2009-10-12: Not Exactly As Planned



Date: October 12th, 2009


Peter goes to Gene's apartment to get R2 and warn Gwen. He gets a little more than he bargained for

"Not Exactly As Planned"

Gene's Apartment

Middle of the night. The house isn't exactly dark, but it's short one warm body at least. Until something zooms up to the front door and comes to a hault. Any motion detectors might have a tough time registering he moved so fast, but he's not really worried about the security that Gene might have put up on the perimeter of his home— so much as getting inside. Once Peter's confirmed the address, he disappears, reappearing on the other side of the door, and then moves around quickly in search of two things. A roommate and a robot.

One of those things is quite easily found. Gwen is in the kitchen, pouring herself another drink from the mixer. She shakes it around a bit more and then dribbles it back into her martini glass. With Gene away, she can have herself a party for one. Plopping an olive into her mouth as opposed to on a toothpick - because who is she here to impress, really? - she weaves her way into the living room onto to see Peter standing there. She blinks for a moment and then screams very loudly. "RAPE!"

"What?" Peter says almost immediately, looking confused at the sudden scream, the yelling of— Rape. "No, no, I'm not— I'm not here to hurt you!" His hands go up, he backs away a few steps. In his surprise, his eyes widen considerably, eyebrows raised. Shock is painted on his face, and a lock of hair falls into his eyes. "I'm a— a friend of Gene's! I'm here to— to get R2. Are— are you his roommate?" Elena suspected she could be a girlfriend? Gene likes older women?

The screaming continues while Peter attempts to explain himself. Gwen takes care not to spill her drink, however, as she does have her priorities straight. Then, she stops suddenly and stares at him. "A friend of…" she furrows her eyebrows and looks him up and down. "You're the one with the S&M fantasy thing? That made him dress up in that skin-tight suit and all?" Leaning back against the wall, she takes a generous drink of her martini. "What's it to you?"

That— To. Much. Information. Again with the shock, the backing away, and his hands stay up. "I— no, I'm not that friend." Peter finally manages to choke out. It doesn't come out quite right, but it's still said. "I…" Maybe he should just take R2 and go? But what if she has an ability! What if— "I haven't ever met you. How did you and Gene become friends?"

Not realizing the effect that she has on Peter, Gwen takes another long drink of her martini. "Right then. Nothing against you if you were. To all their own devices and what have you." The blonde gave a short laugh and cheered Peter. "I had a phase of skin-tight latex, but that was a different time and place." Unfortunately for Peter, his attempt to stay is unfounded. If they're after Gwen, she'd most likely scare them off after four martinis anyway. "Friends? Oh, you know, the usual. Girl meets boy, boy meets girl, boy asks girl to help him navigate the whole scene of cool, girl gets Prada bags out of the deal." She studies Peter for a moment. "What did you say your name was?"

"Peter," he says before he can even think to stop himself and come up with an alias. He's backed up a few more steps. It's beginning to become clearer and clearer that— she probably wouldn't be in danger if the feds did come knocking on her door. But, that doesn't change the fact that he has to warn her. "Gene's in trouble with the law, and I'm trying to get his things before they come to the house. You might want to get out of here for a while." A rather quick way to drop that particular brick.

"Trouble with the law?" Gwen doesn't exactly sober up immediately, but she does give him a hard stare. "What are you on about? Did he try to strip in public in that outfit? God, I told him that it'd only get him in trouble." As Gene didn't tell her where he had gotten off to and what he was up to, she has no idea. Just that he was supposed to be back at some point. When was that again? Anyway, she narrows her eyes at him. "Get out of here? Where would I go? Where is he?"

There's a long pause, where Peter can't help but just stare at her for a time. "You know what… Forget I was ever here," he finally says, his voice gaining a tone as something echos in her mind. "Go back and finish your drink, and then call a cab, and go stay in a hotel for a few nights. There's a couple hundred on the kitchen counter." It feels really cheap using his ability for this, but… it's better than trying to explain. Almost as soon as he finishes, he dissolves out of sight. Now to just put a couple hundred on the kitchen counter, and go find R2.

Not expecting anything of the sort, Gwen is quite susceptible to Peter's ability. Doing as he says, she finishes her drink and goes off to start packing to stay in a hotel. She's not about to pick some cheap motel, either. Where she got the idea to go do that, well, she couldn't say. But it seems like a good time to go out for a little staycation.

It takes some time, even invisible, to find R2, but there's mysterious unmarked bills sitting on the kitchen counter, and no R2 within a few minutes. And no invisible man tiptoeing through the house while she packs. He hadn't thought to tell her to pack… Good thing the mind fills in those blanks.

This trip didn't go the way he planned, but… it could have gone worse. She could have shot him.

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