2007-03-10: No Evidence


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Date It Happened: March 10, 2007

Summary: In the midst of discussing the Gray case, the NYPD gets some very bad news handed down to them… and Parkman gets a promotion!

No Evidence


It's a normally busy afternoon at the police station. Detectives moving this way and that on Important Business, secretaries taking messages, perps being interrogated in locked rooms. There's a constant din of chatter and noise in the general area where officers have their desks. A door opens and from out of her office, Viola strides out a couple of steps and then comes to a stop. "Parkman!" she barks, surveying those in the general area for her target. This is a 'get your butt over here' sort of name calling and she doesn't want to be kept waiting.

Shifts are odd when you're a beat cop, and Parkman has just finished thumbing coffee into a styrofoam cup when the Lieutenant shouts his name. His eyes widen a bit, and he gulps down what little saliva he had in his mouth to begin with before he sets the cup down and strides toward the office with as much of a confident air as he can muster. Please let it be the results. Please let those results be /passing./ Still, of all the times Matt Parkman has made this march or similar ones, this is the one he feels the best about.

There is no explanation of why Viola has called Matt over. "My office," she tells the poor man. Without waiting for an answer, she turns around and takes a few brisk strides into her tiny office. Really, it's not much more than a small space to call her own - just bit enough to hold her desk and chairs - but it's her own. Stepping around so that she's standing behind her desk, she waits until Matt's inside before she continues. "Shut the door behind, if you would." There is still no indication of what this may be about either in her voice or on her serious face.

Certainly the Lieutenant has read Parkman's file. Certainly she knows that he's taken the exam three times in L.A. Certainly she knows that he /really/ wants to be a detective. So as Viola continues to carry the Stern Face, Matt's own already shaky confidence starts to waver. Ruhroh. Squinting a little as he shuts the door behind him, his back momentarily turned toward his superior, Matt attempts to gain /some/ insight. If there's going to be a bombshell, it's best to duck and cover /before/ it hits.

As soon as the door is shut, Viola waits a few moments to let Matt sweat it out. This is the fun part of her job. Then, she starts talking. "I'm putting you on the Gray case, Parkman. Damaris is laid up in the hospital and after that she's going to be sitting a desk for the stunt that she pulled the other day. You'll be taking over her caseload and working with Demsky on this one. We'll see how you two work together based on this case and if it doesn't work out, we'll assign you someone else." This here is detective work, if he hasn't caught on yet. "I don't have to tell you the trouble we've had with him, but reading your file I see that you had some experience on his case while out on the West Coast. The Feds want this guy bad and the Captain's been fighting ten kinds of hell to keep him in our jurisdiction." Finally, she sits down and pushes the somewhat thin file they have going on Gabriel Gray. "Tell me what you know about him, Parkman."

There isn't much time between Matt's sifting through the static and Viola's pronouncement. Parkman's eyes widen, but it doesn't take him much to remain professional, offering his superior a simple nod and a soft smile. "Thank you, Lieutenant Holcome," he says as he steps forward toward the desk. There's an implied 'I won't let you down,' in his tone and expression, but he doesn't pick up the file yet. "Gabriel Gray goes by the name of Sylar and has…presumably committed a string of murders across the country, sir." And here, Parkman has to be careful. He doesn't want to lose that shiny new badge before he's had a chance to wear it on his belt. "Always with the same M.O. - victim's head sliced open, laterally, and the brain removed. Other victims have been untouched but killed in, if you forgive the candid description, brutal ways. One of what is to be believed as Sylar's last targets was his own mother, in Queens. But… that's where my knowledge gets a little hazy." Matt offers a small smile, and there's a twinge of that schoolboy look. Did he do well?

A merry tune being whistled heralds the arrival of 'Holly' from the lab. He's one of the lucky sorts who doesn't have to wear a uniform. His NYPD identification hands around his neck on a lanyard, that's about the extent of his business attire. Unless he needs a labcoat and gloves. In his hands he's got a manila folder with some paperwork in it. He goes right up to Viola's door and does not bother knocking. He never knocks.. well not since he and Vi tied the knot. "Hey, Sugarbear, got some paperwork from the lab I need you to sign off o.. woah, sorry there." A little surprise, but more apology, shows on his bearded face as he looks from his wife over to Matt.

Viola listens to Matt's explanation. She already knows most of it from having read it, but she nods solemnly to his theories. There's no pat on the back and there's no warm smile. He's a detective now and is going to have to go without hand outs. "No need to hold the punches, Parkman. I've seen and heard worse on the playground." Gesturing at Matt to take a seat opposite her she continues. "He confessed to killing his mother during interrogation with Damaris and Demsky. We've got him detained for now, but if we can't get something more solid on him, he's going to walk. We need evidence and we need his confession signed. From his file I wouldn't be surprised if his lawyers go for an insanity plea. I want this bastard fried." And from her diatribe, in walks her whistling and happy-go-lucky husband. Calling her sugarbear. She gives Holly a tight smile, though there's an underlying warmth there. "Thank you, honey, but you're messing with my ability to mess with Parkman here. Any breakthroughs on the Gray work up?" The blood, fingerprints, anything that could match him to his mother's murder.

Matt takes his seat and tries his best not to look either the Lieutenant or her husband in the eye. It's a rather awkward situation, to say the least, getting caught between a couple like this. Mental ahem. Matt does lift his eyes to the paperwork, then back toward Holly without actually looking the other man in the eye. "You didn't find anything on her, did you?" he asks, and from his tone of voice, it sounds like he might just be willing to put money on it.

"Sorry hon," Ethan says without a trace of apology as he sets the files down on his wife's in-tray and settles himself down.. on the outside corner of her desk. He shakes his head, the good humor evaporating from his face at the conversation in progress. "Sorry, I wish I had some good news for you both on the case. Everyone's kinda pissed off that we don't have anything to hang him on."

No sooner than those words escape Ethan's lips when a buzz picks up out in the main bullpen. It's not a happy news buzz either. Something is not right on the matter at all. The door to Vi's office opens again without preamble, and this time, it's /her/ superior and the man looks ready to spit bullets. "Holcombe, Parkman, we have to let Gray go," and every word looks to pain the ranking officer to death. "We can't hold him on the murder rap for Virginia Gray. His defense pressed too hard on the lack of evidence."

"/What/?" Viola would not be what one would describe as happy right now. That's directed at her husband and her seat scrapes as she stands up quickly. "There was /nothing/ on him? You couldn't get /anything/." Frustration. And then her superior is walking in. Already in the middle of her anger, she tries to simmer it down, to deflect it. It's not doing anyone any good to yell at her boss, a man she respects. "You already let him go?" she tries to remain as calm as possible about this. "There's no way we can get 24 hours? I've got Parkman and Demsky on this. We can get something to stick, Captain, I know we can. We have his /confession/ for the love of God. /That's/ not good enough for his lawyers?"

Parkman may seem to have less of a reason to be upset, but he doesn't hide his own disappointment and frustration. As /soon/ as he makes detective and as /soon/ as he gets a case, this has to happen. The new man in the ranks furrows his eyebrows and shakes his head. "There's got to be a way we can delay them, sir," he says as respectfully as possible, given the shock of the blow. As he frantically tries to think of things that might help their case to /keep/ Gray, Matt focuses his mind on the Captain. Maybe there's a piece their missing that would be helpful. Maybe someone in the FBI let something slip…

"I'm sorry honey, all the evidence we've had on the case, all the study, it still rules to acciden.." Ethan looks helplessly at his wife, but when the door opens and the brass speaks.. He leaps to his feet, shock registering at the commander's words. "This is bullshit! You can't let that maniac out on the streets!"

"You heard me Holcombe, Parkman, we've already held him long enough according to the lawyers. We've already let him go. We were told to do it on the quiet, to minimize fuss. Everyone at this precinct wants a piece of this guy.." Vi's superior looks even less pleased than those in his charge as he eyes each person in turn before leaving to try and calm down the rest of the department.

Viola stays silent while the captain is in the room, as soon as he leaves, the anger and frustration is clearly visible. "/Dammit/." She slams her hand on her desk. "This is a nightmare. Parkman, you and Demsky are still on this case. We have his confession, there's got to be something we're missing that we can get him on. He's dangerous. Just because his lawyers are a bunch of goody-two-shoes doesn't mean he's innocent. We've just got to catch him in the act. I want you two to go back over /everything/ to see if anything was missed. I can't spend too much manpower on this, but I want him tailed." There is no room for mess ups here.

Matt nods fervently. "You've got it, sir," he says as he pushes himself to his feet and takes the file. "Sucks that the American Way gets in the way of itself, but we'll find a way to nail his ass that no lawyer can deflect." If Parkman has to follow Sylar half-way around the world, they'll do it. Sylar has hurt too many people to walk away Scott Free. Parkman starts for the door, then pauses and turns, remembering The Company. He starts to turn back as if he were going to ask the Lieutenant something…but he hesitates. No, he doesn't have to ask permission for that. Matt's a /detective/ now.

Ethan swears under his breath, running a hand through his hair as he turns to look at Parkman, then Viola. "This.." he blows out a noisy breath and doesn't even bother trying to calm the wife down. "I'll get a fire lit in evidence. If one's not already going…" Then.. "Dammit! Damaris!" He yanks out his cellphone and taps out a quick text to the woman. "We may need to get a security detail on her hospital room, hon, I don't have the authorization for that. I wouldn't put it past that son of a bitch to go pay her a visit." He doesn't look up from his texting as Matt moves to leave, "Hey Parkman? Bring us the damn coffin so we can nail it shut. Alright?"

"Hey. Parkman." Viola calls out to him before he can get out the door. Opening her desk drawer, she pulls something out and tosses it to him. When he catches it he'll see that it's a detectives shield and number. "Congratulations, detective." She affords him a weak smile. It fades almost as soon as it was there. "Don't screw up." And as far as she's concerned this meeting is over. Then, she waves a hand at her husband and his frantic dialing of his cellphone. She's got authority, she can do this better. Grabbing the phone on her desk, she punches in a few numbers and says to whoever's on the opposite end of the line, "Hey. Yeah, it's Lieutenant Holcombe. It's about 6:30 and I'm authorizing a security detail on Detective Damaris' hospital room stat. I want two plain clothes out there round the clock. Good. Thanks, Darryl." Cradling the phone she sighs and sinks back into her chair. "I don't like this. I don't like this one bit."

Matt can't help but smirk at that, and he nods. "Sure thing." Viola distracts him then, but it's a welcome one. Matt's smirk pulsl into a bit more of a smile before a more serious and somber expression returns. "Thank you, sir." As for Damaris…well, even a woman as unprofessional as Damaris was rumored to have been doesn't deserve the sort of fate that Sylar dished out. Thinking about it wipes any vestige of that smile from Parkman's face. Once the Lieutenant is off the phone, he speaks up somewhat sheepishly, "If I can offer a suggestion…don't skimp. I've seen what this maniac can do. We don't want to lose anyone if we can help it." Not even Damaris. With another nod, Matt is out the door to start going through the file at his desk, his phone pinned between his cheek and his shoulder to call Judah back in. There's a lot work to be done.

"/None/ of us like this," Ethan says rather sourly as he tucks his phone away. Matt gets a nod for his warning, "Thanks Parkman, good luck out there." Once Parkman's out of the room, Holly moves to stand beside his wife. "This is just a setback. We'll get him again," is said as he places a reassuring hand on Vi's shoulder, squeezing it gently. "I'll call in take-out, and you're going to eat. You're not getting a long night without something on your stomach." He's firm on this!

"You can call me ma'am, Parkman." Viola's sense of humor comes through weakly. "Be careful." Don't end up in a hospital bed with Damaris. "And I won't. Darryl'll put his best on duty for the detective. We've seen what he can do." Though, honestly, she has no idea the truth behind the matter. As soon as Parkman is out the door, a rare form of anger and frustration is let out when she sweeps paperwork as hard as she can off the desk. The pieces of paper flutter to the ground in an almost artistic manner. "We /had/ him, Holly. We were going to nail his ass to the wall. Dammit, what did we do wrong?"

Ethan risks his neck by putting an arm around Vi's shoulders as he tries to talk the woman down. "/We/ didn't do anything wrong. It's one of those cases where the guy walks because he covered his tracks too damn well. Blame those jackal lawyers. They don't care about real justice. We still can build a case built on his assault on Damaris.. granted she /did/ provoke him, but it's still something. Maybe it's enough to drag his ass back behind bars while we work on the murder rap."

"That's not a good enough answer, hon." Viola stares gloomily at her desk, recently cleared of anything she might have of interest to look at. "It's our job to give those lawyers something to work with. We don't do our job right, they can't do theirs. Dammit. If he goes after Damaris again, I will not hesitate to shoot him right between his thick eyebrows." Her mind is trying to work at a hundred miles per hour to get something straightened out. "It's something. I'm sure the captain took that into account while he was trying to keep Gray behind bars, but we can work with it. We just need /something/. Something hard we can take to the DA."

"I know it's not, you're right, but this kind of stuff happens and you know it. No matter what case, it's frustrating." Ethan keeps his arm around Vi's shoulders, giving a comforting squeeze that probably is not helping. "You and half the force are on that line of thought. Hopefully we can get him back into custody.. not soon enough of course. I'm so not helping." He braves giving Vi a kiss on the temple before pulling away. "Time to rally the troops."

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