Dr. Sandra Cutler
Dr. Sandra Octavia Cutler
Portrayed By Marina Sirtis
Gender Female
Date of Birth March 31, 1959
Age 48
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Aliases Sandy, Dr. Cutler, Octavia, Octavia Cutler
Place of Birth Scarsdale, NY, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Scientist
Known Relatives Archibald Cutler (father; deceased), Janet Cutler (mother; deceased), Timothy Cutler-Stevens (brother)
Significant Other SCIENCE!
Known Abilities ???
First Appearance Bad Plumbing(?)

Sandra Cutler was normal once, really she was. Her childhood was not a bad one, but a strange confluence of events has led to her becoming a truly bad apple. She graduated cum laude from M.I.T. not once, but twice; both as an undergraduate and in the pursuit of her doctorate in electromechanical engineering. She was considered a mechanical genius amongst her colleagues both in academia and in her work, except by one person. Sandra's reputation was ruined by that lone man, plunging her into the depths of depression and society itself. Recently Dr. Cutler has re-emerged, more confident and egotistical than ever before, fueled by some inner power that she refuses to discuss; except to say that it is imperative that she return to the halls of science and research anew. Aside from her new and mysterious 'imperative', the doctor has also begun going by her middle name rather than her first name.




  • "It is imperative that I continue my research."
  • "It is impossible to escape! That prison is made of pure EVIL! … And hyper-elastic space age polymers."


  • Octavia, as a character, is in part inspired by Otto.
  • Octavia is actually Dr. Cutler's middle name.
  • Until around 2005, Dr. Cutler preferred going by her first name of Sandra. Since then, she has had a mysterious preference and preoccupation with being called Octavia.
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