2007-03-03: Not Optimal Conditions


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Summary: After getting taken into custody, Claudine gets to finally meet Mohinder

Date It Happened: March 3rd, 2007

Log Title Not Optimal Conditions

Fieldcrest Hospital

Everything just is all hazy since well, that was a rather crazy day. As such, it's early morning when Claudine finally wakes up and she's in bed with an IV in her arm, blinking a little at the blinding whiteness of the facility. "Where am I?" she muses softly before suddenly she remembers everything. "Oh no..T.C…Ianto.." she says, looking around her room to see if they're there. And well, they arent.

In her current state, she actually tries to focus and shake things up a little. She squints her eyes and gets a wierd looking constipated look, but alas, nothing happens. Her powers are suppressed, and her connection to the earth has been weakened somewhat. And now..she's worried..

Mohinder definitely stands out from the regular medical personnel and scientists in this facility. He's dressed casually, there is no white labcoat, but he does have an identification tag clipped to his shirt. Clipboard in hand with a file folder attached, he looks in through Claudine's window from the hallway. Seeing that she's awake, he smiles through the window then knocks once on the door before opening it. Unlike some members of the staff, his smile is genuine and he seems to really care, and not because the patient is special. "Good morning Miss Salonga," he greets as the door is shut behind him. A chair is pulled up at the young woman's bedside as he takes a seat, "This isn't the conditions I wanted to meet you under, and I apologize for that. I'm Dr. Suresh."

"So..when you said you wanted to meet with me, I didnt think it'd be so forcibly.." Claudine says with a bit of bitterness under her tone, sighing a little. "You know, I understand that this is a method in some other countries, but isnt the United States the land of the free and the home of the brave? What was down was cowardly. And..I could've sworn kidnapping is illegal." she says with a rather snarky undertone. "I wanted to meet you, but not like this. Having one of your goons freeze the floor and the other person electrocute me, is I think against the Geneva convention.." she says, looking around. She could be more defiant, but well, there's the whole lack of powers thing at the moment which keeps her in check.

Mohinder looks sincerely apologetic, "I'm very sorry. I didn't arrange for this, in fact, I didn't even know until this morning. The moment I saw your name, I made you my first priority." He even pulled rank on another doctor to get Claudine's file, but he doesn't need to tell her that. He lets Claudine rant as he listens. This is a method he doesn't entirely agree with himself. Knowing that he has to watch what he says, owing to the surveillance, Suresh skirts around a lot of what she says. "Sometimes.. the people I work for consider a person with abilities to be a danger to themself or society at large. It appears in your case, that's what was decided and they chose to act. I see from your file that your abilities are earth based. That could be considered dangerous, particularly if you have little knowledge or control over your ability."

And that's when it hits her. Her cheeks flush and she chews on her bottom lip, as she has to admit her powers are well, very dangerous. "OKay..I..well..I havent hurt anyone.." at least not yet. "I've tried to remove myself from situations where I'm under duress, but really, if you want people to be more willing to come in for 'treatment'.." she says with finger quotes, "doing it without being suspicious could really help. Like that ice guy..yeah..scary. And the girl he was with..insane!"

Mohinder smiles gently at the young woman, clipboard and file in his lap. So far, he hasn't opened it or taken any notes. "I'm very glad to hear that you haven't and that you are aware of what you can do. Like others with abilities, you are capable of doing so much more than what you've accomplished so far. That's very smart and wise of you to take yourself out of situations of duress. Many people when under stress can lose control and cause accidents." As Claudine goes back to who brought her in, Suresh frowns slightly and opens up the file. Ah. He should have known. Not the most subtle of agents there. "I'll see that a word is had with them about their methods," he says, even as he doubts anything he has to say will be listened to on such matters.

"Before I submit myself to whatever you guys want to do, which..I'm actually sort of okay with considering the circumstances..I want to know about T.C. and Ianto. They're okay, right?" Claudine asks curiously as she wrinkles her nose and is rather concerned about the others right now. "But um, so I know I can cause earthquakes, and make walls, and shape gems, minerals and rocks and whatnot. You think I can do more?"

Mohinder shakes his head slightly, "I don't know anything about them." Which means, either he hasn't seen their file, or they were not successfully brought in. "It's entirely possible that you can. In order to determine further, we'll need to run tests and examine your abilities in a controlled environment."

"Okay, but um..I tried doing things right now? And well um..I cant.." Claudine admits ruefully, sounding rather disappointed since she's on the 'Haitian' drugs at the moment. "So..um..sorry."

"There's no need to apologize Miss Salonga," Mohinder says reassuringly. "At the moment you are being given a drug that suppresses your abilities. It's for your safety and that of the staff. Once you've rested and it's out of your system, then we can begin with testing. I hope that you understand. Given the circumstances under which you were taken, having you in control of your abilities could have been a little unpredictable for us."

"Oh..okay. Well, I guess that makes sense, I mean, I was rather pissed off earlier, and typically bad things happen when I'm angry..ya know..like the Hulk, but not.." Claudine says with a bit of humor, since well, she does agree she needs to be here. "But..what about school? And my dorm? Aren't people going to wonder why I disappeared all of a sudden? How long are you going to keep me here?"

Mohinder inclines his head in a nod. Now he starts to take a few notes down on the clipboard for later reference on Claudine. Whether or not it makes it to her actual file, that's up in the air. "Understandably so, and that seems to be the usual for the people with abilities that I've spoken with. That is, those with the ability to outwardly affect others around them." He looks up from the clipboard when he speaks to the young woman, seeking out eye contact so that this doesn't feel impersonal. "That will be taken care of, as for the length of time you stay here, that is out of my hands." Although his word /might/ carry weight around the hospital. "Usually, it's no more than a few days in most cases."

Claudine lets out a phew and she hrmms for a few moments, "Do you think I can get a phonecall? I..well um..I just want to make sure Ianto and T.C. are okay..maybe leave a message?" she asks,no really planning on saying she was kidnapped and whatnot, cause well..she has no idea where she is and all that. "But, I guess as long as I can get back to school and try to live normally. If you guys can help me get things under control, I'll really appreciate it.."

Mohinder wants to say yes and let Claudine have those phonecalls, and it shows, even as he says, "It's against policy. I'm terribly sorry." His eyes dart towards the window looking out in the hallway before his gaze returns to Claudine. "Miss Salonga, that is my goal. To help you understand your abilities, to be able to control them and to go back to living as normally as possible. Some people are luckier than others with their abilities." He falls quiet for a moment, as there's really not much he can do with those drugs in her system, but he does say, "Do you have any other questions, or anything you might like to talk about while I'm here?"

Claudine sighs softly, not really surprised that she cant make a phonecall,"You know, that makes this place seem more like a prison than a hospital then.." she says matter of factly while hrmming for a few moments. "The tests..what do they consist of?" she asks, wondering if she's going to get prodded and poked or whatnot..

Mohinder cannot argue with that conclusion, not at all. "I know, it's for safety reasons I assure you." At the next question, he returns his attention to the file, assessing what needs to be done. "We've already drawn a blood sample. I'll need another one with the drug out of your system for a comparison. We'll monitor your physical statistics while testing your abilities, brain patterns, heart and pulmonary functions.."

Claudine nods, just taking it all in and she chews on her bottom lip. She was wanting to talk to him about those she knows with powers as well, but considering how her own experience has been, she decides to keep mum about it for now. "Okay..well, I guess there's not much else I can do about that then. So in the end, you guys just let me go back to my life? Or is there a catch? Do I have to pay back rendered services by becoming one of your goons?"

Mohinder sighs heavily, which could mean any number of things. At the moment, he's second guessing his affliation with the Company. "Miss Salonga, they are not /my/ goons. I'm here in a research capacity and I want to help. Yes, you can go back to your life, as for a catch.. That isn't my call to make." Which is his way of saying there could be, but he can't say for sure. He's trying to watch himself.

Claudine hrmms, pursing her lips once more while idly running her fingers through her hair. "There's always a catch.." she says softly in the end as she looks around once more. "But..that's all I guess. I really wish I'd met you under better circumstances, but ya know..they're not."

Mohinder rises from his seat and holds out his hand to shake. "I very much wish the same. I was looking forward to seeing you in a more welcoming environment." He takes pause then adds, "This is a hospital, you'll not be mistreated here and the staff is very professional you will find. I've taken on your case file, and will supervise your tests as often as possible for me."

Claudine nods as she extends her hand and gives him a firm handshake, though there's bitterness still in her eyes. "I'll be holding you to that.." she says firmly and resolutely, though she isnt really sure what she can do to make sure that things do go out that way. "So..I guess we start tonight..or something?"

Mohinder notes the bitterness, and still finds it in himself to smile at the girl. "Understandably, and I think so. We can start small, there won't be much choice of course. Once the drug works out of your system, we'll want to start small so that you won't exhaust yourself or do something you don't mean to."

"Understandable. It's one big experiment.." Claudine says forcing a smile to her lips, as well, she appreciates the scientific inquiry behind it all, considering she's a scientist-in-training herself. "But, I'll have to admit, I'm curious to really see what I can do, so I'll at least try to give you good results?" sounding unsure of herself in the end. Maybe she has performance anxiety.

Mohinder's smile fades and he shakes his head, "No, please don't look at it that way. It wasn't an experiment for my father, and it's not for me. It's a way to understand, to see what makes some people have abilities and not for others. It's no different than studying the human genome, DNA, hereditary genes.." He retracts his hand and nods. "I'm curious as well. Miss Salonga, try to rest, I will be honest, the tests can be very exhausting. Physically and mentally. Please get some sleep and I will see you when the testing begins. Again, I'm glad to finally meet you."

"Okay..I'll do what I can.." Claudine admits ruefully, this time actually having a warm and sincere smile on her features. "And dont worry too much about the tests. I've been told I'm a very good test taker.." she adds with a little brevity to make the situation less awkward..at least for her. "And likewise.." she says, seeming to have calmed down and understanding why she's here. Maybe part of her wanted to learn control and it was just getting electrocuted and kidnapped that made her cranky…

Indeed, kidnapping and electrocution /can/ ruin a person's day. Mohinder gives the girl a last kindly look before he leaves the room. Of course he's going to worry, it's in his nature to show genuine concern for his patients.

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