2007-09-02: No Secrets Between Partners


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Summary: Mohinder and Mara finally run into each other again - quite literally! They touch base on the minor details of their personal lives.

Date It Happened: September 2, 2007

No Secrets Between Partners

Hartsdale - Primatech, Hospital

How many times can two people miss each other in this facility? Eventually, something's got to give, right? Mara wanders her way through the hospital corridors of Primatech's Hartsdale branch. Her intention is to find her partner. Barring that, a visit with her new charge certainly wouldn't be out of line. She's dressed smartly in a purple pants suit and black heels. She's starting to look the part of the agent.

Apparently, it's quite easy, particularly when schedules are as hectic as Mohinder's. Also apparent, Suresh is not looking the part of an agent. Not with his jeans, casual shirts and the labcoat over it. As Mara wanders through the hospital corridors, Suresh steps out of a room, clipboard in hand. His attention is on the paperwork attached to the clipboard and he's flipping through it. Reading + walking usually = disaster.

Mara is too busy peering at a certainly sleeping patient to watch where she's going and she finds herself colliding with someone in the hall. She wobbles on her tall heels before stumbling into the wall with a loud thud. "Sshhh-" She blinks a couple times, dazed. "Whoa. Hey, you." Wasn't she just wishing she would run into him? She hadn't meant it to be quite so literal.

Fortunately, papers do not go flying, but the collision elicits something that could have been swearing, in Hindi. "Watch whe.. Mara.." Cut off from a chastisement, Mohinder smiles at the woman and straightens the paperwork in hand. "I was wondering when you were going to be getting back."

"Got in a few days ago." Mara shakes off the shock of smacking into the wall and smiles broadly, clapping a hand on the geneticist's shoulder. "Good to see you!" Her face as a few faint scratches across it, but otherwise she looks no different than she did the last time they saw each other.

"Really? A few days.. Why haven't I seen you before now?" Then it occurs to Mohinder, he's been that busy. He smiles fondly at Mara, before gesturing for her to walk with him. "Things have been slightly insane around here." Which is to say, the usual. The scratches on Mara's face earn a second glance, but he doesn't question it. Yet.

Mara catches the second look and smirks. "You wanna sit me down and check these scratches out, if you have a second? They feel all right and I don't think they're infected, but… I brought my first one in. They didn't go without a fight." The smirk fades. There are definitely aspects of this job that don't thrill her. "We've both been busy, I think. I've been running to catch up on things, meeting new people… Embracing my new life."

"Molly's first day of school, back to school shopping, a Russian invasion," Mohinder says this with a fond smile. He walks with Mara towards his lab, and essentially, office space. "They look fine, I don't see a sign of infection. However, it's best if you go ahead and make sure they stay clean. Particularly if you aren't certain as to where those nails or weapon have been."

"Low level pyrokinetic. I'm lucky I didn't get my face melted off." Mara seems to take this in stride, however. "I've never been real big on the use of tazers, but they sure do come in handy from time to time." She shrugs off her jacket once they enter Mohinder's lab-slash-office and unbuttons the cuff of her left sleeve, rolling it up. "I need another dose." No preamble here.

"Impressive," Mohinder states before continuing, "I'm pleased to see that all you received are scratches." Meanwhile, he got to help a woman find her daughter, and crush her all at the same time. Go team! He sets the chart in hand down then arches an eyebrow at Mara's anticipatory sleeve rolling. "You know.. I am still concerned about side effects."

"I'm still concerned about not passing out every time I have a vision," Mara responds mildly, with the ghost of a smile. "We've been over this, Mohinder. The bout of temporary blindness for the duration of the vision is better than risking unconsciousness for the vision and then some. Not exactly good for the field."

"And this could possibly not be good for your system. The long term effects could be disastrous." Mohinder feels it necessary to keep stressing the risks. "The passing out.. it very well could be the body's natural reaction to using your ability. Just as Miss Deatley remains unconscious while she is possessing the body of another." Although, he's not technically arguing the point as he goes about preparing another dose for Mara.

"The fact that you bothered trying to counteract the unconsciousness at all tells me you aren't really firm on that theory," Mara reasons. "Sometimes, I wonder if I'd just be… better off without the visions. But I don't even know who I would be without my ability. It's not that the lack of an ability is a horrible thing, but… You live with something like this, and it starts to define you. Does that make any sense?"

Mohinder fixes Mara with a look, then shakes his head, "Don't say that. There is an experiment in place to take abilities away with a virus." In other words, don't go there. "Yes, it makes perfect sense. It is very much a part of who you are, what makes up your personality."

"That your way of saying I'm not allowed to volunteer?" The faux redhead smirks. "You just don't want a new partner, do you?" She holds out her arm dutifully and waits. "Something you've been working on, then?" Mara gently gnaws on her lower lip.

"No. It was a project started before I began working here." And there's a distinct note of distaste and disapproval in Mohinder's tone about it. "If you wish to volunteer, that is your decision. I however, would recommend against it." He would go into how test trials are looking, but that could be said for any drug on the market, sanctioned by the FDA and similar. Injection ready, he preps Mara's arm before giving her the shot.

There's a small flinch as the needle goes in, but her arm stays steady at least. "If you say not to, then I won't. I trust your judgment." Mara sighs softly, "I'd hate to have to be assigned a new partner, too." And yes, that's a wink Doctor Suresh gets from the woman.

"Good." Mohinder smiles with just a small dose of humor. Nothing is said about the status of partners. WIth his luck, Mara would be replaced with Meryl. And the geneticist's lovely locks would go prematurely gray from the stress. "I do advise against it." Finished with the injection, he puts a bandaid over the minute puncture in Mara's arm. "There we are."

"Thank you." Mara waits until she's sure her arm isn't going to start bleeding all over the place for some reason before she pulls the sleeve of her shirt back down over the puncture and its covering. "Say, I, ah, can I ask you a question? 'Bout another agent?"

"Of course, ask away," Mohinder says as he puts away the implements he was just using for sterilization. "I'll answer the best I can." Provided it's not sensitive information that's been marked for his eyes only.

"You know a bloke by the name of Lawrence Church well at all?" Mara brushes her bangs out of her face before pulling her jacket back on and refastening its buttons. The professional look suits her well, it seems.

Mohinder's brows lift and his head inclines in a nod. "Not very well I'm afraid, but I have spoken with him. Why do you ask?" As he converses, he's keeping busy around the lab, checking results, sorting files..

"I, ah… We've gone on a couple of dates." Mara winces, preparing for an unfavourable reaction from Suresh. "Nothing serious, mind you. Just for fun."

Mohinder looks just a little surprised. No wonder Mara's been busy upon returning. "I see.. Well.. I don't know why you're fishing for my approval. You're a big girl and do not require babysitting from me."

"It wasn't approval I was looking for so much as warning. I mean, if you know something… I mean, you've got blood work on the guy, right?" Was that a glint of mischief in her eye? Why yes, yes it was. "And I thought you should know. I don't want to keep anything from you. I figure it is your business to know where or with whom you may find me if you need me."

"Yes I do, and no, we are not abusing that fact. If you want to know something about him, ask him directly." In other words, no being sneaky and no help from Mohinder. "I appreciate your wanting to keep me in the loop, but please feel free to leave out certain details of your activity."

Mara laughs. "If you think I'm going to dish you all the dirty details on my personal life, don't. That's just that - personal. Just saying. I'm seeing someone. You happen to know who it is." She shrugs, "Typical police protocol. If I go missing, ask the boyfriend first. …You know, since the number one suspect isn't exactly going to hang around and wait for you to come question him." A small shudder accompanies that thought.

"Thank God." Mohinder says with a faint smile to show that he's teasing Mara. "Of course. I'll put this into your personnel file so that I can remember who it is you are currently dating.. Of course if you go missing, he's not the first person I would be looking at."

"Nor should you." They most likely reason why Mara would ever simply disappear. "Ugh. Let's not talk about that anymore. I spent a month waiting for it to happen. Maybe the asshole took a vacation."

"Unlikely," Mohinder states as to Sylar taking a vacation. Somehow the image of Sylar and vacationy fun time does not compute. "But Agent Church, to satisfy your curiosity, seems to be a likable fellow and competent agent. If a little forceful in using his ability.. However Bennet has tended to that matter."

"So I understand. Sometimes, I'm glad that man hand-picked me." Well, the combined efforts of Noah Bennet and Agent Edward Boone are responsible for Mara's status as an agent, but still. "At least it means he has some faith in me." There's a small shrug of her shoulders. "Same old stuff, different outfit. S'no different than the precinct was. Well, maybe a little different." Since abilities aren't exactly hidden around here.

Mohinder gets a glance at the clock.. when did it get that late? "I need to go home, find out how Molly's day at school went, and cook dinner. Before Matt orders another pizza." He straightens up a few things before shrugging off his labcoat and hanging it up. "I'll see you in the morning?"

"Yeah. I'll be here. Bright and- … Well, no, I don't make any promises on that front. Tell Molly I say hi, won't you?" Mara gives Mohinder's arm a squeeze, "It's good to see you again." She heads out of the lab ahead of him, giving him some privacy for locking up his lab.

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