2007-04-23: None the Wiser


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Summary: Elle wakes up after having her memory swiss cheese'd. Again.

Date It Happened: April 23rd, 2007

None the Wiser

Kirby Plaza

When Elle comes to, Candice is sitting there in a smart black suit, paired with the brand new heels her friend bought her. "Hey, sleeping beauty. You looked so cute, I didn't wanna wake you." The illusionist smiles almost sadly. "Good book? Or boring? Looks like you didn't get very far." Indeed, the page Elle's on reads 'It was a dark and stormy night…' Typically a good way to start a book, even if it is cliché.

Elle yawns as she starts to sit up. "Hey." She rubs at her eyes a couple moments. "Ugh. I need to eat. I think I'm blood-sugaring. Got a headache." Chloroform will do that to a girl. "What've you been up to?"

"Nothin'. Going over files. I've gotta bring in the Bennet girl's boyfriend." Candice shrugs. Another day at the office. "I've totally got a box of cookies stashed. You want me to go get 'em?"

Elle nods. "Cookies sound good." she smiles. "A couple, anyhow. I'm glad the new shoes look so good on you!" She stands, and yawns one more time. "Ugh. Just don't wanna wake up today. Been running too hard, I guess."

"You always work too hard, Elle Belle." Candice stands and pokes the blonde in the nose, then wraps an arm around her shoulders. "Cookies await. The chewy chocolate chip kind, too."

Elle grins. "Awesome. The hard type suck." She moves out with her BFF. "You need any help with Bennet's boyfriend? I mean, she might be there." And there's not much Elle would like better than dishing out a little punishment to Claire Bennet.

"I'd love it. See, Mallory's established a connection with him…" Candice shakes her head. "I've done my homework on the school, teachers, etc. But… He seems a smart boy. It won't be long before he's made me. I could probably use the backup."

Elle grins. "Good." she says, looking to Candice, a vicious little gleam in her eye. "When and where?" She walks out with Candice. "I've got nothing big on my plate right now."

"I was thinking I was going to hit him up at soccer practice." It's as though a light bulb has gone off over Candice's head. "Oh! Oh, Elle, I just had the /best/ idea." She hugs her friend close, touching the side of her head to the blonde's. "Homecoming. We /have/ to nab him at homecoming this weekend. It'll be the /best/." Just like old times. "Oh, I could make such a grand fuss of things. There's nothing I like better than shaking up the preps and the jocks."

Elle laughs. "Oh, perfect. I -hate- homecoming. Thank god they pulled me out when I was spying on her before, without needing to go to that garbage. What's his name?"

"He fancies himself a superhero. Calls himself Omega. His name is Drake Maxwell, though." Candice drops her arm from Elle's shoulders to her waist, going so far as to link one thumb through her friend's belt loop. Mine. "Kind of cute. And apparently devoted to that cheerleader. He wasn't biting at the hook Mallory was dangling."

Elle snickers. ""Omega"? Oh, my god. Why would you WANT him to bite with a geek name like that? She gets her waist hooked, and snickers, letting just a -tiny- static snap out into Candice's arm. Hey, electric shocks are how Elle shows affection. "Better make with those cookies before I start chewing on that arm." A little smirk.

Candice returns that smirk with a dark one of her own. "I can't help it if they've relegated my stash far, far away from Daddy's office, can I? No." But soon enough, Candice is disappearing into an office and returning with a box of chewy cookies. "Here we are." She fishes three out of the box. One of Elle and two for herself.

Elle chews on the cookie. "Mmm. Better. " she savors her single cookie. "All right. If we're not going to hit him till this weekend, then I'm gonna see what trouble I can get into." A wry smile. "Got to be something fun out there."

"There always is, isn't there?" Candice's smile fades. "Do you want some company?"

Elle smiles. "Like I ever need an excuse to have you along?" And she gives her BFF a tight hug. "There's got to be -someone- we can play with." And when Elle says that, she doesn't mean "That we can collaboratively play a game with." No. She means "that we can use for a toy".

Was that a…? Why yes, that was a quiet little squeal of delight from Candice. No matter how short-lived. "Should we go check holding? I bet there's someone down there in need of a little attention."

Elle grins, and raises her hand, letting electricity crackle all over her fingers, dancing. "Let's go play."

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