2007-07-31: Nothing Here But Us Chickens


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Orion meditates and admits that there's no one else but chickens in his and Claudine's little apartment under the ground. Lots of cuddling and snuggling ensues

Dark Future Date:

July 31st, 2009

Log Title

Nothing Here But Us Chickens

Orion and Claudine's Hidey Hole Under The Ground

Back at homebase, the chamber with full plumbing all amenities that would be needed in an apartment..if it were underground, Claudine's doing a bit of cleaning, or rather..reorganizing of things. She's barefoot, sighing contentedly as her feet touch the ground and she moves through some sort of kata to help her focus her abilities a bit more. As she moves slowly and deliberately, things like the bed are moved to another place as she starts making a little bedroom instead, with some tunnels to the surface for some vents.

Another movement of her arms along with a kick expands the chamber some more so she can section it off. It was all one chamber and everything was together. There were no walls and even the shower could be seen from the kitchen. This way, things are more efficient and she's giving her beau a bigger workout space, cause well, she likes it when he works out.

Orion is seated, cross-legged, in his current work-out area. He has his eyes closed and his forearms are resting against his thighs, hands curled slightly atop his knees while he breathes slowly in and out, fully expanding his chest before releasing the breath over the course of what seems like an eternity.

Orion seems to do this sort of thing everytime The Talk comes up and everytime that Claudine starts changing their home chamber under the ground. It does, however, seem to have its beneficial effects on the tall man. He always seems more cheerful and more active after a good, long meditation than he does without it.

The kata continues as she remains focused. If she loses control now, that would be bad..for the both of them, but fortunately, all the rigorous training has paid off. The sound of shifting earth and rock eventually ends and the rumbles disappear. Claudine sighs softly as there's now a sheen of sweat on her body. She had just been wearing a pair of black booty shorts and matching tanktop and now they're drenched in her sweat.

Heading over to where Orion is, she grabs a towel and wipes it off before flopping down next to him, just watching him for a few moments. She doesnt want to interrupt afterall.

For the moment, Orion doesn't seem to have noticed Claudine's arrival. Perhaps he is attaining nirvana and attempting to stave off being returned to oneness with the universe that he might stay on in this world as a bodhisattva and so he doesn't leave Claudine behind. That would be in poor taste and, besides, what fun would it be to be without her?

No fun, that's for sure. If he were to attain nirvana there'd be no baby making, no snarky comments, no giggling. It would just be sadness in general even if he was enlightened. Claudine hrmms for a few moments and moves in frontof him. She places her own face just an inch or two away from his own as she sits down across from him and leans in. "Anyone home?" she asks softly.

Half way through Claudine's first word, Orion's hands dart up and out to wrap themselves and his arms around Claudine's body. He smiles thinly, arms and hands carefully, if powerfully, guiding the terrakinetic's body to lay half-sprawled across his lap and half-supported by his playfully restraining arms.

Granger opens his eyes on slits as he leans in and plants a warm kiss on the Fillipina's lips. He lets it linger for several moments before he pulls back, grinning all the while at her.

"No one home but us chickens. B'gawk."

A girlish giggle of glee and a high pitched eek escape from her lips as she's basically glomped and forced to sprawl out across his lap. She snuggles up to him, resting her head against his powerful form, though she does squirm a little in his arms, letting out a hearty laugh the entire time.

She's about to say something when she's kissed and her eyes widen, letting out a happy little moan as she pulls him closer, content to let the kiss last for quite some time. She pouts a little as he breaks the kiss before wrinkling her nose at his comment.

"Have I ever you how much of a dork you are? But you know what? You're my dork, and I love you.."

Orion laughs softly at Claudine and kisses her on the tip of the nose. The tall man just grins at her like a fool, something clearly tossing about inside of his head. Probably a terrible joke of some kind that he's not willing to share just yet.

"Have I told you how much a beautiful nerd goddess you are? Because that's, I think, what I love most about you," he replies with a playful grin, kissing the Fillipina lightly on the lips again.

Beautiful nerd goddess? How is she suppose to feel about that? Beautiful and goddess are of course lovely and would make any girl squeal with delight, but nerd? Well, okay, she is one, and so she'll take that as a compliment too, giggling happilyuntil her lips are claimed by his own.

She closes her eyes at the kiss, her soft fingers caressing his scruffy cheeks before nuzzling her nose softly against his own. A silly little grin curls onto her lips while she playfully ruffles his hair before canting her head to the side as she looks him over once more.

"Awwww, Orion Nathaniel Granger, you know just exactly what to say to make a girl swoon, dont you!" and she leans in for another smooch, suckling on his bottom lip later on. "What has you all so cuddly tonight?" she asks curiously.

Ruffling Orion's hair is a difficult task, but Claudine has experience in the matter. His hair is as severely cropped as it was before the war, though perhaps a little longer due to the imprecision inherent to Orion clipping his own hair with his own metal claw-scissor-things.

Granger flashes a mysterious smile to Claudine and shrugs in response to her question. He keeps her held to his body, her back and head supported with one of his arms while the other gently restrains her by the waist. The tall man smooches the Fillipina on the lips again before he finally remarks, "Can I help it that I get all snuggly when you do your Earth Goddess thing?"

"Well, I guess not, it is pretty fabulous.."

Claudine gives him a goofy little smile at what she thinks is a rather clever response as she nuzzles against him once more after the kiss. She closes her eyes for a few moments, just enjoying the warmth of his body against her own as she curls up in his lap and buries her face in his chest.

She starts kissing him through his shirt gently, taking in his manly musk, leaving little love bites before looking up towards him with the same silly smile. "Mmm, what do you feel like doing now?" she asks curiously.

Orion falls silent as he savors Claudine's presence and voice. He closes his eyes again, lightly squeezing her in his arms and against his body. Idly one of his hands moves to stroke her silky black hair while she queries him, a wry grin spreading across his face though he keeps his eyes closed.

"I dunno. I feel pretty content with my life right now. The most beautiful, most intelligent, most fun woman in the world is snuggled up against me in my lap in our own little private home, hidden away from all the prying eyes in the world."

He does have a point. Her cheeks burn a bright shade of crimson as she giggles impishly at his seemingly never ending compliments, awwwing the whole time while wrapping her arms tightly around his frame. She gives him a squeeze hug, cooing softly as she feels his fingers run through her hair and she takes a deep breath, relaxing and pretty much melting in his arms. Claudine, melts not in his mouth, but his hands…wait, that still sounds dirty…

"You are just on a roll today arent you! Well, I think I know how to make the most wonderful man feel that much better.." and she waggles her brows scandalously.

Orion tilts his head to one side as she waggles her brows at him. He gets that vague feeling like he may have over-played his hand and is now in for a windfall he did not anticipate. The tall man laughs softly and kisses Claudine gently on the lips again, his one hand still stroking through her hair.

"Oh yeah? How's that?"

"Do you really need to ask? I want to show the man that I adore, the man that I care about and love, just exactly how I feel.."

With those words said she leans in for a kiss. This time it's heated and hungry like she means baby making business.

It's all about the ba- No. No. Even Orion cannot make that terrible, terrible pun/joke. It's kind of disturbing, even to him. Perhaps especially to him.

Granger smiles at Claudine and returns the kiss, slowly leaning backward on the mat, tugging Claudine down atop him so that we can fade to black.

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