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Summary: Tamara weirds out Natalie while giving her job-hunting advice.

Date It Happened: March 18, 2007

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Common Grounds

It's a lovely spring afternoon… aside from the clouds. The thick gray overcast promises rain later tonight, which may be what drives the patrons of Common Grounds indoors, there to fortify themselves with something warm (and caffeinated). In that respect, Tamara is pretty much always the odd one out. Or in every other respect, for that matter. The teenager sits by herself in the lower portion of the shop, settled comfortably across half of a couch with something cold and /not/ caffeinated in hand. From the way her gaze flicks around the room or out the window, she seems to be occupying herself with people-watching.

Natalie makes her entrance to Common Grounds, not being too pleased with the whole grey thing. She's had her fill of winter. The blonde moves in, and places her order with one of the baristas. She picks up her latte a couple moments later, and heads for a chair, which by chance isn't -too- far from Tamara's couch.

With Natalie picking a seat not far from the girl, it's inevitable that Tamara's attention is drawn to her. Head tilted to one side, she studies the young woman with curious interest. But, perhaps uncharacteristically, the teen doesn't say anything just yet. She simply watches.

Natalie takes a sip from her latte, setting it on the end-table next to herself, as she then takes out her laptop from its case, an starts to set it up on…well, her lap! Appropriately named. She looks at Tamara only briefly so far, dismissing the teen apparently as, well, a teen.

Considering the back of the laptop's cover for a moment, Tamara offers Natalie a faintly apologetic smile. "Hollow as an empty room," she remarks. Which is to say… "There weren't any," the girl concludes, just in case her first comment was too oblique. The fact that she's commenting on something she shouldn't be able to see doesn't phase Tamara in the least, who merely turns back to her own drink and takes another sip.

Natalie looks up at Tamara, confused…and then back to her screen. "I…" Doubletake. "How'd you know that?" she asks, puzzled. Her screen wasn't visible from there.

Tamara looks over at Natalie, and offers a smile. "It was there. Your shadow." A slight shrug of one shoulder. "Now it's not, but it doesn't need to be." So that's fine, apparently. Whatever it's supposed to mean. "What are you looking for?" the girl asks, twisting to sit straight on the couch and face Natalie squarely.

A confused look from Natalie, as she looks back to consider the statement. "A job." she sighs. "I got laid off from my last, so I'm trying to find something new." She's not expecting a teenager to understand the job woes, but Tamara definitely has her full attention.

Tipping her head to one side, Tamara studies the computer. Her eyes seem to darken - but maybe that's a trick of the lighting. Or something. "Maybe you should look farther," is her advice. The teen blinks once, lifting her (now normal) gaze to meet Natalie's. "'New' is a lot of things."

The blonde woman seems surprised. "I am looking. But there's not a ton of choices out there for people with my skill set, so we'll have to see how it turns out."

Tamara raises a brow. "Then maybe you need new choices," she states. Not that the girl has any to provide easily, much less that she wants to go hunting for. She just knows staring at the inbox won't do Natalie much good.

Natalie closes the laptop, and nods. "Well, yeah. I need to do something, because this is certainly not happening." A frustrated sigh. "Maybe I should consider trying to get into teaching again."

Tamara pauses, just about to take another drink, and looks over at Natalie thoughtfully. She considers the woman for a moment, then nods. "That was a bit better," the teen agrees, considering how the possibilities shift with Natalie's decision. Even if the decision winds up an ephemeral one; they still change.

Natalie looks curious. "You know, you talk kind of like you're tripping on something, but I don't think you are. What's going on with you?" She seems -very- interested in Tamara now, more than just casual curiosity.

Tamara gives Natalie a puzzled look, then peers down at her feet. Which are staying right where they should be. "No tripping," she states. "I avoid the ones that trip. But I didn't know trips talked." The teen considers that for a moment, then shrugs, returning to the question. "I'm just here. Like you." Does something have to be going on?

Natalie's pretty sure something is. The girl acts like she's either drugged…or maybe not quite right in the head. "Natalie." she offers a hand, looking out to the girl.

Tamara accepts the offered hand. "Tamara," she supplies in return. At least she /can/, today. Settling back in the corner of her couch, she pulls her legs up on the seat. Sipping at her drink, the girl watches Natalie with a small smile.

Natalie nods. "So…what has you out here at the coffee shop today, Tamara?" She's changed gears from "dismissing as a kook" and moved into "trying to get to know" for some reason.

To the question, Tamara shrugs. She takes the time to swallow another drink before responding. "Everyone's somewhere. Coffee shops are good places." A pause, a bird-like tilt of her head. "Except for the coffee," the teen amends, rather cheerfully.

Natalie nods towards the girl's cup. "So what've you got in there?" She asks, looking to her curiously. She sips her own, and then says "And how'd you really know what my email said?"

That's… a good question. Tamara eyes her cup, then offers Natalie a helpless shrug. Apparently she doesn't know? With that, she sets the question aside, contemplating the laptop instead. "It's your shadow. It was. An easy one. It's not like there were many. On, or off. Only, just off."

Natalie looks down towards her feet. "My shadow?" She's going to stay on the topic as much as she can. "And then you said it was better?"

"There's shadows, and there's /shadows/," Tamara supplies, noticing Natalie look down. She's trying to be helpful. "Sometimes yes, sometimes no, but mostly yes. It wasn't /empty/." And that's an improvement, right?

Natalie looks at Tamara, considering her, but not quite following. She's about to say something then, and then her cell phone rings. She curses under her breath, and flips it open. "Go." There's a long moment as she listens, then says "I'm on my way." She hangs up, and offers the girl a smile. "Sorry, got to run."

Tamara nods sagely. "See you later," the teen promises with a cheerful smile. Settling back on the couch, she doesn't look like she's going anywhere soon - but that certainly doesn't mean she'll still be here if Natalie were to come back later.

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