2007-07-08: No Shortage of Weird Things


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Summary: Portia heads to Kitty's apartment for a little chat about life, boys, and abilities and the two end up going to Starbucks.

Date It Happened: July 8th, 2007

No Shortage of Weird Things

Downtown, NYC - 606 - Kitty's Apartment

It is a nice day and the sun is shining into Kitty's apartment. She is sitting on the couch watching a horror flick and petting Tiger. She yells at the television as a young girl, walks right to where the killer is. Damn those slasher flicks.

"Move out the way! Oh my god, you dumb bitch!" she sighs and smacks herself in the head. Tiger opens one eye and looks up at his owner. Why is she always yelling? He seems to think. Kitty is dressed for comfort today with dark blue jeans and a purple cotton shirt. She cringes as the killer gets to the young girl. "Told ya so. Should have just listened" She shakes her head and flicks to another of the movie channels.

And then there's a lovely knock on the door. OH NO! IT MUST BE THE KILLER! RUN, KITTY, RUN!

Kitty screams and throws Tiger in the air as she ducks behind the couch. Tiger hisses and runs away to the kitchen. He does not like Kitty right now. "What the hell am I behind the couch for?" Kitty scratches her head and peeks out from behind the couch. HELLO! It's in the middle of the day numnuts. She thinks to herself and opens the door smiling. "Hello!"

Portia, not at all the picture of a serial killer, stands outside the door, smiling a little. "You okay? I thought I heard a scream in there." She glances inside before looking to Kitty. "Um, anyways, I thought I'd come by and see how you were."

"Oh yeah, I was just watching a scary movie. Come on in!" she ushers Portia in and plops back onto the couch. She smiles at the young girl. "How did everything go with your mom?" Kitty tucks her feet under herself.

"It went okay. She thought it was cool but I thought her abilities was cooler, and when I went to show her how it worked, Mr. Gomez came in.. it was a little weird, and he was kinda scary. But it was alright. I mean, I just.." Portia laughs. "I'm just glad it's over with. You know?"

Kitty chuckles and nods, "Yeah, I know. I still haven't told my parents yet. I don't know when I am going to. I first have to let them know" she pats a seat next to her and smiles, "Have you gotten better at controlling your ability?" She tilts her head and crooks her finger at Tiger. He wanders over and lays his head in her lap, obviously he forgave her.

Portia moves to sit down, nodding a little. "I did better after Mr. Gomez startled me. Totally went invisible.. and then when I needed too, I came right back. It's getting a little better, but it's still hard."

"We should get together with Jane and train our abilities!" She snickers and runs a hand through her hair. "I mean, we have to learn how to control them well right? I have years of experience, but I wonder if my ability will evolve even more after more practice" She places Tiger on the floor and he scoots away.

Portia laughs at the idea and then nods. "We should. Jane's pretty good at giving advice, and I can imagine she must be able to control her ability pretty well now… I mean.. who knows what else this can do later on. I mean, is it more than just making myself invisible? I don't know."

"Would you mind showing me your ability again?" Kitty asks and smiles at Tia hopefully. She traces her fingers on the couch and looks off to the side, "That's if you want to of course"

Glancing back over, Portia can't help but grin. "I don't mind showing it off. It's kinda weird though.. I don't feel like it's that special. I try so hard to get noticed, not invisible. I guess the universe is pretty ironic, huh?"

Kitty chuckles, "I guess the universe it ironic. But, you make due with what is given to you" Kitty stretches and flexes her fingers. "But knowing all of the future isn't all that great sometimes either. Especially knowing the past. Some things should be left alone and forgotten" she shudders and squints her eyes a little.

"I know. Jane practically lectured me on using my ability though. And Mr. Gomez practically yelled at me too." Portia frowns. "It's a lot easier /not/ telling people, really, simply because I think everyone's just going to treat me like a baby about it."

"Well if they seem to treat you like a baby about it. Hun, you gotta show them that you are responsible. Ew, I sound like a parent" she chuckles and plays with the T.V. remote. "How's are the boys in your life?" Kitty randomly changes the subject and grins.

"What boys? I'm /invisible/, remember?" Portia rolls her eyes and looks at the ceiling, leaning to go pet Tigger. "It kind of sucks. I'm starting to think that New York just hates me. At least in Paris they're interested cause I'm American and everyone in Europe seems to think Americans are special or amazing in some way."

Kitty laughs, "I agree with you! I can't catch a man if my life depended on it. It's ridiculous, but at least you have more time kidd" she smiles warmly at Portia. "Hey! Let's go get some coffee or something and I can tell you about the hot guys I've met so far!" Kitty snickers. She wants to get out of the house and it seems as if a nice cup of coffee would do the two some good. Perk them up even more!

"That's what they all say. I hate being young. No one takes me seriously. Everyone in Paris thought I was at least sixteen though. It's wonderful what the right clothes and a little makeup can do.." Portia stretches her arms and then nods. "Okay. Coffee sounds alright."

"Don't be in such a hurry to grow up! It isn't all that it is cracked up to be. You have bills and rent and-" Kitty goes on and on as the two leave her apartment go to get some coffee.

Portia and Kitty head into Starbucks, conversation still picking up as they head in. "I feel like I'm in the middle of a soap opera at the Gomez' place sometimes.. everyone is so serious and has a lot going on and it's kinda just weird, you know?" She glances up at the menu, seeming to ponder what she wants to drink.

"Really? Do they not take the time to party some and loosen up?" Kitty inquires and orders some tea and scone. She puts her hands in her back pockets and sways on her feet back and forth looking up at the ceiling. "Who are the Gomez's actually? You it like they aren't your family or something" She squints her eyes at Portia and wonders what's the deal with her home situation.

"I dunno. They seem a little high strung to me." Portia rubs her neck. "Um, it's kinda weird. I mean, my Mama just happened to be staying with them and such. They're a nice family.. but, it's kinda odd to just be living with some family I don't know so well." She orders herself a muffin and a strawberry drink.

Kitty nods and leads the way to a table near the window, "That is a little strange, but I'm sure it'll all work out" Kitty smiles, always the optimistic one. She takes a drink of her drink and pulls at her fingerless gloves, "So what else is new kidd?" she asks and smiles.

"Nothing else, really. Been practicing my music a lot. Lyric writing.. been doing a lot of that. No shortage of weird things to write songs about here." Portia sighs. "Lots of other stuff to worry about instead though."

"Ah, well weird things can inspire us a lot of time, huh?" Kitty grins and takes Portia's hand in hers. "Kid, don't worry about a thing. Everything is going to work out" She smiles encouragingly at Portia and winks.

"Hope so." Portia replies, rubbing her neck a little and unwrapping her muffin. "I know. But.. things just feel off right now and I'd like to be able to just click, be at ease with how things are.. things like that."

"In advice to that, you have to let everything click into place on it's on time ya know? If you rush it then it /really/ won't be right" she explains and eats her scone. After taking another drink of her tea, she looks down at her cellphone. "Do you have a ride home? I need to leave soon and go visit my mom. She wants to have a 'family' dinner" Kitty rolls her eyes and sighs. She smiles in apology to Portia.

Sipping her drink, Portia nods. "Yeah. I'll be fine making my way back." She grins. "Family dinner… good luck with that."

Kitty snorts and stands up to leave. She kisses Portia on the forehead and winks at her, "Nice talking to ya Tia. Be safe and make sure to call me. No matter the time, I'll be around" She takes her drink with her and sips it as she readies herself for a cheery dinner with her mom and dad. This should be fun.

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