2008-02-17: Not The Mama


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Summary: D.L. reunites with his wife. Except not.

Date It Happened: February 18, 2008

Not The Mama


Home. A place that D.L. never thought he'd see again. And here he stands, at the street level, peering into the short distance towards the house that belongs to his younger cousin, Monica. He's probably been standing here for at least an hour, so there's a reason he can't take steps to get to the door to see if he can still just walk in. He's been… busy. And now he's come to make things right. Fix things. Put his life back together. Can it be done? Only time will tell. Just like time will tell if he can walk from the curb to the door.

An address was given, and Tracy's made her way to the area. However, she has yet to figure out exactly where it is. This isn't her area. Sure, she's lived in New York for a little bit now, but that's hardly enough to give her a good knowledge of areas she doesn't visit. Reaching into her purse, she sighs, pulling out the piece of paper with the address. Following this, she brushes her hair back and begins to walk towards one of the houses. Hopefully the people are at least nice enough to help her with directions.

Maybe it's because he's paranoid. Maybe it's because he can sense when people are around him because in jail, there's always somebody around. But D.L. can kind of tell that there's someone heading towards a house… about a house down from Monica's. Curiosity and the distinct twisting of fate has D.L. turning to look in that direction. And his heart skips a beat. Twice. Because there's his baby. His girl. His heart. His wife. "… Niki." is whispered to himself and before he even knows it himself, he's heading off in that direction. "Baby…" is uttered as he starts to get himself closer. With his long legs, this should take no time flat. "Niki? Baby, I'm home…"

Of course, Tracy doesn't even notice a bit of this. Why? Her name isn't Niki. That and she's focussed. She slowly steps up towards the door, preparing to knock as she drops the paper. Bending down, she picks it up, turning back to the door and preparing her best smile as she raises her hand, once more, to knock. However, who knows what's going to happen before her fist touches the wood.

D.L.'s eyes are getting a little bit narrower as he approaches and there's nothing happening. "Niki?" Confused as all hell, and maybe a little bit perturbed about being ignored by his own wife, D.L. is not about to let her just go up to this crazy house and not acknowledge his presence. And thus he's reaching for the woman's shoulder to spin her around so that she can be forced to stare at the sexual chocolateness of the great Daniel Lawerence Hawkins!

Spun, Tracy blinks, staring. "Excuse me. Would you mind taking your hand off of me, sir?" She asks, ice in her eyes. It's there for just a moment before she realizes that there's something more there. "I'm sorry if this is your house. I was just looking for directions." She says, clutching her purse a little tighter as she holds up the address in her hand.

Confusion. Confusion is setting in. He shakes his head a little bit, not really understanding this. And that's also when he doesn't particularly let go. "Nicole? It's me. Your husband. D.L." The initials man is clearly not figuring that this is someone else. Not when she looks exactly like his wife. And with her history… "Baby, are you okay? Is this a new one?" Eyes are narrowing as he tries to look into the icy eyes to find some semblance of his wife.

"I'm sorry?" Tracy says, shaking her head. "My name isn't Nicole, sir. I'm Tracy. I work for Governor Malden?" Oh, there's a definate semblance of his wife, but there's no recognition of Daniel anywhere in her eyes. She pulls a card out of her purse. The card lists her name, a contact number, an email address, and a mention of American Association of Political Consultants membership.

"No." Let's change the letters around in Daniel and somehow spell Denial. Because that's what he's in at this very moment. And then another moment and a couple moments after that. "Your name is Nicole Hawkins. You're married to me." He looks over at the house next door. "We live there." Yes, he's talking to her like a child and completely ignoring what he writes off as false identification and then some. "With our son, Micah." Maybe the mention of the son will help jog the memory and possibly even stop this newest personality from acting so strange.

"I'm sorry." Tracy says, looking at the loony man. She pulls her identification out of her purse. A New York Drivers License issued over a year ago. Tracy Strauss. "I live across town in an apartment. I'm unmarried. Admittedly, you are a nice looking man, but I've never seen you before." There is a little fear in her face, but not a lot. After all, this is a residential area. But then, she's always been a little overconfident about some things.

"What." D.L. blinks as the license is up in his grill and he snatches it. Confusion is setting in even more and he's staring at it like there's no tomorrow. Looking from it to his wi— to Tracy. "I'm sorry?" He's not even sure he should be saying that and he's keeping some distance between himself and Tracy as he offers her license back to her from the full length of his arm. "I… thought you were…"

"It's alright. Really." Tracy offers. It was strange, yes. Confusing, yes. "Your wife and I must look a lot alike to get that sort of reaction." She says, offering her most charming grin. "I am sorry for the confusion. I was just looking for a contact's house for some files I need." She explains, calming now that D.L. has calmed down.

"Uh huh. Yeah. A lot alike." D.L.'s heart and brain are both hurting at this point and he's already still backing away. A couple more glances are back towards the woman that's his wife and not his wife at the same time… well… this is just too confusing even for narration. "I'm sorry I…" And he makes grabby motions with his hands to try and finish filling out the conversational piece.

"No, it's understandable. Really. They say everyone has that person out there that looks like them. Their doppelganger." Tracy passes it off with a chuckle. The ID is placed back into her purse as she cants her head slightly to the right. "Sorry for the confusion." She repeats as she tucks the other things back into her purse before remembering. "Do you have any pictures of her?" She is, of course, intrigued.

"Not on me." D.L. is making sure to put some distance between the blonde white woman and the suddenly out of prison ex-convict. Just in case there's anyone that wants to try and video this or something for some more jail time. He's finished with the big house, that's for damn sure. "Hey, I'm sure you're nice and all, lady. But this is…" He sighs and looks off towards Monica's house. "I should go check on my son. I've been…. away."

"Alright." Tracy nods, pulling the address out of her pocket again, along with a blackberry. "Googlemaps it is, then." She says, offering a soft wave towards D.L. She's not mad at him. The poor man is obviously confused about things, so she can't hold it against him. He was a nice looking man, though.

D.L.'s feet take him pretty fast to the house of Monica and then he just disappears through the front door. Like… literally. But hopefully, Tracy is too busy on her freaking cool Blackberry to notice that D.L. has just walked right through the wooden door of his home.

Fortunately for D.L., she is. Tracy is wrapped up back in her business. "No wonder. Two blocks away." She says with a sigh and begins to walk in the direction of the place she meant to go.

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