2010-07-11: Not So Hostile Witness



Date: July 11, 2010


Some witnesses are hostile. Others? Not so much.

"Not-So-Hostile Witness"

Janet's Apartment

Things are finally starting to come along in this case, not that it's going to make trying it any easier. Julian Fennell is still struggling for a defense on this case. He made contact with Morgan Gale in the most bizarre manner possible, and now he's tracked down Janet McCarty another of the witnesses in the museum. When he pulls alongside the curb and parks his car, he gets out and looks up at the rather ordinary apartment building, looking like every other apartment building in the city. After climbing a couple of flights of stairs, he finally finds the apartment and knocks on the door. Hopefully someone will be home on a Sunday morning.

On the other side of the door there's a rather loud clatter and then a noisy bang against the wall from the adjacent apartment which is met by shouting from the woman Julian is looking for, "Sorry Mrs. Rodriguez— this hallway is just really full of stuff! I actually was noisy that time!" And for the first time ever in Janet's opinion.

And then there's another yell from behind the door, this one towards Julian, "I'm coming~" It's musical, chipper, even for a Sunday morning. With several noisy clicks the door is unbolted many times over before the door knob begins to turn. "Hi~ I thought you'd never— wait, you're not— " and then the door is open just wide enough for her to see the man on the other side her jovial smile and bright eyes peering up at him from the wheelchair Jaden had insisted she purchase. She's dressed casually in a pair of faded blue jeans and a floral three-quarter sleeve blouse.

A flowery scent wafts from the inside of the apartment, as Janet stares at Julian and then begins her usual at the door rant she's practice oh-so-many-times before, "Hi! I'm sorry, are you selling something? Because if you are, I can't buy it— I'm sitting on this like MOUNTAIN of student loans that— " Wait. Parker paid those off. With a broadening grin and brightening eyes she tilts her head at Julian, "— actually that like recently changed! Are you selling encyclopedias! I LOVE LOVE LOVE encyclopedias! My parents never let me have them growing up, well I could have the one, but honestly who wants one it doesn't have nearly enough in it— which completely defeats the point of an encyclopedia, don't you think? It wouldn't have everything in it! Like what if one day I was dying to know about Rome, then it wouldn't have the detail of the set! Besides I think my roommate would love encyclopedias— he's a little quirky— " Yes, it seems Julian is going to have to interrupt her.

Julian is standing there watching as she rambles on and on about.. something. Encyclopedias? What the fu..? He finds himself looking past her and into the apartment before looking back down at her in that wheelchair. Before he finally holds up his hand and shakes his head. "M'am, I'm not selling anything. I'm actually looking for Janet McCarty. Are you she?" As if just thinking about it, he reaches into his jacket pocket and produces a business card and hands it down to her. "I just have a few questions, if she's here I promise not to take up too much of her time." Julian put on his suit for this visit to put across his best impression.

"Wait— what?" Janet's eyebrows knit together as she takes the card and looks it over. "I'm, I'm Janet McCarty. I'm sorry… I'm not entirely sure why you're here? I don't need a lawyer," she shakes her head a little before her eyes widen, "Am I getting sued?! I have malpractice insurance, they deal with that— gosh, who could it be? Maybe that guy in the place— but the government should be taking the brunt for that one, I was just an employee and it's not as if— " her cheeks flush a little and her smile weakened, but strangely, it's still there on her lips.

"I'm sorry, why are you here, exactly?" Interesting enough before she gets an answer she backs up in her wheelchair to allow Julian inside. "Come in— can I get you anything? We don't grocery shop as much as we ought, but I made a pot of coffee not long before you came— and I have an endless supply of Superman Ice Cream if you'd like some. It's the best kind because it's gosh so darned colourful, you know?"

The apartment itself has been overtaken by flowers the last day or so. Flowers of different sorts line the walls, so much that some are on the ground. Glancing about the woman relegated to the wheelchair produces a small smile, "My boyfriend kind of overdid it. I think it makes him feel less powerless about— " she glances at the chair and shrugs. "Sorry if you're allergic." Pause. "So why are you here again?"

Julian is looking around at all the flowers and can't help but grin as he shakes his head. "Not allergic, so it's fine. And I just had some coffee, so I think I'm good there." Even if it had a little something extra in it, which means he's really good there. "I am actually here to talk about the night at the museum. I have a feeling that you may toss me out of here when I tell you this, but I represent the two gentlemen they've arrested. I am hoping I can come up with some answers before I advise my clients on what might be their best course of action." He pulls over a chair and sits, "I'd like to get your side of the story." He's not quite as chatty as Janet is, getting right to the point.

Eyebrows furrow a little as Janet tilts her head looking rather incredulously at Julian. "Well… I'm pretty sure I don't have anything to say outside the police report filed. It was like ten pages. Typed. I was trying to be thorough. I'm a doctor, you know, so I'm kind of obsessed with getting my work done and being thorough in it." She forces a grin and motions for him to have a seat on the couch— one of the few places without flowers (although the coffee table is loitered). She glances at the coffee table and grins wistfully, "Jaden went a little overboard, I think he's just glad I'm not in the hospital anymore, he has a company to run, things to do— can't worry about me. He hired me this nurse, but I'm kind of ehn so I didn't ask her to come this morning. I dunno I like doing things for myself— what about you?"

"I think I got off track there, didn't I? Sorry, I talk a lot when I'm anxious or nervous and I tend to be anxious and nervous around people I don't know, and I don't know you. What's your name again? Call me Janet. Or if you need to call me by my last name use doctor instead of Miss… I worked really hard to get that doctor bit, y'know…"

Shaking her head again, she manages to refocus. "So… the museum? What do you want to know?"

Funny how sometimes in this job, Julian has trouble getting folks to say anything at all. This one he can't get to stop. It's fine though, better to talk alot then to not talk at all, even if she tends to stray from the topic. "Doctor, I haven't gone over any of that yet. I wanted to talk to you first, if you'd allow. My main concern is, and the trouble I'm finding an answer for is — if someone else was the one to pull a gun, how is it that you got shot?" The fact is, and he isn't going to admit this to the doc, but his clients are morons. He's like to choke them out and have two less problems in this world, but the fact is, something smells about this entire episode and until he figures it out, he's not going to be able to give them a proper defense.

There's a moment's pause, but just one as Janet considers the question. "Well… I gave them my phone— they were looking for one. And I think, I mean I'm not an expert, I'm not a therapist, and I'm certainly not some kind of psychic" her lips flicker into a smile, "but I think they were nervous." She shrugs a little. "I mean wouldn't you be? And they never struck me as killers persay, they were just wrapped up in something bigger than them." She shrugs a little, "I reached for my phone— for them— one of them asked for a phone. My JPhone is pink. Jaden got me this pink case for it— wanted me to have like something distinctive…"

Sidetracking again. He has to smile at it. It's rather cute, but on the other hand, he does have a serious issue on his hand. Julian nods to it, interrupting, brushing his hand over his short cut hair and then rubbing the back of his neck. "You reached for your phone with the pink case and..?" He is going to try and steer this back on course.

"Oh. I reached for my phone the fellow— the big one— had his gun pointed and it went off. I don't think he meant to shoot me. I mean, Morgan, my sister's friend, was the one that had the gun. She took it from this other lady's purse. The other lady was like out cold. Lots of people got hurt, but I was the only one shot." She shrugs as she hmmms a little more. "I think… maybe… maybe it was an accident? He seemed like immediately upset, even as I was cursing— I don't ever curse unless I get shot, just so you know, I'm overall too intelligent to talk like that. But it hurt so badly. Like so badly!"

That's what he wanted to hear. Really. "Look, I'm sorry you got hurt in all of this. I've been asked to express his apologies, the one who accidentally shot you. He feels very badly about it and wanted me to make sure to let you know." Typically, a lawyer shouldn't do this, but he needs his clients to have a solid head on their shoulders through all of this and if this little apology will help them do that, then so be it. Of course, the other little gem in all of this is the fact that it was Morgan who reached for the gun. He's really going to have to have a little talk with her.
Julian rises to his feet, "I won't keep you any longer, but I wanted to come by, ask a few questions and follow my clients wishes in apologizing. I'm sure we'll have more to talk about in the future."

"An apology? Well I guess I accept his apology…"

"I'm sorry I couldn't be more help. I know that.. I mean I should be angry. Or angrier. I don't like the chair. I don't like being relegated to it, but I know I'll walk again," How can Janet be so certain? No one really knows. "I mean, like is only ten percent what happens to me and ninety percent how I react to it. If I react well and decide I will walk again, I will."

"Thank you for coming by. Feel free to call if you have questions, I'm pretty open about things and have nothing to hide…"

And all this Julian believes. He's no reason not to, because in the entire time he was with her, she told the truth as she saw it. His ability said so. He moves close to offer her hand. "And you have my card if you think of anything else you think I should know. And yes, you have every right to be angry, but I appreciate your honesty here today." He'd know. And he'll definitely have more questions when they go to trial, but for what he needs today, this was as perfect as it gets. He knows exactly what to do now. "Also, feel free to call if there's anything you might need. My clients would welcome the opportunity to make this right for you, as much as they are able."

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