2009-11-14: Odd Encounters With Coffee



Date: November 14, 2009


A trip for coffee reconnects 'Prometheus' with Emily, while Andra gets her first taste of NYC weirdness.

"Odd Encounters with Coffee"

Starbucks (of Destiny)

Andra can be found sitting off near the corner of the coffee shop, a cup of coffee found within a hand while she taps a few keys upon her laptop. A sip is taken from the cup before she sets it down and goes about flipping a few pages in a book that rests next to her computer. Once finding what she needs she goes about typing away upon the keys while humming a faint tune to herself. She leans back in her chair after taking hold of the book and lets it settle upon her lap as she reads over a few paragraphs.

The young man known as Gene Kensington walks into the Starbucks. Most in his shoes would be hidden under a bush. For whatever reason, Gene seems to be a little more brave than most. Whatever the reason or the purpose, he seems to be getting yet another coffee from his usual spot in town. While one Starbucks is the same as the other, Gene enjoys his pattern. It's worked for him and regardless of all the woes of the world, this place has been safe for him. At least as it stands now.

Moving in line, Gene is dressed in a simple black t-shirt, some blue jeans, and his peacoat. The only sign that something is amiss is that he has a pair of gloves on despite being indoors and his collar is popped up, hiding the lower features of his face.

The door of the shop opens and one more New Yorker steps inside the Starbuck; a little of the evening, chilly, overcast, and totally normal for this time of year on the East Coast blows in behind Emily. As she comes across the threshold, boots flexing a bit, she takes a moment to brush some strands of her blonde mane from her face, smiling as she looks around the shop. Straightening her skirt a bit, she heads towards the counter, happy enough to finally be back…in the city, but mostly, out and about in her own body. That's not to say her newest toy isn't put away safely in the hotel room they've been "sharing," but it is to say the cleaning ladies think she's taking a VERY deep nap. She unzips the leather coat that matches her boots, revealing the sweater and scarf underneath as she slides into line behind Gene, not knowing that they've spoken before.

Andra glances upwards as she hears the door open, along with feeling a slight draft of cool air sweeping back towards where she is sitting. Her gaze drifts over the few that have wandered in, but she doesn't know them it seems. The book she was reading it closed while she turns her attention back to the laptop and she saves what ever she was working on and goes about connection to the net.

Hearing someone come in, Gene torks around, and comes face to face with Emily. While she doesn't know him, he knows her. He goes wildeyed and stumbles back, hittind the person that's in front of him.

The stranger upfront turns around, ready to say something when Gene merely holds his his leather gloved hands. "Sorry about that, sorry… Just got started, that's all." With the woman muttering to herself (but importantly leaving Gene alone), Gene is able to deal with the second woman, who is likely wondering about Gene's reaction. "Sorry about that… Not used to having hot women slide up behind me in a Starbucks."

"You mean, it doesn't happen all the time in NYC? Or maybe that's LA I'm thinking about? All these damn coffee shops are the same to me!" Quite unlike Gene, Emily seems to find one Starbucks the same as any other, none holding and particular interest or meaning to her. "But seriously, you shouldn't be too jumpy…you're not like…a gargoyle yourself or anything there." She flashes him a bright smile, before turning to dig around the purse that hangs at her side, looking for some cash…credit simply won't work anymore, with all her accounts frozen, and her parents under surveillance as well.

Andra peers over the top of her computer as she catches what Gene says, a faint smirk is offered and she rolls her eyes slightly. The more she stays in this city the more she has to really wonder about the ones that actually live here. She half listens to the conversation while she taps away at the keys checking on her email and a few other things.

"It happens from time to time, but you were close. You were almost touching my behind. Or something," Gene states, trying to make it seem that he is flustered because of his social awkwardness, which isn't too much of a stretch for the young man. Like Emily, he pays with cash as well, provided by his friend. Nothing like knowing millionaires. Paying for his drink, he gives Emily a nod before he waits by the counter for his order. For the time being, he doesn't know he's being watched, but that's likely for the better considering how Gene is.

Though their motives are the same, their methods are rightly different; Gene, getting his cash from friends, and Emily using others outright to get whatever cash they have. She follows in Gene's footsteps, ordering, moving aside to wait for the elaboarate frothy creamy…thing she ordered, but electing to take a seat in a chair at a nearby table as she waits. Looking around, she falls into an old habit: people-watching. A couple here, old man with a paper there, young girl with a computer in the corner…. "I need to get a new computer too, fucking feds" Emily says to nobody in particular (thought Gene might rightly overhear).

Andra has given up watching the pair that came in a short while ago and happen to be talking. Her gaze rests on the screen as she goes about reading something or another. A few taps of the keys are heard before she pauses and picks up her cup taking a sip at it and hums while giving the cup a slight shake as it seems to be empty. A faint sigh escapes her while she stands up, cup in hand and wanders back towards the counter humming to herself while she pausing in line and takes out a few dollars from her pocket in order to get another cup of coffee it seems.

"If you got the money, why not ask to buy hers? Or get one of your own." Gene asks Emily before he takes his own drink taking it seatching himself a table or so from Andra, putting himself somewhat between Emily and Andra as he he drinks his latte.

"Well, I could, yeah…but you know, the holidays are coming up. Maybe I'll ask Santa Claus." Emily gives Gene a little wink…with absolutely no idea that Gene knows just what she's up to, what that subtle clue means when it comes to her and her ability. The question is…who is Santa Claus, in this particular case. "Plus, I think I might go Mac this time, you know? Those are pretty sexy. Isn't that right?" she calls out to Andra, hovering nearby at the counter.

Andra blinks while peering up curiously as someone seems to be asking her something. "Huh?" she's questioned for a moment. "Um…a Mac? Ya I guess they're alright." She was off in her own little world there for a moment it seems, maybe too much coffee? Once at the front of the counter she orders another drink and shifts to the side to wait for said drink.

The young genius watches the two woman as they speak, merely hrmming to himself. "I guess so," Gene says to Emily before he considers something, rubbing his chin as he thinks. He's gunna have to risk it. "Well, I wish I could stay and chat with you lovely ladies, but I've got to places to be. Maybe I'll see you around." With that, he gets up and just moves toward the door. He sips his drink with a subdued grace as he waltz out to seemingly enjoy his afternoon. As soon as he gets out of window sight, he BOOKS it toward his car, which is a couple of blocks down.

"Well…uh, ok. It was nice to meet you, I guess?" Emily calls out as he stands up and heads for the door. Once he leaves though, she doesn't stop watching him, following him with her eyes through the glass at the front of the store. "Excuse me a moment…" Emily says to Andra, as she too rises, and goes to the front. Straining, practically pressing her forehead to the glass, she follows Gene down the stretch. Nothing out of the ordinary, but she isn't quite able to see him break out into a full-on run. Something seemed strange about him at first, but she figures it was just a weird feeling, a false positive.

Andra picks up her cup of coffee and tilts her head while looking to Gene at the talk of leaving. She lifts a brow as she watches him move to the door and then watching Emily follow after as she nods to her as she goes up to the window. She can only wonder what might be going on out there. "This city is so strange…" she murmurs faintly while she goes back to her seat.

Soon after peering through the window, Emily returns back to the table she had had while waiting for her coffee. "Tell me about it…and I'm from LA," Emily says with a bit of exasperation. She hates having to always be on the lookout anymore…no bank account, no ID, just cold hard cash and her own wits to get out of trouble. Subtlety has be her MO now…no more confident displays of her power on police tapes, for one. For the moment though, she seems content to cross her legs, sip at her coffee, and keep an eye out in the coffee shop for anyone who might be calling in the black-clad cavalry.

Andra peers curiously at Emily as she catches the LA part, a faint "oh" escaping her. "So.. what made you come all the way over to the East Coast if you don't like it here?" She questions curiously while leaning against her table with her cup resting between her hands.

"Well…more opportunities for me here, I suppose. New places, new faces and all that." And by opportunities, Emily of course means those people with abilities. There were more reports of strange happenings with seemingly super-human feats on this coast than the other.

Andra ahs at this and shrugs. "Guess that makes sense. Many people come here for all those types of reasons." At least that's what she's been told. As for the ability thing she knows something about that, though more on the fact of what she can do then anyone else. Sure she's heard stuff about strange happenings but isn't sure if she should believe it all or not.

Sitting at her table, Emily gives a tired yawn, despite it being the late afternoon. "Oh wow…guess I need this coffee more than I thought…it was a loooong night last night." Of course…not her problem, really. Margaret, her newest ride, is sleeping soundly, deeply back at their hotel room, after a night of hitting the town and getting rather intoxicated. No hangover for Emily though!

Andra chuckles softly an smiles. "Ya well.. The coffee here is the best. I think it'll help anyone that needs a wake-up boost." She says before sipping at her cup once more.

At the front door of Starbucks, a small remote control car that appears like the one from Toy Story makes its way to the glass. It has a small camera installed on the front of it, seemingly how it can drive without a person being around. Of course, MOST RC cars only have an certain operating distance, meaning that the person should be somewhere around. But there isn't.

The car rams the door a few times, clearly trying to get in but lacking the ability to do so. On the top of the car is a small envelope, taped on with a generious piece of duct tape.

Ever the observant one, Emily's the first one to see the car ramming the outside door of the shop. By the time the other patrons notice, looking mildly amused, and as lost as sheep waiting for the shepard, Emily is up at the door. She opens the outside door of the shop, knocking the car back with her boot a few feet, so she can crouch down next to it on the sidewalk, twisting to crouch to one side on account of the skirt. "Oh, what's this?" she asks, pulling the envelope off the top of the car to peer inside. "Probably frickin' anthrax or something, knowing this city."

Andra blinks at the sudden knocking upon the door and lifts a brow at the sight of a toy car. "Oh geeze…" she murmurs out faintly while shifting and moves over to stand at the door and peer out at Emily and the toy. The door is kept closed though, especially as she catches the anthrax comment from Emily. "You'rr not gonna open it are you?" she asks her through the glass door.

The writing on the envelope should be totally familiar to one person, but absolutely alien to the other. It appears that it was not written, but rather a labeling machine was used and the information was stuck on.

To: You Know Who.
From: Prometheus.

"Well…lookie here. Prometheus…naughty boy," she says with a sort of grin. Gene leaving unexpectedly, barely hiding a sort of recognition on his face, and a car like this showing up just where Emily is while she's there. "Yeah…I'm going to open it. It's for me, afterall…" she says, looking up at Andra through the glass door of the coffee shop. She tears the end off the envelope, and slides the contents out, making sure to hold on with the breeze and all.

Andra tilts her head and blinks as she watches Emily curiously. "Ya but…" She stammers faintly while shaking her head while watching as the envelope is torn open. A glance is offered around the area outside the coffee shop and she chews on her lip a moment before glancing back to Emily. Prometheus? She thinks that's what she heard, she'll have to remember that for later.

"Hmm…" Emily says out audibly, pursing her lips. With the letter clutched in her hands, she stands up, looking back at Andra. "Well, this is definitely for me. Looks like I need to be somewhere. Nice to meet you…though you'd be better off forgetting you ever saw this happen!" With her coffee sitting half-full on the table inside the shop, Emily zips her coat, and walks off down the street, in the opposite direction of her hotel, intending to lose any other eyes Prometheus might have on her.

Andra peers at the car as it runs into traffic and commits car suicide. "Suppose gas prices was to much for it?" She glance back to Emily and tilts her head before just shrugging. "Ya.. Right." This said with a sigh as she turns and moves back to her table and settles back in her chair eyeing her computer screen.

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