2010-01-14: No Rest for the Wicked



Date: January 14th, 2010


Lena tries to put some downtime to good use, with Jade and Peter's assistance, but the outcome isn't quite as she'd hoped.

"No Rest for the Wicked"

Petrelli Safehouse, Staten Island, NYC

So the word has gone out: Gene's meeting of superheroes and their sidekicks is scheduled for the day after tomorrow, which leaves Lena on something of a tight schedule. She'd promised the king geek she'd have truth serum (whether he needs it or not) but the Petrelli Safehouse has not been the most peaceful of residences, particularly in the last twenty-four hours. Having enlisted Jade's help, she rounds up her new sister the day after Monica's appearance in the house and herds her downstairs where Peter is (presumably) still resting.

The poor man has had a difficult week but there is no rest for the wicked. Or those devoted to helping the lives of others.

"Pete?" So far as Lena knew, Peter's last location was on the couch so she begins with checking the living room, a thick book tucked under one arm. "Hey, Pete? You busy?"

"Mmmmmmmmm'why now?"

Whining. An art all teenagers had learned to develope and perfect to a near-science. So it is with Jade, technical sister of Lena, though at the moment she was seriously considering disowning the older girl for disturbing her peace. Naps weren't a hobby Jade often afforded herself, but after pulling the lateshift at the pawn shop, then waking up early to run errands, not the least of which was obtaining a softer brand of toilet paper, the dark-haired teen had gone to bed for just a quickie.

Only to then be hauled back out of it less than a half-hour later.

Now toussel-haired and grumpy-faced, Jade was clomping around the house in her bare feet, making disproportionately loud footsteps for such a small girl, trailing after Lena. On the move, she was doing her best to run a comb through her hair, even as she lets out a prodigious yawn, to make it look more presentable, as she had the tendency to roll in her sleep. It was a habit that was not good-hair-day friendly.

"Couldn't this wait until tomorrow? After work? Leen, I'm tiiiiiiiiired. Some of us have to work for a living!"

A lot of people work for a living, and then there's one person who happens to do more than one job at a time. It's rare that he's actually in the house, even when he needs to be resting, but it seems he's actually where she expects, looking down at his phone, using the keypads to type in words and send them off into never-never-land. No response, still, from Micah. A little more rest and he should be able to try to find them…

But actually finding people when he needs to is something he knows he's never been good at. Sylar's going to pay if something happened to those kids.

At the voice, he looks up and over, blinking a bit. "Not— entirely busy, no," he says, putting the phone into his pants pocket as he sits up on the couch. "What's going on?"

Jade earns a wrinkled nose and a look of mingled affection and annoyance tossed over one shoulder."I told you, I might have to practice more tomorrow and the meeting's Saturday. Shit is happening, Jade," Lena explains (again). "You promised you'd help, remember?" It's only fair that if Lena has been suffering massive guilt of late, others should have to as well.

Then she faces forward and gives Peter a tentative smile. "Could we, um, maybe borrow you for like…twenty minutes? I promised Gene I'd get something done by Saturday but I didn't want to practice with Jade until you were around." The book is turned around, its cover presented for his inspection. Surprise, it's his old dog-eared copy of the Merck Manual, that medical bible of druggy goodness. "I think I'm ready to make amobarbitol but we need one more person for me to try it out with." If something goes wrong. But she isn't about to say that in front of Jade.

"She said she's up for having it tried on her, if you can ask her questions," Lena adds as she plunks herself down on the end of the couch and begins leafing through the tome. Must find the right page… "Stuff she wouldn't wanna answer normally. Like…how I'm her favorite person in the whole world."

"Look, see, he was trying to nap, too, and you've disturbed him. What is this, if Leen can't sleep, no one can?"

Still full of grouch and self-pity for sleep she wasn't getting when she wanted it, the younger girl still manages to scowl and look displeased in the face of explanations. This is thrown off by the wincing and the 'ow, ow, ow' as she gets the brush tangled in a particularly nasty knot. After coming to a stop in the living room a bit away from the couch, she manages to jerk the grooming implement through, pulling out a few strands of hair by the roots in the process with an almost audible tear.

"Owww… I'm gonna have a bald spot."

Jade rubs at the offended section of her cranium, as if making sure no such spot existed. As Lena moves to sit down, she does as well, though she perches herself on the coffee table and jams her fist into her mouth to keep from yawning, and continues her personal grooming ritual. "Leeeeet's just get it over with. Take the ambibora… whatever. Then we can find out just what a huge bitch I think Leen is, what a huge perv I think you are," She looks pointedly at Peter. "And why I sleep with a baseball bat in my bed. Hint: it has something to do with Knife-Girl."

"Are you sure you wouldn't rather ask someone else questions?" Peter asks after a glance toward Lena, eyebrows raised in surprise at the mouth on the young woman they're wanting to give a kind of truth serum to. Maybe this is the kind of truth they don't really want to hear. "I don't really know you very well, Jade, so I'm not sure what to really ask— but it is a good idea to have me around. We don't know what affect this will have on her, or if you'll get the formula right."

He'd not even been aware she'd had that fine a control over what she created. Last he checked it was all feel-good juice. Which sometimes he wouldn't mind another dose of. This poor last week would be one of them.

"What else have you learned to create using your ability?" he has to ask.

Lena's head remains bowed over the book; it is huge and many of the pages are marked, which makes finding the page she wants rather difficult. "Some things are more important," she remarks absently to Jade. Her finger drags down the text. "Ah, here…hmm?" When the young woman looks up at Peter, there's a distinct lack of focus in her eyes. She's distracted, already thinking of the coming procedure, so it takes a moment to process what he's asked her.

"Uh…I guess. Um. I dunno. I thought maybe it would be…it might not be good for me to try it on you, right off, 'cause…you know. What happened last time, right?" A rather sheepish smile is summoned for the man. Yes, it isn't all bad to go off to Happy Land, but the timing isn't the best. "But if it works on Jade, we could try you next if we're careful? I do wanna see if it works on normal people and folks like us…Jade, maybe you could tell Pete stuff you'd rather not talk about?"

As for what Lena is capable of making now, the question is enough to make her squirm and fidget by leafing once more through the book. "Ummm, lots of stuff. Propofol, some kind of adrenaline thing, LSD, shrooms…a few mixes of stuff." Specifics she will not mention.

"What?" The hair-brushing stops so that Jade can frown more fully at the lone male of the house. "You saying you won't like my answers? Fine, do you wanna get dosed up with crazy ambitriolizine and have me ask you questions. Because I promise, you won't ever be able to look us in the eye again after I got done with you."

It's all delivered in a honey-sweet tone, along with a too-bright smile, sure signs that something was seriously wrong. The normally-dour teenager never smiled that big unless she was planning on verbally scalding something with her tongue. "I think you guys are making too much of this." Weaving the bristles through her hair a final time, Jade sets the brush down and rakes her fingers back through the dark mass, shaking it out. "This'll be fine. I'll get drugged up, you'll ask some questions that I'm sure- Wait, she drugged you up, too? Geez, she's a monster with that. She got me before. Twice. In clubs, no less."

"…Things I'd rather not talk about?" For the first time looking unsure, the youngest of the tree crosses her arms defensively. She was certain Peter likely wouldn't be able to embarass her by himself, but if she had to give him pointers… "Uh, let's see… Things I would slap you for… You could, uh, ask if I keep it trimmed or bald. Orrrrrr how many guys I've slept with. What color my under is. Mmmnah, that one sucks. Oh! If I've ever had any homosexual thoughts. Yeah, that'd be the first one I asked, actually." Reaching up, she scratches at the side of her cheek. "Is that enough?"

"I— mostly meant you didn't seem entirely willing," Peter says, still looking at Jade as if she's talking rather odd, but he nods at the other girl's words too. Using the ability on him might go badly, he realizes that, and the way Jade's talking, he's probably not going to want her to be asking him questions while he can't lie.

"You probably shouldn't use the adrenaline thing on me or anyone else with an ability, by the way. I learned the hard way that adrenaline based drugs have a way of making an ability go out of control… And with some people, that's extremely dangerous." He almost killed Jack and his brother when it happened, and destroyed parts of his mother's home. Best to avoid using that on destructive abilities!

"Let's get started."

Mark this date on your calendar, folks: Lena's cheeks actually fill with color when Peter gives that advice about her inspired-by-panic ability. That's…probably not a good sign. Fortunately, she can try to pass it off as feeling badly about having doped Jade before. Intentionally. "I'm a lot more careful now," she assures the pair of them, with absolute sincerity.

Speaking of Jade, the girl is given a quelling look as Lena arranges the book on the table beside her knee. "I should totally tape this, just to mess with you after you get detoxed…okay. So I'm suppose to like use a "steady low dose"." She thinks she knows what that means. The glove is peeled off of her left hand, that hand then being offered to Jade. Lena's eyebrows have already drawn together, her eyes closing as concentration begins. "…okay. I think I got it."

With a bereaved sigh, Jade flips out her hand, holding it there for Lena to touch, as if this were an inconvenience on the scale of going to the DMV for the afternoon, rather than a potentially dangerous experiment. Her stomach was in knots and she kind of wanted to throw up, but these two didn't need to know that. She just had to keep her poker face on until the drugs kicked in, and hope no one noticed that her palms were getting sweaty.

"Wait, you can do more than teleport n' things like that. I know Leen said you can do anything, but… Can you breath fire? Or walk through walls? Holy crap, can you fly!? Or do you know someone who can? You have to let me fly sometime if you do."

She does her best to ignore what's going to happen. There was a marked difference between being caught offguard by Lena's touch and knowingly interlocking their fingers with the intent to be a human guinea pig. She could feel nausea welling as she did her best to keep her mind off of it. That and the building dizziness.

"So do you know anyone who cannnnnn read minds? Wouldn't that be, like, way better than this truth syrum stuff? Eh heh heh… Ten bucks says she messes up and I end up either unconscious or half-way down the str-… the street missing half my… my clothes. Is… Is the room tilting?"

"Yes, I can do most all of that— except breathe fire. I can control fire, though," Peter says, before stepping forward and touching the young woman on her upper arms. "You should sit down for this, Jade. When this is over, I'll take you for a flight at least once." With that said, he tries to move her over to the couch he just left, so she can sit down. The promise isn't exactly a promise, but he's made it. Flying is one of the enjoyable parts of his ability. "All right— Have you had any homosexual thoughts?" She said to ask that one first, so there it is!

Lena cracks open one eye to peer at Jade as the drug takes effect. Oops. Low dose apparently means low dose, and while the babbling is amusing…

It's a fight to keep from even smiling but somehow she manages. Jade's hand is given a gentle squeeze, and Lena hitches in another breath before returning to the deep and deadly concentration of before. She wouldn't be able to explain how she does it, but the amount being pushed into her friend's bloodstream is dialed back by about half as the transition is made from table to couch.

"I promise I'm not gonna mess up. Much," Lena murmurs, only barely moving her lips. Peter is given a glance before her eyes close again. This is going to be interesting.

Moving from the coffee table to the couch proved more difficult than Jade had thought at first, the sense of vertigo while moving being much-amplified than when one was being still. The room tried to whirl around her as she sank into the cushion with a sigh of contentment, after nearly falling, kept steady only by the two people holding her.

"Ahhhhh… Huh?" Jade's head turns in Lena's direction, then back in Peter's, scrunching up her nose as if she hadn't quite heard him correctly. "Did you just ask if I had gay thoughts? No!" The answer doesn't quite match up to the smile-and-giggle combo she was maintaining, though, turning her face away so that she could snicker into her shoulder. As the drug is dialed down, the teen manages to get her smile under control and look the male in the face again.

"No! No. Nooooo. No." The denials are vehement. "Of course not. No, no, no." Then a giggle, followed by a pink tint to her cheeks and a cat-that-got-the-canary smile. "…Yeeeeeah. Just this one time. …Okay, more than once. But who hasn't! Who hasn't? But shhhhh." Leaning closer to look meaningfully at Peter, Jade puts a finger to her lips and whispers, "Don't tell Lena."

Don't tell Lena. Peter glances over his shoulder and looks at Lena. He won't have to tell her. "I definitely won't tell Lena." So he's living in a house with a girl in denial who has gay thoughts! But she's sort of right, who hasn't at least once. Um… what were her other questions? The ones he remembers make him hesitate, and he doesn't really want to ask. There's some things you just don't ask a person! "Have you ever broke the law?" Well, he just can't ask if she keeps trim or bald!

Lena is trying not to listen. Really she is. If she could plug her ears and sing la la la!, she would. The whole concentration aspect is much trickier than the brunette had expected. And, as a result of the first dopey answer, said concentration wobbles. It's so very hard to focus while snickering, meaning that there is a sudden wide swing in the effect before Lena's able to get herself back under control again. "I won't either," she chirps, directing a quick and deeply amused grin at Peter before it's back to being all business. Here is someone not embarrassed by such things. Such prejudices don't go very far, in the club scene.

She gets a better grip on Jade's hand, as much to provide balance during any leaning as to reassure, and focuses on the girl's face while resuming the 'steady low dose'. "You're doing good, Jade."

It's probably for the best that Pete's decided to ad-lib. It's also probably noticeable the note of gratitude in Lena's voice, low and distracted though it may be.

"Shhhhhh. Shhhhhh. Good. Good. Let's not tell her." As if to make sure no one was telling her, the dark-haired teenager cranes her neck to the side just enough too peer at the older girl, who was inexplicably smiling. Reasonably sure her 'secret' was safe, it seems to take a minute for Peter's next question to draw her attention, like some sort of delayed reaction. After a moment her head swivels back around and she bursts out laughing as if he'd just asked her the most ridiculous thing she'd ever heard. "Of course I have!"

"Am I really doing good? That's nice. Niiiiice. I'm doing gooooooood."

"Oh man. Oh man, let's see… I used to do drugs so much. Every chance I got. I was liiiiiike… thirteen? Fourteen?" Throwing her head back against the cushion, Jade grins vacantly up at the ceiling. "I ran away from foster care, I trespassed, sometiiiiiimes I stole stuff. Does it, like, count as illegal if you're the one who's statutorily raped? Haaaaa, oh man, is 'statutorily' even a word? I don't feel so…"

Lena's lapse in concentration apparently catches up to the younger brunette, as her head tilts forward and her eyelids droop heavily. For a moment, it looks like she's falling asleep, yet… isn't breathing. Several heartbeats later, a deep breath is sucked in as her eyes pop open, as if she'd just surfaced from the bottome of a large body of water after holding her breath, just in time to share the latest thought to pop into her head. "What. Do you guys think. About tacos tonight?"

"I don't think it counts as illegal for you," Peter admits, but he seems to be looking as if he just got smacked in the face by everything she's saying. Uh— in many ways this is too much information. There's plenty of medical questions he could toss out there that people usually lie about, but none of them really seem to fit the situation. And… "Do you think this is proof enough, Lena? I think it's working. Even if it seems to have a… slightly more intoxicating effect than I thought it would." But Lena's most used to making drugs be intoxicating. And technically drunk people don't lie either!

And the switch helps, he settles back on the couch with a relieved sigh. "Tacos sounds good."

Lena would be lying if she said that cessation of breathing and subsequent gasp weren't frightening. The information? Not too big a deal, Jade's experiences sum up the lives of pretty much everyone she knows, including herself. But depressed breathing? Yeah. Fear makes her clutch tightly at the younger girl's hand until she comes out of it, concentration lapsing again. But Peter doesn't seem worried, so…

Carefully, and slowly, she extricates her hand from Jade's grip. "It's how she reacts too, I think. Like…anything I give her. I guess maybe it'd be different with someone who hates us." Lena studies Jade for a moment before nodding and reaching out again, intending to purge the girl. "I think I have to work on focusing more, but…yeah. And I'm totally up for tacos."

"What're you guys mumbling about? Who hates you? Leen, if anyone hates you or Pete, let me talk to them n' I will… I will mess…"

Once more Lena's lapse in concentration throws off the balance of the drug, causing the younger girl's vision to swim. The dizziness, the feeling of the room spinning wasn't helping matters at all. She could feel her head getting heavier, her forehead felt like it was on fire, and something in her stomach was not sitting right.

"Don't say 'tacos'… I don't feel so…"

For the second time in as many minutes those words are said by Jade, though at least this time she didn't appear to be lapsing into a breatheless sleep. Instead, she looked decidedly uncomfortable, her eyes darting around the room, as if she needed to go somewhere, but couldn't figure out where. Placing a hand up to her forhead, the dark-haired teenager leans toward the older woman, placing a hand on her leg for balance as she leans closer. Maybe if she kept still, if she didn't move, didn't think, didn't even blink, she could keep it from happening.

Without much warning, the contents of Jade's stomach show themselves, aimed at Lena's lap (let's hope she has good reflexes). Mumbling something like an apology, she puts a trembling hand up to her mouth and does her best to wipe her lips off. It was ravioli.


And sadly, this is something Peter's far more accustomed to than the poor girl who got vomited on. That's part of being a nurse, after all. He stands up, walking to the kitchen and pulling out towels and a glass to fill with water. Half for drinking, and half for cleaning up some. Though he imagines Lena will be halfway to the shower by the time he gets back over there. "It's alright. Honestly we should have done this in the bathroom, in case that happened," he admits, with a grimace. He's not completely versed in using that drug in this way.

But it certainly had side effects that Lena probably should have read about in her book!

There is no better lesson in the world than having one's friend lose their lunch due to a mistake made by yourself. Lena might even appreciate the help, the motivation Jade's given her to be more thorough in both research and practice. Sometime. Later on, in the future. It's not the first time she's had someone throw up in her general direction but certainly not at such close range. There's no dodging.

The effect is as could be expected and her reaction is predictable. Lena squeals as if she's been stabbed, leaps to her feet and tries to pull her doused t-shirt away from her skin. "Oh my god! Jade…ugh!" Peter is passed, the man on the way back from the kitchen and Lena on the way to the nearest bathroom. A towel is stolen with a mumbled thanks before she disappears to clean up.

Jade's just going to have to stay high for a few minutes while the damage is repaired.

When Lena jumps up from the unexpected assault, it nearly knocks Jade off of the sofa at the sudden lack of something to lean on, and nearly deposits her sideways into the goop she had just orally spilled all over Lena's previously-occupied cushion. She manages to stave off going face-first into the mess, though, thanks to an arm braced weakly against the sofa, looking up bleary-eyed at the male nurse's sudden return.

One of the towels is snatched up and held over her face as she leans over in place and convulses in a few of the aftereffects, dry-heaving with nothing left to come out. It was not the way she wanted to be seen, but thankfully, the drugs in her system kept her from being too red-faced, or too miserable. Wiping her mouth off, even using one of the corners to scrape off her tongue, Jade looks up towards Peter with an unhappy frown that wouldn't have looked out of place on an orphan.

"I didn't… get her, did I?"

"Oh, you got her," Peter says after standing beside her the entire time as he waits til she can speak again. "She's already in the shower— Lena likes to shower, so don't worry too much about it. Though for her sake I kinda wish you'd thrown up on me." Mostly because he's had it happen before and wouldn't jump up and run away as fast as she did. "As soon as she gets back to help you detox, you should get into the shower too," he adds, touching her hair for a moment. He should be able to do that, but…

The concerned and sincere look on his face isn't enough to activate the ability he's only used once uncontrollably. He pulls his hand away to push hair out of his eyes, and goes to fill the glass up with water, so he can offer it to her. "Here."

A few minutes after the bathroom door had slammed behind Lena, the girl emerges again, wrapped in a bath sheet with another towel around her head. She proceeds grumbling to the laundry, in order to dump the ruined clothes into the washer and retrieve a fresh outfit from the dryer: one of Jade's tank-tops and a pair of yoga pants (also stolen from Sydney). Wardrobes are more fun when they're illegally obtained.

By the time Lena reappears in the living room, she's looking more apologetic than upset. "Um. Is she pissed at me?" That for Peter, while an anxious look skirts in Jade's general direction. Her approach of the couch is a slow and uncertain thing. It's no coincidence that she ends up standing in the man's shadow. "Hey, Jade? You…ready to come back up?"

Lena offers her hand, extending the promise of a quick detoxification and the need for the shower Pete mentioned.

"I don't think you want my puke on you, it's…" As she trails off, all it takes is to look at the mess next to her to set the girl off to gagging again, holding the now-bunched-up towel to her mouth again. "Ulp… I just want to lie down. My head feels funny."

She couldn't quite tell if it was someone's hand in her hair, or if her head was just doing weird things to her senses again, and she didn't want to bother looking up from the floor for fear of sending the world spiraling around as if she'd stood in place and spun until she was nauseous and dizzy. But she finally pulls her eyes up off of the floor as a glass of water is handed to her, looking up and taking it meekly with a small nod that was supposed to somehow telepathicly impart thanks.

She didn't really want to introduce anything else into her already-quesy stomach, but the water at least helped to wash away the acrid burning in her throat as she took small sips of it. Lena's arrival just gets an equally pathetic look as the one she'd shown previously. Even as she takes her 'sister's' hand, she lets out a plaintive wail in the form of words.

"I just wanna lie down!"

"You can lie down in a few minutes," Peter says, looking from the younger of the three to the one who really isn't that much older. It seems almost cruel to have put her through all that, especially with the whining that follows, and the whining that prefaced it as well. But—

"You know I never realized Jade wasn't like us," he finally says, having reached this realization finally, despite it having been brought up a while ago. "I mean, I understand wanting to hide cause of other things, but the government shouldn't be coming after her. Then again, they may not know she's a normal human." It's not like there's a surefire test for those things…

It's fortunate then that Jade is already on the couch, because as soon as Lena's face twists up in concentration, she'd get to feel the full force of all of the drug being pushed out of her system. It isn't pleasant; the rise in temperature, the shakes, the sweat. Fortunately, it's quick. Just not easy.

Once the process has been finished, the older brunette bends to set Jade's hand beside her (expecting that the girl will need a moment), then glances at Peter. She scrubs her palm absently on the hem of the tank, to clean it of sweat. "I don't think they care anymore. From what…from what the doctor said. It's all terrorists and the people helping them, you know? And…and they weren't gonna let Tiago go even though he was normal too. They used him 'cause I cared." Her eyes are both sad and serious as they shift back to Jade. "Makes you think maybe it'd be better if we were all in a camp or commune somewhere else. Where we can't fuck up normal people's lives."

If she thought she was miserable with the nausea, what comes next must have been absolute hell for the poor girl. At first, nothing happens, she still sits there bent over, towel balled up in her lap, staring into the glass of water, with her hand up and held off to the side by Lena. Then she starts to sweat, and not in a subtle, under-the-pits way, either. It breaks out on her forehead, beads down her neck, and in minutes, it seems almost as if her entire body is slick to the touch.

With a miserable whimper as her body begins to tremble, the glass is set unsteadily on the coffee table and the girl hunches over nearly double to stuff her face into the towel. She was burning up, it felt like there was a fire beneath her skin, and a fever was bruning brightly just behind her eyes. It's several more minutes of that pitiful display, with the brunnette teen gasping and hiccuping in the way that people do when they want to cry, but can't quite manage it.

And then, after minutes that seemed an eternity, Jade finds the strength to stand, albeit a bit wobbly, finding her center of balance a bit tricky to pin down. Slowly, she begins to stumble her way from the couch, and towards the stairs. "I-I'm okay. I-I'm just going to crawl up the stairs and… and go to bed for a while."

"The more I hear about them, the more I hope Nathan sends all of them to jail for the rest of their lives," Peter mutters under his breath, vaguely furious at the way they've taken their duty to protect the people of the country to a level that's denying so many of them their freedoms. Even as dangerous as Lena could be under certain circumstances, she didn't deserve that, and nor did the ones she was friends with. "Go get some sleep, Jade. You did well." Acting as a test subject. Considering the embarassing questions the girl had as suggestions, he's glad she wasn't questioning him while under that.

"I'll clean this up. One of us is going to need to use it as a bed ronight." And the couch didn't escape completely from the sudden vomit attack.

Lena's gloves are in the washing machine, alas. It means she can't rush over to Jade and pat her and hug her and generally try to make ammends for being a horrible friend. Horrible. The guilt could not be any thicker. "I'll bring you up some crackers, Jade. And some more water." Or maybe a new best friend because God knows, Jade could use one. After Lena cleans the couch, though. Her fault, her job.

"Nah, I got it. You still need to rest and I messed it up." Before Peter can argue, Lena's heading for the kitchen, where cleaning supplies (and the crackers and water she's promised Jade) are stored. "People like that don't ever go to jail. Not ever. Jail's for folks like me, 'cause we can't get the fancy lawyers, or bank accounts in other countries."

Whatever reply to Lena's offer and Peter's condolences were, it's lost as Jade merely mumbles the response, muffled and lost forever in the depths of incoherency and facing away when talking to people. She makes it to the bottom of the stairs and begins the arduous task of climbing them on unsteady feet, leaning heavily on the rail. It felt like her head had tripled in weight, and was constantly trying to tip her over. The burning of her throat didn't help matters too much, either. But pretty soon the patter of her bare feet up the steps can no longer be heard.

But from upstairs, there's a loud rattle, and a small crash. Something had certainly been knocked over. More careful listening would reveal the sound of a door opening, then closing, before finally the sound of mattress springs squeaking became audible, as if someone had taken a swandive onto a bed.

Oh, you can bet this would not be the last Lena heard of this little misadventure.

"They'll go to jail. One way or the other," Peter says quietly, a mildly dangerous tone to his voice, which he probably regrets as soon as it happens from the sudden grimace across his face and the shake of his head. "All right, I'll let you clean it up, but I don't need as much rest as you think I do," he says, moving away from the soiled couch a bit and stepping to the kitchen to wash his hands. He'd already been helping the poor girl and he didn't get to take a shower yet.

"I need to try to see if I can find out what happened after I rescued Monica. I won't be out long, and I'll try to avoid anything dangerous this time." Almost as soon as his hands are washed and dried, he starts to walk away to find his coat. Teleporting will probably follow soon, knowing him.

"You can't just teleport them in, or leave them tied up on the front step. They're ignoring the law but you can't, Pete." Lena knows him well enough already to feel confident in countering that way. Her head tilts, allowing her to listen to Jade's progress, then sighs and finds the bucket under the sink to be filled with hot, soapy water. She waits until he's washed his hands, of course; without hoodie or gloves, Lena's returned to giving people ample personal space.

But it isn't enough to prevent her from leaving the bucket to fill and quickstepping after the man. Leaving? Now? Panic! She tucks her fingers under her arms and watches the preparation for leavetaking with open concern. The last time he left, he returned with a hysterical girl and an outfit that looked like someone had taken a blowtorch to it. This time…

"How long should I give you before I freak out and call Gene?"

"I'm not the one torturing people or threatening their friends just to get to them," Peter says, voice a low growled whisper, but almost as soon as it's said he shakes his head again. Furious as he may be at their actions, he knows he can't handle them all the same way he handled their leader. He doesn't even know if it was at all helpful. He hasn't tried to contact his brother since then.

"If I'm not back by morning, you can freak out and call Gene, but I don't plan to be gone that long." That doesn't mean he won't get thrown into a burning building again, though! As he pulls his coat on, he looks back and smiles lopsidedly at her. "I will be careful." He's a swiss army knife of powers, after all. It'd take a lot for them to capture him. Like another helicopter.

Well, guess who's staying up late tonight! No one could have predicted that being rescued from Alpha Protocol would turn Lena into a fretting den mother, but there you have it. It's Peter's fault; he started it, when he charged her with looking after Monica.

"Uh huh. I don't think you and careful exist in the same universe," she remarks skeptically. Not buying the smile at all. "Especially when I can hear you grinding your teeth about them from here. They're bad, Pete, but…just…just be careful, okay? Like if you were me and couldn't grow your spleen back." It's not a huge thing to ask for, is it? After all, the government has plenty of helicopters to throw at people.

"I'm not going after them right now," Peter says, genuinely honest in this situation. "Making sure that Micah and the rest are okay is more important right now." There may have been teeth grinding, but he's worried too much to do anything about his darker urges right now. It doesn't mean he's lost them, he's just distracting them with other things. Like rescuing people.

"And I can be careful. You should hear some of my plans to trick them into thinking they got me sometime." After he says that, with a hoarse laugh, he's suddenly gone.

Lena's sigh plays to an empty room. "The whole goddamn world's turned upside down." Gene pissed, Pete going dark, Jade volunteering to help and Lena turned domestic. It's enough to give a girl the heebie jeebies. She hugs herself through the shiver that strikes, then turns to pad back into the kitchen. There's a bucket to fetch, a couch to scrub, a best friend and an escapee to tend.

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