2011-02-14: No Air



Date: February 14, 2011


Tell me how I'm supposed to breathe with No Air…

"No Air"

Sky High

"I can't explain it— it's like real field experience," Janet's eyes close gently as a thankful smile edges her lips. Her fingers curl around one arm of her chair while her other hand laces with Jaden's. "Except it's exhausting. I was like doctor, field worker, social worker, therapist, plumber, plumber's helper— and I know nothing about pipes or irrigation or anything. Seriously Jaden! SERIOUSLY. Believe me on this one! Like look at the long to-do list of everything I did in one freakin' day, I needed like waaaaay more of me to get it all done and it was good and a good expeirence but I missed you and my bed. Ohmygosh…"

"You love what you do. Even when you do it in the dirtiest places, babe." Jaden Cain the Greatest Man Ever is kicked back in his chair and relaxing. It is a very special chair as it is epically comfortable, considering that they are inside of Sky High (Jaden Cain's Personal Super Jet).

Jaden smiles a little bit as he looks over at Janet. "It's funny you should mention something like that. Because there's something I've been meaning to tell you. It's kind of important." Jaden is attempting to use his serious voice but it's hard for him to do that. He's Jaden.

"Actually, it's really important." That would be Jaden's voice coming from the aisle, as Jaden's mouth isn't moving. But wait… there's somebody standing in the aisle. Who looks just like Jaden. What.

"Psh. Important nothin'. It's frickin' cool as hell!" And that would be another voice of Jaden's, though it is coming from a whole different section of the jet. Off in one of the other seats, where Jaden is sitting. He's even raising a glass. Guess he stopped at the mini-bar.

Jaden (the one sitting next to Janet) just smiles. "Surprise?"

There is more than one Jaden. Frozen in time and space, almost like some time traveler has stopped time, stalled it with a blink of his eye, Janet's eyes widen. Her lips part. But no sound comes out. Not until she finally shrieks. "What the H-E-double-hockey-sticks is going on here?! Seriously?! Jaden?! Whaaaaaat?!" Her eyes widen with the shock that is already pre-written across her face.

It only takes a few moments for the compete and utter anticipated over reaction from Doc McCarty takes over. When she reanimates, her motions become exaggerated, her hands flail, and her entire body takes on its usual energy. Yes, Janet is freaking out.

"H-h-how?! You can actually be two places at once? Ohmygosh are you in New York too? Ohmygoodness I can't imagine a world where… what… like— my mind is seriously blown right now. How did you do that?! You're one of them!? Ahhhhhhhh! Does the government know?! YOU CAN NEVER LET THEM KNOW! Did you know what they do to people like you? Wait. What if this is all a delusion. Holy crap! I have malaria!!! I'm having psychotic psychotropic induced delusions…"

One by one the other Jadens disappear into the ether of nothingness and the Original Jaden is reaching out for Janet's hand. Because she is freaking out and this is not supposed to be something to freak her out. Well, technically, it is. But the best place on Earth to tell her is while on a plane so that she cannot escape or run or something. This was not planned at all.

"I need you to breathe. So I can try to explain." Jaden squeezes at her hand. "Nobody knows. Well, okay, that's a lie. My Mom knows. Some people I don't really talk to anymore know. But that's about it. However, there's a little more…" Jaden is flashing a smile, before closing his eyes and creating a Janet sitting in the chair that a former Jaden was sitting in. She doesn't do anything. She just sits there. Smiling. Because Jaden loves her smile, obviously.

"I can help you with that needing way more of you thing." Aw yeah. Jaden is definitely trying to make this transition of knowing that he is Evolved as something that can actually be benficial to the girl that he may or may not have strong romantical feelings for.

"Shiver me timbers," Janet murmurs as she backs up from the Janet doppleganger. Her eyes widen and her lips part into a small circle. She's frozen again for a moment, particularly as she reaches out to poke her other self, only to stop. "How— thats… Jaden, you can like replicate people or something?! That's amazing! You could be anywhere you wanted and anyone you wanted?! Who have you been? I would totally try to be Paris Hilton for a day because seriously I want to know what it would be like to not pay f— " she tilts her head at the fake-Janet and arches her eyebrows.

"Your Mom knows. Other people know," she repeats quietly as she finally takes the offered hand to give it the tightest squeeze she can manage. "I think… I think this is insane! But awesome! How? How does it work? Do you just think and POW one of me shows up? Is she real? I… I can't…"

Jaden laughs and makes the Janet Doppleganger disappear. Which is definitely why he's smiling right now. "It's insane. I don't even really understand too much of it myself. I used to only be able to Duplicate myself. But then… something happened and my ability changed. I can kinda' like… make Puppets of people or things. It's hard to explain."

Paris Hilton comes walking out of the back of the plane, wearing a stewardess outfit. "Like, it's totally hot. So hot." And then she continues walking until she fades out of existence.

"It's pretty cool, I think. I think it's going to be awesome for us." Jaden cracks one of his grins that can only mean he's thinking about sex. "Especially when we want to sleep in." Waggling of Eyebrows.

"That's…" Janet's eyes widen a little more as Paris Hilton strolls down the aisle. "Well.. I.. WOW. Can I just say WOW?! Seriously?! Do you know what they're thinking and stuff? Or do they not think? Ohmygosh I could've saved so many hours in med school if I'd had a duplicate!! I could've actually slept some. Oy!"

Her lips quirk into a bright easy smile and she sidles next to Jaden. "Alright. This is weird. But I can work with it, I think." There's a small pause as her eyebrows twitch upwards, "Ohmygosh did I ever tell you about the time Tracy Strauss manhandled the door knob of my house to break into my place! It HAPPENED. Soooooo scary. Never do anything scary like that, okay? I need… to not be totally freaked out for awhile… this is enough…"

"Wow is one way of putting it." Jaden is smiling still. He's actually super excited that everything is happening right now the way it is. He can't believe that this is happening as smoothly as it is, either. Most of the time, people freak out when they find out the truth about Jaden Cain. But for some reason, this Janet girl is doing something much better. She's handling it well. "Don't worry. You won't have to deal with that kind of thing much longer…"

Jaden whistles loudly and the pitter patter of little feet bring in the world's most excellent puppy in the history of puppies: CRAY Z! The cutsie beagle hasn't seen Mama in ages and he is ever so excited with the jumping up and diving towards her lap. Hanging from his collar, though, is a small box. That looks like a jewelry box of some sort.

Jaden doesn't say anything. He just watches and waits to see if his lady notices it. If Jaden Cain knew how to be nervous, he'd actually be looking like he's nervous right now.

"Good. Because you know I kind of— this is a lot— it's kind of crazy, and i'm sooo jealous…" There's a firm nod of Janet's head as she squats down to meet the other love of her life. The dog and the woman had bonded so easily when she'd played her roll as Agent Hottie— that's when she'd found him. Now? He's the forever-puppy. "Puppy!!!! Cray Z! Awwww, baaaaby~" she gives a little clap as she scratches his ear. "You are the smartest puppy ever?~ Who's a good boy— who's a …"

The doting stops— much to some people's delight— as she runs her fingers over the collar. Her head twists up to peek at Jaden with a silent question readable across her face what's this? There's a twist of her lips and a flick of her wrist as she tugs on the box, gently removing it from her second beloved's collar. Carefully she opens the box…

If there was ever a diamond bigger than this on an engagement ring… it was probably on a cartoon. Cuz damn. The sparkling alone is enough to cause momentary blindness if one is not careful. Somewhere in the midst of Janet finding and opening the box, though, Jaden has slipped from his seat to kneel down in front of her with the whole one knee tactic and everything.

"Listen. I know this is totally sudden. And I know I just dropped a major nuclear warhead on you a few minutes ago. But…" Jaden's sincerity is nothing but sincere at this moment. His words are not even shaking. He's not even smiling anymore. The look in his eyes is one that is love. "… I've been wanting to tell you that I love you since the day I first met you. I was scared. I was stupid. I was worried about a reputation that I knew, deep down inside, that I didn't even want." Holy crap, Jaden Cain is pouring out his heart and soul right now.

"I would give up everything I own. EvoSoft, Candyland, everything. If you will just do me the biggest honor in the history of honors and say that you will be my wife."

Pause. Smile.

"Otherwise, I may have to jump out of this plane in embarassment." There. A little Jaden humor. Just because he can't not make a joke.

With a small gasp, Janet actually squeals with delight at the ring, actually falling over from her squat in the process. With an extreme measure of delight she pushes herself up from her sit/fall over position to tackle Jaden. "My ring is huuuuuuuge! I LOVE IT SOOO MUCH! Lookit! LOOKIT! I can't believe you were planning this! You were all covert like when Spike loved Buffy but Buffy had no idea except you weren't that covert and frankly Buffy was a little OTL, you know?"

She squeals again as she does a little squirm of joy. "Of course I'll marry you! I'm gonna marry you so hard your head is gonna spin and I'll good care of you and you're…" what should she call the dopplegangers, "….dolls!" There's a quirk of her brow as she settles somewhat, "I'll still practice you know… like medicine, I mean. Not in Ethiopia anymore, but wherever you are. So I can contribute because I want to contribute. Ohmygosh I love you soooo much! It's like we live in Candyland!! Does your mom know?! You should call her, she'd want to hear…'


Jaden is a little caught off guard with the tackling that comes from Janet. But since she said Yes, he's happy as hell. Because he totally didn't want to have to jump out of an airplane. That would've been so awkward and messy. He's wrapping arms around her for epic hugging in celebration.

"Mom knows. She's actually the one that slapped me upside the head and made me realize I was about to lose the greatest thing that ever happened to me." Jaden smiles at his now Wife To Be. "I wouldn't dream of taking you away from your work. You love it. And since I love you, I want you to do whatever you want to do." Jaden waggles his eyebrows once more. "As long as I'm somewhere at the top of that list…" Oh Brother. Some things never change.

Janet tightens her grip around Jaden with a bright smile. And then, feigning some measure of prowess, she tosses her hair over her shoulder. "You're always at the top of my list, Jaden Cain~" she virtually sings before erupting into a fit of giggles. Yes, trying to be sexy is hilarious to Janet McCarty. "Eeeeeee! I'm sooooo excited!!! We should get married in a park. Or on a mountain. Or in a boat! Oooooo, I've never been on a boat before…" Oh dear. Not even three minutes engaged and she's making wedding plans.

Jaden is smiling. He's probably never smiled this much. Well, there was that one time where Janet was su— … yeah, that was a good time. So maybe this smiling is a close second to that. Ahem. Either way, Jaden is not exactly sure what could be a greater moment in his life than this one that is happening right at this moment. "We can get married wherever you want. I'm going to leave the wedding planning to you and my Mom. I'm just the gigantic wallet that's going to pay for all of this madness." Jaden reaches up to tap at his chin. "All I ask is that I get to walk down the aisle surrounded by cheerleaders…" Kidding!

"Yaaaay! It's going to be awesome and Parker can be my maid of honour and you're my knight in shining wh— wait. Cheerleaders?" Janet quirks a single eyebrow at her husband to be while her lips twitch into a bemused smile that quite simply reads you've got to be kidding me, but the smile melts into something easier. "Oooo! Your mom and I are going to bond over plans! Oh man! Cray Z can be the ring bearer, I mean he already beared… bored? wait… bore my ring! AND AnnnnnnnnnnnD we'll get a chocolate fountain! Do you know the kind of fun I could have with a chocolate fountain?! Mmmmmm…."

"Yes. You two will get the pleasure of making the wedding planner's life a living hell. I want no parts of it!" Jaden holds his hands up to remain as innocent of these plans of drama that are going to happen in the coming weeks. "When men get involved everything just gets that much worse. So I'll just agree to everything you want right now. How's that sound?" Jaden is pretty well versed on wedding plans based on all of the television and movies that he has watched in his years. "Query. How do you feel about a wedding dress bikini…?" Oh Jaden.

"I would only wear a wedding dress bikini if we were getting married somewhere shockingly warm where it would be bikini weather— seriously though, are you honestly okay with anything?!" Janet paces the aisle of the plane as she taps her chin. "I bet anything if I hire a wedding planner it'll get soooo much easier. Especially figuring out what's important to us" codeword: me, "and your mom… and I guess my mom. I'm not really close to them anymore…" her lips purse slightly as she shrugs her shoulders and moves her hands to her hips. "And if you really wanted me in a bikini you should have just turned this plane around and whisked me off to.. Tahiti or Punta Cana…"

"I am practically made out of money, Janet. Why wouldn't I be okay with anything you wanted to do? It's not like it'll be a bad thing to have the most expensive wedding in the history of weddings, right?" And there's Jaden, once again thinking about publicity and things of that nature. He really is too addicted to the spotlight to ever not make a spectacle out of himself in some way. "It's not too late. We can touch down, gas up and get right back in the air." Jaden looks at his woman. "… Pre-Honeymoon?"

"Then it's decided!" Janet returns Jaden's gaze as she holds her hands up in the air triumphantly. She's come to a decision and the entire world will know because that's just how Janet rolls. "We will touch down, and then go lounge on a beach for two days, but ONLY two days because I need to get back to the hospital and reestablish my contacts and tell Parker everything AND call my mom because you know she'll want to hear and your mom because she'll want to hear eve more." Grin. "See. Look at that! Making demans like a bride already~"

Jaden has taken it upon himself to get up and he's standing in the plane with all the love in his eyes that he can muster up at this particular moment. He keeps his eyes focused on Janet as she runs her mouth and drops all her demands like that. He reaches for the intercom button, "Hey Travolta? We're just gassing up. Then we're going to Tahiti. You game?"

"You got it, Boss."

Jaden smiles and looks back at Janet and starts peeling off his suit jacket. "Okay. I think it's time Mr. and Mrs. Cain join the Mile High Club, don't you?" Aw Snap.

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