2007-09-15: Nothing Weird Happened!


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Summary: Eric comes to briefly in the hospital after passing out at Laurel's feet. She briefly tries to make it sound like NOTHING WEIRD HAPPENED. But it did. Oh well.

Date It Happened: September 15th, 2007

Nothing Weird Happened!

Mount Sinai Hospital

A reaction headache from hell, lack of sleep, and in general not taking good care of himself put Eric Walker out like a light about five moments after he decided he needed to be a badass. Wonderful impression passing out right at Laurel's feet. However it funny about things like that in how suddenly one can wake up from them.

It was while the good keeper was getting her head examined. Lying on a gurney in the waiting room he suddenly gasps and sits bolt upright, eyes wide. "…wha..where? Who how?" He mutters, almost babbling before he shakes his head to clear some of the fuz away.

…and right away regrets that action.

"Owowowoowowow." He mutters grabbing the side of his head as what is the equivelent of a reaction migrane sets in.


The three people who came in together, two conscious, one not, got to stick together more or less. But while the zookeeper got taken off somewhere to get her head examined, Laurel's left with sleeping man. She'd been the least injured of all of them, telling a few stories about what happened to the people who questioned them, and then… waiting room. Next to gurnet. At least she didn't have to try and claim to be his fiancee, or a cousin or something out of a movie.

When he bolts upright, she jumps, a soft squeak. Hospitals make her paranoid. She doesn't particularly like them. The smell, any of it. But she does put a hand on his shoulder and start to push him back down, "Hey, you fainted— you need to stay still. I think you even hit your head when you fell." She's looking at him rather concerned. "You know you could have sat down on the floor instead of handing me the camera. You're really tall, so it was quite a long distance for your head."


Dark eyes focus on the mildly familar voice. Laurel right. He dosen't sit back right away either. A slight frown spreads across his face for a moment before he smiles tiredly towards her. "Are…are you alright?" He says quietly, slowly, as if trying to find his voice once again. He dosen't say anything about her words to him though, its hard to figure out if he ever heard her.

Her words to eventually penetrate his fuzzy head though and he blinks. "…well…I didn't really think that far head. I just…didn't want my camera to break and I knew you wouldn't break it." He says with a slightly wry look towards her. "Its wierd what you think of when your about to passout."


Well, she's not really strong enough to make him do anything, but Laurel keeps her hand on his shoulder anyway. Weak push that it is. "I'm fine. Not a scratch on me. You and Daphne gave me quite a scare, though. And the guy with the gun, too. But— I'm fine. And the lizard babies are back with their mom. They'll have to put the vipers in a different place for a while, but they're okay too." At least snakes aren't put to death when they bite someone like a lot of other animals are— it's a good thing in her opinion. Cause the poor snake was just trying to protect Daphne. But she won't reveal that.

"Oh— yeah, it's fine. I didn't let it hit the ground or anything, but— I haven't fainted enough to know if that's true, but I'd probably worry about my camera first too." Camera is her life, after all. She'd want to put it down, and take a picture of something as soon as she snapped out of it. But he's in luck, she's not reaching for a camera right this moment.


He feels the hand there, and dosen't move it away. After a moment he does at least lie back a little bit before he breathes out a slight sigh. "I'm glad then everyone got out alright…even the snakes and the lizards," He replies quietly. Answering anything with a louder voice might just make him faint again. Head hurts bad it does.

"…well…I wasn't really thinking," Eric admits. "I'm just glad that you are alright though…" He adds after a moment. "I wasn't quite sure what was going to happen when that guy pulled a gun on the three of us."


"Maybe you should think a little more next time," Laurel says, poking at his forehead now that he's laying back down again. It's kind of a playful chiding, but… she settles back down in the seat closest to his head and looks away, towards the clock, down the hall where the zookeeper was taken off. Hopefully she won't need one of those brain tests to go with her smack to the head— but… when he mentions the gun, and how he didn't think they'd be okay, she looks back and…

"Well, um— yeah. The gun startled me. And when he reached for me…" She panicked and— there was a forcefield that came up and… other crazy things. "It turned out all right, though…" Nothing weird happened! They just made it out okay! "I mean, the guy did get bit, but even he'll be okay— and maybe he won't try to smuggle lizards out of the Zoo anymore."


"…yeah well, thats the story of my life," Eric says with a soft laugh. "I always should think more." He confesses. A pause before he follows her glance away down the hall. "…she'll be alright." He says quietly, this time its his hand that reaches out to gently pat the back of Laurel's hand. "She will, you'll see."

A shrewed look scrolls across his face as he turns his gaze back to the photographer. A slight smirk then before he adds. "…yeah, it all turned out alright." His voice drops to a much softer tone, something just for her ears. "Espicially since /something/ deflected that bullet away from the pair of us." His murmur tinged with just a slight bit of amusement.

…oh yeah. Nothing weird.


"I know. It's not the first time she's been bonked on the head— but— she could have been shot and she…" Laurel can't explain that she feels guilty since her best friend happened to be on the wrong side of her shield, and a sitting duck for that matter. Why couldn't she just take it down like she wanted and then put it back up around all three of them? Because she hasn't spent anytime practicing and it still responds to instinct more than not— and she panicked.

For good reason. There was a gun, and bullets. Bullets that bounced off something and hit something else. Which he so kindly just pointed out.

Hazel eyes dart away, looking worriedly around, a fidgetting with her hands, fingers wringing together slightly. "That was— a trick of— oh you're so not fair." Her voice lowers to a frustrated whisper. "You move us from one side of the room to another and…" Her mouth twists and she looks back at him. There's a wrinkle along her nose. "It's a wall. Can't see it, just can feel it. Nothing can get through it, but it kinda hurts me when things hit it."


"Not the first time she's been bonked in the head?" A chuckle escapes Eric before he shakes his head slightly. "…great. More intresting people that have intresting things happen to them. As if my life wasn't busy enough as it is." Its not a complaint though, not exactly. There is much more of a teasing tone to it than anything. Thats the message that his smile holds at least.

"…oh don't even start," Eric says with a rueful smile towards her. There is a note of amusement in his voice as he watches her fidgit and twitch though. A shake of his head before he winces slightly. "…yeah…well…that was a first for that one," He mutters in that same whisper. He pauses though, intelligent eyes gazing towards her, trying to gague just how much to tell and not to tell. Finally he sighs.

"…well I guess we owe each other explinations, but I might as well wait till Daphne gets back so I don't repeat myself. Till then…" He pauses, and with a mildly pained grin. "…you remember when you said that I had a affinity with lights and shadows in photography?" He taps the edge of the bed infront of her, the area thats blocked from any eyes by both of them.

The words 'Well its true' suddenly scrawl themselves in dark shadows there, creeping out from under his finger as a long black shadow before forming into the words.


"Yeah, she's— fallen down more than once at her job," Laurel explains, though there'd been more to it than that, of course. One involved a loose rhino, though. Another explained away her sudden Australian Accent. Still— he's so not fair. "You help run a rather large business— so it's understandable you'd be pretty busy." But this is different, isn't it? In some ways— in most ways it really isn't. But she does look surprised when he says it'd been the first time he'd done something.

"No wonder you passed out," she says, remembering the first time she threw up a shield for someone not her— only to have it hit by a rather large fireball. She'd felt the impact a little too much, though she'd manages to stay conscious. It just hurt— a lot. But the people were safe. Whoever they'd been.

"Daphne already knows about me," she says, glancing in the direction her friend went, but still— there's really not much to explain about her ability that she hasn't already. Invisible walls that can stop things. That she can run into too, for that matter. But— "Yeah, I remember— understanding of light is extremely important in photography— and shadows are too…" Because that's what makes pictures, really, light and shadows. And then she follows his finger down to the bed, and blinks.

Reading what he 'wrote' in darkness, she looks up at him again. There's definitely a 'wow' expression on her face. That's… so much better than talking to bugs.


"Accident prone?" Eric asks with an amused though soft laugh. Cass comes to mind when he thinks of people who are accident prone. A shake of his head though before he nods. "Run a business, go to school, hang out with my friends. I have alot of things to do. Have to keep busy." Espicially lately. More work means less thought. Less time to be, well just less time to think is better for him at the moment. "I like to say no rest for the wicked," He says with a smirk.

"…yeah…never took two people before…it was just…um…well I didn't want to leave you next to the snakes," Eric dosen't trust snakes. Not when they looked that angry at least. "Combine that with lack of sleep and things like that…and…well…you get a passed out Eric. Not a very valiant first impression." A smirk then, this one seemingly directed at himself.

He nods though as his eyes come back to focus on Laurel. He looks tired, and in pain…but still well enough to focus on her easily enough. "…ah…well I'm glad your friend knows about…" He waves a hand to somehow inclue all three of them. "…I…don't like to…well you know." He mutters quietly. Oh his thoughts are still scattered about, but he seems to be getting by.

At the wow expression he just has to laugh. Thats the first time anyone ever gave him that look, at least in a long time. "…yeah well I can cheat on photos sometimes." He says with a slight shrug.


"Just a little," Laurel says, smiling faintly, before she nods at all the things that he does in a normal day. He left out SAVE THE WORLD. But she's not really one for the big picture yet. Yet. Right now she's more worried about the little pictures, frame by frame. "I have a lot of work, there's still some wedding season coming up— and that's always a big thing for me." There's a fall wedding season, a winter wedding season, a spring and a summer one too. Weddings are always in season, technically—

"And I thank you profusely for not leaving me with the snakes. I don't really like snakes," she adds with a smile, even if she probably could have encased herself with forcefields and kept the snakes out— it was still very thoughtful of him. "About the only thing I dislike more than snakes are spiders. And centipedes— those are terrible. They're like snakes that happen to be bugs at the same time. Bugsnakes." So don't take her to see the jumping spiders, please— she'd like to stick with cute fuzzy things, like her kitten and her bunny.

But yeah, she seems to understand, or at least she nods like she does.

And cheating on photographs… Cause he can move shadows around. She can't help but think of the possibilities. She's actually a little jealous. She can't even SEE her walls. And she's a photographer. If she can't see it, it doesn't exist! Which is why she spray painted one of her walls once. And took a picture of it. "I might ask you for help with that if your dad still hires someone who got his son knocked out."


"Hrmmm," Yes Eric /did/ leave out save the world. Thats more of a hobby really instead of a full time job. He blinks slighlty towards Laurel before he just chuckles softly. "…well…after I get out of this I'll see if I can find you different work than just weddings." He says cheerfully…though he tries not to move much. Seems the headache is getting just a bit worse if the wince is any judgement of it all.

"…well…from the look on your face when I said reptile house I figured you didn't like them," Eric says with a shrug. "…and your welcome." He adds after a moment as he settles back on the pillows and sighs slightly. "I'm just sorry we all ended up in the hospital afterwards." A blink though as she chatters on about snakes and centipedes and bugs and he dislike of all of thease things. "…you have a really nice smile you know that?" He adds after a moment of stifling a yawn.

Well yes, he can cheat on photographs. However its almost hard for him to judge sometimes, after all he can't really /see/ the shadows if he's using his powers. He can just feel where they might be. Its hard to explain, and hes in no state /too/ explain it all. He rolls his eyes though at the last bit. "…oh no, they know to blame me for things like that and not whoever it was that was with me." He says wryly. This isn't the first time he's ended up in the hospital for helping people. "They will prolly be thankful that it was /just/ passing out."


More steady work than weddings is good! Though Laurel's not going to complain about the wedding photos, either. They're fun, she'll probably keep doing them on the side as a hobby even if she gets the job— though she'll probably drop school and graduation pictures. Teenagers and children are not what she likes to work with— a lot of in town weddings are for older folks these days anyway. Though she gets some teenagers and children there too. "Thanks," she adds, still smiling.

But she nods. No snakes for her, even as he tries to shrug off her thanks— and then mention the hopsital. "I don't like those either," she adds— right up until he compliments her smile. That makes her color and look away, um— right. Smile. That's… He's yawning. Maybe he won't notice that she's blushing.

"Why don't you get some more sleep? They're probably going to admit you for the night— they took one look at your insurance card in your wallet and saw dollar signs I think." At least with him, they know they're getting their money. "But I'll come back in the morning, with Daphne, and we can talk then. So you can explain everything— and so I can too— even if there's not much to explain about mine." It's not too complicated, really.


Everyone has to have a hobby, at least Laurel's will be something nice and pleasent and constructive instead of something crazy. "Only so many times I can say your welcome…but your welcome," Eric replies with a slight grin in her direction. They must have given him /something/ before he woke up he thinks. He's feeling much to fuzzy headed for all this to be just a normal headache.

"…neither do I, though the last time I was in one at least I lived through it," He says with a joaking smile on his lips. The statement is true enough, he most likely wouldn't have lived through it all if it hadn't been for a an amazing cure that was administered. One day he'll have to thank that doctor, if he ever meets him again.

The blush isn't noticed as he tries to hide a second yawn. Its likly a good thing too, if he did notice then that would have set him to blushing as well. As everyone knows /that/ would have demanded an appearance by Daphne so she could laugh at her friend and make fun of her. The compliment came easily to him, as it was true. He usually isn't that free with praise though. He'll blame it on the meds.

"…I think they gave me something…and I was tired anyway," Eric confesses. "…and yeah. They see the last name and all most people see is dollar signs." He gives a less than amused smirk then before trying to clear his head and relax. "…alright. You two better drop by. Else I'll be lonely." He says with a grin towards her as he starts to lie back down against the pillows.

…sleep is calling him more by the moment, it has to be if he's willing to sleep in the hospital.

"…I'll see you tomorrow Laurel. Daphne will be fine. You'll see."


There's a long pause, and then Laurel reaches up and touches his hand briefly. A silent thank you that he won't have to say your welcome for. "Sleep well," she adds, smiling faintly, glanding down towards where she touches his hand. He's probably already dozed off by this point, but… she's not thinking of dollarsigns. She makes enough money, her family aren't millionares or anything, but they are business people— they have money. So she's not desperate or wanting of much more something to satisfy her endless curiousity. Like those damn symbols in her pictures.

But… Daphne will be okay— he'll be okay— everything will be okay. Because they got lucky when those three people broke into the reptile house with a gun and intent to steal.

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