2007-10-15: Noodly Meeting


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Summary: Sharon helps Brian park his car before showing the new arrival to NYC a noodle place.

Date It Happened: October 15th, 2007

Noodly Meeting

Downtown, NYC - Lower East Side

It's midday, just after noon. The sun is peaked, shining brightly over the world below. It's a hot day, with a light breeze in the area. The time being just after lunch, there is a lot of traffic both vehicular and pedestrian in the area. College students heading back to school, professionals getting back to work, or taking their lunch break. All in all it leaves the streets at a semi-busy state.

All of which makes Brian that much more nervous. His 91 Dodge Spirit lurches forward before taking abrupt stops. He is a good driver. At least… He is a good driver on the open roads that he's used to. He would always get nervous going to Sacramento. This is New York City! The apprehension of driving in the big city gets the best of him, as it is very obvious that his driving is choppy and not smooth at all. Gripping the wheel tightly with one hand, the young man peers at a piece of paper and then out his passenger window. "This is it." He murmurs to himself, edging the car to the right. He goes in to parallel park, though the spot is not overly big and he begins to have some trouble. He goes forward, then back, and forward, and back, trying to get it just right, though he's having issues. Dressed in a white t-shirt, a pair of aviators, baggy jeans and a red cap, the young man may look slick and cool though he is definitely having trouble acting that way. A few expletives escape the open driver window as he attempts once again to park.

Sharon is just a plain, average driver, but Sharon doesn't drive much. This is New York City, and you only drive if you have a very good reason. That's her take on the matter. The woman is dressed in a light Yankees jacket, a pair of jeans, and a pair of steel-toed boots. She's got an oversized purple and black gym bag over her shoulder. She pauses outside the builing that Brian is trying to park in front of to start digging around in her bag, pulling out a bottled water, before she notices the man trying to park that car and raises her eyebrows just a little bit.

Now he's just embarrassed. He's sure the whole world is watching him. Laughing at him, saying how incompetent he is. He raises his hands up in frustration as if it was the car, or the city itself's fault rather than his own. He looks out his window and grunts, realizing his car is still diagonal in this space. Looking over his other shoulder, he spots the woman watching him and has to stop himself from groaning audibly. Great. Well, he already looks like a retard, might as well go full retard. "Excuse me, ma'am? Would you mind.. backing me up?" He says rather loudly over his engine.

Sharon judges the space. There should be plenty of space. "Alright," the woman says, walking right over the space and standing right alongside the rear car of the two Brian is trying to squeeze between. "Soon as you're ready," she calls to the man, and will do the appropriate back up, slow down, and stop hand signals for him. She isn't laughing at him; some people just can't do this whole parallel parking thing.

Now it is easy enough. Brian backs the car up and parks it perfectly. See? He IS awesome. With a little help. After its parked, he turns off the ignition, pockets his keys, checks his other pocket for his cellphone and then opens the door. Stepping out he does one last pat of his back pocket, making sure his wallet is present then shuts the door. He turns to quickly lock it, curse not having power locks then makes his way around the old lunker towards the woman. "Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it. I'm not, I'm not from around here." He feels he has to add, give an excuse for his driving. "I'm from like the country kinda compared to this." He gives, accompanied with a little bit of a nervous laugh. He goes to open the trunk and take out his own gym bag.

"I was the same way when I moved here. From Colorado myself. Mountains are a lot different than the streets of New York City," Sharon tells the man. Which is why she remembered the joy of driving. "First suggestion, if you're not having to cross the entire city every day, is to invest in a bike or a good pair of walking shoes. Gets you there in pretty near the same amount of time, when you take into account traffic," she explains.

"Oh. Colorado. Yeah, I'm from California. Where about in Colorado, you from?" Brian asks, a light smile comes on his face, it appears he feels comfortable with someone who is also a stranger to this big city. He hefts his own bag over one shoulder. At her suggestion, he nods. "Right thanks, I'll be sure to do that. This city is.." He takes a moment looking up at the buildings overhead. "Intimidating."

"Denver," Sharon says, taking note of the gym bag. She's a personal trainer, so such things usual at least get a cursory glance. "You live around here?" she asks. "Or work?" A nod is given about California. "Thought about going to California for school, but ended up deciding against it. Surf just wasn't my thing when I was going to school". A nod is given when he mentions the city being intimidating. "Takes some time to get used to it. How long you been here for?"

"Surf? Yeah, California is just one giant beach." Brian says, laughing a little bit. "What school were you lookin' at?" Brian asks, raising one hand to shut the trunk. He shifts to fully face her, though smalltalk with strangers was always a little awkward for him. He never knew how to hold himself, especially if the stranger happens to be an attractive woman. He tries to be cool, and takes a seat on the trunk of his Spirit while keeping his eyes on her face. "Uh, no, I don't live here. Yet, I guess. Um, there's supposed to be a vacant apartment here, I'm looking at." He says, gesturing to the building. "Right now I'm being put up in a hotel not too far from here. I've just been here a couple of days." He adds to her last question.

"Few different spots, wasn't a likely choice. But it was something on the table. Can't rightly remember," Sharon admits to Brian. She glances over at the place. "Yeah, it's an old neighborhood, plenty of apartment options around. You'll get a lot of students around here, so it depends if you want a lot of students in the area or not. Or if you are a studen," Sharon adds with a laugh. "And if you need someone to show you around, I'm mostly free today. Not meeting any clients for a few hours yet," she says with a little shrug.

"Really? That would be really nice of you." He says, enthusiasm filling his voice. His eyes brighten a little bit, the big bad city isn't so scary after all. Nice people DO exist! "Clients? You a lawyer or something?" He says, a little skepticism in his voice now.

"Ha! Lawyer? As if," Sharon says, patting her gym bag. "Personal trainer," she explains to the man. "My name's Sharon," she adds, offering Brian her hand in greeting. "I don't think I could handle the courthouse thing myself. Too much legal mumbo jumbo. I leave the contracts up to the front desk, frankly".

He laughs a little bit as she shrugs off the lawyer bit. "I didn't think you would be." He takes her hand, and gives it a shake. Though when shaking hands he never gives much of a grip. Some people call him spineless for that, but it doesn't much affect him. "Brian. Nice to meet you Sharon." He grins a little bit. "Mumbo jumbo? Do people use that phrase still?" He jokes though he freezes for a moment, hoping his tease wasn't too fast too soon with his new friend. He quickly speaks again in case she doesn't look on his little comment favorably, "So there's a gym around here? I should sign up. Maybe I could be a new client." He says, grinning.

"I do, but I'm old," Sharon says with a laugh. Not that old, but older than some people. "It isn't far from here or the university, the one I train at. Power House Gym," Sharon explains. "I do mostly self defense and personal training. So, what brings you to New York?" she asks the man. "School? Working as a lawyer?" she asks. "And if you are a lawyer, I take back all the bad things about lawyers I said, except for the mumbo jumbo part. Because it is stuff that I don't really understand".

Brian laughs louder this time. Then points to his heap of an old car. "Man I would be a pretty sad lawyer, wouldn't I? Driving this thing." He shakes his head. "I just got offered a job here. It's kind of a ministry. Humanitarian and charity work and all that. I'll also be mobilizing people for like overseas trips and all that." He says quickly. "You don't look old." He adds in.

"Late twenties. Old enough to remember the 80's," Sharon says. "And I have my car stored away, but like I said, it's mostly bike and foot power for me around here. I value my life, and the roads aren't worth the risk. Though the cabbies are pretty competent. They have to be good drivers to handle these roads". She gestures around. "So, what're you looking to find around this area? General eats, stores, things like that?" she asks, adjusting the bag and slipping it over to her left shoulder now.

Sliding off the trunk onto his feet, Brian shakes his head. "You're not old." He says, nodding. "Well walking it is. Um.. Yeah, whatever. I guess I need to know where stuff is. Uh, are you hungry? I could buy you lunch if you want, for helping me out. And I would know where to get food. So..yeah." He offers, subconciously mimicking her and adjusting his own bag to his opposite shoulder.

"Well, what ya want? There's a noodle place nearby, and a diner. And there's always a nearby pizza place pretty much anywhere you go in New York," Sharon tells him. "Lunch sounds good to me," the woman adds. She does notice the bag mimic, but doesn't say anything about it.

Brian doesn't notice it. He tends to copy people on accident, if someone talks to him in an accent, he will probably be using that same accent. "Uh, whatever you want. Pizza sounds good. I love noodles. Whatever. It's up to you." Brian offers as he looks over his shoulder to make sure his car is locked.

"Lets head to the noodle place; it's nearby," Sharon says. "So, you said you do humanitarian work?" she asks as she waits for him to finish making sure the car is locked up. "What sort of charity work?" Once he's ready, she'll start walking down the street with the guy.

"Cool." Brian says as he starts walking beside her. "Yeah, uh, well a lot of different stuff. I did like relief work back in like the tsunami days. And that big earthquake that hit Pakistan? I was there too. I've taught english in Thailand, been to Africa a couple times. Basically any way I can show love you know? That's what I'm into."

"Sounds like some good work. Lots of travel," Sharon says, reaching the noodle place and opening the door, gesturing for the man to go on in ahead of her. "Something I wish I could do, but I don't think I could travel that much. I like to settle down in a city for awhile myself," Sharon explains to the man.

Sliding past her, he murmurs a "Thanks." Then stops short once he enters the building. He will wait for her to take the lead as he's never been to a place like this. "I've really been blessed. It has been a gift from God, being able to do all that." Brian says before nodding at her. "I hear that a lot, though it's never because people don't like travelling." He says. "Well, if you ever get a chance, I would certainly give it a shot. Maybe a short term thing. Just a couple weeks or something. Me? I have a hard time staying still."

Sharon walks on in after the man, and goes to get in line. "Well, travel is tough for me. I can take vacations, but usually not at normal times. Clients tend to sign up big around the holidays you know". Losing the holiday flab, you know! "I've done a bit, more in college, but time and travel tend to be the big things for me," she explains. Not that she can't do things around the city, but nothing like what Brian does.

"If only you could do time travel." Brian jokes as he lines up behind her. "So you said you do self defense, so are you like a kickboxer or something?" He asks, standing behind her in line. "Don't worry, if it is in the cards, you'll get your shot. Maybe I could arrange a trip for you to go on. I got hookups.. kinda."

"Time travel would be a wonderful skill to have, but sadly that's well outside the realm of possibility," Sharon says with a laugh. Yes. If she hadn't met someone who could have visions, shoot electricity, and a lady who did acid burning, she'd actually believe that! Don't mind the infatigable lady though. "Eskrima, specifically. It's a style that focuses on both weapons and unarmed, and using the same movements for both, in a nutshell," she explains. It's a bit different than most. "I know a bit about other styles, but that's my main focus. Started learning it when I was a kid. And that could be interesting," she adds in regard to the trip idea Brian mentions.

Brian himself thinks that he is the only one with special abilities, so time travel is well out of the realm of possibility for him. "Eskrima." He repeats. "Never heard of it. i'm not much of a fighter I guess. I would love to do kickboxing.. or some type of fighting. I think that would be awesome to take up. Gotcha. So do you compete or anything?" Brian motions a little bit to her that there it is now their turn in line.

Sharon steps up to order herself some noodles. She just gets herself a plate of spaghetii and meatballs. Nothing fancy, but she isn't huge on super fancy meals, either. Simple and plain is best for her. "It's not the most common, but it's certainly useful. It's taught with, basically, sticks, and you can use it unarmed, a random bar you find on the street, or a sword. Whatever is handy, as that's what it was designed for," she says. "Sometimes, but not so much lately. Did more when I was in high school and college". Before having to have a job came up.

Stepping up, Brian takes his wallet out of his back pocket. He gets the same thing as Sharon. Venturing out of the box in a strange new place is a bit scary for him, so he stays with safe. "Oh! It isn't the thing where people try to break sticks on each other in competition is it? A college proffessor did that, and showed us videos in class. I don't remember what it's called though.. I think he called it stick fighting." He looks around, "Where should we sit?"

"Well, there's a style of stick fighting that focuses on it," Sharon says. She gestures to a table near the window. "There is fine". She heads on over towards the seat. "Thanks for paying. Eskrima was developed, as the legend says, as a self defense for common people in the Philippines. They could grab a couple of sticks and use this, or go hand to hand against a foe. It was used by the tribes against the Spanish conquistadors in the fifteen hundreds. That's the short version, at least," she tells the man.

Taking a seat across from her. "I think that guy was Fillippino too." He comments, adding "No problem." to her thanks. "Right, I have heard of that. Just didn't know the name I guess. Well how much do you charge? I think that could be a cool hobby to have."

"Depends on the time and the class. For Eskrima, it's about eighty dollars a month, three times a week, but that includes access to the gym too," Sharon says. Which is a pretty decent value there, given full gym access. It's a deal she has with the gym. "That's for the standard classes. Private training is a little more expensive, but that's mostly because of the scheduling". And, of course, training one client at a time as opposed to five or six does make her price go up some, but that's natural.

"Eighty?!" Brian repeats in a little bit of a shock. He listens to her explanation and gives a bit of a nod with a shrug. "I guess that is a good deal. Well.. I certainly wouldn't be able to do private training. But maybe after I get settled, get my rent and groceries all dealt with I'll sign up for a class."

Sharon laughs. "Well, it's with the gym cost. I can probably get that removed if you don't want access to the gym during non-class times," Sharon tells him. "Gym cost is about fifty of that," she explains. "Don't have my own place yet, unfortunately, so I've got a few restrictions on it".

"No, no it's fine. Just you know.. charity, humanitarian, ministry stuff. Aint exactly a high roller, you know? But that's alright. I'll make it work." He says as he begins to eat. "So.. What do you do around here, when you're not teaching people how to be killing machines?"

"You mean there's more to life than that?" Sharon asks with fake shock in her voice. "Nothing too exciting. Movies, books, head to clubs at times. It's a pretty busy city, so there's always something to do if you've got the inclination to try it. To be cliche, it really is a non-sleeping city".

Brian also puts shock on his face, to support her in her little joke. He grins a bit then before speaking, "My friends at home.. We would always complain about there being nothing to do in our stupid little town. I guess I won't have that problem anymore. Except the whole friend thing not really goin' for me anymore."

"That'll change soon enough. Only a couple days here, so you won't know that many people, especially coming out here for work," Sharon says as their food arrives. "Particularly living in those apartments. Lots of students living there," she tells him. "Though it might get a little loud at night, I'm warning you".

"I'll invest in ear plugs. Or one of those Ipod cradle things." Now that the food is actually here, Brian starts to eat, for real this time. "Well, once I get moved in. If you have nothing to do, I have a lot of movies. DVD collecting is kind of like my favorite. Like.. if you could be a personal trainer for DVD collecting, I would have tons of clients."

"Not a bad investment," the woman says with a nod as she works on her food. "And maybe. I generally see them in the theaters myself," she says. She's not a huge DVD person herself. But, she ususally has time to catch a midnight showing. Not like she's going to be sleeping anytime soon. "What sorts of DVDs do you collect?"

"Good movies. I tend to be actor biased. But.. I think if this whole being 'a good person' thing doesn't work out I'll become a movie critc. I really like British flicks.. but any good movie goes into the collection. I'm currently at 120, all alphabetized, don't worry." Brian says with a grin. "Theatres can be so expensive, though."

"Yeah, they can be. Not so bad if you avoid the ten dollars in drinks and snacks though," Sharon says. "Then it's cheaper than buying a DVD, if you're only going to watch it once. If you'll watch it more than once, then the DVD is cheaper," the woman points out. "And being a movie critic? Talk about going from a good person to someone many people consider crazy and stupid". She grins at that.

"I go to Dimple, used stores. You get DVDs for cheeeap." He emphasizes the last word. Grinning a bit, he leans back in his seat. "Crazy and stupid? Get paid to watch movies, I see nothing stupid about that."

"Opinions on said movies can be considered crazy and stupid though, and with critics, people just extend that to the person," Sharon points out. "Though getting paid to watch movies is certainly not a bad gig". Though Sharon has no idea how well it pays the bills.

"So. Do you have a phone?" He asks, sliding his own cell phone out of his pocket. "Right now, you're my ooonnlly friiend." He says in a fake sad sort of way. "Maybe if you're not too busy beating things with sticks or at the movie theatres we could hang out or somethin."

Sharon reaches into her gym bag and pulls out a card for Power House Gym. It has the gym's number on it, along with her office phone. "Here you go," the woman tells Brian, handing it over towards the man. "Easiest to get ahold of me there," she explains to him. "And maybe. See how schedules work out," she says as she continues eating.

Pausing from eating, Brian punches in the numbers onto his cellphone from the card. Cards are hard to keep track of, cards can fall out of wallets. Cellphones though are important and he keeps track of them. He flips his phone closed then slides it into his pocket. He picks up his fork and continues to eat. "Cool." It seems he's run out of things to talk about, or he's just really hungry.

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