2007-04-22: Number One Priority


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Claudine gets reassigned into research by Noah after a bit of a talk. Education is to be her number one priority.

April 22nd, 2007:

Number One Priority

Sub-Basement, Kirby Plaza, NYC

The meeting is called for downstairs, in the sub basement levels, rather than upstairs in the Primatech part of the building. This is where the real work gets done. Noah again reads over the file on the computer in front of him. Waiting with Bennet in his self imposed silence is the still form of the Haitian, standing in the back corner of the room.

So she was told to come down and see Noah. All she knows of this man is that he was part of the whole plot to rescue Peter Petrelli, but was a double agent of some sort. So, she's a tad bit worried and has thus come downstairs to the sub basement levels early for her scheduled appointment while waiting to be called in. She thinks nhe's one of the big wigs, so now she's nervous and she's dressed rather formally for it. She's in a grey pinstripped skirt, a white blouse and a matching jacket for now..

Mr. Bennet opens the door himself. "Come on in." There aren't any receptionists on this level. "Have a seat, Miss Salonga," Bennet offers as he steps back into the small and rather spartan office. "You seem to have recovered from your ordeal nicely?" Noah asks. The Haitian watches with his hands in his pockets and little signs of real interest.

Claudine smiles warmly as she steps on in and eases on down the seat in front of Noah while crossing her legs to get a tad bit more comfortable. "Yes sir. I'm feeling a lot better actually, thank you for asking." she says, always the polite one.

"Good," Noah says with a nod and a smile. He leans back in his chair, letting a few moments of silence pass and watching the young girl for a reaction. "So why are you here?" Mr. Bennet asks, tilting his head to one side. "I don't mean that rhetorically. You were hired during my absence, and I'm not questioning that decision, yet. I want to know, what this organization means to you."

There isnt much of a reaction, other than nervous fidgeting, but that's just cause the combination of Noah and the Haitian is slightly intimidating. At the question, she takes a deep breath and mulls it over for a few moments. "You were there to help me with my abilities, and Primatech has helped sponsor my education, bringing me from the Philippines to study here at columbia. and now, people are helping my sister with her situation. I am greatly indebted to the organization for helping my family and myself, and I would like to continue helping people through it." So yes, she's been doing some questionable things, but all in all, she still considers what she does helping others.

"And you realize, that apart from our mandate, secrecy is the most important principle of this company? There has been," Noah says, slowly getting to his feet, "An appaling lack of care in such areas lately." Noah nods towards the Haitian, who is now on opposite sides of the room with Noah. "My friend here is going to be very busy. That includes, in all likelihood, your sister. Friends and even family can never know about this place and what we do here."

"My sister doesnt know much as she was very frightened when her powers manifested at the park. All she knows is that this is a hospital, but I do apologize for anything that may have compromised the secrecy here.." Claudine says rather sincerely while running her fingers through her hair. "I did not know who else to go to as it seems, that like me, she has elemental abilities.."

"You did the right thing in bringing her in," Noah assures the young woman. "Your sister will be fine. It's your future that we're here to discuss." Noah sits down on the corner of his desk, clasping his hands together in front of him. "Where would you like to be, say five years from now?"

Hrmm. That's a tough question. So many possibilities and she takes a few moments to think about it before answering. "Dr. Suresh's work is very intriguing, and it's confirmed my own interests in biochemistry and biology. I really would like to remain here, perhaps helping in the capacity of a research assistant, while working on pursuing a doctorate..or maybe even a combination of an MD/PhD."

Noah nods once and a brief glance passes between him and the Haitian. "We're going to help make that happen. As of this moment your education is your top priority. You'll be assigned as a research assistant to Suresh, and we'll provide additional training in terms of field work, including combat and tactics. For now you're out of the field, except on special assignments." Noah's smile is almost friendly. "You're 17, and we're not in the practice of getting children killed. Focus on school," Noah says. "You can do more good for this world with a microscope than a gun, and an education like that would make you very valuable to us."

Claudine beams brightly. Huzzah! Education! Her parents will be very pleased, and so is she. "Of course, of course. I dont think I can stomach it, and I think the others know I'm not very good with a gun." Anders tried teaching her, and she absolutely sucked at it. "And I am interested in science, so working with Dr. Suresh would be an amazing opportunity.." she says with an excited squeal of delight, but then she realizes that she's in the presence of a big wig, so she coughs and calms herself down. "Thank you sir..thank you.." she says in a softer tone now.

Noah reaches down next to himself to a plastic holder containing business cards. "Now I want you to call me," Noah says, holding out a business card with his name and number on it, "If your work here starts to interfere with your classes. And we'll see if we can even get you some credits for working with Dr. Suresh."

"Of course, of course.." Claudine says as she leans forward to take the business card, looking at it for a few moments before clutching onto it tightly. "I should be able to balance things much better now as I've taken fewer classes this semester.." Cause well, she is already ahead, so might as well pace herself now.

"Number one priority," Noah reminds her gently, and stands up to move towards the door. He holds it open, waiting for the young lady to exit. "And Claudine?" he says, switching to her first name. "Be careful out there."

"Yes sir!" Claudine chirps brightly as she eases on up while following Noah over towards the door. At the last bit, she smiles warmly and bows her head, "I'll take much better care of myself, sir.." and with that, she departs if he has nothing else to add.

Mr. Bennet just smiles and let's the door swing closed. Once it closes he goes back to his desk and begins writing on his computer. The Haitian nods once and slips out the door, to do whatever it is he does when no one else is around.

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