2009-10-27: None Of My Business



Date: October 27th, 2009


A night down in the labs.

"None Of My Business"

NYPD - Forensics Lab

In a police station, things don't get any quieter just because it is nighttime. And Emma is busy, as always, at her work. She orchestrates the labwork, doing the paperwork that even SHE hates, and making sure things move, well, according to policy. She's a stickler there.

Usually, he'd hate being out at work at night, with the wife and kid safe at home. But…you do what you have to. And Fel's been finishing up paperwork on a joint case, something that looks like it might be a serial killer operating in New England. He comes rolling in, shoving his glasses up his nose with a fingertip.

Indeed they are not quieter. Ethan's still at his station, which is decorated for Halloween. Complete with a candy dish that has a realistic hand made of ballistics gel beneath the mounds of Snickers, Baby Ruth and Three Musketeers. He doesn't mind the lateness, seeing as his wife is upstairs working herself to exhaustion. He'll be dragging Viola off to home soon enough. He's got his lab overalls worn over one of his crazy t-shirts and jeans combo. Some of his own paperwork is being finished up and he whistles as he preps it for Emma's desk.

Emma looks up as there is a new arrival. She rises, walking over toward Felix as she says, "Can I help you?"

Fel looks around, wryly. "Been a while since I was down here," he notes. Got his own gold badge clipped to his suitjacket pocket - a little different shape than the usual NYPD shield. "Looking for the bloodwork on the Atkinson and Park cases."

Ethan glances up and over at Emma and Felix. Paperwork really isn't his thing. He'd rather get his hands into disgusting evidence and look for that hidden needle in a body. Still, it's part of the job and he finishes it up in due time. "Welcome to our lair," he calls out to Felix in a mock-sinister voice, "You're missing the party!" Don't mind him, he's the quirky one.

Emma shoots Ethan a puzzled look. But she says, to Felix, "I'm not aware of any current festivities. But I can retrieve that bloodwork for you." briskly turning on her heel to do so. Yes, she's full of charm, and the life of the party.

Felix beams at Ethan, though it looks sort of funny on that angular face. "I used to be down here, you know. Not at this precinct, but that's how I started. Forensics."

"That's okay too, you're in on the party once the hooch arrives," Ethan says cheerily and just going with the flow. Aaaah, Emma, always so literal. "This is where I started, this is where I'll stay. Maybe not at this precinct, but I do love researching some evidence and getting my hands dirty." Which irritates the wife and amuses him. A manilla envelope is plucked up from his work station and handed across for Emma, "The bloodwork, Madame!"

Emma takes the envelope. "Thank you, Mr. Holcombe. Do you have the forms finished on that ballistics test? We need to return it to the evidence locker." she looks briefly mystified by 'hooch', obviously going through 'mental files', then enlightenment strikes as she says, "Hooch.. alcohol, ethenol, not isopropyl." she shakes her head, "I do not understand the practice." she turns and gives the envelope to Felix. "There are the results."

Felix takes the folder from her with muttered thanks, riffles through the results. It seems to confirm what he suspected, and that in turn pleases him, by the crooked little smirk that appears. 'Thanks," he says, before eyeing Ethan. "Party, eh? I shudder to think what a Halloween party's like, down here."

Ethan puts a finger up to his nose, signaling to Emma, 'You got it!' "Almost done with the ballistics test." Truth is, he got a /little/ carried away with that. One too many Mythbusters eps will do that to a guy. "The parties are pretty tame.. until the guys from the morgue get here. THEY'RE the ones you have to watch for. If you think we get an odd sense of humor here? We've got nothing on them."

Emma murmurs, "They do tend to be morbid." Humor.. well, if she wasn't simply stating facts. "We will need those soon, Mr. Holcombe." she looks at the two men, "I have to get back to my paperwork." and, with no more pleasantries than that, she turns to return to her desk.

A laugh from Felix. "I remember," he says, not seeming inclined to immediately scurry back upstairs. He sorts through the paperwork, shoves his glasses up his nose, lazily. "How long've you been on the force?" he asks, idly.

"And you'll have it boss!" Ethan fires off a salute, in between finishing up reports. Once Emma's back to her desk and hard at work, 'Holly', looks to Felix and nudges his head in a c'mere gesture. "Oh just under ten years. Hey, you're with the Feds right, or so rumor has it in the building."

Felix taps the gold badge on his jacket. "Yeah," he says, with a mingling of amusement and wryness. "Usedta be NYPD."

"Hey, what's the deal with Dayan?" Ethan comes right out and asks. "My wife and I, heck half the precinct even.. we got questioned by some spooks in black suits, flashing government ID. They wanted to know what we thought of him, when we saw him last, have we had communication with him.." He hasn't wanted to be in the same room with Namir since he shot his beautiful wife in her very gorgeous leg. Sure the circumstances were fishy, and Namir may not have been totally at fault, but still.

"I've heard he's gone," Fel says, quietly. "I…I'm not on that case. What happened?" He's gone weirdly still, and is eyeing Ethan….not quite suspiciously. Definitely nervous.

"That's just it. We don't know. He disappeared not too long ago. I've heard his wife hasn't been happy and I honestly can't blame her." Ethan thinks briefly on the fit his own darling Vi would throw if something were to happen to him. (Or she'd shut it all off.) "Then the other day, like I said, Fed goons came in just asking questions about him.. no offense to present Fed."

Felix grunts at that, clearly displeased. "He's a friend of mine," he says, bluntly. "I hadn't heard from him in a few days,but I figured he was just busy. That's fucked up….and Sam hasn't said thing one to me about it."

Ethan frowns, and has no love for the guy, so won't gripe about an incident that's been over and done with. "Didn't hurt to ask. I just thought it was really odd. I thought maybe he was an undercover op. You never know, right? Anyway, I better finish this ballistics report so I can cart the wife out of here." And before Emma asks for it again.

"I know he's done undercover. But…..well. Hell, I don't know," Felix says, scratching restlessly at his scalp. "I'll talk to his wife, see what's happening."

"I considered this None of My Business, until I got questioned." Ethan says, brow furrowing as he returns attention to the ballistics report. "It's probably still not my business, but I'm pretty damn curious.. aw hell, I left part of this report upstairs. Sorry, I need to go retrieve this. Hey, thanks for the input anyway."

"I'll see what I can nose out. See if it was real feds, or some crazy X-files bullshit," Fel says, bluntly. "And yeah, I need to head out." He still looks grim, a little distracted, as he turns to go.

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