for the light on the desk and tugs the chain to turn it on. "Who knew crime was so difficult? Geez." Then its back to the wall o'files.

Some time passes before Anders re-appears from the gents and heads back down the hall. He stops outside the office door, blearily staring. After a few moments tsssking and muttering things like "Fuckin' security.." he reaches for the handle to pull the door closed and lock it, not noticing the light on in the room.

Elle spots her file. On the top shelf. Rolling her eyes, she looks around for some help for her Height Challenged frame. The desk will do. She hops up on it and leans forward, reaching for the box marked Bishop, Elle. And she'd have had it too, if it weren't for that meddling Anders. She hears him, loses her balance and hits the ground, after knocking her noggin, with a loud crash.

Anders may be slightly tipsy and slighty stupid, but knows trouble when he hears it (especially when its a loud crash). Thankfully he hadn't re-locked the door yet, so he nudges it open with his boot, grabbing the radio from his belt as he does, "Security, this is Agent Skaargaard, possible intrusion found in Bishop's offices, am investigating."

Elle manages to recover from her little tumble in time to hear Anders coming in. The jig is up, right? Nope. She scuttles under her father's desk and pulls her knees up under her chin, hugging them and holding her breath. In her head though, she's using about every curse word she knows. Which… doesn't amount to too many.

It takes Anders a few seconds to pull the little maglite from its place attached to his belt and sweep the light around the room, plenty of time for Elle to get into cover. "Security, Bishop's office seems clear, possible pest infestation?" he says into the radio as he walks around the room, managing to miss Elle entirely, even as he sits down on Mr. Bishop's chair, which is thankfully some small distance from the table, "Wish I had an office like this." he says to the ceiling.

There's no whining hum or charging sound before Elle attacks. This is some of her low-wattage talent as a thin arc of electricity extends from her palm and hits Anders with all the force of a taser.

The room is very quickly filled with the smell of burnt hair as Anders jolts in his chair and slumps back onto the leather, incapacitated by the blast. He lies there, gently twitching.

Elle scurries out from underneath the table and grabs Ander's face, squeezing his jaw inbetween her index finger and her thumb. "Alright. Now, this is going to stay between us, because I'd hate to have to tell Security that you're drunk on the job." She then clarifies further, "If you tell anyone about this? I'll kill you." And with that, she turns away, clambering up on top of the desk again.

Unable to move, all Anders can do is glare and, frankly, even thats a stretch. Nice view of Elle's legs though.

Without the distraction of before, Elle manages to nab the file with her name on it from the top shelf. Seems light. She flips it open and finds it empty. Narrowing her eyes, she drops the box into the garbage and drops down to the floor in front of Anders. Boy howdy, she looks upset. "Well. That was a waste of time." And from the sound of it, she blames the Ice Troll.

Anders still can't do much more than glare.

There's no windup, just a pitch. Elle kicks Anders right in the groin while he's down and then stomps off towards the door, leaving the man to his temporary paralysis and man-pain. Her booted heels can be heard tromping all the way down the hall.

Eventually, when the taser-effects have subsided, Anders lets out a pitiful moan and slumps forward onto the floor, clutching at himself, "Bitch." he manages, even though shes long gone. Thankfully, he still has plenty of time to pull himself back to his office-space and fall onto his chair before the next security sweep.

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