2010-06-05: No Compromising



Guest Starring

Agents Fox and Wright

Date: June 5th, 2010


Detective Powers and the FBI don't work especially well together.

"No Compromising"

Federal Bureau of Investigation — New York Headquarters

Waiting, alone in a bland room with an American flag as its only decor, Detective Powers has been very low on the common courtesies and pleasantries that usually come naturally to her when meeting someone new. She's been equally low on the politeness and respect that usually comes along when these strangers are in a position of authority, law, or importance.

Waiting, she looks equal parts tired, irate, and fiercely determined. All three of these things are defined on her face: etched in, they don't seem like they'll be going away any time soon. The washed out off-white of a slightly too large blouse, the blonde hair starting to curl into messy waves that have been pulled into a pony tail, and the pale skin of someone who hasn't gotten much sleep (and did nothing to conceal that fact) … these are all background details in comparison to the woman's intensely building expression.

Waiting, she's had time to reconsider her previously neutral stance regarding the FBI.

Maggie fidgets with the laminated visitor's pass clipped to her shirt pocket and stares at the door.

Heels clap against the white floors as Nic Fox enters the room. The bright blue-eyed blonde haired woman extends a hand to Powers immediately. "Detective Powers," she issues Maggie a small, curt kind of smile to match her tone. "Agent Fox." She blinks and releases Maggie's hand before assuming a seat— there are two with a table between them, a kind of conference space for all things business.

"Agent Wright told me to expect you. Actually he told me that long before you knew about…" her lips smile that tight-lipped, too-polite-for-words smile. "I trust he's honest when he says he didn't tell you anything. Ironic, really. Didn't want the case once you were involved. I'd have thought the opposite would be true."

She drums her fingers idly on the table. "So. Why are you here, exactly?"

Maggie's expression changes little with the new addition to the room — the same intent stare she was giving the door is transferred naturally to the woman who walked through it. Her mouth remains a line, save for a little twitch, expectant, as she shakes the agent's hand. Unsurprised, the detective doesn't seem to share the same sense of irony as Nic Fox; she remains straight-faced.

"You tell me," she states completely neutrally. "Sam— Agent… Wright… didn't have to tell me anything; there are things I found out about on my own, and I'm not about to forget them any time soon. What happened, by the warehouse, it shouldn't have. Agent Wright— " That's never going to sound normal. " — he wasn't there. I was." Facts, no gloating there, to be sure. She seamlessly follows up with, "So what are you saying happened to O'Meara?"

"Agent Wright is our man on point. This, unfortunately means his duties carry him to more than one locale and our asset… likes being in control from what I can see." Agent Fox is a diplomatic woman all things considered. She leans against the back of her seat and continues to smile idly.

"Well, it's good to know Wright wasn't compromised." And that's all she's going to say about that. "O'Meara was found to be involved in illicit activity according to our intel. Shortly thereafter he was gunned down by the opposing team. That's the story. That's how we fed it to everyone. Traitors don't get to die heroes."

Crossing her arms over her chest she tilts her head, "Why else are you here? I know that the phone is going out of fashion, but last thing I checked, mine still works, Detective."

"The FBI Headquarters happens to be on my way to work," Detective Powers jokes even though there's not a whole lot of indication she finds it funny herself. But there's her answer.

She sits back in her own chair, but she might as well have leaned in, for all the intensity Maggie focuses on the other woman. There's anger, underneath — it's very composed, just touching the surface. "For the record, your asset is my partner … and O'Meara was gunned down because he shot Miles first." Definitely not a hero. That Agent Fox felt the need to even make the clarification has her eyeing her somewhat incredulously even still.

Her arms fold. "As long as I'm doing my job," Maggie says in a very even voice, devoid of the threat the words themselves would otherwise suggest, "I expect to keepalmost compromising yours." Or Agent Wright's, as it happens.

"Our asset is our asset. He isn't who you think he is right now, nor can he be," Agent Fox drums her fingers on the table with mild impatience. "His role is to blend. Anything that prevents that from happening endangers both his life and this operation." There's a steeliness to the words. Anyone coming in and questioning her methods would receive the same reception, however. Questions aren't exactly heralded by the FBI, rather they are avoided, neglected, and often outright ignored.

A cool stare is sent towards Maggie with that same not-quite-there smile perfected through years of practice. "Then I suppose you intend to continue to impede our operation?" Her eyes narrow into slits. "Understand something detective. You were under suspicion until recently. In fact, in a way you still are. What officer finds herself with not one but two different stalkers? One from her own police force and one from outside?"

Maggie's eyes widen in slightly indignant surprise — but she rolls with the punches. "Two is— it's a bit of an overstatement," she points out, delicately, under the circumstances, "I'm not sure how that's relevant." She's quite ready to skip this part of the conversation — and, it would seem, bypass every comment spoken on the "asset".

"It isn't my intent to impede your operation," the detective states plainly. "I don't want to interfere. On the contrary. What you must realize, Agent, is that my casework— there's overlap. The NYPD and the FBI are both working cases related to this Irish gang. We're looking for the same thing. I'm sorry to say that maybe having Agent Wright as the go-between isn't enough, why aren't we working together more than we are? I'm not going to be put in the dark."

"You only think we're looking for the same thing, Detective," her lips curl into a serene kind of smile. "Things aren't what they appear here, in fact, they're very different than you'd think." Her eyebrows arch to the sky before she shifts in her chair. "And there's no possible way we could work together on this." Her lips thin as she tilts her head. "And for the record, not realizing you have two stalkers is a problem. These aren't the kind of people you want stalking you, Detective Powers. In fact, in our estimation, these are precisely the kinds of people you need to be aware of." Her lips twitch, but only slightly.

"If one of your stalkers had been one of our presumed suspects, and our key target, you would be dead." She glances down at the surface of the table and then back up to Maggie before issuing her a slightly warmer tight-lipped smile. "So you see, Detective. The incidents have everything to do with what I can let you know now because I guarantee you: encounter him, and you will talk."

Well, that's … mysterious. It seems the Federal Bureau of Investigation is prone to some mystery after all. "Encounter— who?" The detective finds herself tipping her head to one side in study of Agent Nic Fox, curious, though her eyes show a more incensed sentiment: one she stays quiet over, though she seems on the verge of replying, of pressing more questions. Making the FBI angry isn't actually on her to-do list. What she does admit is: "I wasn't aware the FBI was paying any attention to me," spoken somewhat lightly, "I'm not sure you're the kind of people I want stalking me, either."

"We knew there was a leak. Everyone involved is investigated. Anyone who can pass along information needs to be investigated." Fox's eyes narrow as she leans back in her seat again. After studying Maggie for a moment she opens her mouth as if to speak— until the door opens.

Sam pops his head into the room. "Nic, we've got a lead on— " a glance is given to Maggie and Sam just shrugs. "Do we have authorization to pursue…?" It's a game of fill-in-the-blanks.

"Detective Powers, you'll have to excuse me. Please feel free to schedule something should you need to discuss O'Meara further. I trust you can see yourself out." With a annoying fingernails-on-a-chalkboard-sound the chair is pushed away from the table before Nicole stands and accompanies the agent out of the room.

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