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The NOW Network is an entertainment production corporation located in the heart of Hollywood. Known for creating programming to appeal to the growing masses of this Generation and the Next, they know what people want to see and they give it to them… Now.

NOW: That's Entertainment

From the depths of Hollywood obscurity rose a giant…

Originally, the Now Network was supposed to be a baby project for young, up and coming producers to "practice" on. It was never supposed to be anything more than a playground. However, as rumors spread about this industry playground that was accepting new and fresh material, from even those outside of The Hollywood Club, it couldn't help but grow.

Within two years of its initial conception, the Now Network had separated itself from the rest of the entertainment industry by hitting the mark. They found a way to supply the current generation with viewing material that fit them and their time. They could also accurately predict what may be coming up next in the 'Pop Culture' world and seemed to already be ahead of the game.

A year later, the Now Network exploded onto the scene with programming that provided a literal bitch slap to the other networks attacking their demographic. They took the crown with viral marketing and killer programming that swept the nation. They had people back at home, watching television, again.

Who could ask for more?

NOW: Personnel

Name Department Position Company Profile
Evelyn Stark Business/Network Programming Director Evelyn Stark is the Programming Director for the NOW Network's Los Angeles Offices. She runs everything so smoothly you don't even know it's being run.
Jake Levenstein Production SFX Wizard Jake is the SFX Prodigy that helps to keep Nightlife at the top of it's game. He makes it pop. You'll have to ask him what that means, though.
Nicol Felden Production Production Assistant on Nightlife Nicol Felden is a snarky PA that tends to do less work than the people she's assisting. One can only wonder how she keeps her job.
Katie Callahan Talent Rachel Harding on Good Little Girls A former Production Assistant, Katie Callahan was promoted to actually being a series regular on NOW's hit teen drama.
Austin Wellingham Talent Balin Savage on Nightlife A former child star, Austin Wellingham is making his big return to acting as the newest cast addition to the second season of Nightlife. He's a little cocky, likable and full of intensity.
Jane Ashdown Talent Madeline Winters on Nightlife A recent addition to the cast of Nightlife, Jane is some of the newest blood on the NOW Network's lots.
Van Dallas Talent Blaine Carmichael on Nightlife Van Dallas is a hotshot actor that may be more trouble than he's worth. However, he does keep the viewers viewing and that's all that matters.

NOW: Hiring

  • Internships: The NOW Network provides unpaid internships to those that are looking to break into the Entertainment Industry. Whether it's script coverage or collecting coffee and donuts for everyone, Interns are required to, above all else, "follow directions."
  • Talent: NOW is always looking for new talent of all varieties. Whether it is actors, actresses, singers, dancers, comedians… the possibilities are endless. NOW is in the running to become one of the biggest networks on television today and they cannot do that without talent like yours!
  • Production Team: From production to personal assistants, as well as producers, sound people, wardrobe… and everything in between, the possibilities for more behind the scenes work is always available. Attach yourself to one of the current shows or just work for NOW in general!
  • Security: Considering how high profile some of the talent at NOW is, we are definitely looking for security types to keep everyone safe. And possibly look good in uniform.

NOW: Watch It

If anything can be considered the key to NOW's success it would have to be the programming. Shows that come on the NOW Network are ahead of their time, in some way, which makes them appealing on a level that other networks can't provide.


Time Slot: Friday, 8PM.
Genre: Supernatural Drama


Nightlife follows the trials and tribulations of the Carmichael brothers. These two estranged siblings were chosen to become warriors and leaders in a war on everything that is dark and unholy. Unfortunately, before they could lead, they were turned into the oldest of the dark and unholy themselves: Vampires.

There is, however, another that has been prophesied to lead the way against the supernatural forces of evil. A girl. A girl that has no idea how important she is to the future of mankind as well as having an ever present death wish.

Can the Carmichael siblings cooperate long enough to protect the girl from both the forces of darkness and herself?


Van Dallas as Blaine Carmichael
… as Stephanie Rose
… as Eliot Carmichael
… as Catherine Carmichael
Jane Ashdown as Madeline Winters
Austin Wellingham as Balin Savage

Episode Summaries

Watch Online

Bonus Materials

  • Fans: One of the easiest ways to get involved is to simply be a fan of the show. Show up at parties, sneak onto set, stalk actors/actresses, the possibilities are endless for fans of the show that live in the Los Angeles area. Prime Example: Comi-Con TP.
  • Cast: If you have an actor or actress character, why not see about some involvement on joining the Nightlife cast! Either as a regular or guest star or something like that!
  • Crew: No show is going to actually function without a crew to help it succeed. Jump into the behind the scenes at one of the biggest hits to grace the television screen in years!

Good Little Girls

Time Slot: Thursday, 7PM.
Genre: Drama


Good Little Girls. Did you hear? Did you know? How couldn't you have heard? It's all over the school. They say it was an accident. They say she was sleeping around. They say it was with Professor Lighton— what a scandal! With Henrietta's boyfriend— did she know? With the principal— you know he's married! Maybe it was to keep her quiet. Maybe it was revenge. Jealousy. Betrayal. Someone must've found out. Do you think it was her best friend? They say she had a boyfriend. They say she never settled down with anyone. Now she won't be with anyone.

They say it was murder.

And she wasn't the only one.

Good Little Girls. Or are they?

GLG rides off the success of CW's "Gossip Girls", with a flair of murder and "Veronica Mars". Set in an elitist boarding school where only the most privileged can attend, it pits its snobbish young students against their questionably moral professors in an elaborate setting.

Praised in its first season for its original concept, GLG has since seen a decline from some critics when it turned out that its stylish, Clue-esque plotline teased in the write-up was only a gateway for girlish grudges and boyfriend-swapping. The "Veronica Mars" aspect was, itself, murdered without a plucky, hard-edged PI like the titular Veronica of "Mars"' fame to take up the cause and, coming now into its second season, the mystery remains unsolved, and its lead characters seem hardly to notice, or much care.


Season 1 Regulars

… as Henrietta Sands, HBIC
… as Andrea May
… as Kyle Laughlan

Season 2 Cast Additions

Katie Callahan as Rachel Harding.

Episode Summaries

# Title Summary
201 Working Title Coming Soon

Bonus Materials

  • Girls And Boys: Good Little Girls needs cast to fill out its gossipy, bitchy ranks. Actresses need not also be bitchy. Guest stars/celebrity cameos welcome!
  • Crew: The other side of the camera. Where new star Katie Callahan used to work. Dynamics range from cameraman to writers to even the director.
  • Representation: Katie would love (OOCly… not ICly) to have the agent or director who's pushing her to be in more. He's become somewhat infatuated, thanks to her ability.
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