2007-07-19: Nurse, Please


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Namir drops by to check on the still-injured William, who is still a little loopy from painkillers. William wants a dog and that cute nurse from Mount Sinai.

Date It Happened: July 19th, 2007

Nurse, Please

William's Apartment

Will's place is not quite so obsessively clean as the last time Namir visited. That's a bit harder right now. It's not messy, exactly, just a bit more cluttered. There's a couple of paperbacks on the table beside the couch, with an open can of Pepsi beside it. Currently though, he's sitting with his still bandaged leg propped ottoman with a book of crossword puzzles in his hand, sneeking the occasional look back at the answers when he gets stuck.

Knockknockknockknock at the door. It's not polite knocking. It's almost banging really. "Mister Connors, open up! It's the police!" bellows a rather recognizable voice on the other side. Namir has brought things. Food things. Some of the best Middle-Eastern cuisine he could get in New York, all conveniently packaged in a nice paper bag and styrofoam takeout boxes.

William jumps at that knocking. "But I didn't do anything?" He states in confusion, reaching out to grab a pair of crutches. They clunk on the wood floor as he makes his way over to the door, peering he through the little hole before he opens it with an awkward little hop. "Namir. Are you going to arrest me now?" That's probably a joke.

Despite his tone earlier, Namir is grinning when William gets the door open. This only grows at the joke. "Well, no. But I will feed you." He holds up the bag for emphasis. "Word has it that you were out of the hospital, so I thought I'd stop by to see how you're holding up. You don't look insane from utter boredom yet."

William laughs. "Not quite yet. Actually, it's less boring at home. Here I have my 360 and my computer." William states hopping back with the crutches from the door. "Well, if you're here to feed me, I think I'll let you. That smells good!" He's apparently still on enough painkillers to be more talkative and less calm than usual.

"Well, you at least get the option of moving around a bit. I was stuck on the couch most of the time I was home from the hospital." There are no crutches for side injuries. Namir steps into the apartment and glances around. "But the 360 kept me sane. And it's some of the best," he says of the food. "Have a seat and I'll get some plates and such." He's already heading toward the kitchen.

William moves back to the couch, sitting and carefully putting his leg back up on the ottoman. "Oh, the crutches are my new best friends. We're going to get really tight." He states with humor. The world is great on Vicodin, after all. "What did you bring?" He asks, letting Namir get it. "Grab what you want to drink from the fridge. There's no cream soda, but there is Pespi, Dr. Pepper, juice, and I think the milk is still good."

"What do you want?" Namir decides that juice is the safest bet, or at least the most preferable. So after dishing out some food onto a couple of plates, he fills himself a glass. "You should have gotten that nurse to come back with you. Sam was strict, but she made things more bearable too, at least."

William considers. "I've still got Pepsi to drink." He says before he ponders. "I should have. Do you think Sam would convince him to come over for me? He was awfully cute. And nice." The nice is almost an afterthought.

Namir lets out a short laugh at that. How many women has he thought were cute … and nice? And not Muslim. Ah, how times change. "I'll see what she can do," he chuckles, though he doesn't sound too serious. Returning to the living room bearing plates and a glass, he passes one of the former over to William before taking a seat with his own food. "You'd better heal up fast. There's still that getaway we've all been planning, and I doubt you could go to that with a shot-up leg."

"She can tell him I, uh, need help." William suggests. "Or just pass him my phone number." Like he was in jr. high. Except out of the closet now. "I don't know if I'll make it on the getaway. I've got to heal up for awhile, then I've got to start physical therapy."

Which means that Namir will be the only male there. Crap. Time to change plans: two cabins. One with internet access so he can play Halo online and feel manly. He frowns at William in a somewhat pained, if not joking sort of way. "You're going to leave me to drown in the sea of estrogen?" Woe! "I'll be sure to have Sam leave a note in his locker."

William shrugs. "Well, I suppose I could come sit around the cabin and be bored there instead of here. Depending on when we go, I may not be able to do many cabin-y things." And no, he really doesn't care right now if that is a word. "I think you'll survive though. You're around Sam a lot, and so far all her estrogen hasn't drowned you. See, that's one benefit of being gay."

"That's different. Then it's just me and Sam. When there is more than one woman in a room, it changes." Then there are women-discussions, and those don't involve things like Halo and Transformers. Namir takes a drink from his glass and adds, "I am hopefully about to be around her a lot more, at any rate. I've been thinking about asking her to move in with me." Which is the first time he's admitted it aloud. He'd been toying with the idea for a couple of weeks, but the elevator incident clinched it. He raises an eyebrow. "What benefit?"

"Not being around estrogen all the time. If you have a boyfriend at home, see, it's not the estrogen of having a girlfriend at home." No one said his logic currently had to make much sense. He gives Namir a grin as he starts to push his food around his plate, eating a bit. "That sounds like a good idea. I bet she'll say yes. Though, how far is your place from the hospital?"

Huh. Namir never thought of that. But secretly, he likes estrogen, so it's not all that appealing. It still gets a grin from him, though. "Well, I suppose I'll give you that," he chuckles. "Anyway— " he waves his fork as he switches subjects "— that's the thing: she wants to be in Manhattan so she's closer to work, and I'm in Queens. My apartment's too small for two people, a couple of rats, and a cat to live in anyway, so I've been looking at bigger apartments in Manhattan today. I figure if we are sharing rent, we'll be able to afford it."

William nods his head thoughtfully. "That sounds like a good plan. You might want to have her look at them with you though. Women like to decide stuff like that. With two people, you should be able to afford more though." He pauses a minute then says. "I thought about getting a dog. Now I wouldn't be able to walk one. Don't want a little yippy one either. I like labs." Yes, that may be a bit random.

"Well, I was going to talk to her about it tonight. I just wanted to have a few prospects to point out to her before I went into it." She had said something about him finding her another building in Manhattan when he suggested that she move. This is just Namir's way of being thorough. At the mention of a dog, he grins. "I, uh. I'm not much of a dog person, really." He likes rats. And Fiyero is all right as far as cats are concerned.

"I like dogs. They're friendly and loyal. And the bigger ones can be companions running and such." Not that Will is doing much of that at the moment. "Yeah. Information is good. Just don't make a decision and spring it on her. I bet she'd be mad if you decided on a place and tried to force it on her. And she's a doctor. Not good to make doctors mad."

The bigger ones also have bigger teeth and more potential to hurt. Granted, Namir hasn't really had a bad experience with a big dog, just the smaller ones, hence his apprehension around them. Still, a dog is a dog. "Rats are friendly and very smart. Unfortunately, they don't take to running well." Except on wheels. "No, I would never try to make a decision like this on my own. She has to live there too, and it would be a lot better if it were a place she liked and helped pick out." This wouldn't be one of those Good Surprises to spring on her. "I especially wouldn't want to anger a doctor who knows where I sleep."

"We always had a dog, and million farm cats, as a kid. I haven't had a pet since I left home for the academy. Better make sure the cat doesn't get the rats. He might think they're tasty." Will points out before he nods. "Doctors have sharp things."

"Check around at some of the shelters around here, then. Maybe they'll have a lab for you somewhere, and you'd be giving a needy dog a good home." What? Namir encouraging someone to get a dog? It's crazy. But he's just being supportive. Having finished off his food, he drains the rest of the juice and settles back in his seat with a sigh. "I should get going. Do you need anything?"
William nods his head. "Maybe I will. When I'm back on my own two feet." He's rather fixated on that dog idea now. At least it wasn't something highly embarassing to Namir. He looks over and blinks. "No. Play Halo with me sometime though? You can even do that from home. Keep me from going crazy."

Namir grins. "I can't say no to a game of Halo. I'll give you a call tonight if I'm not busy and we'll hook up." Pause. "Online." Pause. "With the— the— " Pause. Frown. "You know, I'm just going to go. I'll call you." And with that, he heads for the door.

William breaks out laughing at that. "Well, you know, anytime you want to hook up, just give me a call…" He trails off with a teasing grin on his face. He just couldn't resist, really. "For Halo." Right…

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