2007-04-27: No Prancing In Tights


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Summary: Ethan does some sneaking around, Vi gets terse!

Date It Happened: April 27, 2007

Log Title No Prancing in Tights

Holcombe Residence

Ethan managed to slip out of the apartment for a little bit of time. Under the guise of grocery shopping. Trusting his wife to behave while she was no longer under his watchful eye. The comics he procured are hidden in one of the grocery sacks before he unlocks the door and comes into the living room. "Hey honey bear? I'm home! I got you some more of that chocolate you like! Honey?" Arms laden with the shopping bags, he immediately starts looking for Vi.

In the past week or so, Viola has been healing quite nicely. Mostly that's because of Ethan's badgering to stay off the leg and take her medicine. But, now that she's able to use a cane to get around and still keep most of her weight off of it, she's been up and about as much as she can for physical therapy and the like. Slowly she limps out of the bedroom and into the livingroom. "How was the grocery store, Holly?"

Ethan sets the bags down on the living room table before rushing to assist his wife, "Careful there! You still have to take it easy!" Mother hen much? You bet! "It was a store, sweetheart. Filled with necessary food items and food stuffs to indulge the wife with. In other words, boring, little old ladies taking their time buying food for their twenty cats and showing the pictures to the cashier."

"I'm taking it easy," Viola gives her husband a sour look. "Do you see me hitting you with this cane? No." Cranky still about having to take everything slow and easy, at least she's a little better. "Well, I was just trying to ask since I've been under house arrest for the past week. It /did/ take you awhile. What, was this Mrs. Krazinsky again and her five million cats again?"

Ethan chuckles and gives Vi a kiss on the cheek, "And I appreciate that you aren't hitting me honey. Not with the cane anyway." The last is added with a playful wink as he leaves Viola's side to go put the groceries up and to hide the evidence of his side trip. "Yeah. I think she said something about two new litters. Seriously. Spay and neuter your cats woman."

"You just wait until I can walk properly again." Viola sighs and turns from the grocery bags. Just in time to see something Ethan is desperately trying to hide. "What's that?" she asks curiously. She's not angry, but curious. Krazinsky's cats are forgotten.

"You know how your promises excite me!" Ethan calls out, then tries to shoo his wife, "Go sit down, I'll bring you something to drink." It's not y'know.. desperate attempts to hide.. just.. y'know.. Evidence of being indulgent, and probably a bad husband with a seriously injured wife at the house.. and he did a selfish thing!

It's more the hiding than what he might be hiding that is bothering Viola. "No, I'm okay. I've been sitting down all day. Are you hiding something from me?" It's not being a bad husband if he wants to go do something, just if he tries to do it behind her back.

"Uh… not.. really.. so .. don't hit me. I tookasidetrip to the comicstore. Ihadn'tbeeninawhile!" With that, bags in hand, Ethan rushes into the kitchen to this time really start putting things away. "I got your favorite chocolate, and I love you?"

Viola frowns. "I'm not gonna hit you for going to a comic book store, Holly." She leans on her cane and stares at Ethan. "I just don't like you sneaking around on me. If you want to go out comic book shopping, go comic book shopping, but don't /lie/ to me about it."

"…. I didn't lie about it.. I just.. neglected to say I was detouring.. it was uhm.. impulse cause I wanted to catch up on 9th Wonders." Is that a sheepish tone to Ethan's voice? Uh huh. You'd think he snuck down to the nudie bar or neighborhood Hooters!

"That's fine, honey. Just…don't hide it from me." Viola sounds disappointed that he felt the need to hide such a trivial thing from her. Like she would explode at him for that. This coming from the woman who freaked out about people sending her flowers. "What is 9th Wonders anyway?"

"Sorry baby.. I just.. I kinda felt like a POS for nipping off to the comic store when I was supposed to be getting groceries." Which Ethan DID do! He's not /that/ bad like a lot of husbands. He even followed the shopping list! "Especially with you all laid up and maimed." There's the sound of canned goods being put into place and a cabinet door shut a little too loudly, followed by Holly coming out of the kitchen. He stares at his wife in disbelief. "You don't know.. Oh my God. I MUST educate you! One moment!" Holding up a finger for his wife to wait, he scurries off to his closet. The one where a lot of his geek things are stashed. He rummages for a bit then pulls out a first issue of the comic. "This my darling dove, is 9th Wonders," he presents the comic as if he were Vanna White turning letters on Wheel of Fortune. "It's one of /the/ best comics out there today. And by that I mean recently written ones."

"You don't have to worry over me like I'm gonna explode if you leave my side for an hour." Viola rolls her eyes and limps over to the couch, leaning against it's back. That way she's not just sitting down, but she's not standing uncomfortably, either. "Don't know what? Is this one of your lab buddy things?" Something she's studiously ignored him having for all of their marriage. She doesn't mind him having them, but it's not something she's very interested in. She raises an eyebrow as she looks at it. "What's so special about it? Looks like a normal comic book to me."

"Yeah well, sweetheart, you are a very stubborn woman," Ethan says pointblank as he drops down against the back of the couch next to his darling wife. "More than just a lab buddy thing.. Honey, you /know/ how I feel about comics." And anything worth geeking over really. "C'mon hon, don't poo-poo this. It's right up there with X-men or Spider-man! Normal people finding out they have powers and doing extraordinary things.. minus the gay tights and capes."

"It's what you love about me," Viola fires back just as quickly. "I'm not poo-pooing it. I just don't understand what's so good about all these comics. So you have super powers, that's no reason to go prancing about in tights and taking the law into your hands. Why can't they ever just work /with/ law enforcement. It's ridiculous." That rant out of the way, she holds a hand out to grab a hold of this wonderful thing her husband seems so intent on. "So normal people with super powers? Why is this good?"

Ethan slides an arm around Viola's waist, snuggling in close to her. "See baby, that's why this one's good and different. No prancing around in tights and costumes. Mostly. There is a story arc with one girl who puts on a costume, but she's got a good reason for it. HEY! Easy! First edition!" He looks slightly panicked when Vi takes the comic. "Because.. it's crazy. People having powers. The cops would lock them up, right? WHY is this good? Didn't you want a super power when you were a kid? Not that you aren't Wonder Woman but with a hotter body and all.."

"I was too busy trying to keep my brothers from doing drug deals to want super powers." Viola is more careful with the comic when Ethan makes that girlish squealing, but she sounds serious as she talks. "Hm. Well, that does sound kind of interesting. No prancing about. Well, if someone came up to me and told me they had super powers I would ask them to prove it. And if they could, then I would believe them. Simple as that. There's a lot weirder stuff out there right now."

"Yeah, yeah, bring me down to reality why don't you and remind me that I'm an only child." Ethan's teasing of course.. and it wasn't a girlish squeal! "Huh. That's awfully open minded of you darling. Not that you /aren't/, but things like powers? As much as I love my comics and fiction, it's just that. Fiction. Not real. But .. seriously.. you wouldn't like freak out and slap some cuffs on someone? Theoretically speaking.. say.. Joe Smith walks in, says I wanna help the police, I can fly. You'd really just say prove it, he proves it and you're okay with it? You just.. don't take this the wrong way babycakes, you're pretty damn grounded mentally, feet planted firmly in place. I know I'd be weirded out at first then, oh man, cool." After he was done practically messing himself of course.

"What?" Viola stares at her husband. "It'll never happen. It's impossible to fly and to do whatever it is your superheroes do. So, who cares? Some random Joe thinks he can fly, let him fly. He hoovers off the floor for a couple seconds, what am I gonna tell him? Other than recommend him a good psychiatrist. And possibly ask him what he spiked my drink with. If someone can prove something to me, then, fine, I'll believe it. There's a good hundred perps I've believed to be guilty only to be proven wrong about."

"Baby… I love you." Ethan listens to his wife, and just gives her an even more adoring gaze than before. "I know it won't happen, can't happen, and we're just speaking hypothetically.. but you're so damn cool. Marry me? Oh wait, you already did!"

Viola gives her husband a 'what?' look. This shouldn't come as much of a surprise to him. "I love you too," she says, though she sounds confused. Then, she laughs and rolls her eyes. "You bet your ass I did. Now let's get into that chocolate you were teasing me abou tbefore."

Ethan laughs before cupping his wife's cheek and giving her a fierce kiss. When he pulls back, he grins widely at her, "Oh, the other chocolate. Right. Sit down, make yourself comfortable my love goddess, I'm gonna pamper you s'more whether you like it or not." And since he can move quicker than Vi at the moment, he pulls back fast and rushes off to the kitchen.

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