2010-01-05: No Really, THIS Is The Last Time



Date: January 5th, 2010


Jade contacts Gene and asks him for a just one more favor for her and Lena. Honest! Just one more…

"No Really, THIS Is The Last Time"

Lena & Jade's Base (Aka: Cheap Motel Room)

Impatient by nature, Jade had immediately set about her self-appointed duties of contacting Lena and Tiago's savior, leaving a rather bumbling message of needing to see him to ask for more favors, as well as a few apologies for asking for yet more things when he'd already given the duo more help than they had a right to expect. No sooner had she returned from this, and an expeditious banking endeavor that had taken quite a bit of time, given the size of the deposits she was trying to make, than she learned of the departure of a third of their trio. The rest of the time had been spent between trying to convince Lena to eat, and waiting on the arrival of the aforementioned Gene.


It's a noise that has been going on for over an hour in the tiny motel room, the sound of a rubber ball bouncing off the wall, then the floor, to be caught in Jade's small hand and then hurled again. What else was a girl to do in the early evening, before all the good shows came on television, when the motel only had basic cable. No fancy On Demand for them.

Every now and then, like now, Jade hops off of the bed, paces to the window, lifting up one of the blinds to peer outside, mostly to assure herself no one had run off with her scooter. She'd even placed a wheel-lock on it. "Hey Leen? You hungry, yet? I could get us some Chinese food or something."

Were it not for Jade's reassuring and yet still incredibly annoying presence, Lena would probably be in a fetal position in the bathtub right now. But, slight though she is, Lena's pretty certain the younger girl could still batter her way through the flimsy door. So…she's curled up on the bed, decked out in sweat pants, sweatshirt and hoodie. Having come from a shower not long ago, her hair is a poof of dark waves around her head. In her hands are a pair of boxes; hair dye, one a rich chestnut shade, the other a dark blonde.

Lena is pretending to study these, debating the merits of each. The ball-bouncing is mostly ignored although human nature being what it is, she does glance up occasionally. Not saying anything, but certainly looking as if she'd like to ask if Jade is finished now. Maybe. Soon. Please?

"Not hungry. But I'll eat, I guess. Do they deliver?" The box of chestnut dye is held up, tilted so the example picture rests against her cheek. "Brown?"

Dressed in his black peacoat, Gene moves up to the door where his presense was requested. A couple of raps let the pair know where he is, planting his hands back in his black jean pockets in a vain attempt to warm them up.

"Mmmmmaybe. I'd have picked auburn, though. Maybe mahogany. You already did blonde once. It looked okay, but…"

She lets that happy thought trail off as she looks back over her shoulder, away from the blinds to spy the box next to her head. "Dark is much more you." She points towards the low, wide wooden dresser, towards a pair of flimsy paper menus, one for a pizza place, the other for a cheap Chinese diner. "They should. Don't they all? I don't think they'd pass out flyers if they didn't deliver." Movement outside pulls her eyes back to the window.

There, she spies a mostly-familiar form, as she'd only seen the male a couple of times, and spoken at length but one time. Dropping the partition she was holding out of place, the teenaged girl hops over to the door with a calming wave towards the jittery older girl. "It's cool, it's cool. It's Gene." It takes her a moment to undo the chain latch and the deadbolt, but then she swings the door open enough to admit the male, but hopefully not all the cold air that would follow him, waving him inside hurriedly.

"C'mon, c'mon, it's freezing. Uhhhh, I mean, thanks for coming."

"Red's too bright, dark brown's too close to-" Was that a knock? That was definitely a knock. The boxes drop to the blanket and Lena slides off of the bed, backing towards the bathroom. Her hands, which are not gloved, flex and then curl at her sides. As if she were capable of actually mustering any sort of defense, should it prove to be agents rather than Gene on the other side of that door.

Lucky for them, it is Gene and Lena is free to pace forward to a more social distance. She folds the hoodie closed over her torso, securing it in place by tucking her hands under her arms, and bobs a nod at the young man.

"Hey…hey, yeah. Thanks for coming. I'm sorry." Apologizing is going to be the norm for awhile, they're just going to have to cope with it. Lena shuffles on her feet before sinking to the edge of the bed, sitting with a hunched spine. It's an awkward moment, she plainly isn't sure of what to say next. "Um. It's not an emergency. We're just…I think…we thought it was time to move. And…Tiago's left. With the truck."

Weaving around the door and Jade, the young man begins to unbutton his coat as he gives a simple nod toward the younger woman. "Hey, good to see you again," he offers quietly, trying to be polite, even in these trying times. He blinks a couple of times at Lena's facts, the way that she says them suggesting that he won't be back anytime soon. "Why did he go? Don't tell me it was over what to do now."

"Yeah, he took the truck, and…"

As she closes the door behind the male, Jade spends a few moments fiddling with the chain, biting her lower lip as she slides the deadbolt back into place. "I don't think he's coming back with it." Turning back around, she perches a hip against the door and, so she didn't have to nervously twist her fingers together, hooks her thumbs into the belt-loops of her jeans, fingertips absently tapping at the tops of her thighs.

"He's pissed. About, y'know, everything that happened. Whatever they did to him, I guess it, kind of, changed him? I'm worried he's going to do something stupid. …I'm sorry, this isn't what I wanted to dump on you."

Pushing off of the door, the younger teen slides around the male in the room, slouching her rear down on the bed a foot away from Lena with enough weight behind it to make the mattress squeak in protest and bounce a few times. "As far as we know, no one knows about me, so my account's safe, and so's my name. But Lena, if anything shows up in her name, or if they ever get mine, we're screwed. They can freeze all our money, track us through things we own, credit cards, that kind of thing. Do you think, maybe, you know how to set us up with some fake documents? Like social security cards, a driver's license, and maybe a birth certificate? I know we shouldn't keep coming to you for handouts, but… We're kind of up a creek."

Jade has explained the situation, and done a fairly decent job of it, leaving Lena to nod confirmation. The younger teen has all of the nervous energy. The older is haggard, and very, very still. Even when Jade sets the bed to bouncing, she just winces at the movement and braces herself until it stops. "It's kind of my fault. But…but he wants to start a war."

Not the most fun of admissions and guilt causes her to briefly duck her head. Better to focus on the practical business.

"We have the money Jaden sent. Forty thousand…thirty, if Chi comes back. If…the truck has a GPS in it, maybe." Lena tilts her head, peering up at Gene through the mess of her bangs. One hand is extricated to rub at the side of her neck. "I know it's more to do, Gene. It's…we really owe you. And if this is too much, we can figure out something."

"You've got to be kidding me," the genius replies as he glances toward Jade. "The man that can't hold down a steady job wants to try and start a revolution?" While it is uncommon for Gene to state unkind words, it is clear that he is not pleased with Tiago. He grits his teeth for a moment before speaking, clearly upset over the matter. "After all I do, he leaves just like that. If he really IS planning on starting something, someone is gunna have to reign him in. I know of a few Evolved that have a similar mindset, we have to take charge, move forward. If we don't, Tiago won't be the last to have that sorta attitude… But I have that covered." Or at least, Gene hopes he does.

The young man begins to pace in front of Jade and Lena, breaths that were starting to speed swiftly are drawn under his control. The speed of his speed swiftens as well, but it is clear that it is only to catch up with a mind in overdrive. "I could do that, but I'm not really equipped to handle something like that… It would take me a few days, couple of weeks even. Now I have a friend, Rebel, who I'm sure he could have that done within a couple of hours. If you guys know him, try him. If not, I'll ask him. In the meantime, lay low, but stay calm. When people get nervous, they make stupid mistakes. We might not be able to control everything, but we need to at least control ourselves and how we handle this."

"Oh, hell no, Leen! I'm not giving him anything to fund his private war with. If he wants his ten grand, he's going to have to rejoin the rest of us in SaneLand and give up his dreams of mass vengeance."

Leaning back on her hands, the youngest of the group falls silent as the male takes in the unwelcome news, staring down into her lap, occasionally glancing at the woman next to her to see her reaction. After several long, silent moments, she quirks her lips. "I don't really know anyone but you, Leen, and Cheech. And Syd and Randy. But we've already gotten Syd thrown out of two houses, and Randy, I don't think he's got them illegitimate skills. But yeah, if this Rebel guy can get it done in a few hours, I won't say no to you hitting him up."

Standing up, she slides a bit farther along the bed, enough to cock one leg up onto the mattress with her and turn enough to lean against the headboard. "Thanks. You know, for everything. Um… There's kind of something else…" Flipping her hair behind her shoulders, she leans forward, holding out her hands in a calming motion. "It's the last thing, I promise! Do you, maybe have a car we can borrow? Just for a few days! Just long enough for us to find an old clunker we can buy. And maybe we can pay you back somehow. I don't know, is there anything we can do? I can run errands, or deliver things, or… Yeah."

Pacing. Pacing isn't good. Nor is a Gene driven to open frustration. Lena draws her feet up onto the edge of the bed, knees pressed to her chest to leave the man ample room to roam, watching him with pained eyes and her lower lip caught between her teeth. Here it comes. "I'm sorry."


"He's just mad and hurt. He'll calm down, right? The money's his. The truck…" Well. The truck might be a wash. Rebel's name being tossed out there earns another wince. Lena glances uncertainly at Jade before refocusing on the young genius. "He's…I know him but…will he do that? He was…I gave his name. The fake name. But." But she's not fool enough to think that people will appreciate or let slide the spilling of information. "I guess we can find an internet cafe, see if we can reach him. Or the library. I have to let Felix know I didn't tell where his wife and kid are…wait, a car?" The other girl earns a startled glance for that request; it wasn't something they'd discussed. "I already lost him a truck."

Jade's request causes Gene to just go wide eyed for a moment before they narrow at the woman. "I'm just gunna pretend you didn't ask that and we'll go on with the conversation" comes the cold tone, which thankfully is cut short as he speaks to Lena. "I wish I could believe you on that. I really do… But right now, if Tiago is going to be that foolhardy, it might be best for all parties to let him be until the dust has settled. But yeah, just tell him that Prometheus is helping you guys out and stuff like that. Just put in a good word for me when you talk to him. He's a kid and for some reason now thinks I am a FBI murderer for Tiago and Dex's night on the town."

Rubbing his temple, Gene considers the options. "Well, if you guys want other stuff to do, I need my laundry done… Maybe some cleaning of my place. Other than that, not much that can be done now other than Lena continuing to practice her ability. Oh, and fill some flasks to equip a stealth team I'm making. Trying to make a team to snatch and grab some VIPs. Hopefully it will work out."

"But that wasn't our fault, Leen! What are we gonna do, double-hitch on my scooter? And somehow still fit all of our things on it? It's only a day or two. This is New York, there's gotta be fifty guys within five miles of here trying to get rid of a POS."

Unfortunately, Gene's flat denial puts an end to that line of inquiry, and ends with Jade frowning down at her feet, unwilling to press the issue farther for fear of what help they were getting being withdrawn. After a moment of wiggling her toes inside her sneakers, she looks back up.

"Yeah, okay. We'll just stay here until we can find one on our own. Just, uh… Write down where you want me to go, and I'll drop by after work and pick the place up. There's a laundromat down the street I can use." Sliding down the bed once again, this time back towards Lena's direction, she tugs mildly at her sleeve. "You're okay with that, right? Wait," The dark-haired teen's eyes snap back onto Gene. "You're not going to hurt anyone, right? You're not going to grab them and- and kill them, right?"

Still more things to apologize for. Mercifully, Lena refrains but only because she's busy looking rather pale as Gene sketches the outline of his plan. Refusing is out of the question, of course. But she doesn't have to be entirely comfortable with it, especially when Jade raises the possibility of death. "I'm shit for cleaning but I can…yeah. Sure, Gene. The coma stuff? I can…before, I was going to maybe see if I can learn the truth drug. Felix mentioned it. We can cab it to the library, use the computers there and get that drug book again so I can study. I don't think Gene would hurt anyone, Jade. I'll tell Rebel." It's a small improvement, this sort of looking ahead, considering options. Easier to do, with the pair of them on either side speaking calmly. Mostly.

"And I'm okay with that, yeah. I mean…I can't just crawl into a hole and die, right? Be weak, right now." Lena cracks a small, faint smile, her first of the day. "And even superheroes need clean underwear. In case they get hit by a bus." Pause. "Gene…do you think…you know anyone who can teach self-defense?"

"I'm trying to keep the death and mayham to an all-time low, but considering I'm only twenty-one and trying to do this superhero thing without ANY mentoring here, I think I'm doing pretty damn well under the circumstances," Gene replies to Jade, as he finally moves to the opposite side of the bed. "And busses, people take them all the time… When they aren't getting hit by them as Jade mentions." Sighing, the young man lays back on the bed and sprawls out his arms. "I have an personal instructor that was teaching me one of the more aggressive schools of Tai Chi… He was a harsh guy, but if you guys want to take classes, go for it. My grandfather is still paying for him."

His gaze moves toward Lena, giving a small smile in return. It has no true mirth behind it, but he's trying hard. "You'll get through this. And presuming I live through this, we'll be able to laugh about it for awhile. We'll see how the government likes my breakout."

After debating it mentally, the young man pushes himself up. "In any case, if you guys know to talk to Rebel, and what to do… Anything else you need or want to talk about?"

"I've cleaned the nasty funk that came out of Cheech's underwear, so I'm pretty sure I can wash out anything 'The Gene' and his cohorts can throw at me. …I hope." Placing her hands on her knees, bouncing her fingers up and down on her legs, Jade crosses them at the ankles, tucking them closer to her, her feet nearly under the bed. "Uhhhhhh, I don't think so. I think that's about all of our personal crisis situations. I think we'll take you up on that trainer, though. If it's not any trouble."

"Look, I know you're just trying to keep people safe, and with everything you've done, it's really not my place to criticize. I just… don't want anyone to die. And if you say you're not going to go out with an intent to kill, that's good enough for me. You've done a lot for us, and we've never really given you anything back for it, so…" Gripping the side of the mattress, Jade shifts from side to side for a bit, an audible vibe of awkward washing out from her. "If you ever think of anything we can do for you, you just gotta ask."

"I'll, ah, paint your house or whatever."

"You're doing a good job, Gene." Lena tenders this quiet vote of confidence as she stands up a moment after he does. Again the little head bob, and the ghost smile. "You really are. I know maybe it doesn't feel like it, but…yeah. If you need anything, you just say it. Except maybe for laughing," she adds, joining Jade in fidgeting by tugging the sleeves of her hoodie down over her hands. "Or painting your house." Sorry, Jade, you're going to have to tackle that one solo. Lena plus ladders are a poor mix.

She pads to the door to get the locks undone, all too familiar with the genius' departure ritual and ready to open the door enough for him to slip out into the cold. "Be careful. And don't go mucking around in the mud before laundry day." It's a joke, really. Even spoken quietly that way.

"Anything you can do, huh? I'll consider the possibilities," Gene states before his mind begins to imagine.

Gene is currently resting in a hammock, relaxing his body save one finger that moves side from side as he speaks in a sing-song tone. "Chop, gold farm, chop, gold farm…."

Lena and Jade are currently in silk bathrobes Lena is playing World of Warcraft near the hammock on a laptop, currently killing monsters and taking their money but finding no true enjoyment in it. Jade is currently playing Fable 2, chopping digital wood over and over again. After they go on this for awhile, Jade puts down the controller, wondering up to Gene. One hand goes to the bathrobe's hem, pulling slightly at the front, showing the beginnings of sweet temptation. "Geeene, there are two of ussssss," she suggests as she runs a finger up and down a few inches below her collarbone. "…think of the possibilities."

The young genius looks toward Jade with a firm frown. "I hear farming, but I don't hear chopping!" As Jade goes back to the controller, Gene resumes his cheerful sing-song tone. "Chop, gold farm, chop gold farm…"

Back in the real word, Gene gets up with a smirk to Lena. "Hey, I always smell like victory! If you either of you need me, I'm here. Stay safe." And with that, Gene makes his way out the door.

The younger teenager's lips clamp shut tightly as Gene stands, making his parting words something about the way he smells, giving a mild wave and a waggle of her fingers as he departs. It takes superhuman willpower, from reserves she never even noticed, not to add on to that comment, biting down on her tongue to prevent her lips from flapping. She waits, patiently, on the bed, still and silent, until the deadbolt on the door slides home.

Immediately, she slithers off of the bed, onto her knees, and smacks her face down into the mattress of the other one, letting out a loud, though highly-muffled scream. After a long moment, she looks up, her arms lax and hanging down to the floor, her chin propped on the bed as she looks up at Lena.

"You have no idea how hard it is not to make fun of that boy sometimes. …You wanna call China Palace, or should I?"

"I dunno how you do it. Shut yourself up that way, he was kinda begging for it with the smell thing." Lena turns away from the door, arms tucking over her chest and hands curling over her shoulders. Once the screaming has been accomplished, Jade too receives one of those small smiles. Who wouldn't smile at the mad contortions the girl gets herself into, as a way of spending excess energy? "Maybe you're growing up too…yeah, you call." Why? Because she is crossing the room to pluck the box of dye from the bed. The chestnut box.

"I'ma see if I can rock brown hair."

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