"I'm telling you that place has, hands down, the best drugs. Not that I do them. Drugs. But I could spoon with their chemical formulas."

Casting: Allison Scagliotti
Date of Birth: ♍ Sept 20th
Age: 20
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, CA
Occupation: ACRU CSI Intern/Lab Tech
Known Relatives: Evil step-dad
Significant Other: On-and-off Rick
Registration Status: ☐ UN ☒ REG

Veronika "Ronny" Stephens is a lab intern for the CSI unit working alongside ACRU, though she is flaky in business hours because of her fifteen other intern jobs. She always has some random gossip from each office she comes from at any given time.

  • Ronny is NPC'd by Pistachio.
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