Niki's Timeline



Niki, D.L., Micah and Cam live in Niagara Falls, NY, where she works at a book store and her family is finally together and happy.

Can I Be a Ninja? —> Micah wants to use his gift to be a hero, but Niki reminds him of the dangers.

Girls Night In —> Niki and her friend Kitty catch up.

Brainz Over Brawn —> Cass comes to visit, still struggling with her lasting ability and addiction, and Micah comes home from school black and blue from interrupting a fight. While Cass and Niki advise him, Cass uses her Almost Doctor skills.

Heartbeats —> Staying the weekend, Cass wakes up in the middle of the night screaming. Niki consoles her friend, tries to take her mind off the nightmares, and shares her own reasons for understanding what Cass is going through.

Pants on the Ground —> Niki has had enough when Micah gets hurt at school again. She takes things into her own hands, literally, intimidating the bullies into good behaviour — which works, but doesn't go over so well with Micah.


The Sanders-Hawkins-Reynolds family use their particular talents to help people AND have a normal life — kind of.

The Incredibles —> Busted. D.L. catches Micah sneaking around and he's forced to tell his mom and dad about his covert heroics. While D.L. eventually agrees they should be heroes together, Niki still has reservations about putting her family in harm's way to help others and speaks with D.L. in private.



  • September 3rd
      • Martyrs and Demons —> Niki uses up two of her three wishes when she approaches James on her own, wondering if he can find Nathan since he found Peter. He explains his talent for knowing how the world works — and about her; she shares some things never meant to leave the room.
  • September 11th
      • The Importance of Family —> Niki tells Cam about the house they're moving to — a happy moment that is interruped by a surprise when Micah is contacted by Cam's parents, who are on their way to the US.
  • September 12th
      • Arrivals and Departures —> Niki, Micah and Cam wait for Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds at the airport. Cam's reunion with his parents is dampened when their real identities are flagged and airport security surrounds them. After his father's failed attempt at using Niki for leverage, the pair are arrested. Niki promises to take care of their son.
  • September 15th
      • The Right to Bear Arms —> Niki and Peter run into each other — a chance meeting at the wrong place in the wrong time that sets off a whirlwind of events, starting with Niki getting shot and heading to the ER, where they meet Dr. Christa Morris.
      • Code Red —> Niki's doctor is as special and she and Peter are. When Dr. Morris decides to show them a neat trick, all hell breaks loose. Niki and Peter find themselves in opposite bodies and Niki must fight for control of Peter's numerous, powerful abilities as the hospital room bursts into chaos.
      • Lessons in Empathy —> Under the Company's safe supervision, Peter teaches Niki how to use his abilities and avoid disaster. Niki uses a close source of inspiration to heal her leg.
  • September 18th
      • Use What You Have —> When Niki is given a change of Peter's clothes (and, no doubt, a shower), she encounters Agent Wolfe again and is asked some … uncomfortable questions and invited to Meryl and Benjamin's wedding.
      • Full Circle Healing —> Niki manages to use Peter's invisibility to get them unseen into Christa's hospital room, where she's able to heal the doctor with Peter's support. Lesson learned, Christa puts them back in their rightful bodies.
      • Scarred Reflection —> Literally being in each other's shoes for a couple of days prompts Niki to confess to Peter why she has to go — and so, at his apartment, she tells him about her confusing relationship with his self from four years in the future. And for more reasons than that, it's time for Niki to move on and move away.

"All of this… this crazy stuff that happens around… you, everyone, this city, I'm just done, Peter. I've tried. So, I'm… I'm gonna go be happy."

  • September 21st
      • Here We Are —> Niki and her family pack their things to start anew in a new city.


February, 2007

As Niki arrives in New York and tries to make it to the Company for a cure for her split personalities, a new personality by the name of Gina emerges and makes it difficult for her to get help. After being taken in by Company agents, she undergoes a mysterious form of treatment that she has little recollection of. For better or worse, D.L. takes her away from the facility to be reunited with Micah and start a new life for themselves.

March, 2007

Niki and D.L. are blackmailed by the Company. The reappearance of an altero ego she was supposed to have made peace with is suddenly in the game again, a twist that forces Niki to reevaluate her treatment and confront the very Company who promised to help her with Jessica. Jessica manipulates events behind the scenes as Niki rediscovers some familiar faces and starts working at Enlightenment Books.

April, 2007

Niki has an all-too-familiar struggle against her alter ego while trying to work at the bookstore. With Jessica's plans to keep her and Micah secure in the long-term being slowly laid down, what will happen to the normal life Niki's trying to make for herself?

May, 2007

As trust issues work fissures into Niki, D.L. and Micah's family life, everything spirals out of control when Niki finds herself unable to overcome Jessica, who reigns with violence and manipulation as she designs to heist a casino. The first step in a grand plan is cut down in Vegas when an act of heroism by D.L. puts Niki in control again, just in time for her life to be turned upside-down.

June, 2007

Mourning the loss of D.L., Niki finds that she has some friends in people she's met in New York, such as Peter, Cass, and Benjamin — those who believe in her ability to be strong and good in the face of her struggles even after the horrible things her alter ego has done, in some cases, to them.

July, 2007

Niki tries to find ways to deal with her unique problems that have gone on too long.

August, 2007

What do you do when something you thought was true may have been a lie that changes everything?

September, 2007

Niki's attempts to get help force her constant struggle to become even more constant. Circumstances collide to bring her face-to-face with the ghost from the past she's been hunting down (D.L.). Another face from the past resurfaces, who she may have more in common with than she thought (Nathan).

October, 2007

For all intents and purposes, D.L. has come back from death — what's meant to be a storybook ending proves, instead, to be tumultuous. In the midst of people like Peter Petrelli telling Niki about the terrible things that must be stopped in the future, Niki gets swept up in the machinations of Level 5 escapees that would cause that danger. But in getting too close for comfort to prophecy, she finds Cam, a boy with a missing family and the ability to create ice and takes him in.

Meanwhile, she tries different roads in her struggle to keep her split personalities under control, including self-medicating with Haitian pills and various prescription meds, with near-devastating results that land her in the hospital at the risk of losing D.L. and getting in trouble with Child Protective Services.

November, 2007

Just when Niki's family, plus one in the form of the boy she's grown fond of (Cam), makes another effort to stick together, a split second lapse in judgment on her part tears apart what could have been happy. Niki gives in to her other half when presented with the threat of having her son taken away at the hands of social services, a social worker winds up dead and a spiral of blame, guilt and tough decisions marks the month of November. While Niki finds refuge with Peter, D.L. becomes the hero and sacrifices everything he has to protect his family, turning himself in for the murder he didn't commit.

The fact that D.L. has decided to do his time in jail for Niki despite being able to walk out any time doesn't sit well with Micah — or Niki, but that's just the way it has to be. While her family adjusts to living without D.L. … again, and she continues to do all she can for Micah and Cam, she finds an apparent cure for her brand of mental fracture thanks to Mohinder, with a serum that targets the part of her brain responsible for Jessica. What's a few moments of forgetfulness if it'll mend her two halves? It's not the only mad science going around, as a strain of the Shanti virus attacks a few people Niki knows, namely the Petrellis, and finally Cam, but a cure is found.

December, 2007

Niki works a job at a strip club to make sure she has enough to support Micah and Cam, where she manages to run into a few unexpected faces. She gets the second injection of the serum that already seems to be banishing her alternate personalities. Thanks to Jack and Felix, she goes to present an offer to make things a little easier for D.L., but he's made his choice. There's no going back. And there's no going forward. He tells Niki to move on.

A few hints are given through the pages of a comic book and an out-of-sorts Peter about a future that could have been with he and Niki.

Possible Futures

In the future Peter of 2012 came back from, Niki helps to run a shelter for the homeless and addicts to the ability-enhancing drug that was leaked out of Pinehearst. She runs a support group for the addicts and is in a relationship with Peter, though has to leave her to go back to the past wher he meets her present day self and ultimately can't return.

Of Strength —> Together, people struggling with addiction try to find their inner strength. And non-present drug dealers who would threaten their recovery? They get some threats for themselves.

Curse and Blessing —> Two people go head-to-head over a dangerous conflict of opinion.

Open Wounds —> After Thanatos, Peter teleports home with newly reopened wounds.

Transmissions From Sanctum Somnus —> A day in the life of a woman who exists mainly in dreams now. The Muse checks in on Niki, who is frustrated about the drug dealers honing on her shelter. It's not fair.

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