2010-07-10: Non-Conversation



Date: July 10, 2010


"The odd thing about this form of communication is that you're more likely to talk about nothing than something. But I just want to say that all this nothing has meant more to me than so many somethings," Kathleen Kelly, You've Got Mail.


Hospital Atrium

It's a beautiful day outside. Sunny, warm, and green. Most people would rather be outside than in, even the patients in a hospital. Janet should've been out of this hospital earlier this week. Her doctor— Doc Good Body— wasn't exactly onboard with that decision, particularly with how she pushes her rehab, and so she was made to stay the rest of the week despite her rather loud protests that she was fine and could easily be at home.

Regardless of where she finds herself, Janet is sitting in a wheelchair in one of the hospital atriums enjoying the little bit of sun she's allowed (the meds she's on dictate that she stay out of direct sunlight so she's in the shade, but outside, regardless). The Scooby Doo scrub shirt she's wearing is a good contrast to her blue pants; scrubs that had been in storage for ages with her not working. But they're comfortable and hospital appropriate, even if not particularly for a patient, she refuses to wear the open-backed gowns generally allotted to patients.

This amount of time in hospital hasn't exactly done wonders for the perky woman although she wears a brave smile. She shuffles the deck of cards and sits at the table playing Solataire.

Disorderly Smith and Disorderly Jones are taking a shortcut through the atrium. Why would they be doing that? Because they are pushing a gurney with a covered body on it. And it, well, happens to be late for the morgue. The two of them are not happy with each other, to say the least.

"I told you we shoulda' took the elevator! This is the long way!"

"Shortcut! It's a shortcut!"

"It's not a shortcut when EVERYONE CAN SEE US!"

"It's just a dead body! Relax!"

Apparently, these two fools aren't so good with the pushing of the body, because they end up letting it go in their argument and it goes rolling away. There's a slight hill and so it rattles its way towards a bench. Collision! This has the body sliding out from underneath the cover and it hits the ground, rolling down the hill and right towards where Janet is sitting!


That's the sound coming from beneath the table, where the body is revealed to be none other than Jaden Cain.

"All that work and you're wearing pants. LAME!"

An eyebrow is quirked at the two fellows wheeling the body. That's… odd. No one should be wheeling a body through the atrium, right? Bodies belong in the basement for the morgue; she knows this. She watches the argument transpire and gasps a little as the girney hits the bench. That's not good! Her eyes widen as the body begins to roll down the hill. This so isn't following protocol for those two clowns, she attempts to back up in her wheelchair until… the sound of the voice.

With a faint snicker, Janet just shakes her head. "Nice. Real nice. All a ploy to see the family jewels then Jaden?" With another stifled giggle she shakes her head again, I couldn't handle the stupid hospital gowns! Too much moon." She winks before offering him a kind of shrug, "Ten points for the entrance though— how did you know I was out here?" Beat. "Or were you just looking for any unsuspecting female patient?" Eyebrow quirk.

Somewhere in the midst of staying on the ground too long, Jaden realizes that he's probably getting all kinds of stains on his clothes and he pulls himself up by the table. He's standing, brushing himself off, when the questions are shot off in his direction. "I've got eyes all over this hospital, babe. I know everything that goes on with you." Jaden slides himself around the table, so that he can lean in for one of those 'Hi' kisses that tend to be the requirement between boyfriends and girlfriends. He's definitely trying to make sure he gets some killer points. "The only unsuspecting female patient I want is you, Janet." Jaden pauses, his honesty kicking right in. "Although, there's this one chick in 4B that has a HUGE rack. I mean… like… Dolly Parton Huge. It's crazy." Pause. "And kind of a little scary."

The kiss is reciprocated and followed up by a large toothy grin. "So I have my own personal hospital stalker?" the mischief is reflected in her eyes with a broadening grin at the idea of being the only unsuspecting female patient and then a fading seconds later accompanied with an obligatory eye roll. "I bet they're not real," she quips with a small shrug and a kind of wistful sigh and then a faint shake of her head.

"Besides, shouldn't you like be in an office somewhere like someone who runs a company?" Her eyebrows both arch as she hmmms a little. "Or is your girlfriend that important?" and there is the word she avoids so often, put out there, hanging out there in the middle of the atrium. And then, she starts backtracking, "Not that… I mean, am I that… or…"

"Girlfriends are always more important than Fortune 500 Companies." Jaden just kind of shrugs, before he takes a seat at the table, trying to be as close to the Wheelchair patient as humanly possible. "What's the point in being a gatrillionaire if I don't have anyone to spend the money on?" Jaden sounds pretty damn honest in those particular terms, since all he's trying to do is be there for the Janet. She is, after all, a very interesting catch. "Not that you're in it for the money, or anything. I know you only want me for my Superman Ice Cream." Jaden breaks into a snicker, since he's making sure there's some obviousness to the teasing that he he's doing right now. "I should bust you outta' this place. You look bored as hell."

"So…" she starts slowly. "I am your girlfriend then?" It's not like they've had that talk. In fact, the talk they had totally went in the polar opposite direction, didn't it? Maybe it's a tricky way to broach the subject, but then,, how else does a person bring it up?

"Besides you could be poor as a church mouse and it wouldn't change my opinion of you," Janet states matter-of-factly. "The jPhone might've got me into your apartment, but it certainly didn't get you any further than that." Smile, "Superman ice cream on waffles did the rest." She winks and then glances down at the chair and atrium with a laboured sigh, "I hate it here. And I don't anything! Honestly, earlier today I did rounds and got sent back to bed. I feel like I should be working… or something rather than just being useless and sitting around doing nothing…" She shrugs and then twitches. "I would love to be busted out— I would owe you like HUGELY— now the real question is what does a girlfriend give her boyfriend who literally has everything, including the Back to the Future industry in his back pocket…"

"Oh, that would be totally awesome. A sequel to one of the greatest stories of all time! The City Mouse, The Country Mouse and the Church Mouse. Haha! I smell a new cartoon!" Jaden is always coming up with some kinda' wacky reimagining of classic concepts. Could be why his eyes are like, glossing over at the moment. "Man, the Church Mouse could be all Southern Baptist. Oh shit, that would be hilarious." Chuckling to himself, it takes a moment for Jaden to get back to the conversation. "Oh, ha. You heard we killed at the box office, huh?" Jaden shrugs. "I love those movies. I refused to do anything to ruin their awesomeness. I cannot WAIT to start filming the next one. POWER LACES! HOVERBOARD!" Jaden is getting extra hype. "I'll figure out a way to get you outta' here. Don't worry." Jaden then looks a little bit more serious. "I mean, if you want to be… gotten out." Yeah, he's not talking about the escape right now, is he?

"The Church Mouse should have a really heavy southern drawl," Janet concurs. "And he should like try to convert the other two all of the time and stand on a pulpit all of the time!" The glossing is noted and met with a kind of awed smirk. Creative genius at work. Always a fun thing to see. "I did hear that! Congrats! I was happy to hear things went so well with it! I seriously need to get out of here to see that movie. I bet it's awesome! I loved the originals. LOVED them. And I so totally wanted a hoverboard growing up. I mean really who didn't?" Her expression changes at Jaden's does. Her eyes soften a little and her smile transforms into something more contemplative. Her voice becomes quieter, less confident, and maybe a little nervous, "By you? Always." There's a small pause before she bites her bottom lip, "And what about you… " Her lips press together somewhat uneasily.

Jaden is lost in the thoughts of whatever else might be going on in his crazy mind right now. How in the heck is he keeping up with all these topics at once? Even he doesn't know how he's pulling this off. But for right now, he's focused on the fact that he's having a non-conversation about something that needs to be a real conversation, in an effort to make it less of a scary conversation that it would be if it was a real conversation by making it a non-conversation. "I don't think I could ever ask for a better doctor than the one I have right now." And Jaden isn't even a patient! But then again, he's practically floating right now so, who really cares.

An unusually still quietness comes over Janet. Her greenish coloured eyes watch each movement and her own thoughts turn to making things less scary and more upbeat, easier, and all around less direct. Palms sweaty and hands slightly trembly, she pushes them to the seat of her chair. The edges of her lips flicker upwards and then back to neutral as her eyes brighten just a stitch. "Are… are you asking me to be your only doctor? I'm a good doctor. I am."

Jaden is not one to be taking flying leaps. Not until he's pretty sure that he's going to land on something soft and too cute for words. Which is what he's hoping as he just kind of leans onto the table and stares at Janet. He's trying to find the right response, without seeming like he's too damn nervous for anything else. Which, to be perfectly honest, he is very nervous about this whole fake conversation. But she's going with it, so he should be fairly okay. "… Are you saying yes?"

Where there was only a flicker of a smile, a broadening one replaces it with a small toothy grin. Bright eyes tentatively watch as Jaden leans forward, and naturally Janet leans forward as well. Quietly, cautiously, she whispers the simple answer, "Yes." Her cheeks flush slightly, "The answer is yes."


That would be Jaden and the classic fistpump action of greatness. Because he's celebrating right now. He's not used to things actually going his way and now that they are, this is just smashing! He's a few steps closer to following in his mother's footsteps too! But for right now, he's just going to be happy. "Oh. Em. Gee. Like, I totally have to call all my friends!" Whoa. Sounds like Jaden's usually epic Valley Girl impression is considerably off. That used to be such an awesome… ability… of his.

All out beam. That was exactly the reaction Janet was hoping for.

"Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" she cheers with a clap from her spot on her chair. There's a small pause before she teases, "I think your valley girl is broken! Not that it matters! Eeeeeeeeee! I'm so excited!" In fact, in her excitement she decides she's going to stand up and give Jaden a bit 'ole kiss, he's only a little bit away, right? This is not a good idea. And, as usual, as she tries to put weight on her feet she collapses to the ground. With a kind of wistful sigh, she shrugs and continues to smile. "Be a dear and help me up?"

"Yeah. It is." Jaden frowns. This is not good. His impressions are still gone. Which just kind of makes him feel even less like himself. Stupid ability. But then Janet is crashing to the ground and that's not good. "Janet!" He's already flinging himself around the table to make sure he can help her up much easier than it would be trying to reach around stupid furniture. "Careful. You can't be breakin' stuff. I gotta' use this body." Hands are extended to help Janet make it back to the wheelchair.

As Jaden helps her up, Janet kind of basks in the contact with her fella. "I just want to feel like myself again, y'know? I'm not the kind of person who sits all day long, I mean, except when I'm beating Final Fantasy or something, you know? It's just so frustrating to be confined to something that doesn't make me feel like me. And here I am in a place where normally I'm in my element— I'm a doctor, I work in hospitals— and I feel… out of place. I'm not allowed to do what feels so natural. If someone was coding, I would still try to help. I tried to do rounds the other day, they didn't like it much…" She shrugs again. "And it's boring here. Like soooo boring."

"Oh, I know exactly what you mean. This whole, being a CEO thing? Way out of my element. I'm at best when I'm not doing anything. See, then? I can't mess anything up." Ah, the Slacker Way. But for right now, he's going to try and cheer Janet up. "But don't worry. We'll get you outta' here as soon as possible. Then we'll get you all better and then you can be back here and doing everything, double time! Yay! Hard work!" That last bit is sarcastic teasing!

"I like my job," Janet quips back, but she's grinning which is a good sign. "And I'm good at it! I could make anyone smile. Bet ya didn't know that! Seriously, I once made this girl smile when she was like literally melting of heat exhaustion! It's like my hidden talent! I used to sing to patients— made the morbid just a little happier! And I really was good at it! And there's no way on earth you could screw up the CEO thing, you're too talented at multitasking!" She eases in the chair and then beams again, "And there's no way I'd work double-time. Then you'd never see me, hmmm?"

"Well, maybe I was planning on becoming a doctor too! It worked on Scrubs." Jaden shrugs, because that's about the end all and be all of his knowledge in regards to the medical field. He's definitely not going to be going to do this once he finds out there's actually MORE SCHOOL involved in becoming a doctor or something. He's not for education in the least! Not after high school, anyway. "I think you're awesome. You make me smile all the damn time. Sometimes, when you're not even around. I'll just think of you or something you said and I'll just… smile." He smirks. "Then I do it all over again. Only, you're naked the second time…"

"I bet my smile could cure cancer! That's the kind of power it has!" Janet brightens although she flushes at the naked comment. "Ha! Like I was wearing clothes the first time!" She's got no delusions. "Ohmygosh, I need to get out of here so we could like have an X-Box marathon or a Back to the Future Marathon with the originals and then yours and then we could like eat Superman Ice Cream and tangerine popsicles and waffles! OH man! I haven't had a waffle since I got shot! Seriously— it's like this place doesn't know what a waffle is!! And they keep trying to make me eat veggies and dip like people actually like to eat that stuff! I mean who likes that?! It might have nutrients, but it doesn't make me feel cozy or good or anything…"

"Huh. I think I've got an idea." Jaden smiles, before stepping around and to the back of the wheelchair. He's definitely going for that Zack Morris hidden within him. "We're gettin' you outta' here. Now. All I need you to do is smile." Uh oh. Looks like Jaden Cain is about to attempt the greatest escape known to the history of mankind: Out The Front Door!

"An idea?" Janet catches Jaden's smile with a broad toothy grin of her own. She reaches to the back of the chair to give Jaden's hands a squeeze, her own eyes narrowing into determined slits. "Let's do this thing! Seriously!"

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