Niki Sanders
Nicole Sanders
Portrayed By Ali Larter
Gender Female
Date of Birth August 24th, 1974
Age 34
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Aliases Niki, Jessica, Gina
Place of Birth Beverly Hills, CA, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Jack's Personal Assistant/Valet; Mom
Known Relatives Hal Sanders (father), Kelly Sullivan (mother), Jessica Sanders (sister; deceased), Micah Sanders (son), Monica Dawson (cousin-in-law once removed); Tracy Strauss (identical sister), Cam Reynolds (foster son), AND MORE.
Significant Other D.L. Hawkins
Known Abilities Superhuman Strength
First Appearance Genesis

Internet Stripper with a Heart. Niki has been many things — dedicated mother and wife, casino worker, webcam model, stripper, and oh, she has superhuman strength and a badass alter-ego that ripped people limb from limb to get what she wanted. Now, living in New York City, her two personalities have come together.



Known Personalities



2007 & 2008


Niki: "Sometimes I look in the mirror… and I'm not sure it's me that I'm seeing." - Don't Look Back

Niki: "God, please help me."
Jessica: "Who needs God when you've got me?" - Godsend

Jessica: "Didn't I throw you out a window?" - Landslide

Gina: "Oh come on, Niki. What, would you rather Jessica? Lighten up a little. When did you get so boring?" - Directions

Niki: "All I know is, I owe them. Just like I always owe someone." - One Big Happy Family

Niki: "You'd be scared too if everything you know kept getting ripped apart." - Let Me Help You

Niki: "I should've just quit when I realized I could be putting everyone in danger just by pretending to be normal." - Take Two In Apologies

Peter: "But it might— still help. Sometimes all that's needed— is someone to believe in you."
Niki: "How are you the one that looks guilty? People who believe in me have a bad habit of dying." - Could Believe

Nathan: "So what do I do now?"
Niki: "You hold on." - God Helps Those

Mohinder: "Niki.. I didn't think past wanting to keep you from getting hurt. I thought about your welfare and Micah's. If that was the wrong thing, then so be it. It wasn't making a decision for you. I'm sorry. I did what I thought was right."
Niki: "Maybe you should rethink what you think is right." - Broken Moral Compasses

Niki: "Normal is getting up in the morning and not wondering if my son is gonna be taken away from me because I'm a monster. Normal is not having to worry about … a trail of bodies. I don't … expect to be perfect, Mohinder. No one is. This is my last resort. If it works, then… it's the best shot at normal that I have." - The Best Shot at Normal

Mohinder: "You're not a monster Niki. You're a woman with an extraordinary ability who finds herself in less than ideal circumstances."
Niki: "That's fancy talk for 'out of control'." - The Best Shot at Normal

Niki: "Sounds like my destiny consists of taking my clothes off forever." - Had to Get Out

Niki: "Remember, now that I know you again, I won't forget you." - to Cam, Good Luck

Niki: "Getting tired of needing help. I'm done with it. It's my turn." - Everything Changes

Niki: "I'm not that girl anymore. I don't need to be saved." - No Saviours, No Prisoners

Niki: "He doesn't need saving. You call yourself parents?! Come on, Cam. You're too special for these freaks." - The Devil You Think You Know

Hiro: "Las Vegas Niki!"
Niki: (pulls Hiro by the tie) "Shhh!!"
Hiro: (glurp!) "Las Vegas Niki." - Hero Villain Spy

Hiro: "You are a good person, Las Vegas Niki … thank you for helping."
Niki: Don't thank me yet."
Hiro: "Why no— "(Niki punches him in the face) - Hero Villain Spy

Niki: "There are so many things I'm supposed to do, and so many people trying to help, but I'm alone, Peter. You disappeared and I'm alone." - Stolen Time

Future Peter: "You were the one strong enough to hold me back, strong enough to stop me. Strong enough to help me pick up the pieces and hold myself together. Without you— who you are— who you'll become— I wouldn't be here. I wouldn't be able to come back to try and fix things."
Niki: "You made me stronger." - Stolen Time

Future Peter: "Are you okay?"
Niki: "Am I ever?" - Every Second Counts

Niki: (to Logan) "You don't … actually get jet lag, do you?" - Consider It Done

Niki: (posing as Jessica to Cass) "Been awhile, boss." - The Price of Playing Pinehearst

Niki: "… But there is always something terrible hiding behind something pretty. There's always a price." - Thou Aren't God

Niki: "You're already incredible, Micah. You have the rest of your life to be even more incredible. Right now… can't you just settle for not worrying your mom to death?" - Can I Be a Ninja?

Niki: "Speaking of school, did you finish your homework before deciding you wanted to become a ninja?" - Can I Be a Ninja?

Niki: "You know you're already my hero, right? You'll be even more my hero if you do your laundry!" - Can I Be a Ninja?

Niki: "My life is the most boring it's been in a long time and … honestly? I couldn't ask for anything more. Boring job or not… it's perfect." - Girls Night In

Niki: (to Cass) "Maybe … it might feel good to use your Almost Doctor skills. Don't tell anyone but I'm lucky if I manage to put a band-aid on straight." - Brainz Over Brawn

Niki: (about being body switched) "It took like days to get back to normal and lemme tell you— so awkward I wanted to die. TMI central. I never want to be a guy again."
Cass: "I imagine the whole peeing standing up thing is awkward and strange."
Niki: "I don't want to talk about it." - Heartbeats

Niki: "Hit anyone at this school again. I dare you. We won't let you. So if you're good, and don't tell anyone about our little chat, I won't have to go have a talk with your parents." - Pants on the Ground

Niki: "Bullies aren't used to being bullied." - Pants on the Ground

Niki: "If anyone asks how I did it, you can just … tell 'em I do pilates." - Pants on the Ground

Micah: "Mom, I can handle myself. No matter what you think, I can. I know I can. I'm capable."
Niki: "I know you can. That's what worries me." - Pants on the Ground

Niki "Sometimes, baby, you have to put your dreams on hold for a little while. Like … until you graduate high school." - The Incredibles





  • Niki's online username when she ran was XXXNikki4u. Even though it's not active anymore, it's still up.
  • Jessica has a tattoo of the Symbol on her right shoulderblade. Niki doesn't.
  • Niki is on The List.
  • According to a court record, Nicole Sanders has had felony complaints brought against her for robbery, homicide, and grand theft auto.
  • Items of Interest: photographs of the most recently uncovered Isaac Mendez paintings, marked with a stamp from the Linderman Group.
  • On February 27th, 2007, Niki was taken out of Company holding by D.L. (For Better or Worse). Exactly one year later, on February 27th, 2008, after being taken into Company holding for a second time, she was released by Noah.
  • The address of the apartment Niki used to keep in New York separate from her family home is 259 West Broadway, NY, NY (AKA "Jessica's" Apartment). Now she's staying in the Deveaux Building.
  • Future Peter left Niki one of his bracelets.


Art by Mikhail
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