2007-07-15: Non-Asset


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Summary: Andrea discovers the Company just doesn't play fair. And they also really don't care what she thinks.

Date It Happened: July 15, 2007


Hartsdale - Primatech Cells

Soft footsteps tread into the hallway leading down to the cells. The steps in question belong to Mohinder Suresh. Chart in hand, labcoat flapping as he walks. He is not alone as he makes his way towards Andrea's cell. There's an expression of purpose on his face that softens somewhat as he makes his way to the cell.

"I'm going down, baby. My whole life is upside down. Sleep don't come easy" she sings softly to herself and taps her foot against the wall. At least she isn't talking to herself right? It isn't the best voice at the moment, but it also isn't the worst you would hear. She rocks her head back and forth and then hears that people are coming to her 'room'. Ah well let's see what's gonna happen today, shall we?

Mohinder puts on a friendly face as he presses the intercom, "Miss Neal? Hello, it's Dr. Suresh again. I have some good news for you." And some bad. But let's not get into that right now. "Do you mind if we come in?" And if she doesn't, it won't matter. We? No. The doctor's not alone out here. He has a small entourage with him.

"This'll be a treat," murmurs a feminine voice behind Mohinder. A pale woman, seemingly extremely ill-at-ease, follows barely a beat behind Doctor Suresh. "Do they all act like this?" she inquires casually.

One of the entourage is a tall, dark, shadowy figure. How cliche. Lingering behind the woman in the group some distance behind on the other side of the hall. Looming, one might say. For the time being, he (the figure is undoubtedly masculine; the shadows don't mistake the strong, square shoulders) - is silent.

Andrea actually is smiling at Mohinder. "Of course you can come in Mohinder. I don't refuse company" she snickers and waves her hand. The gears in her head are of course working. What is the news? And whose we? She can't really worry about this though. So she just sits up against the wall and peers at the door. She cocks her head to side in curiosity.

Mohinder depresses the intercom button so that the hallway conversation won't carry into the cell. He turns to the woman behind him and says, "Some are calmer than others.. a few days locked up like this, powerless, everyone copes differently." He presses the intercom and says, "Thank you." The door to the cell is then unlocked and opened. The geneticist leads the small group into the room. "As I said.. we have some good news Miss Neal. After extensive study, we've determined that you can go home."

Mohinder's good news draws an almost cruel smile from the woman in his little group. She disengages from the geneticist's side and quietly pads to the other side of the room. Her eyes are glued to Andrea's form. Just give me an excuse.

The telekinesis's mood brightens even /more/. Home, ah yes finally. Yay! She smiles at Mohinder, "That's good to hear. Guess you're tired of me-" her face then drains color. She remembers what Agent Swan said. After the experiments if she survived. She wouldn't remember anything. But, that's not right. She won't remember that she knows other people like her! She looks at the other people and her gaze freezes on the dark figure. He hasn't said a word. Something about him makes her raise her eyebrows. "Ah, so you are going to erase me huh? Just like Agent Swan said" She looks at the female again as she moves across the room. Is she supposed to be scary? She stares back at her and raises an eyebrow.

"No, that's not the case. I hope you understand, we had to make sure that you didn't pose a threat to society. We know what you're capable of now, you don't have a history.." Mohinder now frowns a little.. "Who told you that we do such a thing?" It's the truth, which he admits to, "Again.. it's an unfortunate thing that we have to do for security and secrecy." Make no mistakes, the Indian man is not pleased with himself, or the unpleasant side effects of his job here. Mohinder looks over his shoulder at the Haitian, and nods his head once.

"Agent Swan has a big mouth," the woman muses darkly. "Doesn't matter, I suppose. You won't remember anyway. It's for your own good. Now just hold still, honey. It doesn't hurt any."

It is, indeed, the Haitian. He enters without pomp or circumstance on the scientist's cue and the female agent's words, simply a heavy air of suppression. A dark suit jacket, dark pants, he's a shadow. The white of his eyes flash in the relatively dim cell as he regards Andrea, utterly and completely neutral. The tall man says nothing; he steps toward the young woman and starts to reach out for her. A large, dark hand heads for her forehead.

The young woman lifts her chin and her face grows somber. "Agent Swan told me. Miss Bonham said that I might be able to get a job here. I /can't/ forget about this. If I do, I'll think that I'm still the /only/ one that has an ability" she grits her teeth and looks down. Does it really have to be like this? She would do anything to not be mind wiped. She sighs and looks up at the woman, "I wouldn't think that you guys would be through pain on purpose. No biggie. I'll be five by five in no time I suppose. But you lost a great asset" she smiles faintly at the Haitian. "Hey buddy" she says and closes her eyes.

The Company knows whether or not Andrea is an asset to them. And at this time? She's clearly not. Otherwise this wouldn't be happening. Mohinder patiently waits for the Haitian to be finished. As he waits, he withdraws the clunky looking gun hidden in the folds of his labcoat.

Lost an asset? "Not from where I'm standing," the woman responds coldly to Andrea. She steps away from the Haitian and his target, however. The man clearly unnerves her. For good reason.

He takes what he needs — what the Company needs — and nothing more. Some of Andrea's memories are sanctioned to destroy. It takes some time, but not a lot. A minute passes of intense concentration on the man's part, perhaps less. What's a few days' worth when he can leave a person without anything at all? As the older of the memories start to drift by and away, the Haitian nods once, slowly, to Mohinder. It's almost time.

Andrea's head lolls to the side and her eyes flicker. "Asset, guess not too" she murmurs and her head drops forward, hair in face. Well she won't be remembering this field trip folks.

Mohinder's expression is resolute, he wants to look away, but watches the exchange. It's a display of power, and a fascinating one at that. He waits for the Haitian to finish, then steps in. Taking advantage of the blackout that follows the mind erasing, he brushes Andrea's hair back. Using the gun in hand, he tags the back of her neck, hidden in the hairline. He doesn't look happy with himself as he leaves those two little scratches there in her skin.

"Don't be too hard on yourself, Suresh." Though the words are for Mohinder, the female agent's eyes are stuck on the Haitian as he does what he does best. Rapt with attention to his display. The doctor isn't the only one fascinated. "Though if you think I'm driving her back into the city, you've another thing coming."

The Haitian steps back… but he's not finished yet, not strictly speaking. There's one more detail to take care of. He slips a small object out of an inner coat pocket: a syringe, which he stabs into the side of Andrea's neck. Slow and methodical until the small amount is drained, it's a very business-like movement, if it can be called that. "To aid her journey," the man's rich, accented voice speaks outloud for the first time in the cell. In other words, Andrea will pass out until it's time for her to wake up elsewhere. His job done, the Haitian regards Mohinder, then the other woman, before silently making his way into the corridor.

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