2007-09-10: Operation: No Potato Ring


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Summary: Peter shows up at Lachlan's apartment with a mission. No Potato Ring for Cass.

Date It Happened: September 10th, 2007

Operation: No Potato Ring

Lachlan's Apartment

It's afternoon. The sun is shining for the moment, but clouds threaten the possibility of rain, keeping it cool in the city. There's a knock on the apartment door. Peter stands there, dressed moderately nice, though not stooping to wear a tie or anything, and waits for the response. He's not holding a carrier bag this time. All of his required supplies are in the inner pockets of his jacket. He's pretty sure Cass is working today, he's not— obviously— so he hopes to find the master of the apartment home alone.

Yes indeed, Lachlan is home alone for once. Or as alone as one can be with a cat. He would be out at work, however he's between appointments at the moment. So it's dressed (!) and still unshaven and with hair uncut that the Scot answers the door, a little surprised to see Peter. "Hey," he greets as he steps aside to let the other man in. "Wha's up?"

Mmmm… Peter gives him a rather critical up and down look. Jewelry stores are notorious for only helping people who look like they can pay. Which is why he dressed up. If he's there hovering (though not really), they'll take the man a little more seriously. "How much time do you have available right now, Lachlan?" No hey, no how you doing. He's on a mission today. Save the choice of wedding/engagement ring, save the world.

While Lachlan no longer looks like something that crawled out of a cardboard box hungover and high this morning (thanks in large part to Cass' influence over the past half-year), he's certainly not dressed up to go jewelry shopping — unless that would be clean jeans and a clean T-shirt. Hey, that's something. He even combed his longish hair today. "Uhhhh— " Lachlan glances at his watch thoughtfully "— few hours. Why?" He eyes Peter somewhat suspiciously. The guy's dressed up and asking him how much time he's got right now. Something Is Up.

"That's enough time. Come with me. I have a car," Peter says, gesturing in the general direction of the street. Borrowing a car from his brother's drivers. There's no need for him to buy one himself yet— since parking where he lives sucks. He'd ask him to change, but he's pretty sure a nice clean t-shirt and jeans are some of the nicest things he's ever seen him in, future included. "We need to get you a proper engagement and wedding ring. Though you'll have to give me an idea of how much you can afford." Because… money is important.

Oh, so Peter has seen the duct tape ring. Lachlan looks a bit uneasy at that, like someone who has just been caught neglecting a dog or something. However, as he opens the door again and moves to step out, he can't help uttering, "Christ, Peter, I like ye, but no' enough ta marry ye." Grin. Back to seriousness: "Nothin' more'n three-grand." Yeah, he has quite a big nest egg.

The joke earns a laugh, and Peter touches his arm. "I wouldn't want to marry that fuzzy face either." It's a tease, one that's probably a little more fond than their short interaction can attest to. It's a weird situation… time travel made him closer to the man, but he has no knowledge or memory of that— and in some ways it might be best not to tell him. "Three grand? That shouldn't be a problem then. That's more than I can afford right now," he says with a hint of a laugh. Not that— you know— he has the need for an engagement/wedding ring right now…

Thankfully that flies right over Lachlan's head, but it does bring to mind something else as he closes and locks his apartment door. "Oh hey, I fergot ta tell ye good job on finally gettin' with Elena," he states, giving Peter a good solid slap on the back. "S'bout bloody time. Lot o' us were thinkin' ye were never gonna get there." Words of encouragement to be sure.

"I— we're only dating right now," Peter says, taking a stumbled step forward and looking a little sheepish when he glances back at the man. There could have been a lot more going on there, but right now… "I'm surprised everyone knew… I thought I was better at hiding it." Since he'd been dating someone until just a few months ago… It'd been rather inappropriate to like someone else like that at the time. But once him and Elle offically broke up… He's not even sure Lachlan remembers that they broke up, since it was mentioned at an incident he's forgotten, but— nevermind that. "I already picked the jewelry store— come on," he gestures towards the car, getting in and driving over there.

Peter is talking to a man who spent most of his single life finding sexual undertones in everything a good-looking woman said to him. Lachlan's like a hound in picking up sexual tension (even when it doesn't exist!). Naturally he'd pick up on this other stuff. He snorts and grins. "Sure ye are," he notes. "'M just good at tellin' this stuff." And while he doesn't recall that Peter broke up with Elle, he does figure that's the case. Peter doesn't seem the type to go out with two women at once.

Jewelry Store

Once at the jewelry store, the Scot steps out of the car and stares at the building a little warily. He's never been in one of these things (… well, once … for illegal reasons) before, and now he suddenly feels very out of his element. He shoves his hands into the pockets of his jeans and follows Peter in.

A man moving into pirana filled waters… "It'll be all right. Just stay close to me," Peter says, as if they were going into battle. If they were going into battle the positions might be reversed, with Lachlan leading the way and him needing to stay close. No matter all his abilities, the Scot proved that he's better suited for fighting. In more ways that one. Doesn't mean Peter'll stop jumping into fights when he needs to, though… The jewelry store has a lot of wide open spaces— a lot of glass cases— and a couple of young females and a male working on the staff. They give Lachlan a look, but, as he suspected, they take the other male as a man of means. At least they don't automatically expect they're some kind of… couple themselves.

"Good afternoon, gentlemen. How can we help you?" one of the perky young woman asks.

"My friend he's shopping for an engagement ring," the former nurse responds.

"Of course! Right this way." She leads over to a specific section of the store and starts explaining all the different designers, the differences between yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum. The different types of gemstones that can be used, diamond the most prefered, but cubic zirconians are also available for those of smaller means…

… yeah, see, when Lachlan helped a friend knock off a jewelry store in Canada years and years ago, he didn't much care about the differences between different kinds of gold (hell, he didn't even know there were different kinds of gold) and platinum and gemstones and diamonds and whatever. He wasn't the one in charge of that operation, he was just muscle. So all that chatter pretty much flies right over his head. He's just … here for something pretty under three grand. As the woman continues to talk, he squints in a somewhat pained way, full of concentration, but none of the information is retained. The only thing that really stands out is that bit about cheapy stuff for people who can't afford it, and being on the defensive due to the fact that this is far out of his element, he leaps on that: "M'means arena small." It's a bit more snappish than it should be.

There's a polite smile across the counter. The young woman blinks a little and tries to backtrack as if worried about his snapping, but what Peter says seems to calm her down, "We'll pick one within the price range, don't worry— but we're looking for something unique. His fiancee is a very unique woman…" It's true… She really is unique. This is when he looks over at Lachlan. They probably should have discussed this in the car, but right in front of the sales woman may give her ideas for suggestions, "Do you know if she has a favorite color?"

That's right, Cass is unique. She's the only woman he's ever known that would even get him to come into a jewelry shop to buy a ring. At the question of favorite color, Lachlan stares blankly at Peter a moment. Favorite color? Uhmmm … hmm. Some consideration and obvious gear-turning occurs before he finally manages to grunt out, "Red … I think." Pause. "Yeah, red." He's pretty sure she really likes red.

"Oh, we have ruby engagement rings," the woman speaks up immediately, smiling and already moving as if to get them.

She's in midstep when Peter speaks up, "And if you have anything in a Celtic design, we'd like to see that too." That's for Lachlan as much as for Cass. Adds an air of uniqueness to the ring, makes it more obviously from him, and… gives it flavor. There's nothing wrong with flavor. The woman pauses, then nods and returns with a small tray of rings. She swaps out a few rings with other rings, and when she comes back it's set down in front of them. The other people in the store stand in wait. Probably with their hands on the button that locks the door. Just in case, you know.

"Um— those're Irish, I think…" Peter says, gesturing towards the claddagh designs up at the top, but the rest of them are either plain ruby engagement rings, or have a celtic cross. Some are simple, others aren't, and they come in white gold or yellow gold for the most part.

Plenty of them are indeed Irish, which Lachlan can easily distinguish. A lot of them are more complex than he would ever want — Cass isn't very flashy, so he doesn't see her liking a big flashy ring either — and some of them are just too simple. Totally unaware of the people who may or may not be standing by with fingers on the alarm buttons (though if he were, he'd be absolutely indignant), the Scot scrutinizes the tray with a frown. He knows precisely the sort of thing he wants, which is at least helpful — he doesn't get to stand there looking like a complete idiot (for too long). Finally, he points to a rather simple and obviously Scottish design. "Like tha' one," he states. "Ye got it in a diff'rent metal though?" Yellow gold isn't exactly something he likes.

The yellow gold combined with a ruby does make for a rather… interesting look. The white gold would be better, certainly. The jeweler pulls the ring and says, "Just a minute. I think we have this in white gold for the diamond setting, so you could see what it looks like…" The lady does take the tray with her, though, certainly not leaving them alone with it. And he made his choice anyway, right? She goes to converse with the man— probably the one who would switch the stones, and he's the one who walks over, after retrieving the identical ring with a diamond.

"Good afternoon, gentlemen," he says again, setting the two rings on a display so they can be scrutinized, "Is this the design you want?"

And then Peter pipes up, "Do you have matching wedding bands?" Wedding bands are, after all, important. And when there's a unique ring like this, one would need the matching bands or it'd just look silly.

"Of course, sir, we have them in white gold, just like this," he motions towards the woman, and she retrieves the wedding bands soon after. The groom band is much wider than the bride's of course. "We'll just need ring sizes and we can order them for you."

… matching wedding bands? They do that sort of thing? Good thing Peter came along. Lachlan peers at the white gold ring (what? Don't they call that silver in the real world?) and nods. "Yeah, tha's it. With the … red one." He waves a hand indicatively. Ruby. Thing. When the wedding bands themselves arrive, he perks up. Hey, he really likes those! "Those're nice." And … ring size? Shit. "Dunno 'er size," he mutters, scratching at his beard nervously. Good going, Lachlan. Totally screwed it up. However, he's struck by a sudden thought and starts digging around in his pockets. "Wait, can ye size it off o'— " dig dig dig dig AHA. He pulls out the old paper ring he'd first made for Cass before she had it replaced with duct tape and holds it up. He's been carrying it around since the duct tape one was made. "— this?"

There's a pause, but the man takes the old paper ring from him and says, "We can try, though the ring may need to be resized slightly once she has it— that can be done here. Free of charge." The man takes the piece of paper aside to a scale, leaving the other woman standing by to smile and look pretty (and watch the goods). When he returns, he says, "We can order the rings with this setting, do you want to set up a payment plan?" Payment plans tend to be the most popular, though everyone likes lump sums of cash.

He begins to explain the payment options (which'll end up being more in the end) and then giving the price in a lump sum— which just happens to be just within the man's price range, with a five year in store repair warranty, and even gem replacement option. Then he adds, "We can upgrade them to platinum, and they would cost almost ten grand all together." Platinum? It ain't cheap.

Ten grand? Christ. Lachlan blinks once, twice, then utters, "Nah, the … white stuff's fine." Not that he probably couldn't afford ten grand, knowing how much he's got squirreled away, but really, what business does a dog trainer have spending ten grand in one chunk? Three grand is already a bit of a boggle. He pulls out his wallet and withdraws a debit card, which he holds out. "Can pay fer it all up front."

The man's eyebrows raise when he hands over the debit card. Debit. Not credit. There's a long pause, as if he's not used to this, or didn't expect it, and then he says, "Of course, sir." His tone is a lot more respectful now. He even kind of bows for a moment, before he takes the card and puts out some paperwork for him to fill out, and sign. Full name, address, phone number, that sort of thing. "We should be able to have them ready in a few days— I'll just need to check your ring size before I make the order." With a little sizer thing in hand, he'll take his ring finger size, then moves off towards the back, to insert order into the computer and swipe the card. MONEY MONEY.

"Do you need help filling that out?" Peter asks, glancing over the fine print for him. At least they offer free repair and gem replacement— even if it's accidental. But only for five years. No lifetime policy.

Having not actually purchased jewelry before, Lachlan doesn't know that he's missing out on anything. He doesn't pick up on the added respect either. He just happens to keep at least three grand in his bank account at all times, most especially since he started getting really, really good business in his legitimate field of work. He's got this covered. After getting sized, he peers at the form and starts filling out what he can in his rather horrid handwriting. "Nah," he mutters distractedly, "think I got it." He hadn't expected to buy wedding rings too, but hey, it's convenient, and he likes them.

Still, even though he's told the other man's got it, Peter watches to make sure that he fills it out in a readable way. It would suck if they get the rings and them call the wrong number to pick them up, after he's already paid— though he's sure that they'll ask for ID. When he comes back, they do ask for ID of some kind, returning the debit card, and probably going to add a photocopy of the ID for verification when he returns. "I think she'll like them," the younger man adds with a smile, while all the paper work and other stuff gets squared away.

ID. Lachlan once again pulls out the wallet and digs around in it for a little while before he pulls out a driver's license. Does he drive? No, not really, but he's got one for identification purposes. This is held out and then he grins a little sheepishly at Peter. "Yeah? Hope so." Then again, she liked the duct tape ring, so it's not like she's in it for the bling.

And this is almost barely bling, for that matter. Peter can't help but smile. "She will. While we're here though… I'm going to pick up something for Elena. I'm taking her on an important date this weekend— our third date." In some guy speak, third date is really important.

He sneaks off to talk to the other woman in a section with bracelets. He'd already known what he wanted, so it's not too long before he's handing over his own card and buying it. Bracelets don't really need to be sized, so they put it in a box for him.

All the while the more respectful man returns Lachlan's things, hands over a photocopy of their "contract" and says, "The rings will be here at the beginning of next week. I will call you personally so you can pick them up, Mr. Deatley." Much more respect, seriously.

Third date and he's already buying her a ring?! Jesus, not even Lachlan moves that fast. He stares at Peter with some shock … but then the guy goes and buys a bracelet, and that causes him to relax some. He grins, and then when the clerk returns, he blinks at the 'Mr. Deatley'. Well doesn't he just feel all important and stuff. The Scot bobs his head once and takes his copy of the 'contract'. "Sure. Thanks a lot." Flashing a grin, he heads over to Peter, folding up the paper to stuff into his pocket, where it will likely be lost for a time with all the other bits and pieces of miscellany. "Ready?"

No, no, nothing like that. Peter's not that crazy— even if he'd been in love with her almost as long as Lachlan and Cass have been dating— almost. A month off, really. Even if he'd had a girlfriend— but that's another story. "Ready," he says, hefting his bag. There's a pause, he glances over his 'friend' and then decides. "I was about to tell you to dress up when you give her the rings, but I think she'd accuse you of being abducted by aliens. Better to just go as yourself when you do it." There's an armgrab, and then he nods towards the door. They can leave now. Mission accomplished. No potato ring for THIS Cass.

And definitely an earlier wedding, too. At the mention of dressing up, Lachlan raises an eyebrow, then glances down at himself as though expecting his own clothes to have disintegrated or something. He doesn't say anything on it, though. It gives him something to think about. After all, his proposal was pretty sloppy, so he sorta wants to do this one right. Except he doesn't actually own a suit. Oh well, he'll think of something. Off they go!

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