2007-05-16: Number One With A Bullet


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Summary:Samantha treats Bekah when she comes into the ER with a gunshot wound.

Date It Happened: May 16th, 2007

Number One With A Bullet

Mount Sinai Emergency Room

Bekah left on her lunch break mentioning she was on the way to the bank to cash a check. With Samantha working as well, the ER was left in good hands. No need to worry. Except that cashing the check didn't go as planned. Instead the bank got robbed, and the ever sarcastic Bekah took a bullet to the shoulder. And now, a paramedic has called in that they're bringing in a gunshot wound. And it's really only a minute or two later that they pull up. Bekah is conscious, but her normally pale skin is white as a sheet.

"White female GSW to the shoulder, stats…" the paramedics begin their recitation of Bekah's vitals as Sam and a few nurses jog up to the now open doors. "/Bekah/?" squawks Sam, even as she begins to help move the gurny and starts to bend over to check the wound while walking. "What the hell?" Even as they're heading for one of the trauma rooms, she gives Bekah a searching look - can she heal herself?
Bekah's eyes are focused on the ceiling as she's being wheeled along. "Looks different this way." She mumbles. Okay, maybe she's not totally with it. Then she blinks over to Sam focusing. "Not a good break." She adds before she shakes her head, just a little. Her power doesn't work that way. She couldn't heal so much as a papercut on herself, let alone the wound in her left shoulder.

Samantha seems to understand the nod. She starts calling out the various things she requires once they get to the trauma room. "Alright everybody, on three, one, two, THREE." and Bekah is transferred from gurney to table. X-ray and blood units are ordered as Sam leads the team in their attempt to stabilize Bekah and determine if the bullet is still in her body.

Bekah lets out a yelp of pain as she's transferred. Getting jarred with a bullet wound may go right to the top of her list of 'Not Fun Things.' There isn't a second bullet wound on the back of her shoulder, but the bullet can be found on x-ray, showing pretty clearly that it was stopped by her scapula, fracturing the should bone in the process. Bekah for her part, is following everything going on around her with her eyes, keeping still as she watches. "Good minion." She mutters under her breath as a resident connects a bag of blood to the I.V. he started.

Funny how surgery consults appear a lot faster when it's a fellow doctor who gets hurt; said fellow confirms with Sam that they need to get the bullet out before she can be wheeled up to surgery. "Push her some morphine and we're gonna dig in." Sam announces as she slaps on some rubber gloves. "Get that shoulder stabilized, we don't want to aggravate the shoulder more then we have to."

"Welcome to the party. Speedier than normal." Bekah mutters as the surgeon comes in. She's mumbling a bit, but she did notice how much faster that consult came than the ones she's usually grumbling at. Bekah winces when Sam announces that bit about digging around in her shoulder for the bullet. "Lots of morphine please." She adds before she looks over to meet Sam's eyes. "You'll do it right?" Unspoken there is the fact that she trusts Sam, even more than any of the other doctors or nurses here.

"That's why they give me the gloves, woman." Sam smiles down at Bekah - it's a smile seen before, the confidant one that assures the patient they're going to be fine. Practiced? Maybe a little. But it might feel less so now that it's percieved from the receiving end. "Nurses are pushing the morphine now, Bekah. It'll hit any second now." She makes her way to the upper torso, scalpel in hand. "Let's get started."

"You wear the gloves in your relationship." Bekah decides. She lets her eyes close as Sam moves closer with the scalpel. This she doesn't want to see. It's clear when the morphine starts to take effect though, because a little of the tension leaves her body. At least until Sam starts digging in. "Morphine rocks."

"Doesn't it, though? Can I get some suction please?" A nurse moves in, ask and ye shall recieve. Sam continues to probe, gently exploring the area until she can come upon the bullet.

Bekah keeps her eyes tightly shut as she bites her lip. Even with the morphine, what Sam is doing /hurts./ Though without the morphine, it would be so much worse. "Much more fun as the doctor." She notes. Even a gunshot wound can't kill her sarcasm.

"Yep. We could push more morphine, you know. Knock you out." Samantha remarks as she works. She finally manages to locate the bullet, and reaches for the grips. Time for the fun part!

Bekah shakes her head just a bit. "Not yet." She states even though it definately will not be the fun part for her. "Want to know." What Sam is doing, what the surgeon has planned. For surgery, then she'll be happy to be knocked out. The bit of color that the blood managed to get her back is fading though. "Eli. Someone should call Eli." Which Sam might recognize as Bekah's brother's name. She wanted that known, before she does get knocked out.

"Pulling out the bullet, and…yeah, there it is." Samantha retrieves the slug and puts it in the little pan next to her. It makes a little metallic -tink- sound. Then, "You're going straight up to surgery for them to make sure you didn't take more damage, and then you're handed off to ortho to do what they need for your shoulder. You may even get pins in there, how's that for fabulous?" She nods to the nurse, morphine gushes into the tubes with more enthusiasm.

Bekah opens her eyes when the bullet comes out. Even doped up she recognizes that clink. "You'll call Eli? Not my parents. Eli." Because he'll tell her parents in a way that won't either make them yell or freak. "Pins. Fabulous." And that's the last she has to say now, because that fresh gush of morpine not only wipes out the pain, it also wipes out her consciousness.

"I'll call Eli." Samantha promises, and it's hopefully something Bekah catches before she whiles away to slumberland.

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