Noelle Ashford
Portrayed By Dichen Lachman
Gender Female
Date of Birth March 1st, 1982
Age 29
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Aliases Nol, Noel, Ellie
Place of Birth New York City, NY, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Paramedic
Known Relatives Loriel and Tony Ashford (Mother and Father), Older Brother, a few cousins here and there
Significant Other None
Known Abilities ???
First Appearance Dead and Alive

After living a very crazy life for a few months and disappearing from work, Noelle has just returned back to work and ready to continue to save lives through being a paramedic. But something is changing inside of Noelle and she might be able to change it before it's too late..


Noelle was born on March 1st, 1982 to Loriel and Tony Ashford. Though her mother and father were both British. Her father was a British American and the two were living in New York City at the time of Noelle’s birth. Well, Noelle and her twins birth. Yes the parents had twins. One boy and one girl The couple lived in the states for the first five years of the twins’s lives and then they packed up and moved to the United Kingdom.

As Noelle grew up in the United Kingdom, she found a love for gymnastics and acrobatics and her parents helped her with that love. They enrolled her in classes and she excelled, throwing herself into the sport and taking part in competitions of all sorts of different levels. As she grew up, she became very close to her family. Also a family kind of girl, she loved to spend time with her mother and learned how to cook from her. She also learned how to play baseball and other ‘manly’ things with her father.

When Noelle entered her teen years, she became ‘popular’. She was considered one of the most beautiful girls in school and boys often fawned over her. That was okay, she enjoyed the attention she got from them. Though her parents didn’t really enjoy the phone calls in the middle of the night. It was the week of Noelle’s 16th birthday that she was approached by a modeling agency that was scouting around for fresh faces. They wanted her to model for them. She said yes, her parents didn’t see the harm in it. And so she started her modeling career. She started in magazines and then she started doing runway shows across the country. When she graduated school, she perused her modeling over continuing school.

It was all fine and fun until the night that Noelle was in a deadly car accident with two fellow models. The driver was drunk and ran off the road. Noelle flew through the windshield and woke to a wrecked car and pretty messed up friends. The young model had crawled all the way to the car and then she remembers nothing. That’s because she passed out and ended up in coma. She was only 18.

Two years later, as Noelle was placed in a hospital with not that much chance of living the doctors said. She woke up, screaming and not knowing what was going on. She was told by the doctors that she was in a car accident, her family showed up at the hospital and then so did her friends.. the ones that were in the accident with her. She was told that they were fine and it was a miracle that they were alive. Somehow.. they had escaped with no injury what so ever. But Noelle could have sworn.. that remembered seeing them on the brink of death. Baffled, Noelle began to return to normal life. Until she decided after a year of rehab and such, that she wanted a change.

One day, Noelle packed her bags and moved to New York City. Wanting a fresh start, to start somewhere relatively new to her. And she did, as she reached the age of 21. She got a job at a local hospital as a front desk assistant. Answering phones and such, it wasn’t until she was 26 that she realized that she wanted to do more. After five years of watching people doing the help. She decided that she wanted to help. So she went to school for two years and became a apart of the EMS team. She was a paramedic and she was loving the life that she was living. Trying not to think on the past.



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  • Noelle rollerblades around the city when it isn't raining or snowing out.
  • Noelle used to have a pet ferret. She called me Earl.
  • Noelle lives alone.
  • Noelle likes to write poetry.
  • It seems like wherever Noelle goes.. tragedy follows.
  • She has dual citizenship in the UK and America.
  • She speaks with a English accent, though not as thick as the rest of her family.

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