2007-10-23: Not Just For Nerds


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Summary: A meeting between strangers over comics

Date It Happened: October 23rd, 2007

Log Title Not Just For Nerds

The Secret Lair

Bert isn't slated to receive her first paycheck for at least two weeks, but now that some of her debt is out of the way? The money that was sitting in her bank account for said debt.. it's getting spent. Just a little of it anyway. More than a little frugal because of bills and debt, a huge spending spree makes her wary. None the less.. she has fallen behind on comics, and is craving some new geekery. So. Here she is. Sitting on the floor, leafing through some new comics. The games? She'll have to go over there in just a bit. Check out the competition. The very thought gets a giggle out of her as now video games on the shelf are viewed as competition.

Entering out of curiosity, Tyson found himself lost amongst the comics, models, and others collectibles appealing to what he thought to be a very broad customer base. "Wow… Unless the comics are deathtraps, I don't know what I expected by walking in here, but seriously…" He went on rambling, awestruck by just about everything from the video games that have come out since he largely stopped playing. "Damn, I guess all that fighting did take up a lot of my time… plus all the training… I never could buy anything with that money, either…" Tyson sighed as he shook his head, hanging his head back trying to get the tension out of his neck caused by what, or who, was responsible for that dilemma.

"Games and comics, not just for the dweebs in glasses with pocket protectors anymore," Bert says quite cheerfully from her spot on the floor. Recent copies of X-men, Spider-man and 9th Wonders are in neat piles in front of her. "You can get lost even if you stop reading for a couple of months. Like me!" The copy of 9th Wonders that she has in her hands is lowered as she grins up at Tyson. "Trying to pick a poison? Or just browsing?"

At the voice, Tyson looked down and spied the woman on the floor reading comics, "Oh?" He started making his way over to her, always interested in comics though really just doing it to be polite. "Yeah, I guess not. I was looking at a lot of your stuff and I couldn't help but be amazed at just about everything and I-" Then he looked down at one of the comics laying face up and read the nearest title from his standing location; and although he couldn't voice how far exactly he was away from it, but even from his distance, he knew that once he laid eyes on the title of the comic that read, '9th Wonder' it was something important. Once he was close enough he knelt and picked it up, looking at its cover and immediately flipping it open. Lost, it seemed.

Bert laughs easily and shakes her head, "Oh I don't work here. Although I would have to say if I had to pick another dream job.. running a comics shop might be on the list. Heck, maybe some day down the line I just might!" She gathers up the selections she was going through, choosing to purchase the lot when she catches sight of what has Tyson's attention. "Good series. No one running around in spandex, saving the city. It's refreshing in its premise."

"Nevermind what I thought, then." Tyson shrugged, keeping his eyes on the literature; only looking up when he realized what she had said. "Another dream job? What are you doing now that's so cool? I'm going to guess…" He examined the woman carefully before jokily suggesting, "Reading the things at a comics shop?" After saying it, he fel the impression that it wasn't funny and shook his head, going back to reading. "It would be interesting though if there were people like that running around, though. I mean, X-Men was just too far-fetched somehow, but this… I don't know." He shrugged again.

Bert hugs the stack of comics to her chest as she regards Tyson. "Video game design," she proudly states. "Sorry, I just had to brag a little. I'm still excited about the job," she adds with a sheepish grin and shrug of her shoulders. "And don't be like that.. C'mon.. What did you think? You look like you had something heavy going on your mind there. Sometimes it helps to tell a stranger." Yet, as Tyson turns the subject to the comic in hand, she gets distracted by that. "Oh, yeah, I know! Right? Well, I didn't think X-men was /that/ far fetched. Genetic mutations and all that, as opposed to alien planets.. Then again, that's not terribly out there either." If you find one thing in comics plausible, the others aren't too far behind, right? "But I get what you mean. This? Way more believable," she says with a wild gesture of her hand. "Kinda makes me want to tap into my brain power and see if I can take off flying."

Tyson laughed nervously, pondering if she was trying to tell him that she could fly. That aside, he regarded her answer with deep interested, "Nah, it's cool. I think that's an awesome way to make a living." He chuckled softly, "It hurts a lot less than some other jobs people have gotten and I bet the money's good, when you're good…" He was looking up at her now, but after noticing that he was looking into her eyes, he went back to the comic book. "I guess you're right, though. Genetic mutations have happened, though not to the degree they're hinting at… unless they're keeping it a damned good secret, but still…"
About the other thing… Tyson just wasn't certain what he could say… "But yeah, like what I was saying about jobs that hurt..? I guess that's more about me and my last job… I… fought…" No, it wasn't prostitution, but he couldn't help but feel weird mentioning it…

"Well, I just started. As in this week. So I'll have to see how good I am in due time!" Bert says cheerily as she twists a little from side to side. "I'm a total geek, but not /that/ much of a science geek. Y'know, delving completely into the research and possibilities.. Although, I could follow along if I put my mind and energy to it. The physics behind human flight for example. Oi. Just listen to me. Sometimes I prattle on, feel free to interrupt if I don't shut up. I talk a little bit like my bubby, or so my dad likes to tell me.. and I don't know much about painful jobs. Just a painful and tiring schedule.. oh? What'd you fight at your last job? Bullfighter?" The guess is made teasingly of course. "Or was it boxing?"

Tyson had to admit, the girl went on and although it was just random gibber-jabber, it was nice to listen. "Yeah," He began laughingly at the bullfighting thing before shaking his head, relieved slightly, but still uncomfortable with the issue of revealing himself like this. "But no, I-" A phone started ringing and it appeared to be in Tyson's pocket, "Oh. Excuse me a second." He said standing up and moving away from the girl and answering it.
"Yeah? No, I hadn't, but… Uh-huh. Right now? I-… I got it. No, I won't go anywhere. No, I won't-" He looked back at the woman a quick second, "I won't say anything. Who would believe? Right, well, I'm hanging up now…" Tyson lowered the phone from his ear, quickly putting it back once he heard a familiarly muttered phrase, and responed back, "… I love you too, Dad." He ended the call and slid it back into his pocket.
Making his way back to the woman, the boy sighed deeply before shrugging and putting down the 9th Wonder comic he had apparently still been holding. "So yeah… I've got to go. My Dad wants me home, I guess he's worried I'll get lost in the big new city…" He laughed weakly. "I don't know… I don't blame him… Still, though… He could loosen the leash, a little…" Tyson sighed again, exasperated, not ready to leave.

Bert gets chatty when excited. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing. She nods and waits patiently as the man's phone rings. Roberta's attention drifts back to the offering of comics nearby, leafing through to see if there's anything else she wants to get today. She keeps herself busy so as to not rudely eavesdrop on Tyson's end of the conversation. A bright smile is made in Tyson's direction when he returns. She waves her hand, "Naaah. I understand completely. Especially if you're new to New York. It's daunting, and even as a native I get that. It was really nice to meet you, and maybe I'll see you around sometime? It may be a big city, but there's still the chance I'll run into you again. I'm Bert by the way," she says as she shifts her purchases to rest in one arm as a hand is freed and thrust out for a shake.

Tyson nodded slowly, understanding the worry to a degree, but still… "Yeah, all right… you both have points and I don't really have anything that makes me special like the X-Men or the 9th Wonder folk… still though… I fought for a year against guys almost double my size and almost never got hit, for christsake!" He went silent for a while, realizing that he had given away something. Yeah, it was just about him… but it shook something in him… He took a step back, "But yeah… I've got to go…" He took another step back, starting to actually leave this time. "I'm Tyson, you can call me Ty… I guess I'll see you, later…" He waved almost sickly before leaving, turning afterward, hoping that Bert hadn't noticed his expression that wasn't worried, but looked like it held an unnerving question.

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