2007-07-15: No Rights


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Summary: Megan is visited again, this time by people who don't abuse her.

Date It Happened: July 15th, 2007

Log Title No Rights

Primatech - Cells, Hartsdale Facility

Having been both whammied with Benjamin's powers to make any woman—-er, person fall asleep and Doug's tranquilizer dart, the good Megan Deatley is asleep for a good long while. Or at least a couple of hours while both the drugs and powers work their way out of her system. Slowly, and groggily, she starts to stir into wakefulness.

When Megan awakes, her cell has been cleaned from earlier. The disgusting apple gone. The markers are still there though. A tray of food has been brought as well. Some fresh fruit, gyros, and a styrofoam cup of tea. Obviously, the gyros aren't on the detainee's menu.

"Good evening Miss Deatley," says a pleasant, accented voice. Mohinder is in the cell, wearing his labcoat, a medical chart in hand. He's seated in a folding chair near the woman's bed. "How are you feeling? I'm sorry that you were subdued with such force."

Leaning against the door of Megan's cell is a pale and freckled redhead, with brows dark enough to prove it isn't her natural colour. Mara Damaris has nothing better to do in her exile from the City than to watch Mohinder work and discover exactly what it is that he does for the Company firsthand. "Alrigh'?" she drawls in greeting. If the geneticist's voice is accented, there's just… not a word for what hers is. A strange mixture of Southern and Brit.

Even groggy and sleepy, the sound of someone /else/ being in her cell causes Megan to jolt upright. Shakily. And move far away from Mohinder. So far she's been threatened, injured, knocked out…the list of grievances goes on and on. And her neck hurts. As does her wrist. That she's been….drawn on. Crudely. Both literally and figuratively. Blushing a deep red, she claps a hand over the drawing on her cast and realizes there's /someone else/ in her cell, too. Now she doesn't know where to go. Much like a trapped animal, she freezes. Maybe if she doesn't move and doesn't talk, they will just go away.

"Easy there.." Mohinder says gently, as if he were trying to sooth a frightened child. Even as he frowns at the crude picture that was left on the cast, he offers a marker in one hand, in the other, some colorful stickers. (Most likely swiped from Molly's coloring books.) "Would you like to cover that? Your cast won't be replaced for a couple of weeks, once your swelling goes down." As he holds out his hands, letting Megan have her choice, he chats with her, "My name is Doctor Suresh, behind me is Mara Damaris. We're here to just check on you. I was looking over the chart created when you were brought in. I'm very sorry your wrist got broken in the process. It is a very clean break, and should heal without difficulty."

"Deatley," Mara murmurs, squinting at the woman on the bed. "I know that name…" She scrutinises only a moment longer before averting her gaze so as not to make Megan any more uncomfortable than she already is. "Relax. Doctor Suresh here is the nice one. You won't find a more caring bloke." Even if he does have trouble finding and using the right words sometimes.

As much as she certainly does /not/ trust anyone here, the offer of getting that disgusting picture off of a cast that she has to wear for a couple of weeks is too good of an opportunity to pass up. Megan takes the marker - without snatching! - and quickly starts to scribble out the words and picture that Doug left from her last encounter with people of their ilk. "How's it tha' everyone thinks they know me and 've no' go' a bloody clue who the hell any of ye are?" The glare is leveled first at Mohinder and then at Mara. The mention of knowing the name Deatley without having met the woman makes her think of her brother. And that makes her even /more/ wary of these people. "Nice. Ha. S'a righ' flippin' riot here. M'sure he's go' flowers for me next and'll jus' lemme walk righ' out the door with a sorry we broke yer arm and shot ye with a tranq gun."

Mohinder settles back in his seat, letting Megan have her space and taking the time to scribble out the disgusting picture. "We're a secret organization, that would be a good reason as to why you wouldn't know. We've been aware of you for just a short while now Miss Deatley." He's patient with Megan's temper, as he cannot blame the woman's annoyances. "No, I doubt that Agent Butabi would do such a thing. Agent Armstrong is sometimes unaware of her own strength," he nods his head towards the cast.

"Aw shit," Mara groans. She knows exactly who Megan is, just from listening to her speak. There's just no denying it. That's Lachlan's sister. But she wisely keeps her mouth shut. No giving her - or the poor girl's brother for that matter - away. "The Company is just cryptic like that. You'll find a lot of people within this organisation will know more about you than you ever think a stranger should. It's unnerving at first, but you'll get used to it. I did." Not that she had a choice. The first time Agent Boone both quoted her dossier scripture and verse, as well as pinned down her personality quirks, she knew she was in trouble. And the trouble has yet to abate.

Her temper and her stubbornness are the two things that most closely link Megan with her brother. That and the accent. However, most every other personality trait they have are almost opposites. "An' wha' d'ye think gives ye the righ' to just lock me up like some animal to be pu' to sleep whenever ye feel like it and watch me like some sorta experiment." The swear that escapes Mara's lips focuses the Scot's attention on her for a little while. As if studying her to figure out what /else/ this woman thinks she knows about her. "M'no' abou' to ge' used to it. I wan' my phone call. Yer no' allowed to keep me here withou' a warran', a court order. 'Ve go' the righ' of habeas corpus and to know wha' yer keepin' me for." This woman hasn't worked for a law firm for all these years for nothing.

"We have to be cryptic and quiet for good reason. We are a private outfit, and as I am sure you're aware by now.. the average human being cannot or will not understand what it means to have an ability." Mohinder lapses into silence as Megan goes into a rant. He's patient and he listens to her. "We operate outside of those rules, Miss Deatley. Our position is very sensitive, so we cannot work with the government." Can you imagine how they would mess things up? "I agree with you.. sometimes our Agents do get carried away.. but most of the time, it is for the good of the public at large. We have taken and helped many people who were walking around, without knowledge of what they could do. There are also those who gain control over their abilities and abuse them to cause harm to others."

"Outside the government, beyond the police," Mara states matter-of-factly, just how Agent Boone explained it to her. "No phone call. No lawyer." She folds her arms just under her chest and raises her brows. She won't step on Mohinder's toes any further than that. This is his show, after all.

A woman who worked for a law office for as many years as Megan doesn't believe in anything being outside of the law. Maybe outside of the police, but the law has the final say. Arguing all of her beliefs against his is really a lesson in futility, she knows that just by trying to argue with Lachlan. So instead, she just goes back to trying to fix her cast. "Hmph," is her reply to all they have to say. Well phrased or not. "S'a load of bollocks."

Mohinder glances over his shoulder and nods at Mara in thanks for her addition. He turns his attention back to Megan and smiles with the same enthusiasm a person would have over a good book. "I was reading the initial tests and observations while you were unconscious after being brought in. You can possess other people. From what is in the reports.. you've barely begun to use this ability. You're just scratching the surface of what you can do."

"Exciting." The response is flat, but it does cause Mara's brows to disappear beneath her bangs. "How does that work out, then? Do you even realise you're doing it? Or is it-" She catches herself and falls quiet again. "Sorry."

"I dunno wha' yer talkin' about." Megan's quite helpful reply is done in between the scratching of the marker on the plaster of her cast. It's the standard reply she has for the people here. They can't do anything to her if she doesn't know anything. At least that's her line of thinking. "Never done anythin' like tha'." Maybe a lie, maybe not. She's never actually thought about what she was doing when she feel unconscious or what the implications of that may be.

"The times that you've fallen unconscious.. didn't you wonder why? Did it feel like an out of body experience?" Mohinder's curious. Bodily possession is definitely a new ability on the list. The denial isn't ignored, he's noted it, but can't bring himself to play along for now. "You aren't alone Miss Deatley. Wouldn't you like to know more about what you can do? How to do more with it? There are so many people out there with abilities just as unique as yours. A young lady that was on this floor, we let her go earlier today. She is a telekinetic."

"I have an ability, too." Mara attempts to sound reassuring, but in the end… Well, nothing anybody said to her in this situation would have worked, so she doubts it's helping to soothe Megan any. "What's it like? Is it like dreaming?"

This whole trying to be nice thing is just as bad, if not worse than the threats she endured before. At least with the threats she /knew/ what was coming. Listening to these two talk, Megan is just /waiting/ for the other shoe to drop. When she doesn't understand any of what is going on, she's just going to assume everyone who visits her has it out for her. "So ye /do/ le' people go." That's what Megan latches onto. Not about this so-called power, but the possibility of escape.

"Miss Deatley, we won't hold you here in this room forever," Mohinder says with a reassuring smile. "You've not been a threat, and I don't think that you will be considered one. You were on the radar, so to speak, because of your tenuous control over your ability. The only people we detain are those who.." He pauses to glance over at Mara, then back at Megan again, "are of a criminal element. I think you would agree that for example.. someone who can create fire.. they walk around hurting people and burning buildings.. the police would be ill equipped to arrest and hold them. Correct? This is where we come in."

"That would be the long and short of it, yes." Mara nods her agreement with Mohinder's explanation. "Unsavoury types end up here. So, why are you here? Well, that's because this organisation wants to know what you can do and how well you can do it. They want to make sure you aren't a threat. Humour them, and you'll be out of here in no time flat."

"Well, how the hell'm I supposed to know?" The smile is taken with grimace. "Ye throw me in here withou' any information or cause and 'm supposed to jus' intui' tha's no' forever?" The idea that there is a radar that /she/ is on is unnerving and she doesn't like the idea at all. And it seems like they /want/ her to answer these hypothetical and mostly rhetoric questions. So, she'll remain silent. Just because they're going to try and keep her here doesn't mean that she's going to be cooperative. Sure, she wants to get out of here, but she has her pride. Or at least what little of it is left intact after being kidnapped and trapped. "Too bad I think ye knocked the humor outta me when ye broke my arm."

"So.. we only hold those who could be considered mass murderers or similar, indefinitely." Mohinder doesn't want to feel like he's pushing his father's book, but it is a popular one in some circles.. so he mentions it.. in hopes she's heard of it and that this might help. "Miss Deatley? Have you heard of the book 'Activating Evolution'? My father wrote it based on his genetic research. His life's work, mine as well, is to study people like yourself and Miss Damaris here. Why does this happen, how do we evolve, where will this take us?" He can't help but get enthusiastic about this. Megan is bringing that out in him. "Miss Deatley.. we would like to work with you on your ability. We have a wonderful staff of doctors and scientists here who can help, and the finest facilities where you can train."

Mara can't help but laugh at Megan's sour demeanor. That sounds so very, very familiar. Whether the apples fell far from the tree or not, these two apples apparently didn't fall far from each other. She'll have to figure out some way to let Lachlan know his sister is alive, well, and safe… more or less. She lets out a quiet sigh of breath. "You're narrating again, Suresh," she chides. She then gives her attention back to Megan, "I'd take the offer. The alternative, while nothing harmful, is not nearly as appealing. But then again, I like not passing out every time I use my ability. So I might be a little biased as to the best course of action."

"No," Megan tells Mohinder simply. Everyone in New York may have read or heard of this book, but somehow she's managed to escape totally free of it. At the very beginning of her discoveries, Lachlan mentioned some book, but he never told her the title and she has no reason to believe it's the same book. She can't help but notice his excitement of the science of all this and it sounds more like he wants to experiment on her than help her. For now, she'll just stay in her cell. "Ye know. If ye'd jus' /asked/ me, instead of trappin' me." As for the not passing out all the time, well, that certainly sounds like something she'd like. But she certainly doesn't trust these people. So, she doesn't exactly answer them. Maybe an option for later.

"Sorry. Miss Damaris can attest that I get this way quite frequently." Mohinder smiles over at Mara before turning his focus back on Megan. "It is regrettable the way that you were brought in and treated Miss Deatley, and I am very apologetic over that. If I had my way, no one would be forced, unfortunately, that is not an alternative." He gets up from his seat, "If you like.. I can get you some material to read on the subject." He doesn't mean to frighten the girl, and in a way, yes, he wants to experiment, but not in /that/ way. "All of my testing is as non-invasive as a simple physical. The rest of the testing is practical application of your ability. I'll be checking on you again later. For now, eat, and take it easy. You've had a bit of a shock to your system." He nods over to Mara, a signal that he's done here, before he exits the cell.

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