2007-02-03: Not All Broken Is Fixable


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Summary: Several weeks after she up and disappeared from their parents' home, vanished without a trace (much less a goodbye), Marcus runs into Tamara on the street.

Date It Happened: February 3rd, 2007

Log Title: Not All Broken Is Fixable


Marcus is just coming out of one of the many chinese resteraunts on the street, he had been having dinner with some friends, and the rest of his freinds kind of break up, taking taxis or walking home, Marcus whistles softly to himself, hands in his pockets as he heads back toward campus.

Despite the orange haze cast by the city's streetlights, the figure under one such lamp is a dark shape, green sweatshirt swallowing the light. Her hood drawn up over her head, Tamara watches her brother stroll down the sidewalk, her own hands similarly hidden. Despite her clothes, despite the wild-shy attitude of her posture - implying 'just /look/ at me the wrong way, and I'm out of here' - a lifetime of familiarity would make it hard for Marcus to /not/ eventually recognize his sister. Yet she still stands there, watching.

Marcus was nonchelantly whistling down the street, just catching her out of the corner of his eye he didn't notice her at first, then he steps slow, and his whistling trails off a little, and his head turns, slowly, carefully, "Tammy?"

Tamara studies Marcus for a long moment before making any response, her head canting to one side, birdlike. "Now you know," she states obliquely, with neither explanation nor excuse for her absence. "The sun rises, sets; there is no question. No fear it falls."

Marcus 's eyes scan the area realizing there are way to many ways she can escape any chance to grab her he doesn't take more then one step forward, "Tammy…are you ok?"

Tamara waits for Marcus to realize he doesn't have the proverbial snowflake's chance of catching her - then she seems to relax a bit, enough to push her hood back from her face. Tangled as her hair is, it clearly hasn't been thoroughly combed out in a while - but while she has a hint of 'underfed' about her, 'okay' seems a fair description. "The mirror was well, yes. I said that…" she continues, frowning faintly.

Marcus nods, "At least your ok, where have you been?"

Tamara blinks at Marcus, her frown deepening into a mix of bewilderment and mild frustration. "Where I am," she states, as if it's the most obvious answer in the world. "Where the river runs and the shadows walk." Catching a lock of hair, she fidgets with it, gaze never leaving her brother.

Marcus says, "Fate? Destiny? What are you talking about…we…we need you Tammy please…come home" Another step, this more involuntary from the emotion then any real attempt to close the distance"

She lets him come that step closer, content just so long as he's still beyond arm's reach. Tamara remains poised to move out of the way, though - just in case he changes his mind about staying distant. "Need is not what you make of it. Not yours alone."

Marcus says, "Everyones worried about you….whatever is wrong, please let us help"

Tamara shakes her head in negation. Don't worry, is the implication. "Your help wasn't," she states, taking a half-step backwards. "Not all that is broken is fixable. The door shuts and the glass falls; very little force crashes a house of cards."

Marcus says, "The door? Did something happen…Tammy please…."

Silent, Tamara regards Marcus for a long moment, gaze expectant. Perhaps she's waiting for him to do something, or say something - whatever it is, it doesn't appear forthcoming. In the end, the girl simply shakes her head a bit, then turns away as if to leave.

Marcus says, "Tammy…." He moves to close on her, try to stop her from leaving, even though he knows he doesn't have a chance of catching her.

Tamara promptly moves to put the lamppost between herself and Marcus, though she does turn back to face him for a moment more. Pulling her hands from the pocket of her sweater, one brow lifts over unfocused, distant eyes, the girl waiting for him to say whatever he was going to say. Or not, as he chooses.

Marcus stops when she stops, "Tammy, we love you….please if theres anything I can do, you know where I am….I'm not going to stop looking for you, but I'm not going to force you to do anything you don't want to"

Tamara smiles softly at Marcus. "Not today, this day," she agrees. She pulls her hood back up against the wind, turning away. "I found you when I wanted to," the girl adds, as if to reassure her brother. And she begins to walk off into the evening gloom.

Marcus doesn't chase her this time, just watches her go.

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