2007-12-04: Not Over Yet

WARNING: contains Season 3 Material.


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Summary: Peter takes the unconscious Sylar to the only place he believes he can. What he'd hope to be over, isn't over yet.

Date It Happened: December 4, 2007

Not Over Yet

Bat Country Labs

The evening has long been set into place. A pop of teleportation brings Peter and an unconscious body straight into one of the rooms at the labs, the very room that he spent a lot of time in during quarantine in the labs. Which actually had been Elena's room, but that's another story. The body is moved onto the bed, and he Jack's another syringe, in case he needs to stab him again. Either this or shoving a solid object into his brain.

His clothes are tattered and torn, a large hole burned through one of his sleeves. Blood stains various parts of him, and the unconscious body on the bed is just as bad off. But neither of them have a scratch on them. Reaching into his pocket he pulls out a phone and places a call— this one to Elena. "I need you to come to Bat Country. I'm okay, just get here fast." And then he places a second call… to Cass. He doesn't dare check to see if she's here in person— it would mean leaving him alone even for a second.

That's an easy call for Peter to make, because Bat Country is supposed to be empty. Cass has sent Cam home, now that he's been given the cure and she hasn't had another visitor since Elle the other day. What she has been trying to do is get in contact with Peter to let him know what she's found out. So, maybe that's why Cass isn't very surprised when she goes searching through rooms to see if she can find out what is happening here. There's only a few people she knows that actually can teleport, but it may just be something shifting and falling. Pushing the door open to one of the spare rooms, though, she blinks and stares at Peter. "Peter? Wh—-what happened?

As soon as the door opens, Peter gives up trying to call. He'd gotten lucky to get through to Elena in the basement as is. "Cass, thank god. We need to get him into medical coma as soon as possible. I don't know how long the tranquilizers will work on him." He nods toward the man on the bed— whose clothes look positively wrecked. His pants look as if his legs were smashed under something heavy— his shirt has been burned in multiple places. Even his face is covered in dried and drying blood as if his skull was smashed. The same could be said about the man standing next to the bed too. "This is Sylar," he adds, motioning toward the man on the bed.

"I…" Cass is floored. Sylar. The one everyone has been scared about. The murderer. Here. In Bat Country. She got rid of one virus only to be faced with something else. "What…what is he doing here, Peter? What happened?" For the moment she's too stunned to go get what she needs to pu thim in a medical coma, to do anything. "He's…this is him, isn't it? There's not two Sylar's walking around killing people are there? What…" She's too confused to really finish thoughts.

"Cass," Peter emphasizes, not daring to take his eyes off the man for long. "Just do it. I can't kill him and I can't unleash him on someone else and I'm not handing him over to the Company. They've already let him escape twice. And I need to— there's other reasons. Just trust me, please. And go get something to put him in a medical coma. I can't leave him alone, okay?"

It's not that Cass doesn't trust Peter, it's that she's been so scared of Sylar, so intent on staying out of his path and keeping those she cares about out of them too, that actually meeting him has broken her brain a little. The emphasis is enough to startle the woman out of her surprise and she goes to gather the things she needs. It's not going to be as well put together as something from the Company may be - she's not in the business of keeping a lot of things around to force someone into a coma - however, she has enough around that she can quickly piece a few things together that will do the same things as something professionally prepared. But, she manages to get it and then moves to apply it to their 'guest'. "Peter…I'm…this isn't exactly the most secure place in the world. He might be better off at the Company. Or…I don't know."

"I know," Peter says softly, looking down toward the unconscious man. "He's… he said some things and I need answers. I went to kill him, but I can't do it." He runs his hands over his face, suddenly sounding a little more distraught than he should. "I can hold him— or we can move him somewhere else. If you don't want him here, then I can… I can take him somewhere else." He still sounds pretty bothered, stressed. "I'm sorry. I just didn't have anywhere else to take him right now."

The access code punched in, Elena opens the door, stepping inside and looking a little winded. "Peter? Cass?" she calls out, shedding her backpack. She had been in school. Glorious school. School she thought she would never see again. Peter's phone call had prompted her to run the rest of the way after the cab got stuck in traffic. It sounded urgent, so she has…absolutely no idea what's going on when she arrives.

"Don't be sorry." Because that's the last thing that Peter needs right now. "No…it's fine. He can stay down here." Only because everyone else who was quarantined here has gone. Which makes it safer for everyone. "Where else would you hold him?" She's curious but also skeptical. While Bat Country isn't exactly Fort Knox, it also has locks and doors and ways to make sure he can't harm anyone. "What did he say?" When Elena calls out, she gives Peter a look. She had no idea that he had called Elena. Does he want her to see him? What's going on? "I'll…yeah. One second Elena!"

"I have no idea," Peter says shakily. "I didn't go into this expecting to capture him— the tranquilizers were just intended to slow him down so I could…" So he could kill him. It's hard to admit to again, but he's said it once already. "Regeneration makes him difficult to deal with, but he's not immune to medications— or tranquilizers. And we have access to that." And even if the Company is watching them, unless they've tapped the internal cameras, he teleported him in. They won't know what— Elena. "Oh, sorry. I called Elena," he says softly, though that's obvious. He glances down at his state of dress and winces. He doesn't have time to change. "We're in the room you stayed in," he calls out.

She could hear snippets of conversation, Elena wandering in and flashing them both a smile. "Hi guys…" Followed by a confused expression. "What's going on? Peter said it was an emer— " She stops. The first thing she actually sees is Peter's torn clothing. And then, her gaze wanders over to the unconscious form of the serial killer dumped nearby. "……………..I. What the…what's he— ?" She sputters. If she were any more flabbergasted, she'd be pointing and yelling. Right now, however, she'll prefer an explanation, eyes wandering back to the boyfriend. Because she KNOWS Cass didn't do this.

"I gathered that much," Cass tells Peter as she finishes up hooking Sylar to the medicine that will keep him in a coma. "Why are we here, Peter? What is going on? Because she can guess that Peter fought with Sylar, but why didn't he end it? Why is he in a coma here instead of somewhere else. What exactly is happening here? "Wait…regeneration?!" That part hits a little late, but still manages to penetrate into her head. "So. So that's why you can't kill him. Can…can anyone? How…in the world did he manage to get that?"

"Because I can't leave him alone and put him into a coma at the same time," Peter says, looking down at the shaggy eyebrow'd man. "I need you here." He could be talking just to the scientist, but he's also talking to his girlfriend, even if he's not looking at either of them. "It's still possible to kill him, even with regeneration, but that— that isn't an option right now." For reasons he's not really explaining. But he's looking down at the unconscious man, specifically at his head. "We'll keep him medicated and unconscious— and if you ever figured out what's in those Haitian pills, now's the time to put them to use. If we can strip him of his abilities, I can question him, talk to him— find out if what he said is true…"

"….wait how the hell can he suddenly regenerate?" Elena asks, looking at Peter. "Did he kill someone who could?" There could be other regenerators out there, and not just Claire, who she knew could heal. There had to be more, right? "….Peter maybe we should call…I don't know. Someone you trust in the Company." Someone like Noah, who could probably arrange an 'accident' if he really wanted. Not like she would ever condone it, but Mr. Bennet seemed like the person to call now that they -had- the guy, and he was down. "Though using the pills could be an okay idea, but only temporarily." She looks over at Cass. "But I don't know if he should be housed here. It isn't safe. Cass has patients."

"Why isn't it an option?" It's not like Cass to want to kill someone, indeed, attempt to talk someone into killing someone, but this is a different case altogether. This is Sylar they're talking about. A person she's putting into a coma because he's too dangerous to be allowed to stay awake. "I'm not a drug store, Peter. I can't come up with something as complex as those Haitain pills on my own. I can try to mind something that can do the same thing, but I can't make it on my own." She's not a pharmacist. "I don't know. He's supposed to have been at the Company before and keeps getting out." But, then, if he can get out of the Company facilities, getting out of Bat Country should be much easier for him. "I don't know. I don't have any patients here at the moment. I'm not normally a sleep-away clinic." Finally, she pauses and stands up, stuffing her hands into her lab pockets. "What did he say, Peter? What's so important?"

"He has regeneration and he got it from Claire," Peter suddenly says, looking at the two women. They're arguing with him, and he's looking even more stressed out as he responds, but there's nothing he can really do about that right now. "She's still alive, but that doesn't change that he has her ability now. That's why I went to kill him. And that's why I can't call Mr. Bennet about this, and I'm not handing him over to the Company. There's no where else I can take him." He moves away over to the wall and sinks down to sit on the floor. "I thought it'd be over."

He'd gone prepared to kill him, again, to focus all of his anger at what the man did to his niece, to everyone in the future… to what he'd keep doing. "He said I should be protecting him— that I shouldn't… he said that… He's probably lying." He shakes his head. "But he wasn't lying when he showed regret. I don't think he wants to do these things. I think there's a way to stop him without… without killing him. There has to be."

"….-what-?" Sylar got to Claire? Elena's face drains of color. It's a relief to hear Claire's alive, but the only way he could grab her power is to cut through her head and poke at her brain. And Claire was just a kid. She rubs her hand on her face, and it's clear on her expression that stashing Sylar here, within practically arm's reach of Cass, was something she didn't favor. Hearing that Peter went out for the purposes of killing him didn't sit well on her either - she's glad he's alive but now….. what the hell were they going to do? "He's not in -any- position to ask you for favors," is what she says, with her eyes narrowing. After the many times Sylar's tried to kill Peter, he's going to turn around and say Peter needs to protect him now? What wasn't he telling them? Finally, she sighs, and glances over at Sylar. "….maybe you should use your other power?" she tells him. "It's just a suggestion, I don't know if it'll work, but you could always use persuasion. Right?"

There's a lot of mixed emotions going on for Cass right now. The idea of a serial killer being kept in a coma in her lab meant to help people doesn't really sit well with her. How could it? But, this is Peter they're talking with asking her to do this. "What is he going to persuade him to do? Never kill again?" It's not a bad idea, but that seems to easy to her. This is all such a strange situation. What are they supposed to do? "I thought it would be, too." The woman casts over an uneasy eye toward where Sylar remains asleep on the cot. It's not her own safety she's worried about - though that does come to mind - it's more what is going on in between these walls. "Just because he showed regret once doesn't mean he's going to stop. He may not be able to."

The coma has to work for a while. Peter stays where he is on the floor, pressing his hands against his face. Now that the immediate threat is gone, at least for the moment, he's shaking. The syringe he'd kept ready just in case has dropped into his lap. "I can try," he says softly, because it's a good suggestion. It's something that he can do. But he can't think of anything else— anywhere to take him. "He said he won't stop— he said I should kill him. He told me to kill him." So why couldn't he do it when he'd even been given permission? There's reluctance in his voice, as if he doesn't want to say what he has to— they're not going to stop making him doubt his decision until he does— though they'll probably have the same reaction that he did. "He said that we're… related. Brothers. When he found out I'm related to Claire, that's when he started showing real… regret. But even before that— last time I fought him— he wanted me to kill him." His breath shakes, but he starts to push himself to his feet again, even if he's wobbling. "I can find somewhere else to take him."

Brothers. That hits Cass like a slap in the face and the woman just can't help but stare almost open-mouthed at the statement. Brothers with Sylar. How…it sounds impossible. The two are so different. There's a long while before Cass can say anything. "He can stay." Because if this man really wants remorse, really wants to get better, sending him to the Company isn't going to be a good course of action. And, just like she told Elle earlier, who would she be if she turned away anyone who actually wanted help. Not that she has to like it, not that she will trust Sylar with his powers…but…this is for Peter. She's not sure what else to say, though. "We don't know if that's true, Peter. I mean, I could send for a DNA test to check. To make certain."

"That's a start, but it can't hurt to try," she tells Cass. "He has the ability, if we don't know what else to do to keep him docile we should at least attempt it." But when the younger Petrelli brother details why he couldn't… "……." Elena stares at Peter. Brothers? HOW? "….I don't understand. What, you're…half-brothers or…?" It didn't make any sense for her for his parents to keep -two- children while sending one off to god knows where. Unless something extreme happened that prompted it. Because Peter certainly didn't mention Sylar growing up. It was Cass's decision where Sylar would stay, but the recent revelation of family ties does change everything. Or complicates everything even further. She glances over at Cass. "I agree, Peter, he could be lying. I mean after everything he's done…" She falls quiet again. She moves away from the door after setting her backpack down, towards where Peter was huddled on the floor. She takes a seat next to him and reaches out to rest a hand gently on his shoulder.

"I know it might not be true, but this isn't the first time I've found out I'm related to someone I never knew," Peter rubs his hands over his face, though it looks as if relief is settling at the argument ending, for the moment. It allows him to sink back to the floor. He can stay for now. That won't last long, he's sure— they can set up something else to hold him later. "Those take about a week, but— it's a good idea. To make sure." He's still looking stressed, which is why he called his girlfriend as well as his boss. The boss to set up things medically, the girlfriend to lean against. "I don't know if— if this is the right thing, but I can't kill him." There's a softness to his voice.

"Maybe we're all just Petrellis waiting to be figured out." There's a humorless smile for Peter. She's trying to be optimistic about this, to make him laugh, but she's not sure what to say to him. What can she do other than lighten the mood and do some DNA testing. "He might also have been saying it just so that you wouldn't kill him. Went through all that to make you doubt him, what you wanted to do." Not that she doesn't want someone to be able to redeem themselves…but she doesn't know if it's possible with Sylar. "I don't think not killing anyone is ever not the right thing. Maybe even with Sylar." Because killing has never been anything that she's condoned. This man was always the special case.

"…….that would be really gross in my case, Cass," Elena says from where she's sitting next to Peter at the moment, but she does grin faintly at the other woman's attempt at levity. At least she's trying, and it's something she appreciates. When the Petrelli (well, the guaranteed Petrelli anyway) leans against her, she drapes her arms loosely around his shoulders in a comforting fashion. If he called her there to be leaned on, she'll provide it. "Also you shouldn't put it past him, though granted if he was lying, I….think you would be able to tell, won't you?" Her father could, and Peter has the same abilities. Unless he somehow managed to get a power to counteract that too. One never really knew with Sylar.

That would be pretty gross in the case of his girlfriend, so he doesn't even want to think about that! He's not in the right frame of mind to crack jokes, or he might suggest they send in Cass' blood too. Find out for sure. But. "It wasn't a trick," Peter says, shaking his head as he does. "Not for that. It— he was thinking about it. I just didn't understand. I was reading his mind— I wanted to know if he meant it when he told me to kill him. If he actually wanted to die." There's a mild shiver as his girlfriend's arm is around him. "He thought about how he… regretted what he did to Claire— thought about hurting someone he was related to— didn't understand until he said that we were related." Brothers. "I can't even ask my family." For various reasons.

Okay. So maybe this was something that Cass didn't really think through cheer up wise. But, then, she's not really in the right frame of mind. Can anyone blame her? What a rough couple of days. Weeks. Months. She's not sure what to tell him about being brothers, not being brothers. "I don't know, Peter." It's true. She doesn't. "We'll keep him here for now until we can think of something more permanent so you can ask him the questions you want to ask him."

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