2010-04-17: Nine Tenths of the Law



Date: April 17, 2010


Cody possesses Emily, Emily possesses people, and Peter no longer possesses a hairflip.

"Nine Tenths of the Law"

Warehouse Apartment - Brooklyn

Naptime. Perhaps the best time of the day ever. Joshua's been rambunctious and racing around on a sugar high all morning, not that Cody minds because he's been entertaining the baby. Still no smiles but he's talking a lot more and actually playing with a few of the toys they bought for him. Every morning when he wakes up he asks for Mary. Every morning when Cody wakes up she has to tell him that they haven't found her yet.

It's not that Mary isn't a priority, but in order to keep the boy safe, they need to go slowly.

At the moment, Cody is trying to clean up the mess of cereal on the floor. First Joshua dumped it in an angry temper tantrum, then Mattie followed suit but with more cheer. It sat there for hours until both kids dropped to sleep.

Dealing with children would have probably been easier for Peter than it is for the woman who gets stuck with them, but, unfortunately for her, he's not showing up for the children. In most of his time the last few months, he rarely did this. Usually he would just appear in the room and address the person he needed to see, whether he knew them well or not. Today— no, today he's dressed in a dark suit, minus the tie, and knocking on the front door, stubble visible, hair hanging a little into his face. Though he looks much as she met him the first time, if a great deal more haunted.

The knock at the door has the already on edge agent freezing. Slowly, her eyes slide over to the door before she rolls off the couch and duck runs toward the kitchen. From a concealed place inside a kitchen cupboard, she grabs a gun and the silently pads toward the door.

There's the slide of metal against metal as she pulls back the peep cover. She balks at the face on the other side of the door, Peter Petrelli. After how many months of chasing him, he is at her door? The little window is covered again and just before she opens the door, the gun is cocked.

She doesn't bother to hide the weapon in her hand as she greets him, it would be an insult to his intelligence since he likely knows it's there already. "You're…" here? She's really not sure what to say. "Sorry to hear about your brother. He was a good man."

There's probably been a lot of those sympathies the last few days, though none go quite like this one…

Peter's eyes drift down to the gun, then back up to her eyes. The words start to come out, "Thank you, but my brother isn't— " That's as far as he gets before things begin to drastically change. First of all, his hair starts to fall off, and not in slowly, where it only happens when brushing, but dropping in front of his eyes, and all the way down. Eyebrows? Gone. Stubble? Gone. Likely under his clothing all of the other smaller hairs on his arms and legs and other places are falling off as well.

That startles him out of his grief, and also wipes the memory of why he's here out of his mind. The look on his now very bald and hairless face says what his mouth can't quite work out.

What the hell just happened?

At first, Cody's taken aback and she steps quickly away from the door. Not to let him in, but to look up to where the children are sleeping and then back at him. "What are you car — Oooohhh…" The gun is lowered and she gives a small laugh and a shake of her head. No offense Peter, but it's likely the funniest thing she's seen in days. Now she knows exactly how Erin feels when Cody drops her mop.

"Come in, you're going to have to learn how to control that… or else you'll be bald until you get happy. Come on… I'll get you something to eat." You're going to be really hungry soon, she thinks to herself forgetting for a moment that he can likely read her mind. "Close the door behind you, I've got stuff here I don't want anyone to find."

Not only does Peter feel a little hungry, but he also can't help but look down at himself and really want to change. "Your ability is you lose your hair?" he has to ask, looking up at her curiously. There's even a hint of a raised brow, but it doesn't look right without the brow.

"I don't really— I came here for Emily Caulfield," he explains, letting his eyes slide shut as his face starts to shift. Hair comes back, but there's also changes in his actual face, small thin scars that disappear. Scars he used to hide all the time, but forgot to. It gives him back hair— or at least the illusion thereof.

"Though I guess I could use something to eat, too…"

"Lose it, make other people lose theirs, grow it…" Move it, but Cody doesn't say it out loud. Instead her long braid of hair reaches out and pulls the door to the refrigerator open, holding the handle like an extra appendage.

She rummages through the deeper recesses until she comes out with a load of sandwich supplies. The hair swings the door shut behind her and then settles down against her back. The bread, peanut butter, jam, and margarine are all placed on the counter and she pulls out about ten slices of bread and begins buttering them. "Peanut butter good for you?"

"You came for Emily? What are you going to do with her?" Immediately her mind switches into 'get Peter out of my head' mode and familiar visions of a romance novel scene begin playing through the former agent's mind.

"That— that is one of the more unique abilities I've seen," Peter says, as he follows awkwardly behind her. Awkward cause there's a bunch of loose hair no longer attached to his body that's stuck in his clothes. Hair might be something that people are used to having, but it's usually attached. When it's not, it's like someone poured shavings into underwear. Very uncomfortable. He's wishing for a shower and a change of clothes right now.

"Yeah, peanut butter is fine," he says, perhaps giving her a reprieve. There's no scanning of those images in her head, because two abilities active at a time is still difficult for him. Alpha Protocol wasn't able to get a very good snippet of his abilities while he was with them, but they had other files, other ideas…

And if teleporting right into people's homes had been creepy, looking at their personal thoughts, even more so. The clone she met had actually been extremely paranoid…

"I'm— we're going to try and question her, fix her up physically, and then watch her. I work for— people who have been dealing with people with abilities since before we were ever born. But not in the way that Alpha Protocol did."

"I see," The first sandwich is quickly slapped together and put on a plate for the man and Cody goes about preparing the entire loaf and wrapping them up before taking the last one herself. "Lunch… for the others, it's easier to make it all at once." She explains quickly, still assuming he knows absolutely everything that runs through her head.

The imagery remains, though the face changes through a multitude of men. There's a violent shudder that courses through her body when Parkman's face appears on Fabio's body and that train of thought is abruptly ended before the first few bites of her sandwich come back for a second visit.

"She was working for them willingly, she wouldn't give any information up." Cody says glumly, her eyes flit toward the gate blocking the elevator. The padlock still on it so the kids or Janice don't wander down there.

"We'll question her, and— well— honestly there were a lot of people working for them that we have to take care of," Peter says quietly, wincing somewhat. Memory editing was something he once disagreed with violently, and now it's one of the only ways to allow half the people who worked with Alpha Protocol and survived to go about their lives. To not spend the rest of their lives locked up. Ignorance is bliss? That may be what's needed.

"If necessary we'll make her forget everything she did with Alpha Protocol. If not further. And if her ability is too dangerous…"

There's a shake of his head, and—

"You might need to tell me how to get my hair back before I leave with her, too."

Chewing on her sandwich thoughtfully, Cody just stares at Peter for a long while. "How many others have you questioned were working for Sayf Udeen?" There's a tension in her voice though she tries to mask it as best she can by taking another bite of her sandwich. Turning her back on him for a moment, she returns to the fridge and opens it with her hand this time. Before she closes it, she comes up with two individual bottles of milk, one of which is passed to Peter.

"If you get anything on him or his organization, I'd appreciate if it was passed along to me." She twists the cap on the bottle and takes a long drink before pointing toward the elevator. "She's in the basement. We tried to keep her infection down… but she's dangerous and we didn't want her getting to the kids."

"I'm not doing most of the questioning myself," Peter admits outloud, looking toward the elevator as he hears about infections and other such things. Kids— how many kids does she have here? He knows Alpha Protocol rounded up adults and kids a like, and there's a ton of people of abilities that need to be relocated and returned to their homes, with fancy cover storying—

This is exactly what the founders created the Company to stop, and it happened anyway. But…

"I'll let you know if I hear anything about— Sayf Udeen?" It took him a few seconds to recall the name, but then… "He's the one who wanted to buy me, isn't he?" He remembers hearing about the downpayment of billions of dollars to pay for him.

"Yeah, he wanted to buy a lot of people." Cody mumbles, letting a long breath expel from her lungs. She moves toward the elevator just after Peter and reaches for the padlock on the grate. "Just…" the lock is released and she throws the gate back to allow him entry to the large metal lift. It's old, very old, but it serves its purpose.

The woman pulls the folding gate back into place and then reaches up for a canvas strap that's attached to the bottom of a large metal sliding door. It's pulled down and locked into place before the elevator begins its descent.

"She's not in the best of shape, like I said… She wouldn't talk and there wasn't much time." Her blue eyes focus on Peter for a long moment, until the elevator stops at the bottom and she moves forward to unlock the large door.

The first thing that can be said about the underground floor is that it's dark. Dark and quiet. With only the skitter of a rodent here and the drop of water there, it's likely the gloomiest place to be stuck in. It's also very very big. As it spreads out underneath the entire footprint of the warehouse, there's more than enough room to hide anything in. "She's in the far corner, handcuffed to a metal pole. We don't have much solution left so we haven't been able to get near her without risking ourselves to possession."

Following into the basement, Peter keeps his expression calm, as he waits a time to look across the basement, in the direction indicated. "All right. I don't have negation, but— " There's a sudden wince as a second him just pops out of nowhere, one that staggers and falls to his knees at first. "Son of a bitch," Peter complains, losing the shapeshift and forcing to touch the side of the wall. "Sorry, I'm usually better at this sort of thing, but— I guess I've been doing too much the last few days."

There's another grimace as he reaches the inside of his suit jacket to pull out a small black box, which he hands over to his straightening other self. "Go knock her out and teleport her to the facility, then— "

"You sure this is a good idea? What if she possesses me?"

"You're my own clone, just do it." How is it possible to argue with yourself. "I'll keep in contact with you til you inject her. If you start to even breathe like her, I'll pull you back."

"What will happen if you do that while she's in me?"

"Just stop arguing."

The bald one argues with his hairy clone, who finally shrugs and disappears.

Cody doesn't make a move to leave the elevator, there isn't even a hint that she plans to. The nervous tick that develops right underneath her right eye is indicative enough of the paranoia she's feeling right now. In answer to the clone's argument of possession, there's a twitch to her hair and the end of her long braid hardens to a lethal looking spike.

"I won't hesitate to kill anyone if she's possessing," she comments idly.

Looking toward Peter, she gives him a wary gaze. "When she's gone… I don't ever want her to know where this place is. I don't ever want to see her again. I will kill her if I ever see her again." Her agitation grows and the tail of hair rises behind her head in an angry looking weapon.

"I would advise against that," Peter says quietly, as he keeps a bit of his attention elsewhere. The clone is safer to possess, cause it only has one ability. And that ability comes with a loud KRAAAK a few moments later, and he relaxes. They'd set it up already, and the Haitian should be standing by. But…

"If you do see her again, she may not remember you, or anything that she did. She may think she's someone else entirely. Killing her at that point would be murder. If she's too dangerous to be let go, though… we won't let her go. But she I can make sure she doesn't remember you or this place."

There's another KRAK this one much closer, like a gunshot going off, a flash of light as the clone reappears, looks at him, as if to say it's done, and then vanishes like he was never there.

But Peter is still unfortunately bald.

"She's only seen Erin and I, and this basement. Given her history, she'll probably go back to what she was before she started working for the terrorists," comes the grim explanation. Cody flinches at the loud noises, as though actually frightened of them and when the closer one sounds off, she jumps back for cover in the elevator.

Peering around the corner first, she ducks back and then emerges from the safety of the metal contraption. "I'd offer to give you hair again, but it would just fall out. You're unhappy, mental stress will keep your hair gone until you get rid of it or get over it. If you want your hair back, you're going to have to surrender to serenity."

"That's actually— she was on our radar before everything went to hell," Peter says, looking where the woman had been before, even if he can't really see it from his position near the elevator. "So we know a little of what she was up to. We'll keep an eye on her, if we let her go." It's something they've had experience with, but— he doesn't say that part. There's some people they can help, others they can't. If she turns out to be one they can't…

"It probably won't work like that. Abilities I absorb aren't always constantly on, most the time. I need to activate them…" Sometimes. But there's also the fact that he knows what emotion he was feeling when he met her, and it happens to be how he's felt since he saw the news about his brother…

"It was nice to— though you seem really familiar. I think I would remember losing my hair before, though."

"I should be," Cody says idly as her hair falls back into place against her back. It's a different style from when she initially met him (or something like it), but it's the same shade. "Give you a little hint… I wasn't the mime."

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